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About This Clan

Welcome to Moonlapse Alliance! We are a close-knit community of active clans in a single, independent alliance in game. We value individual clan freedom and working together to foster a community environment. All our clans and leaders have equal say towards alliance matters and future decisions. Our defining feature is this dedication to a "Round Table" approach to leadership. While using the alliance discord and in-game chat, we expect everyone to be respectful and refrain from political, NSFW, and inappropriate content, but clans are always free to choose their personal clan policies and regulations.





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  1. What's new in this clan
  2. You have been invited to Imperial Dragons Moon Clan. Welcome to Moonlapse Alliance! 🙂
  3. IGN: Moldypug MR:2 Casual clan with 60%+ research complete
  4. You have been invited to Xenos Quantum Mountain Clan. Welcome to Moonlapse Alliance! 🙂
  5. IGN: Wuestendieb MR:7 Casual clan with 60%+ research complete
  6. Athurus welcome to the Moonlapse Alliance your invite to the Imperial Dragons is in your in-game mailbox :) Tauwni you will have to leave you previous clan before we can accept you into the Alliance.
  7. IGN: Athurus MR: 9 Looking for a Casual clan with a considerable amount of research 60%-70%+, any size of clan is fine.
  8. IGN: Tauwni MR:9 Casual clan with 60%+ research complete
  9. Hey there Boil, you have been invited to Imperial Dragons Clan! Welcome to the Moonlapse Alliance 🙂
  10. IGN: Boil9v2 MR: 3 Looking for a causal clan with around 60% or more research
  11. Message me ingame and I can inv you guys to our clan! IGN Real_Emz
  12. NACHTwitch MR is 10 looking for a casual clan that has full research preferably, although not a must
  13. IGN: Sergeant_Soldier1999 MR: 9 Interested in full research
  14. Hi there! You are recruited to Xenos Quantum, check your clan invite when you log into game
  15. IGN: ClamWF MR: 8 Looking for a casual clan, would like if it is active.
  16. Hi there! You are recruited into Xenos Quantum we have everything at your disposal Check your inbox for your clan invite
  17. Hi, you are recruited into Xenos Quantum your invite is in your inbox
  18. Hi! IGN: Aruyus MR: 3 Clan: casual; I'm interested in the clan having the research for the incubator module that allows you to feed to your pet; I want to be paired up with EmpathicFish because we started playing Warframe together. Additional info: I'm new to Warframe, so I'd like a clan where I can have fun in, do missions with other clan members and get some guidance regarding the game (I'm still wrapping my head around it).
  19. Helloes everyone! IGN: EmpathicFish MR: 3 Clan: would prefer all research but I'm flexible Both Aruyus and I would like to join the same clan please. 🙂
  20. Hi Melswag, you have been recruited to Xenos Quantum! You will receive a clan invite in your inbox when you log in. We will you there !
  21. IGN: Melswag MR: 18 Clan: all research, active if possible Thx a bunch
  22. Hey Taeyef, thanks for your interest in Moonlapse! I am PMing you now to talk more about the Alliance. 👍
  23. IGN: Tayef Hello i am doing a solo clan now and would like to join an alliance What is your clan name and logo? - Mythic 10-O, default logo What is your clan tier? - 0, just started dojo yesterday What is your membership count? - 0 What is your inactivity policy? - undecided What clan tier would you like to get to in the future? - No, i left my last moon clan due to their inactivity and mismanagement What is your policy on toxicity and inappropriate content? - toxicity ill tolerate only the first time and warn them then ignore if it continues, content i can tolerate to an extent, it depends
  24. Hi " trainc & LemonBread_ ", I shall send you an invite. Check your Inbox soon once you are both in game. Once accepted be sure to look in your Foundry to craft the Dojo Key to access the Labs. And Welcome to the Clan! (Sorry for this late response; busy day.) https://forums.warframe.com/forum/1547-about-us/
  25. IGN: LemonBread_ MR: 13 I was referred by a friend to join Ghosts of Tau Ceti

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