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  2. Actually...I haven't seen this laser you are talking about ever. Or forgot about it since it has done it in the first run only. Like stated above, I enter the Arena, immediately jump onto the left wires, run to the tower, bait it to shoot the cylinder, bonk it into it and repeat. The fights over in about 5 minutes. Sorry if I cannot further help you 😕
  3. タイトルに記入してあるcorinth,karak,hind,kuva bramma のriven募集しています。(できる限り0rollでおねがいします) ゲーム内ささやきもしくはdiscoredアカウント だるい#9167 に詳細お願いいたします。
  4. I’ve just completed my mastery rank 5 Test. I have no clue how mastery rank works, And I haven’t gone to mastery rank 5. Are there any other steps I need to complete?
  5. Yes I did. I know about the Tenno operator. I know about using him to knock out its shields when you're behind a tower. Also completed the Chimera prologue. Oh. I'm doing it wrong then. I walking up to the wire, waiting for the 'Traverse' prompt. That's when the red lasers get me. Yes those. But they follow me everywhere I move, even when I get behind one of the boxes on the central platform. I know you have some satety behind the tower, but I can't get to the tower.
  6. Please update us about the winners theres syandana i want to get really badly 😞
  7. Someone at DE is laughing his as$ off right now. You do know that Affinity Boosters are a thing, right? And that it's a popular platsink? Do you get the point yet?
  8. Nightwave, Bauurk and Gauss was really gonna give me so much time to farm
  9. You can't fight the Ropalolyst without completing Chimera Prologue, which in turn requires The War Within Back to the OP... 1) Yes. Just a normal jump and then interacting with the zip line again will have you jump over the arc. No bullet jumps are needed, but it could prove to be speedier than a normal hop. 2) I use Loki (Prime for me, but normal works just as well) and try to bait the claw lasers at the very beginning before jumping on the wire. Get to the other side, knock the shields out with the Operator, charge the tower with the bird brain's beam, slam it, and whatnot. I just find that if the Ropalolyst never saw you, he can't do anything. If he saw you but only knows your trajectory, he'll lead his shots. If he doesn't know you exist, he'll just fly/stand around waiting for you to reappear.
  10. Dude I've been making the WH40k comparison for years. The void is a place where time moves weird and corrupts those that enter as well as there being an entity that resides there. I've always felt they based it on the Warp.
  11. Reporting somebody for going AFK is pathetic, Deal with it.
  12. That would be better, but again global range isn't really necessary on any skill imo. With it being an ult, something like 20 meters or thereabouts on the buff/debuff portion would probably be enough. With enough range mods you could easliy more than double that, and 30-40+ meters on something like this is plenty for most mission types. As for the damage, perhaps it could be half the range of the other aspects, so if you have 20 meters of range on the buff/debuff you'd have a 10 meter damage aoe. I dunno, that might be too little for your liking, but that's just my two cents.
  13. I'm Bullet Jumping into Dogde Roll onto the Wire, then hit X. When the electrical thingy comes I do the same: Bullet Jump into Dodge Roll and hitting X again. Usually I'm on the other side by then Which ones? The ones it shoots at you when on the outer platforms? I hide behind the cylinder in the mid
  14. my guess about the helminth system is that , well as we know for now we have at least volt's 1 with the augment that does give electric dmg boost and i can already see it being used on already bonkers frames and even though i bet they are being cautious on giving warframes' abilities to the pool of choice there will be at least 3-4 very very good choices and possibility of those abilities getting nerfed for so called ' balance ' purposes , i hope it doesnt turn out that way but it kinda will and its gonna be a shtshow and i'll love to watch it from distance 🙂
  15. I always do stealth missions solo. Ivara or Loki are great. Wukong is not a stealth frame.
  16. Its most likely your graphics card. I have similar issues, but mostly when I _enter_. Orb Vallis is worse than PoE. However, when I'm inside and playing, there is no problem. Also going solo without mission or with a group with a selected mission makes a huge difference.
  17. The affinity system is very anti CO-OP and heavily encourages leeching. Remove this stupid distribution system.
  18. I would agree with needing more to do during the Rj segment, but I wouldn't want to be fighting anything while the Satellite is as durable as a wet tissue. One stray missile or something and the whole plan goes to S#&$.
  19. so yes, you're more or less saying that "toggle invulnerability is imbalanced" is the point of contention here nothing has been "switched out." hysteria is in objective need of a balance pass, and "more damage with better sustain" is NOT the way to go about that like everyone else seems to think
  20. i am a new player and me too looking for a chill clan can i join any of you two? I am at MR 6
  21. Everyone who logged on that day got it. No need to have watched Twitch or anything. DE did this as an apology for the chaos. So it's not an error. You can keep it.
  22. They literally just named a bunch of things that it accomplishes that are good.
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