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About This Clan

Welcome to Moonlapse Alliance! We are a community of close-knit clans in a single, independent alliance in-game. We are an Alliance that is proud to be well organised, non-toxic, and active. Among our ranks, there is a good mix of clans and players with a large variety of playstyles including casual, hardcore, and everything in-between. While using the alliance discord and in-game chat, we expect everyone to be respectful and refrain from political, NSFW, and inappropriate content, but clans are always free to choose their personal clan policies and regulations. For more info on Moonlapse, head to the recruitment or about us sections of the forum group.





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  1. What's new in this clan
  2. IGN: Crecker99 MR: 3 Just Newbie looking for something special
  3. IGN:Euskii MR:2(very close to 3) Newbie looking for a friendly clan.
  4. IGN: Minisquare MR: 4 A newbie lookin' for a friendly clan. An invite is much appreciated!
  5. IGN: Gfolzone MR: 2 Looking for any clan accepting, but if possible i would like a clan with a lot of members to trade with
  6. IGN: ARK.infinity MR: 5 Hi im just a new player looking for a friendly clan, i'm still new to this clan stuff so i hope this is how you do it Got new clan
  7. Hi D3lmondo, I see you are in a clan. If you joined there instead, then alright. But, if you are still interested, reply here, and I'll get you an invite.🙂
  8. Hi, IGN: D3lmondo MR: 17 I am a returning player, so I am catching up right now. I am looking for a friendly casual clan with no serious obligations since my timeframe is pretty limited. Cheers
  9. Hello, you have been invited to the Eternal Aegis Moon Clan! Welcome to the Alliance and the Clan 🙂 Also, don't forget to join our Clan Forums group here: Eternal Aegis - Warframe Forums
  10. IGN : deathtodeath2 MR: 8, almost 9 I'm really new to this game and I'm looking for a casual, chill clan.
  11. IGN:cybershark171 MR: 3 Edit: Has joined another Clan
  12. Hey Tig3r, I've sent you an invite back to Eternal Aegis. Welcome back!
  13. IGN: Tig3r4Ev3r123 MR : 11 Looking to rejoin the clan as I came back to the game :)
  14. hi, I just started playing this game, its really a good game. I need help, Im looking for clan, so I gain access to the dojo's labs for the cool researches, but I dont know how to join one IGN: Regular_Nobody MR: 3 Edit: Has joined a different clan ~ --Aegis--TaDoogThtWas
  15. Hi i am MR5 and dont know how to properly join a clan, I am willing to join any clan though i would like to be able to make the archwing launcher because it looks cool :) What is an IGN and how do i need it to join? Edit: Has joined a different clan ~ --Aegis--TaDoogThtWas
  16. Hi there vinhkoi, you've been invited to The Tombstone barber clan
  17. IGN:vinhkoiPrime MR:5 hello i want join clan to search for blueprints that are not available in the market
  18. IGN: Bagienne_Ziele MR: 6 I'm looking for a clan with some nice people to chill with. I'm a casual player atm
  19. Hey there, looking for a laid back, casual, "adults with busy jobs looking to just relax" kind of Clan on the Playstation ecosystem if any in the alliance has room available. I'm relatively new to the game, MR 4, but played a little on PC before switching to Playstation, so I know most the basics. IGN is GravenImage. Was invited to a clan.
  20. IGN: Suketo MR: 3 Im just looking for a chill fun and active clan to join Edit: Joined a different Clan
  21. IGN: Edwaard555 MR: 6 Looking for a clan with a fun and non toxic community for some casual gameplay. Edit: Joined a different Clan
  22. Alright CptnMunchies, you've been invite to The Tombstone Barber
  23. IGN: CptnMunchies MR: 8 Looking for a large-ish casual clan, I mostly just want the research and some people to maybe help me out on missions or to farm stuff with
  24. You've been invited to The Tombstone Barber, welcome to the alliance ;v
  25. IGN: CRYPXTIC MR: 4 I am a rookie and is looking for a clan

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