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  2. And so in April I bought an account on the funpay.ru trading exchange Account was tied to mail: robtrus@gmx.de After I changed the mail to my: andreislevarotsky@yandex.com The original account name was Robtrus. After I replaced it first with JyngorFlesher then with Jynplexyonesr An account was purchased for 700 rubles on the funpay.ru trading exchange Screenshots of the purchase: https://prnt.sc/smd5ex https://prnt.sc/smd5qm https://prnt.sc/smd63e https://prnt.sc/smd6de https://prnt.sc/smd6n1 So the fact is that I went to the account only a few times in order to transfer things from this account to a random user. I bought this account, but did not want to play on it and gave things from this account to a person, and it was banned through my fault. I found this person in the group https://vk.com/warframesw And so I chose a random person from this group and wrote to him in a personal that I give out things to platinum and so on. After he agreed, I transferred things to him from the account I bought for fanpay. After some time, the owner of the account most likely regained access to the account that he sold to me. That person began to write to me that he was banned and all in that spirit. Krch constantly aching that he was banned and all that. Although yes, he is not to blame for what happened. Well, either I don’t care at all since I don’t play, I just felt sorry for him and he kept asking me to write a support ticket.
  3. You haven't addressed the fact that the best way to move horizontally is to spam a set of parkour commands. I gave you a simplistic example of a set of commands to enter for quick traversal. Obviously you can abuse the game's velocity systems in ways that are completely unintuitive to new players, but the end result is that in a horizontal space with little in the way of vertical surfaces, sprinting is still a completely inferior method of movement and is generally a waste of time unless you are using a frame that can *significantly* boost it. Sprinting sucked when it consumed stamina, before the parkour 2.0 aerial slide nerf, and still does now. There is literally no reason for it to even exist, because it doesn't interact with any of the other parkour mechanics. Imagine essentially arguing semantics that have nothing to do with the discussion at hand just to try and persuade somebody that a borderline useless mechanic shouldn't be buffed. Parkour may be complex, but it isn't deep. Once you figure out the best way to move in any given tileset, you aren't motivated to do things differently.
  4. honestly i would prefer some rework on bonuses for some RJ components. 5 seconds damage buff after slingshot? really? *eyeroll* i think there is a dilemma for DE what to make of Command. There was little need in a squad for a RJ missions and after RJ revisited update there is no need in a squad at all. A player can do everything at once, so i can't see any purpose for Command except for mastery.
  5. ahh I see, yeah that makes sense. Your ideas are nice.
  6. LoS = line of sight. Some abilities already have this requirement (for example, Radial Blind). The idea is to implement it universally.
  7. This also happens with the Dojo node. Enter navigation menu Exit Enter navigation menu again Try to goto your dojo. You hear a clicking sound, but it doesn't do anything. To fix, you have to open another menu like the main menu with 'esc', and then only enter navigation once.
  8. sorry what? not native english I have no idea what LoS is I see, well that could be true
  9. Suggestions for Saryn and Equinox are on top of LoS requirement. As for Mesa, IMO with reduced aiming ring degree and having to reload, her dps and "pseudo-nuke" range would be lowered, but not to the point where the ability becomes useless.
  10. It looks like elemental mods are buffing the spore or the arrow, but not both. So right now my bow has 126.5% fire and 60% cold giving me less than 25 blast damage, but a single 60% elec mod is giving a number over 600. I'm pretty sure the blast is affecting the cloud dot and the elec is boosting the arrow direct damage. The arrows are losing a lot of damage from this and the clouds are applying fewer statuses then they should.
  11. Please report these people to support. Closing.
  12. Eh, except you just need to fight Kela a couple of times, get a Saryn with overextended, and you are basically good to go. Or fight regor a few times, and get an equinox. No need of being mr28, no need of spending 1.4k hours in the game, no need for 11 formas. The ability to trivialize the game is given very early in the process. This is not power you acquire at the end of your journey. There are players under mr10 that run around with Brammas and Mesa Primes. If you know what items to go for, you can switch off the game immediately. That's the issue.
  13. Ciao a tutti, sono un giocatore di Warframe abbastanza fresco. Dopo aver capito bene le meccaniche del gioco e della story line, mi trovo di fronte (credo) ad un bug. Ieri sera ho completato la quest "la guerra interna" e dopo aver parlato con Tashi e preso la decisione in merito allo scettro, finisce l'animazione, carica la pagina e quando esce lo sfondo della missione e il simbolo della scelta fatta, mi dice "continua" clicco A e mi fa ripartire di nuovo la missione da capo! Ho visto su youtube un sacco di gameplay e tutti quando cliccano "continua" parte la pagina di caricamento e li porta tutti nell'orbiter. Cosa posso fare per risolvere questo bug? Sappiate che ho già riavviato 2 volte la console e il gioco in sé! Grazie in anticipo.
  14. good, also her 4th should go trough walls imo I don't really think thats the problem, this shouldn't go trought walls either. Equinox already need to work for his/her damage and it scales nicely that's not really the problem, not neceserrly it's range, but the ability that goes trought walls and obstacles, seeing it's animation it should be a line of damage going out from her horizontally, dealing the collected damage in it's path, enemis beinhd covers/walls/obstacels shoud be save or at least not going trough walls and behind cover/obstacle enemies should take half/any % of decresed damage Nice idea! excepts the augment, you can already roll with the augment giving a walking a nuke 100% movement speed is not a good idea. My idea is something like a kill limit, peascemaker can only kill 10 enemies(increased by power str to a max of 25) and gaining a 1 seconds cooldown after each kill
  15. Since when is 12 pm midnight? was waiting to activate this too and now its gone 12 hours before it's supposed to.
  16. I'm not a fan of the 2nd / 3rd / 4th fake synergy. The energy drain of her 2nd and the energy cost of her 3rd make it not really fun to play. If you mod for efficiency and energy pool and strength and range you don't really have mod slot left for an augment I like to play with growing power, and use her 4 first to proc it, then use her 1st with augment to get a massive damage boost and use a weapon.
  17. I'm of the opinion, That Warframes are operated by a living Energy Battery(Operator), Energy Siphon's effect should be built-in to every Warframe. That way we can REMOVE the need for Energizing Dash, So more players will be able to try new Focus trees without having to worry about being ineffective. Of course there is still Energy Pizzas, but new players not in clans won't have that for a while.
  18. Ninkondi Prime ハンドル2つありますか?なかったら1つでもいいので欲しいです
  19. With todays 8 Railjack missions for Nightwave I picked up my ship again. I started out on Saturn proxima "Kasio's rest" and then went on to earth proxima to get those missions done faster. Just to realize that I had to kill 68 fighters. I tried it the other way Round aswell and now have Veil Proxima missions and Saturn missions with 26 Fighters required. It seems that when starting a set of railjack missions you always get the fighter count you get in the first mission you start to from the dry dock. Crewship counts and other missionobjectives are uneffected. This bug seems to be easily reproducable and ist taking a lot of work out of high level Railjack missions since it can more than half the amount of fighters to kill. Screenshot from my Veil Proxima mission with the required 26 fighters.
  20. Well sometimes players must be angered and they have to live with it, nerfing is really really needed rn. For a new player the game already has so much mechanic to learn(movement, modding, elements, companions, railjack, a lot of different weapon classes, focus/operator, zaws/kitguns, 40(?)ish frames all with different abilites) and on top of limit breaks? This really feels like yugioh all over again, new and returning players would be confused a lot and maybe even leave just because there's another new "pointless overcomplicated mechanic that is not explained in game at all" Primaries got a complete rebalance like 3 years ago, melee weapons got a complete rebalance not so long ago. Frame abilites need a complete rebalance for years now. Pure/mostly CC frames are need since there are 3 nukers and a bunch of immortals who can just use the bramma/exodia contagnation/*insert any meta weapon here* and they are fine. Why would anyone use Baruuk, Ash who can nuke but they need to work for it in thier own way when mesa, saryn, equinox can nuke with a press of a button 2 out of the 3 trough walls too. Why would anyone use Nyx or Zephyr when they basicly useless in public and even in solo they only have use if they fit your playstyle. Nyx went from CC queen to completly useless, her CC is no longer good enough. Nukers need restricsions like baruuk, CC abilites need rebalance Nyx, Zephyr, Hydroid, Chroma need a complete rework and a good chunkc of frames need tweaks to be usefull. All this ignoring the playerbase anger since they want challange and old things to be good but in the meantime they only use the the things that need the least amount of input to do everything(saryn, mesa, bramma) The playerbase need to grow up, accept things and move on.
  21. big F for those tennos who missed this out. I genuinelly think they have to stop giving things just on twitter, on facebook they posted the same video without the code. Neither in the forums! Why twitter always get this kind of marketing, isntead of advertising them on every single platform they use?
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