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    16 May 2020 11:00 PM

    This event repeats every 2 weeks until 30/12/20

    Prophunt starts at 20:00 CET every non Baro Sunday 
    The rules:
    > Sometime on Sunday i will hide a piece of Decoration somewhere in the Dojo 
    > I will release a Screenshot of how the Decoration item looks at 20:00 CEST 
    > Everyone can the look arround in the Dojo and try to find the Decoration
    > I will give some hints like every 15 minutes until someone finds it
    > If you find it, you have to do a Screenshot - IMPORTANT: You do a Screenshot with the switch Function, post it (if you want privat) on the Socialmedia of your choosing and send that Screenshot to me on Discord DM ! (No photos of you consoles accepted :chrisGrink: )
    > 1 Major consumable of your choice (Exilus Adapter, Forma, Orokin Catalyst / Reactor - or anything else worth 20 Plat on Market)
    > If i get multiple Screenshots before the first hint is revealed i will announce up to 3 Winners

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