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    29 January 2021 07:00 PM      08:00 PM

    Our first Devstream of the year will go live on January 29 @ 2 p.m ET at twitch.tv/warframe! This will be the first of many advanced save the dates this year as we intend on changing our Devstream process up in this new year. We plan on doing 1 major Devstream a month with plenty of notice, and plenty of information organized into one hour. Just a teaspoon more organization in our typically candid and fun Devstreams. 
    Our goal is to simply give you - the community - more of a guide in when to expect what we show. We have accrued a lot of ‘ship what we’ve shown’ debt, and the organized monthly format should make the timelines of when to expect things more solid.  
    We will have our preview thread live in our forums (and reddit) on January 27 with more information on the Twitch Drop and what’s coming in our first Devstream of the year. For now, our teaser image can get you ready to learn all about Codename: Wraithe in our first stream of the year, and much, much more. 
    Save the date, Tenno! 

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