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    🔥 Hello everyone! We are Gilded Phoenix, the largest Alliance in Warframe! We have 30,000 members across eight in-game alliance rosters and hold numerous Dark Sector records! If you're a member or a Warlord looking to join us, please come on in and have a look at our Topics - you'll find everything you need to know there. Thank you and have an absolutely wonderful day! 🔥

  • Members Only Clan  ·  1,093 members  ·  Last active

    We are V. What started as a one man clan is now the alliance known as V. We are one of the most influential Dark Sector alliances and currently home to some of the top clans in Warframe. If you would like to join the alliance or one of our clans please apply within.

  • Members Only Clan  ·  647 members  ·  Last active

    Moon clan - Nº 1 on the last 2 Operations | MR 18+ and 500h+ to join | Competitive | 950+ members | Daily Hydrolist hunts | Full research | Active Discord (2000+ members) | Highly active playerbase | 3+ years running | We pride ourselfs on trying to be the best we can be as a clan.

  • Members Only Clan  ·  545 members  ·  Last active

    A tenno network where we have ventures to develop new players and make leaders as we focus on prioritizing the allied clan members when it comes to the regular gameplay & special events. Currently with 32 clans and growing.

  • Members Only Clan  ·  452 members  ·  Last active

    Shattered Realm (R-10 Mountain) is a clan made of long lasting bonds with Discipline, Friendship & Unity recruiting players with MR: 12+ & 200+ Gameplay Hours to help the clan win the upcoming leaderboard battles. We prioritize our clan mates when it comes to daily gameplay activity, which is our main specialty as a clan to ensure activity and with a centralized discord its more engaging than one can imagine. Please go to our forum page for more details:

  • Members Only Clan  ·  448 members  ·  Last active

    We are rank 10 Mountain Clan (PC) ☼ Fully researched ☼ very active and helpful ☼ active Discord ☼ Monthly Clan Event ☼ Giveaway ☼ With Solaris Alliance ☼ we are pure International clan, members from around the globe, always members online 24hrs/7. If you wish to join with us please leave a reply this forum post requirements is MR 6+ and discord require, mic optional.

  • Members Only Clan  ·  447 members  ·  Last active

    ⭐ Welcome to the Gladiators! We are a primarily OCE/SEA-focused community with both competitive and causal clans under our name. ⭐ Members and prospective members alike are welcome to join our Group, we have info on every clan and have Recruitment set up through here! ⭐ Celestial Gladiators - R10 Competitive OCE/SEA only Storm Clan ⭐ Nightfall and Darkstar Gladiators - R9 OCE/SEA only sister Moon Clans ⭐ Aurora Gladiators - R9 International Moon Clan ⭐

  • Members Only Clan  ·  382 members  ·  Last active

    PC | Rank 10 | 4+ years | Competitive Mountain Tier | 100% Research

  • Members Only Clan  ·  370 members  ·  Last active

    PC | Clan Rank 10 | Moon | 4 years + | Casual | 100% Research | Alliance | Discord                                      Sign up to join the clan in Applications, you will be able to see this topic once you've joined the club!

  • Members Only Clan  ·  361 members  ·  Last active

    [Deutsch/ German - PC ONLY]Aktiver Bergclan des Youtubers Vernoc mit großem Discord | Kein Mindestalter oder mindest MR | Einzig gutes Benehmen und aktives Spielen (kein Casual gaming!)

  • Members Only Clan  ·  335 members  ·  Last active

    | PC | Moon | Rank 10 | 5+ Years | The Soloer's Clan | 100% Research | Discord | International |

  • Members Only Clan  ·  313 members  ·  Last active

    🌟PC | Mountain Clan Rank 10 | 100% terminat | Alianta | Discord | Cautam jucatori romani 👍 Fiecare este bine venit !

  • Members Only Clan  ·  303 members  ·  Last active

    Welcome to the forums of Solaris, a multi alliance consisting of Solaris Tenebris and Solaris Eternum! Whether you are already a member of a clan within Solaris, are looking to join one of our clans, or are a warlord seeking to join our alliance, you can request to join and check us out! Founded: November 2016

  • Members Only Clan  ·  276 members  ·  Last active

    ▪EST. IN 2015 - OVER 3 YEARS OLD.. STILL GOING STRONG ▪ 55+ HIGHLY ACTIVE AND ESTABLISHED CLANS- Over 3,500 Members.  ▪WEEKLY TOP LEADERBOARD(ALL TIERS) AND GOLD TROPHY WINNING CLANS (AND A FEW SILVER AND BRONZE TOO ;)  ▪ WEEKLY/MONTHLY ALLIANCE EVENTS. DAILY GIVEAWAYS! ▪ ALLIANCE PSN COMMUNITY FOR EVENTS, TRADING, UPCOMING INFORMATION, BUILDS ETC ▪ ✴ALLIANCE DISCORD SERVER✴ ▪DAILY EIDOLON HUNTS 👊 •°ALLIANCE COMMUNITY°• As an Alliance we are like blood, like family. 💥For more info about joining one of our many clans please read below or read our topics thread!💥 Contact Steelergurl33 or Dorian-Hawkmoon for more info via PSN and we can help find the right clan for you or discuss bringing your clan into our Alliance!

  • Members Only Clan  ·  233 members  ·  Last active

    ✌ 💳 Multi-game network 💲 Funded by members for members 🚸 Activity > MR 🚸 Are you a newer player in warframe? Have the other clans degraded you and rejected you just because of your MR or time player? If so! Join Odin Network one of the most active discords, help always available, and amazing leadership! Join today!

  • Members Only Clan  ·  220 members  ·  Last active

    PC | Rank 10 | Mountain | 100% Research | Community Clan | Discord | Hail The Turtle |

  • Members Only Clan  ·  208 members  ·  Last active

    {FR} | {PC} - Création de l'alliance en Mai 2017 • 50+ clans francophones • Alliance dynamique, organisée, évents • Discord communautaire, fonctionnel, et en constante évolution. Invitation :

  • Members Only Clan  ·  198 members  ·  Last active

    Onions Spoon - Alliance - is focused on community first & helping smaller clans partake in a larger community. We are always seeking active & collaborative people who are willing to help our growing community to be respectful, supportive & enjoyable create a casual place to have fun over time. To join our Discord : Please, type in browser : If you are still having issues, just friend flapvsjack#6812

  • Members Only Clan  ·  183 members  ·  Last active

    Clanes Espada y Espada jr somos de los clanes mas antiguos de PS4, nos mantenemos en en el top 3 a nivel mundial cada semana, laboratorios con las investigaciones al 100%, realizamos torneos y concursos reiterados, más de 990 miembros por clan con jugadores de alto nivel dispuestos a ayudar.

  • Members Only Clan  ·  176 members  ·  Last active

    Our story began in late December of 2015, when a small group of players came together to put up a place where like-minded people could come and have fun playing the game they all enjoyed. It was a journey filled with many difficulties and rough times but we worked hard and overcame our issues with a positive approach. We built our community based around a family and friendly environment where we value friendship, loyalty and quality membership. And after over 2 years we can proudly say, we have built a place for everyone to come and enjoy a quality atmosphere here. Currently we have 6 different clans to accommodate members as per their play style: | Royal Destiny | Royal Destiny Academy | Royal Destiny Elite | Royal Destiny Guard | Royal Destiny Sanctum | Royal Destiny United

  • Members Only Clan  ·  169 members  ·  Last active

    Welcome to the Syndicate! We have Six sister clans all catered to different play styles. See the rest of our description for more info on our sister clans. Syndicate Synergy: MR 14 or 200 profile hours. Veteran players. Syndicate Succession: MR 10 or 100 profile hours. Casual players Syndicate Supremacy: MR 20 or own every frame. Competitive players Syndicate Solstice: Architect in Quills or Whirlwind in Conclave: Eidolon and Conclave players Syndicate Sakura: War Within completion. Roleplayers Syndicate Academy: MR2 new player training ground. Our clan recruitment post:

  • Members Only Clan  ·  167 members  ·  Last active

    PC | Casual | 4+ Jahre | Berg Clan | Deutschsprachig | Teamspeak/Discord | 100% Forschung + Ignis Wraith

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  • Members Only Clan  ·  158 members  ·  Last active

    星际之剑氏族拥有着悠久的历史,是Warframe华人玩家一直以来的尖端力量。主会为山脉氏族建于2013年U7公测期间,成员主要以精英玩家为主,是最早国际服华人玩家聚集地之一,2分会为月亮氏族建于2015年1月成员主要以新玩家与喜欢带人的大腿玩家为主。 ======================================================================================================================= 我们的交流语言为汉语,交流文字为简体中文与繁体中文。 我们的社交工具以QQ&YY为主:主会QQ群132976470;2分会QQ群289205185;YY频道85007893