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  1. What's new in this clan
  2. -Current In-Game Name? SOLUT10N -Mastery Rank? 5 -Previous Clan? N/A -Do you use Discord? Yes but rarely -Anything we should know? Im kinda new to Warframe : ) but I'll do my best
  3. -Current In-Game Name: Amarend -Mastery Rank: 5 -Previous Clan: n/a -Do you use Discord: I can, but new to the platform. -Anything we should know: Returning player, still "new" at 100 hours and on Saturn. Looking to get a few frames as mains and try to be active.
  4. -Current In-Game Name: FreshGandulf -Mastery Rank: 9 -Previous Clan: none -Do you use Discord: yes -Anything we should know? Nothing mutch tbh. Allways willing to learn new stuff. Looking for some nice mates to hang out with. 🙂
  5. -Current In-Game Name? TestModel -Mastery Rank? 5 -Previous Clan? No previous clans -Do you use Discord? Not yet -Anything we should know? Casual
  6. -Current In-Game Name? ThatMedicMain -Mastery Rank? 4 -Previous Clan? N/A -Do you use Discord? Yes, it's thacko#5336 -Anything we should know? I'm fairly new to the game and more of a casual player.
  7. -Current In-Game Name? acer021290 -Mastery Rank? MR 16 -Previous Clan? Eternal Aegis -Do you use Discord? acer021290LV#9826 Yes, but I'm not very active there -Anything we should know? Warframe noob
  8. In-Game Name: BlankBroadcast Master Rank: 15 Previous Clan: Eternal Aegis Discord: Yes
  9. -Current In-Game Name? OP-R8R -Mastery Rank? 7 -Previous Clan? none, yet -Do you use Discord? from time to time -Anything we should know? just started playing
  10. Current In-Game Name? AdmiralStryker -Mastery Rank? 11. -Previous Clan? Phoenix Kings? One of the Phoenix's, memory is fuzzy on which. -Do you use Discord? Yes. Aran#6220 -Anything we should know? I'm in college. On breaks, I am able to play a lot, over the summer I can play a few hours a day tops. During the spring/fall semesters I will not be able to play. I hope this isn't an issue - I can step away when I'm at school and rejoin, or just communicate in advance when my absences will be.
  11. -Current In-Game Name?  lilit2 -Mastery Rank? 4 -Previous Clan? no -Do you use Discord? no -Anything we should know? Recently just started this game, still a noob, but still trying to learn about this game. and i hope am can join this clan
  12. Current In-Game Name? kislany -Mastery Rank? 6 -Previous Clan? none -Do you use Discord? yes -Anything we should know? Returning casual player.
  13. -Current In-Game Name? Veloziraptor -Mastery Rank? 5 -Previous Clan? None -Do you use Discord? Yes -Anything we should know? I'm always willing to help people out when I can.
  14. Took a break from the game looking to get back into the game. username. Mikebeas mastery rank 11. I do use discord...
  15. -Current IGN? DemonHauser -Mastery Rank? 11 -Previous Clan? none -Do you use Discord? no -Anything we should know? really like to help people grinding^_^
  16. -Current In-Game Name? quytm2239 -Mastery Rank? 19 -Previous Clan? Wolfs of War Reincarnati -Do you use Discord? Yes, but not often. -Anything we should know? I play to help others. Sometime need help for to buy some essential things like: Slot, Orokin Catalyst/Reactor,..
  17. -Current In-Game Name? kr4ter -Mastery Rank? 12 -Previous Clan? None -Do you use Discord? Yes -Anything we should know? Looking for people to do events with because public lobbies suck
  18. -Current In-Game Name? Kantalop3 -Mastery Rank? 16 -Previous Clan? Coup de Maitre, lapsed due to inactivity -Do you use Discord? Yes -Anything we should know?
  19. -Current In-Game Name? Kittyavenger -Mastery Rank? 6 -Previous Clan? let there be cake -Do you use Discord? yes -Anything we should know?
  20. -Current In-Game Name: LinishX -Mastery Rank: 5 -Previous Clan: - -Do you use Discord: Yes -Anything we should know: -
  21. -Current In-Game Name: Phthalo -Mastery Rank: 14 -Previous Clan: Can't remember sorry -Do you use Discord: Yes -Anything we should know: No
  22. -Current In-Game Name? Snubb2500 -Mastery Rank? 8 -Previous Clan? none -Do you use Discord? yes -Anything we should know? I have discord but I do not have a working mic
  23. -Current In-Game Name: oznugunzo -Mastery Rank: 7 -Previous Clan: it's been 4yrs since... don't remember -Do you use Discord:Yes -Anything we should know? getting back into pc warframe looking for good clan to join
  24. -Current In-Game Name? coman426 -Mastery Rank? 6 -Previous Clan? none -Do you use Discord? yes -Anything we should know? Still trying to properly learn about the game, but I would like to start being more serious about it.
  25. -Current In-Game Name? Coolethoom -Mastery Rank? 26 -Previous Clan? Viorla, Remnants of the Void -Do you use Discord? yes -Anything we should know? looking for a competitive active clan

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