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  2. 只今、Loginしました。戻ってきたら、もう一度Forumにご連絡ください。
  3. Again, definitely not the case on switch. Doesn't matter where you aim, it does not destroy crewships. I've been trying this literally since Railjack launched (edit: since it launched on Switch, to be clear).
  4. Сейчас АФК включается без предупреждения если за 2 минуты игрок не проходит хотя бы 5 метров с помощью клавиш движения. Срабатывает ли система, если пилот 2 минуты сидит в РЖ на месте или если 2 минуты стоять столбом посреди летающего джека - не знаю, проверю вечером.
  5. Or... you know... just flip a single flag and treat them as fun optional mods in the exilus slot rather than totally redesigning them and sinking a bunch of time and resources into it...
  6. I gotten hooked on Nightwave and enjoy reaching the top. About three weeks ago I reach the max level in the intermission but now it seems there is more. How far in the ranks are they planning to go this time?
  7. hey there, lovely kats! for the tuft ear/peacock solid grey smeeta, your wording means you have an adarza that looks exactly the same? because i'd prefer an adarza. if so i'd like to buy it. 🙂
  8. Actually that's not the case anymore. Forward artillery will damage and destroy a crewship even when engines are hit.
  9. Then they behave totally differently on Switch than PC because I've been running missions and the forward artillery just leaves ships in the same disabled state that whittling away their health does. It does *not* destroy them. And this was the case at least with earlier hotfixes on the other platforms too considering the number of posts I've found discussing how worthless and useless the forward artillery is.
  10. Thanks for the tips,I guess I'll have to get quick thinking and rework my mods. I'll check those builds and hope it goes well. It's true I'm a little outdated on the damage rework,I stopped playing for 9 month and when I came the game was really different. I'll try everything that was said earlier. I've already tried Rhino for the index and it seems to go better.
  11. I think you do not know how forward artillery works or what it actually is. Even in the veil, you can fairly easy complete a mission without leaving your railjack if you DO know what you're doing. A quick step by step guide to kill crewships without leaving your ship: Avionics Equip your best forward artillery avionic Grofit In mission Spot the crewship Hit the engines with your railjack guns to slow it down and take big chunks of health away (optional) Go into the forward artillery cannon. Aim for the bridge of the ship or any non-engine part, even a destroyed engine will fully absorb the blast and result in the crewship live to fight another day. Succes! you just obliterated those pesky grineer. Refill dome-charges at your ship foundry and repeat. Grofit TL;DR; Do not dismiss arguments given without at least making sure you actually can. Earth and Saturn crewships CAN be one-shot with the artillery.
  12. You asked why would they have a bow. When the bow is not for sentients. That’s like asking why a Rathalos would need a Rathalos sword in Monster Hunter: World.
  13. I think it's funny they weren't considering all the problems associated with the multiplayer aspect of all this before the rushed release. Void Hole is the only thing that matters and trivializes the mode so I won't be spending plat to get it just to get nerfed and that's really the only thing I "need" for a mode they could outright cancel and pull from the game and I wouldn't think twice about it. I have more good luck than bad in pubs but I did start to notice people who kind of just sit in the ship and let you do all the work. Lately when I play (if I ever play at ll these days ) I'll only jump into railjack if I got a resource booster and laugh when I see how many instrinsics it's going to take to master the only tree that mattered to me at first because I know I'm never going to master all those things. Hopefully they remove the mastery associated with it but it's not like they're doing much with master anyways.
  14. Shields are garbage on Railjack, but with a maxed out Armor and Health mods, you can make your RJ almost as tanky as a Crewship. Add in a Fire Resistance mod, and you can facetank Crewship missiles all the way up to Veil Proxima missions False. Crewships are vulnerable to hull breaches and fires (puncture and fire procs) just like Railjack's. Piling on hull breach procs (which stack) will sharply reduce a Crewship's maximum HP for like 30 seconds, allowing a RJ Tunguska Cannon to destroy them in one shot if you cause enough procs
  15. it may not ever get breached and has quite high EHP - but it's slow as dog piss, the Weapons are mediocre, it doesn't have the Archwing Launcher nor the Artillery Weapon (usefulness of Artillery aside), and is vulnerable to being Mobility Killed since its Engines can be disabled. Railjacks can have more than sufficient EHP, considerably better Firepower, have various types of Abilities, and can move very very quickly with the multiple types of Boosting. as to why does a low Level Crewship outperform a basic Railjack? one of these was just scavenged from scrap around the Star System and reassembled, it's basically a Test Plane going up against a full Air Force. but we quickly upgrade its capabilities and then it dominates everything. think of Crafting your Railjack and then taking it out into flight without Researching any Parts in your Dojo akin to dragging a sunken Cruiser out of the bottom of the Sea, patching the holes in its Hull, and then steaming towards a modern Navy. you could still pull it off if you're prepared but your Vessel definitely isn't yet. Artillery is the only way to destroy a Crewship exclusively from the outside, and yes that does work.... it destroys it.
  16. 1% for 20 minutes of pure RNG is nuts. Being grinding a lot and still haven’t gotten it. It should be an item that can be purchased for like 100,000 Simaris standing. It would take roughly 4-5 days for high rank players to obtain but that would be better than spending hours everyday for weeks and still not obtain it. Some people got lucky while others have been grinding for weeks if not months. Something has got to change.
  17. Exilus is for convenience mods. Cosmetics go into the ephemera category, which doesn't currently exist for weapons. The Peculiar mods were an experiment made when DE were trying to figure out how to handle these things, much like the blood sigil for warframes. Now that DE has finalized the system, it would make sense to create an ephemera slot for weapons and put the Pecluliars in there, and also convert the blood sigil into an ephemera for frames.
  18. Cold: Bramma, Karak, Quartakk Electric: Chakkhurr Toxin: Tonkor, the arch gun (still on its allied Lich) Radiation: Shildeg
  19. 很有想法,集团卡的弊端确实如你所说,比较尴尬,其他游戏也有熟练度解锁额外能力的设定,可以参考,这样也能让一些战甲使用率上升,当然楼上担心的不无道理,可以设计成熟练度解锁,解锁的能力每次只能选择一个,而且可以不选择。 当然还有一个给官方的负担,这样设计的话,每次战甲发布的时候就要设计出所有的额外能力,而且要保证所有战甲额外能力数量一样,这对官方要求比较高。现在的集团卡是先发布战甲后设计MOD,有些集团MOD出来后都过了半年了,可见进度缓慢。
  20. Little bit different. More like if a lvl 100 bombard has a f-ton of eHP and there are literally no mods that can give our primary weapons the firepower to adequately take them down so we *have* to use our heavy archguns, and they have an invulnerability phase after you kill them where you then have to inject yourself into the bombard's bloodstream and destroy their heart (and probably a bunch of immune cells) before you can manage to finally kill them, and all missions are exterminate missions where you have to kill 2-8 of them, and your warframe can still be killed while you're inside them. And regarding the forward artillery, again this does not destroy it. It merely incapactitates it. It would, however, destroy a railjack fairly easily (assuming the shield is broken so the shield gating doesn't block it.)
  21. I had the Cooling Problem a while ago after putting in a new GPU and CPU. Had Temps around 70-80 degrees. Bought three 140mm fans and then installed them and checked how the air is flowing. Because sometimes in the new PC chassis the airflow is S#&$ af, which made me construct a little bit for making it work. Now after getting a good airflow GPU Temp dropped down to 50-55 max and even on full power it wont go over it. CPU was at 80 sometimes, now at 60 max. So might check how the air flows, because air is a slow as monkey that doesnt like moving and needs pushing. All the temperature tests were midsummer in my flat (38 degrees).
  22. If buying isn't an option for you, than trading is definitely the most reliable source of your platinum. The chance of obtaining platinum trough streams is there, but it is not a reliable source of platinum. Any other sources are against the User agreement/Terms of Service. https://www.warframe.com/terms
  23. I had a guy repeatedly mashing the particle ram and draining the entire flux energy meter, which basically sums up my RJ pub experience. Oh I wish there's some setting so that only I can be the pilot/use battle avionics.
  24. This is like complaining that lvl 100 bombards have a f-ton of eHP but we don't. Besides, you can always just one-shot a crewship with forward artillery.
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