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Mountain-tier PC clan with NSW branch, mostly european. Pretty chill and cozy. Recruiting, also feel free to mingle in our discord.





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  1. What's new in this clan
  2. Please, if you wish to join our clan, consider letting us know on our Discord server. It's far more easier for us to notice you on there than here. You run the risk of not being invited at all due to how nobody really cares about Warframe's forums. https://discord.gg/NqR8PKJ Server invite.
  3. Hi, I am a new casual player looking for a clan, can I get an invite? IGN: Bagienne_Ziele
  4. was in the clan a while back and had a break from gaming, can i get an invite back? thanks! IGN: BingOhh
  5. Hi, returning player looking for a clan, can I join?
  6. Hey! Sorry for the delay. Someone will invite you asap.
  7. Hi new to the game, would love a invite to the clan ty
  8. Yes, we you can! I'll ask someone to invite you asap.
  9. If you are interested in joining A Piece of Cake, you can use one of these ways to apply: Join our Discord and ask for the invite (fastest way) Reply to this thread. PM warlords at forums or in-game. My Discord - Suncake#0948. Joining our discord and asking for an invite is the quickest and most efficient way, but the other ones usually work too.

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