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(Delayed) Fortuna Forums Changes

This announcement is no longer active


Hey Tenno! 

As we gear up for mainline on PC, we're making some changes to the Fortuna Forums to better centralize your feedback and bug reports. This will also help our team keep track of priority issues that need our attention.

That said, when the update goes live on PC, we will be posting new feedback categories to replace some of the current (Garuda and Kitguns for example), but instead of topic containers, they will be links that will direct you to specific Megathreads in the original feedback section. The Fortuna bug section will direct you to the original platform specific bug reporting sections where you can post threads as usual. 

Threads in the existing Fortuna categories will be merged into the existing sub-forums. You'll notice the changes gradually as we make progress! 

Thank you! 

March 7th 9:26 PM EDT Update: Buried Debts: Update 24.4.0 is live on PC! 

And feedback megathreads are live:

The merging process continues, so we apologize for the clutter in the Fortuna Forums while it takes its time moving over. We hope you enjoy the update! 

March 11th Update: The merging process continues - we're monitoring the progress with our infrastructure partners. 

March 12th Update: We got word from our infrastructure partners that the merge will take much longer than expected. We thank you for your patience! 

March 20th Update: We're at about 80% of the backlog! 

March 25th Update: The merging has completed! Thank you for your patience 🙂

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