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    [ Switch | MR10+ | Research 131/176 | Storm | Mature | ENG | Donations optional ] Dedicated Switch clan for a new generation of Tennos. Recruitment is open for experienced dojo decorators. The clan has a capacity for 100 active players and is welcoming traders, endurance and party players. Our group focus will be 100% research and a fully customised Dojo over three floors. The true Endgame. // Note to keep this clan in an active state members are requested to login every 12 days (Cadets 6 days).

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    We are the original wicked squad, dont fear us though, that would be too kind. Yes we are on xbox one, playstation 4 and now Switch too! aswell as main clan on pc ofcorse.

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    We are Orion, One of the oldest and most influential Dark Sector alliances and currently home to some of the top clans in Warframe. If you would like to join the alliance or one of our clans please apply within, or you can contact any of our leaders in the game.

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    PC | Shadow | 4+ years | not casual | dead

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    Clan {Alune} {PC} Montagna grado 10 con un Dojo molto grande decorato in stile naturale e con le rispettive ricerche complete(escluso HEMA). Abbiamo un Server Discord e un gruppo WhatsApp. Ci sono delle regole che consistono nel donare sempre allo sviluppo del Dojo, non rimaneri inattivi per più di 30 giorni consecutivi e di tenere un comportamento educato verso tutti.

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    Max rank PC / 4+ years / 250+ members currently / All possible types of research done / there is place for any playstyle

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    Shadilay fellow Kekistanis, we are Total Domination. We do not pick and choose members, we let you choose us. All lewds and memes allowed, no holds barred. There are only two rules -1) be online at least once every 2-3 weeks - and 2) no bullying - and 2b) no bullying Astolfo. Our discord is also - - open to all.

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    Now is the perfect time to join a Clan! Come join the clan {Underground Dungeon Masters} R10 Moon Clan | Full Dojo | LARGE Discord | Memes | Helpful Warframe Discord Bots | Friendly, Fun, and Helpful Community. We are open to meeting new people and accepting all types of members to our community. If you are interested in being part of our community, all you have to do is join the discord server and express interest in joining the Ingame clan. You are welcome to Hangout and play with our members even if you are not interested in being part of the Ingame clan. Our community is about participation and bringing people together. Hope to See you soon! As of now we have over 2,000 Members on our Discord!

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    Bloody Sins is a Warframe PS4-based Clan headed by Sylvester (PSN: sylvester-86) and Clan Founder. Sylvester is currently the founder and leader of The Legion Of Deadly Sinners Alliance. The BloodySins was started in the hopes of bringing together anyone who is currently searching for a clan full of active competitive players who love helping out their fellow Tenno. BloodySins is a very Conclave-Competitive clan that is seeking to take over many Dark Sectors by contesting the occupying clan or alliance by infiltrating and destroying other clans' Solar Rails. The Concept and Creation of the Bloody Sins comes from the seven deadly sins, AKA cardinal sins, which are Wrath, Hubristic Pride, Greed, Lust, Malicious Envy, Gluttony, and Sloth. Bloody Sins is full of very talented, loyal, and spirited individuals who embody the true ways of the Tenno. We are open to new comers and willing to train those who is currently seeking to learn the true ways of the Tenno. BloodySins Clan Website: | The BloodySins: Dojo |

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    This is the Warframe Forum page for Imperium Solaris, the Empire of the Sun! Anyone that is already a member or people interested in joining the clan or the Alliance are welcome to join!

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    {FR} | {PC} • Taille Tempête • Rang 10 • 60+ mbrs • Alliance FR • Discord • Recherches 100% • Events • Clan actif, organisé, sélectif à l'entrée, avec une bonne ambiance.

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    Rank 10 | Casual | 100% Research | Discord | Events | We are an International Mountain Clan, founded over 4 years ago. We focus on community and run scheduled Eidolons twice a week as well as clan events. Join us here

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    This clan hasn't provided a description.

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    Sister clan to Quasars! Find the main clan thread here:

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    Tempest Tribunal is a Storm clan of 4+ years. Our goal is to give all Tenno; new and old, a place they can call home.

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    Gun & Blade is an alliance (on PC) seeking to unite small clans (ghost - storm)! Please visit us on our discord server if you're interested in either joining one of our clans or adding your clan to the alliance. Over 50 clans so far!

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    [[]] One thousand strong, One thousand brave, Guardians of the sacred. We protect our shelter, our brothers and those who fight with us. Lotus bless your soul Tenno. - OSS [[]]

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    Blood For The BloodGod | Mountain Clan | Discord Required | All Research + Ignis wraith | Orion Alliance | Max Clan Rank | Friendly Community | One of the First Clans | Last Owner Dark Sector Nodes | Mostly Gold Trophies For Events | Old Dojo Tilesets | World Wide Player Base | Message -BG-StormFighter117 or StormFighter117#6646 <-- Discord

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    The Secret: We want to be the best clan there is. With dedication and commitment from all its members we can achieve this goal. We strive to be better everyday and that will help make us great. We are also a very friendly clan we always try to help people who are new to the game. We are also cross platforms (Switch). We are also looking for Warlord(s) for Switch. Discord is a requirement best for communication! Join the Secret Service Clan and become a part of greatness! ( )

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    Empire of the Void is a clan focused on eminence and members. We welcome new and old players alike and work towards the first true empire in Warframe. we hold weekend and weekly activities 2-3 times a month including "Endless Weekend", "Fissure Friday", "Fashion Week" and more. We have the most unique clan structure in Warframe and work towards giving both casual and competitive players a dedicated environment.

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    We are an international Alliance founded jointly by OkniolasPrime of Wardens of Blossom & Ayana17 of The Five Petals. We are a relatively small Alliance, but here clans and their members aren't just numbers. All of the Moderators in this Forum Group are Warlords of each individual Clan of the Alliance. To seek membership, be sure to request membership, and you'll be let in, afterwards make a thread in the 'Alliance & how to join' Topic.

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    We are Deus Ex Tempus, a 4+ year-old laid-back (founded on February 14, 2014) and active Moon Clan aiming to reach and stay at the maximum number of members (~1000 members) for a constant flurry of activity. Our goal is to just basically have fun with the game, and with each other. All players are welcome to join, just remember to have fun and be respectful to each other. We have an active discord and a large Dojo with everything researched. There is a minimum MR requirement of 5 to join our Clan. If you like to kick back, relax, and have fun then you'll like Deus Ex Tempus. ONWARD, TO GLORY!

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    [CLAN COMPETITIVO] Recluta MR16+ Activos, con FB y Discord Si deseas unirte puedes pasar por nuestro reclutamiento en: