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About This Clan

Mountain-tier PC clan, mostly european. Pretty chill and cozy. Recruiting, also feel free to mingle in our discord.





Looking for Members


Mastery Rank Requirement:


Discord Server:

  1. What's new in this clan
  2. OH MY!! Thank you! I hit the candy, but, the channels are still locked. Just a heads up. My warframe, Steam and Discord are the same name
  3. Hey! You'll get the clan invite soon. In the meantime you can open our discord again and click that little candy reaction in the #welcome channel to get access to all the other channels. Welcome!
  4. Figuring all this out. Hahaha (this forum too.) Hello, my name is Kitty. I am fairly new to Warframe and I am looking into your clan. I am a PC player, from the United State, on EST time. I have joined the discord and added on Steam as directed. Also, did the google form. I will be active everyday after work and I do have a mic even though it isn't required. Hoping to find a friendly group! >^^<
  5. Hey! I've sent you an invite. Don't forget to join our discord to stay in touch with everyone.
  6. Hi, I'm an old player that stayed away from the game for like two years, and returning I found myself without a clan. So I searched and found this one that seems promising. That's why, if there is any cake left, I'd like to join ✌️

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