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  2. Leftovers

    Had you come here and said "hey guys, I've done some research and discovered I need (x), can someone help me get it?" You likely would have had a line twenty deep of people trying to give you one of their spares. No begging required. But you didn't. You showed up beggng on one of your first posts and irritated the more outspoken, and likely more loaded veteran who might have been first in line to volunteer extra stuff. Look at his post count and rep score. He's been around a while and probably would have helped. Ten minutes of research would have shown you that regular weapon blueprints are not tradable.
  3. Warframe is also Free to Play rather than Pay to Play like Overwatch and Starwars. Warframe needs to earn money somehow. Besides DE doesn't want to implement a loot system and they made that clear with the Kubrow prints. Someone spent hundreds of dollars rolling for the lotus kubrow print and when DE realized that they implemented something else (tbh I don't know what they made different).
  4. Now that things are taking shape and a few hotfixes have come out, I think you guys are on the right track with sustaining an endgame activity within the classic Warframe setting. My one main comment or suggestion has to do with that sustainability - I feel like there should be a progression system to Sanctuary Onslaught, beyond just RNG drops. I see the current system as being a source of frustration, getting tons and tons and tons of relics (Radiant or otherwise) that can really be obtained elsewhere... and then just a couple of very low chance drops for 1 off weapons. Even if it is another Syndicate, or a Currency that is associated with Sanctuary Onslaught, I feel like there should be a vendor with a longer list of rewards. These could be both equipment and cosmetics, like most vendors. This would give people goals to set and reasons to keep grinding, when they are done with these weapons or arent interested in praying to RNGesus for these two drops. I feel like you guys have alot of tools within your existing game template (such as Sorties) from which you could expand the high level endgame, within classic Warframe. I feel like adding more lvl 100+ missions to the star chart, with whatever rewards seem suitable, would be a good way for players to challenge all the weapons and frames they have maxed and forma'd. That would keep people on an endgame grind once the absolutely sea of "midgame" in Warframe is completed. This Onslaught is a good step in that direction from a gameplay perspective, but I believe progression systems are a tried and true treadmill to keep us coming back even when we are like "screw rng". As I, like many others, gnash our teeth at the bugs and such that we encounter.. still, I want to thank you guys. You keep us more informed than any game developer I've ever seen, you bring new content out super quick, and you patch out problems constantly. This iterative process of constant content is refreshing, and I hope you are not discouraged by the blowback of this recent patch. You guys have a pattern and a process that is unique and cool, just like Warframe as a whole.
  5. Last Post Wins

    Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Part 3 - Stardust Crusaders
  6. Khora's Planned Changes

    i will say this is much better thought out then the earlier post for sure, but your still running into the 16 pet problem, and for your healer mod set up base is strong except for hunters recovery, as that mod coupled with healer set having low damage with healing as its priority this kavat wont really benifit you much with hunters recovery. that mod is for damage dealers to heal the owner/master, and would be more at home on the damage kavat (setup A) that would be out and about attacking things willy nilly. with decent damage and healing khora the same way pack leader works on kavats (which i hear dosent work on venari, but i can not confirm or deny that yet) also you have to think. with 4 pets with animal instinct, the loot radar and enemy detection range would be HUGE will give props on expanding your idea ♥
  7. Hello everyone, I’ve been thinking of this for a little while now, but have decided to make a thread about this issue. Khora’s Neuroptics requires you to have 35 Spinal claw, and her Chasis requires you to have 65 Iradite, which is just wrong if you ask me.I can understand lore wise why they are related to the resources of the Plains, but you’re forcing me to buy Khora because the Plains of Eidolon still crashes for me to this day. The resources need to change, because otherwise, I’m never going to actually use Khora ever.
  8. Nekros Ghost Augment please

    You are also on PS4, maybe I'm missing a setting but the Eximus and Ancient Auras look exactly the same as the enemies from my Shadow Clones. Like they compeltey ignore the energy color I chose. Red Eximus Highlight on my Shadows making it look the same as Enemy Eximus Aura'd enemies. Or Green Ancient Healer Aura/ Purple Ancient Disrupter Aura...
  9. Last Post Wins

  10. Tell me your Rhino builds

    Well I mean... OP wanted powerful builds and you cant have powerful builds without powerful mods lol
  11. Last Post Wins

    Pfft. Don't play innocent now Warden.
  12. Leftovers

    the terms that i used in my second post was reflective of abbace's first post, that is definitely not how i normally speak or post.
  13. Maggestions: Mag Suggestions

    Appreciate it. I'm simply trying to help with suggestions about a frame that's currently a pretty good CC but it needs to be more relevant. I feel these changes would make it eidolon-viable.
  14. Last Post Wins

    Is this thing still going on? Sweet, I guess that means I win then :D
  15. Onslaught Efficiency and Cut-Off Points

    In the OP, I mentioned energy drain, which could be tooled at (or near) 0% to outstrip Zenurik energy gain. Admittedly, I'm not sure how well CL works without cloak, e.g. using Stinging Thorn...
  16. Is another open world map really a good idea?

    Mostly because people like it. It goes has far has D&D. It's a forma that allow alot of freedom for the player experience. It's not allways well implimented, but i guess it's easier to not screw it up in a more simple forma. The only forma that is harder to make good use are puzzle. (Talking about hard puzzle)
  17. WTS Goods Rivens.

    no se ve ni mergas hijo :V xdxd
  18. Is another open world map really a good idea?

    But look at how sad he hurt his feelings.
  19. Host Migration has always been an issue in Warframe. Because regular star chart missions have a natural stopping point, host players rarely leave mid-mission. Although, it still happens and the other players lose rewards. It became more of an issue when the PoE dropped, but forum consensus was tell other players go pre-made squad or solo (which I suspect many will continue to say) rather than hold DE's feet to fire and fix this issue. Onslaught further exaggerates the problem of Host Migration in Warframe. Your worst experience is something Warframe has always had an issue with. The difference is it happens far more frequently due to the way the game mode works than it has previously. Well, unless you did a lot of PoE unvaulted relics a few months ago before DE made it impossible to get from the first bounty. Point is, this has always been an issue and players have just found work arounds for the most part. I really want the issue to be fixed. I would consider this the best update if DE can pull it off, and I don't even like the Onslaught game mode at all and don't really plan on playing much now that I have Khora (I am not going to bother with >5% drops of the Vandals). However, seeing as they haven't fixed Host Migrations in the more than a year I have played, I really doubt they can with they way it works currently.
  20. Если играть фулл пати. Соло подразумевает каждый раунд, и очевидно что соло достигает пика сложности в четыре раза быстрее, тандем и трио соответственно. Награда подразумевает рыночный интерес в диапазоне редкости между мистиками и ривенами поэтому превращать ее в мусор а-ля анаса, после насыщения собственных нужд, быстро убьет интерес до дежурного прохождения вылазки. А поскольку дежурным образом награда то даваться не будет - рандомный игрок сперва подумает, лезть ли за труднодоступной наградой, или купить на рынке. Что будет сохранять ценность дропа с кува-релика. Быстрое насыщение грозит разве что на мод слияния ауры, поскольку абсолютное большинство игроков ограничится одним слиянием ауры, или в пределах трех, и далее уже просто продавая кува-ауры. Остальные же будут иметь ценность еще долгий период.
  21. buf focus Naramon ?

    Non c'est pas un bug c'est ce que vient de dire @Yaerion, les bonus passifs permanents sont activés dès le début sans avoir besoin de sortir le Tenno. :)
  22. Leftovers

    I'm not begging, just asking. asking is not begging, begging is not ceasing to ask and ask
  23. Leftovers

    As someone with loads of junk I do not need, I was completely put off by: The OP was okay, that was not.
  24. Is another open world map really a good idea?

  25. Maggestions: Mag Suggestions

    This is a lot more reasonable than I thought. Have an upvote.
  26. Onslaught Efficiency and Cut-Off Points

    with the obscene amount of relics in the drop table...i see this as a moot argument.
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