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Command Center
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About This Clan

Command Center is a clan that has been around since launch. At one point a full shadow clan the dojo went dark for several years. Now the lights are back on and its back to a rank 0 ghost clan. In the short term I'm looking for some squad mates for mid to high level runs. Eventually, some strong sortie groups. Then finally, when we get there, a strong and full shadow clan again. What to expect: - no harrassment - lgbtq+ friendly and safe - woman friendly and safe - adults. Seriously. We will curse and tell dirty jokes. And whine about bills. - expect lefty politics. If your sensitive about this keep moving friend. We wave flags here. - casual What we have: - emblem in game: https://i.imgur.com/aQs9dKo.jpg - with trading post, all labs + amenities and about 50% research. - discord - contesrs! - booze... If you're interested dm me here or in game. In game name : SignalWarden. Hope to talk to you soon!





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