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Reapers of the Lotus -Alliance- Commuinity Based Alliance Contact me on PSN to view Communities or Join up Hey, this is Iron, starting up brand new Community based Clan . There are Clan Communities to join if you want to. The Communities help the clan dynamic and Growth. We do use Mic's but not necessary. I plan on making the clan a Storm Clan after we have enough members to sustain. We encourage helping out new players and pushing the envelope on our abilities and end game missions. The Clan Standing Community is the only private Community and tells about the Clan Ranks and will give outlines on how to progress in the Clan. We have 2 Warlords and 1 General. The Genereal Position will be the acting Clan Leader and can only change if the General Leaves the Clan, Although there are these Structures they are meant to be our Principle Guidelines not rules. We have a mature and adult based leadership, all are welcome to join or rejoin from the Original Reapers of Anarchy Eternal / Hellish Reapers. Spaces are limited as we are still a Ghost Clan. Please checkout My PSN Profile for a listing of Communities and another means of Contact for Recruitment purposes.





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