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  2. Host migration seems to break Defection missions. Had 1 active squad, host migrates, get this: Defectors extracted properly (and cleared from UI although oddly - each extraction removed 1 indicator from all the lines), new countdowns started, but no new defectors spawned - timers stayed at 0:00, even if rushed via console.
  3. Melee rivens popped up, If you have normal extra melee mods that are worth some plat, I suggest you selling them mate Now mods like "Maiming Strike" might drop in price because of rivens also maybe having a riven slot would be nice? because I spent time before the update thinking what mods to remove from a melee but they all were somewhat essential and irreplaceable, but maybe a riven slot in a weapon is broken? Maybe an atterax riven won't have +90% crit chance on slide attacks because of disposition but I don't know yet unless someone owns that riven already, but still, if a high riven disposition gets a riven with crit chance on slide attacks, maiming strike is kinda useless, correct me if I'm wrong What do you guys think?
  4. rotation reward
  5. You did not glitch that. You picked up energy orbs exactly as the proc went off.
  6. Go to and log in to the website. Next click your username in the top right corner next to download and select "account management" on that page you will see a link you can click to sync up your warframe account with your twitch account
  7. Beyond god tier. Lel
  8. You have to link your twitch account to your warframe account in the account settings tab, that way it wont matter i guess.
  9. According to the Warframe Twitter it will be possibly put out at 3 pm EST
  10. ... i could not find anything scary about this quest. the end result looked more goofy then anything else. That "boss" fight and the operators clunky controls will most likely just annoy me so much all the quest will leave in my mind is a sour taste
  11. sorry didn't get the joke.......first time posting something here. Taking everything seriously and re-thinking everything 7 times before i write something lol. hope u didn't mind
  12. I am selling these mods for platinum PC
  13. This has happened twice since the update. If the host leaves the mission and the rest of the group all decide to fight on, the enemies will refuse to spawn for round 6. This occurs after a host migration. I wasn't put into a drop-ship loading screen for after the migration, so I think it might be an issue with the level not being re-loaded.
  14. GTX970ti here, and I am playing in borderless fullscreen on my second monitor with a 1.5x DSR factor. The only time I really noticed any slowdowns, is when I got the proc from the Knell sidearm while scoped. Something causes sudden FPS loss when that happens. Only really noticeable on Earth. Not sure why.
  15. Until this update, I can confirm that such a Gpu would have little problem running at least 30fps on normal missions. Though of course, its not the most ideal option. It seems this update pulls more VRAM which is the issue, as many users with older cards have when running relays or trial missions. While the I3's speed is low, it should be up to the task on the processing side. As this is a laptop, there are not as many options the player has to upgrade their graphics option. The only one that comes to mind is thunderbolt external enclosures and his system might not have that as an option.
  16. I cannot seem to find Harrow's helm to put an arcane on it (obviously in the arcane UI). This may be a case of me being blind but I have checked and checked and still can't find it.
  17. Protects from ALL DAMAGE.
  18. Shhh go away if you're not supposed to be here...
  19. Bug: In the final mission of Chains of Harrow, if you fall off as operator (you die), and respawn, your entire screen is really dark. Like there's a filter over your vision from you falling into the abyss. Bug: not sure if this was intentional, but in the final mission, you don't get to keep any of the drops you pick up as your warframe. I managed to find a Valana Sculpture in the derelict and was disappointed to see that I wasn't able to keep it.
  20. No.
  21. I didn't manage to get a screenshot, because I was honestly a bit stunned and thought it was a glitch at first. But mine was sitting behind the ramp leading down into the main compartment, cross-legged. Also looked like she was dozing, head bobbing up and down. Then she snapped up and said that and dipped. Spooky.
  22. Deleted
  23. It won't show all the new stuff at lower settings.... the earth rework is only going to be visible on the higher or highest settings. But then to be fair I've been saying for ages we need to up the minimum specs for the game..... That sounds like a completely different issue to the earth rework imo.... not to mention we ALL had issues a few days ago with logging in.
  24. While at it, having his 1 highlight the area considered as the enemies' head would be a nice QoL addition because I have just figured out that on most enemies I have absolutely no clue where their head is...
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