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  2. kamyung

    Defeating Golem boss for quest

    I did this solo for a few times and only damaged it 30% or so to its health and then I just die and use all my revives and I just went to the clan dojo and researched a better archwing weapon and it is builded but I just like to wait on the quest(stress out cause this will be one of the boss fights that is actually hard in a while since my normal arsenal can kill all the bosses but just never thought of having a archwing boss fight)
  3. HarshMeera

    Operator's Way Bound Passive

    Thanks for all the replies. Now I just need to farm 10 million focus......hmm maybe more then that. Well nvm Thanks all of you 🙂
  4. 1. Они действуют и на союзников и на владельца. 2. Это не хайп. Хайп штука резкая и кратковременная. А мист зарядка была чуть ли не самым востребованным мистиком всегда.
  5. Recently updated to the latest Nvidia driver from a few days ago, 411.63 I have a laptop, Nvidia 840M 2GB VRAM, Intel i7-4710HQ Quad Core 2.5GHz, 12GB RAM, Windows 10 64bit Warframe most settings on max, minus screenshake, runtime tessellation, colour correction, motion blur, anti-aliasing, those are off, and resolution at 1280x720 scaled to 85% Nvidia Control Panel settings for Warframe 64bit executable: And a link to a series of pictures on the plains demonstrating the effect. Seems like the game had a problem with shadows/lighting, shaders, it was raining, maybe the time of day impacted it as well, and it was in the "cave" area of retrieving the toxin, so maybe it hadn't gotten a full checkup on how to render all of these things together. Outside on the usual open plains I did not notice this problem mostly (what prompted me to finally update my gfx drivers was a bug of bright shiny white water in the bottom of a cave in I think either Mount Nang or The Seethe).
  6. Could you price this Sunika Kubrow for me? I know he's a Merle, but I'm not sure about how much he'd be worth with his colors. Thank you!
  7. sstompie

    Fanart ingame

    How on earth do i get to the page that has the original pics of the fanart used ingame currently there are some nice ones that i want to save Thanks in advance
  8. Whitetiger62512

    Plague Star Lens change suggestion

    I am newish to warframe by that I mean I am still in my first two years so keep this in mind. But I have an issue with the Plague star rewards, mainly the lens that drop as bounty rewards in it. Every other bounty in cetus rotate their rewards, plague star does not. For most of the list that is fine as I don't care about them but the Naramon lens are an issue. It only drops Naramon and none of the other types. A simple change to this would be to rotate each day what lens is in the rewards, and have it reset and change with either the sortie or the standing reset time. That way people can grind for the lens type they want while doing the plague star. What are your thoughts on this?
  9. DjoomanDjee

    [GUIDE] Stratégie Trio Eidolon

    Hello, je me considère encore débutant dans la chasse aux eidolons et j'apprécie d'autant ce très instructif et détaillé tuto que je ne me permettrais aucun reproche 😍 J'ai cru cependant lire une petite erreur (ou alors j'ai peut-être mal compris), mais dans les passifs déliés page 48, il me semble que Carapace Gardienne de Vazarin ne peut pas être délié Désolé si je me trompe. Bien à vous
  10. NinjaZeku

    Low-end pc question!

    (Exclamation marks are not an all-purpose punctuation, feel free to vary it up a bit.)
  11. luciel1939

    시아트 리벤 팝니다

  12. I have a prejudice. I just don't play him as he bores me to tears despite understanding his kit
  13. kamyung

    Saryn Elite Onslaught Build and Solo play

    Wow THX I actually read all of it and I will try a bit of your build but I still kinda shocked that you used hunter adrenaline on her cause its just a bit strange seeing a Saryn getting hit on purpose and if not she will have to get charged up by energy dash and it will take a lot of time since some of your builds there doesn't have a good efficiency
  14. Darkn3ssF4lls

    Web Based Profile

    I can definitely get behind this, both the examples I showed have a lot of information which is easy to understand and access at your finger tips. I will update the original post for those who don't want to click the links to see what the examples offer.
  15. Gessie00

    Compact guide to Saryn, the map-clearing goddess

    Key word: Periodically. Miasma spam is when a max-efficiency Saryn is just standing there mashing the 4 key. Occasional use was covered in the details spoiler. And indeed, Toxic Lash is not crucially important, as the Ignis pops all spores immediately even without it. Try it in the Simulacrum if you don't believe me. Miasma is a better way to spend the energy in the vast majority of situations, except when you need to penetrate shields (due to the Toxin proc). And good point on Equinox. 😛
  16. Whitetiger62512

    repeatable frame quests

    Well I can see your point several of the quests are marked as replayable so at the very least the frame quests that currently are replayable should give the frame parts again. Again if the quest is already repeatable unless they seriously #*!%ed up the coding some extreme degree it is not hard to adjust what rewards it would give. Now if the quest is not repeatable at this time I can understand it being hard to fix that but if it already can be repeated then it should be easy to get the same rewards.
  17. (PS4)Tactless_Ninja

    Non violent PvP modes

    If it involves forcing another player into a car accident then yes, that bus you juked your opponent into while going upwards of speeds over 100mph in that Burnout game was actually MURDER. o_o
  18. Cubewano

    Required Solo Sortie Qualifier

    I don't view failing spy or really any mission in general as the end of the world, failures happen, people are flawed and they make mistakes, the problem isn't that, but rather the apparent lack of learning(through over reliance or just a lack of experience in general) that seem to cause a fair deal of these failures. If you disagree feel free to dispute my claim though. It's also a bit more than just a handful of people failing missions that has lead to this being an issue, it has become the normalized expectation for sorties, that is to say the experience is so frequent and recurring that it has become a default expectation across the entire community, that is more than just a minor or one off experience. If the existing qualifier is meant to prepare people for the content it makes available it is quite clear by how prevalent this issue is within the game that it is currently not working and needs changing.
  19. Spartan336

    Compact guide to Saryn, the map-clearing goddess

    I'll consider it BUT, I like the big numbers.
  20. (PS4)GoldenEnderman90

    Prime Tenno Suit Relics

    so should it be in a relic?
  21. .Fire_Fly.

    Where are you from tenno?

    Sweet Home Alabama

    Okay now I KNOW there's something weird going on

    It is many years ago they spoke of the system but I'll try to find it here for you. I study Software Development at University currently. Trust me, it isn't a difficult program to code. Getting input and printing out a simple calculation is actually quite basic algorithm, something we study at the start of our 4-year school.
  23. Dark_RRiderr

    Possible bug, still having Relay parts...

    Maybe due to the already reported bug about beeing invited to the final part of the mission by a friend and first not recieving all the rewards (that has been fixed, thanks DE), it could be the reason for this possible bug. Just not sure if we are really supposed to keep these parts here: So anyone else that didnt had the first bug also kept their Blueprints? Or only ones that had the same bug i had?
  24. taiiat

    Compact guide to Saryn, the map-clearing goddess

    on the contrary, using Miasma periodically depending on the Level of the Enemies(when they aren't low enough Level that just using Miasma on its own Kills everything) Kills Enemies significantly faster than not using it at all. and once your Weapon has spread Spores a good ways, Miasma will spread Spores much faster than any Weapons as well. which is important for basically the only place 99.9% of the Community plays Saryn, Onslaught. you word that as if Toxic Lash isn't crucially important. if you don't have Toxic Lash active, your Weapons do a terrible job of spreading Spores. i mean, Ignis will do just fine at lazily preventing Nullifiers from really doing anything. but not even a mention of Equinox! - - - - - reverting the core mechanics to Saryn 2015 whilst giving the touchups that have been missing for years (making Miasma an actually good Ability and more than just a slave for the rest of the Warframe, and also not just an AoE Blast to wipe midLevel Enemies as they Spawn, fixing some of the Bugs and making mechanics actually function consistently, the lack of any practical CC, Et Cetera) would cover that :D some Players might love it - wide covering Support plus localized extreme Damage spiking to cover both debuffing and obliterating Enemies. you'd get more EHP out of replacing Vigor with Steel Fiber, for what it's worth.
  25. -Temp0-

    Current Top 5 Warframes

    And he never will because there's no such thing. SInce op doesn't even have any criteria.
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