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  2. Question is answered, but just as a general FYI, last I checked no beam weapons worked with Oscira. (Other than Panthera, which is a fringe case.) Which means that the Oscira Universal Rifle Skin doesn't work with the Flux Rifle, which I will never find unamusing. Unfortunately there are still also some non-beam exceptions too, like Argonak and Harpak.
  3. I know what you're going to say, "go buy it from the market" but its not there yet because I never received the first one from the quest. Is there another way to get one? I gave up on the quest but the quest keeps coming back to further annoy me. Is there a glitch or work around that I cannot find? I know Market-Equipment-components= not there Market-companions-Kubro accessories= nope I'm lost please help Also I'm new so don't hurt me lol
  4. REFERENCE: Pierrot is a name of a type of comedian, in the late 17th century, performed by Italians in paris! Pierrot can also refer to Marcel Marceau, the first and most famous mime artist in his time, who took his look inspiration from Pierrot! THEME AND PLAYSTYLE: Pierrot draws his powers from different kinds or artistic talents, he's an acrobat, a contortionist, a mime artist, and most importantly, an actor, capable of impersonating anyone he watches. ABILITIES: STAGED(PASSIVE): if Pierrot has less than 25% of his health he stages his death, entering a ragdoll state bec
  5. Having an automated response command would be really nice. I have the bad habit of playing with sound off and I don't watch the cha box, so I miss a lot of PM's. Letting people know I'm not ignoring them, just not paying attention, would be nice.
  6. you people probably have noticed after adding Halloween Pumpkin cosmetic helmets got super buggyright? specially when you're viewing OTHER PLAYERS PROFILE ... https://imgur.com/a/dYLy6uP
  7. Honestly would love being able to have upper/lower leg armor slots, specifically because of this armor set. I want to use it on my Xaku fashion and dislike that I'm limited with my options. Being able to slap on a lower leg piece on the same side as the Syrinx would improve the "spare parts" look she has going.
  8. yup this just happened for me to, was about to make my own post. guess they just didn't make the helmet model like they usually do.
  9. The biggest issue I have with Open Worlds in general is that they would be better if they weren't Open Worlds. The Open Worlds don't add anything to the gameplay except bugs and waiting. The fact that the most used Archwing is the Itzal to skip the huge tracks of the Open World, then maybe the Open World is half baked and players should be given the option to interact with the Open World just like in Navigation for our Orbiter. If they were just nodes with a hub world you could visit without having to wait for doors to load for "seamless" transition for missions, it would be better. Bette
  10. I did a few kuva-modified Lephantis assassinations and also a nightmare version of that mission, no nekros parts dropped in any of those missions! Then killed him in normal mission mode - always nekros drops... Happened to me just a few days ago - so (if not intended) this bug is still in... edit: on PC
  11. I've done something like this before. I really love the idea of a gravity frame!
  12. for the thought exercise missing link (dunno how it happened, the link was a wikipedia valid link) google "wikipedia list of vegan" I won't link to the name of that specific person, these person deserve no recognition whatsoever.
  13. Go to this website: https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us Login and submit your request. I would like to suggest including images that show you not having a filter, and searching for “Excalibur Umbra” showing it not appearing (same with the sword if it’s gone too). Yes, DE can look themselves, but it makes their job easier (quicker resolution) if you provide the correct information. I would probably include your mastery page showing you have mastered Umbra.
  14. I wish we could aggro them so we could possibly get parts and mods outside iso vaults
  15. khora's cat (winali) cant get exp after use forma.plz fix it.
  16. Can’t say I had heard of that one before. I can see how that one could fit.
  17. Honestly I'm not sure, I hope so but I mainly do it to clear the beeps from my scanner incase there's more than one in range. This is especially true with avicheas cos they're much harder to spot an you might simply fly past them thinking the beep is from those annoying vizier predasites you can see.
  18. It's Ok. I pre-ordered Monster Hunter Rise 😁
  19. Sure, although I'd also PM her here. I think it's probably worth trying @[DE]Megan and @[DE]Drew too.
  20. Do you think killing the common stuff causes respawns?
  21. Molt can be better for applying to more than just Sprinting yes, but then Infested Mobility still ends up winning again since it has a Parkour Multiplier. as Parkour Multipliers are all a pretty major boost. depends on if you use Parkour or not, pretty much.
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  23. I have been getting a skewed distortion divide line through my screen when in motion, (Screen Tearing) panning the camera or bullet jumping. Every movement cause the distortion to move down the screen, top to bottom. It is like the image is folded in on itself at the divide line. Motion blur switched off Vsync switch off. Classic or Beta engine, this motion blur occurs.
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