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  2. Banned for making a reference to a movie I've never seen and because memes
  3. Nekros : Gif of good camping spot at start on Dark Sector Cameria - Jupitor: https://i.imgur.com/SsHIZ26.mp4
  4. Again, I'd be happy if the god builds get nerfed. They'd need to be nerfed for better balance to be obtained. I'm well aware of what makes up god builds. Sure, I can nerf myself. I can also go play FPS and say "I'm going to use just the starter weapon for a challenge". I can go play a racing game and say "I'm going to use wet tires on a dry, slick track for a challenge". I can go play an RTS and say "I'm never going to use upgraded units for a challenge". I can go play a fighting game and say "I'm never going to use combos for a challenge". I can go play an RPG and say "I'm only going to use basic spells for a challenge". I can do all these things and stay on easy/normal mode "for a challenge", or I can increase the game-set difficulty and need to all the tools the game provides, all the knowledge I've acquired to actually meet a real challenge as provided by the game. Which sounds more entertaining, fun and engaging? Which is is more silly? I'm going to go ahead say upping the difficulty and using the tools available to meet the challenge is more engaging, while self-nerfing and being content on easy/normal mode, is pretty silly. That's why many games have difficulty settings. To each their own. I can play Warframe and say "I going to play unmodded for a challenge.", but that wouldn't be nearly as engaging or fun as having the option to meet a challenge at a properly balanced difficulty setting provided by the game, where my builds, knowledge, execution etc is tested by the game. That is my preference. That is m any people's preference. Industry standards of included difficulty settings serve as proof of this. DE already locked down certain boss-fights and content for what is counted as progression. Most games with RPG elements do. Lol You think adjusting stats across the board is a massive overhaul? Guess Warframe just had one, since Rivens recently got adjustments to their stats (basically) across the board (with he exception of a few. Can't wait for you to argue of semantics on this). No, Tenno, blanket stat changes across the board are not massive overhauls. The fact that I actually do code really shouldn't play as big a role in your outlook regarding this at it seems to. Obivously I'm not speaking for anyone who isn't seeking challenge. That's pretty apparent. So you don't get drawn by challenge. That's fine. My suggestions wouldn't affect you, since my outlook isn't "to hell with anyone who doesn't enjoy the challenging aspect of games". Had that been my outlook, I wouldn't suggest increased difficulty as an optional setting. You do have a defeatist attitude. Regarding the possibility of Warframe providing challenging content that can be met in varied, viable ways, you said it is impossible and even if it was done it would be trivialized within a week. That's assuming failure before the attempt. That's defeatist There are people who play VR games that only render environments for people to enjoy. No enemies, no challenge.. I know a people who buy games and immediately use cheat codes for invulnerability, infinite ammo etc, because they also don't play games for the challenge and more for the other aspects. Doesn't appeal to me in the long-term, but I don't have a problem with people who exclusively derive satisfaction from taking in the created worlds and aspects within - if they have fun, that's great, I don't want to deprive them of that. I do, however, have a problem with people like you and you specifically. Aside from your laughable attempts at insults in an attempt to get a rise out of me, you would deprive everyone else who looks for more than just story telling and world immersion from having that option, for no other reason than you being an immature, selfish, small-minded, weak person. Well that's not valid. That's not good enough. With optional difficulty settings, you can play the game and continue to enjoy your immersion sans challenge, while others can also play the game, enjoy the world, immersion, mechanics and end-game challenge, with no change to how you can currently experience the game. You don't like others also having fun, simply because it is different from how you have fun? Too bad. Think of better reasons to oppose it.
  5. Personally I think Deimos tops over the other 2 open world in terms of.. pretty much everything. As a low-spec player, the world is much, much more handleable than Eidolon and the god-forsaken Vallis, and since I have most stuff turned off, I can see pretty clearly what's going on in there. Not to mention the very alien-ish look of the place, signifies the massive presence of the infested there, and in between them stands firm one of the last Orokin families and their exquisite buildings and their vaults hidden deep within waiting for you to discover. Enemies are tough, but they're much more interesting than the boring Grineer in the plains or straight up obnoxious Corpus and their fondness of lethal electric procs. I was baffled in amusement when I saw the Jugulus for the first time emerging from the infested soil, let out a loud "WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?" and spent an entire magazine of my viral-built Tiberon Prime on it, only to discover later on that they're immune to viral. But the best of all? Necramechs. Ever felt like decimating hordes upon hordes of enemies with bulky and menacing robots with powerful cannons or massive swords? Get a necramech. Best addition to this game by far, and I can't wait until they're able to be used in normal tilesets. Just enjoy the grind. Feel every single shot you release from your gun and take satisfaction from each enemy you kill. Use different frames, different guns, different builds and playstyles. Sooner or later you'll find that you have enough materials for everything in there and the grind feels worth it. Don't just Wukong+Zarr+Glaive your way out of everything, that makes the game boring fast.
  6. I’ve heard that people keep getting knocked off by stuff. I don’t mean to um… well, there’s no easy way of asking this; are you trying to navigate obstacles? I’ve been knocked off a few times because I boosted into a thing, so I don’t boost in rough terrain
  7. Thanks to you all, Job sorted, Top notch gaming help!
  8. Bored during a Konzu monologue playing PS, it's pretty funny but the poorly implemented part also comes from the being knocked off by everything, even the ground. Alternative expectation is a useable K-drive.
  9. Very interesting, but as a Banshee main, I don't like the changes you propose to her. Her passive is awesome (Silece is not for her, but for others, enemy or ally). Sonic boom is great the way it is, but Sound quanke could be better, but it was nerfed a long time ago, when Banshee was a nuker frame, to prevent players from cleaning a whole bunch of rooms with Sound quake. Today, it is one of the most effective abilities for Mobiles Defense (even solo on Steel Path). A huge crowd control that really helps if you're on a squad. Hydroid could really get rid of the obligation to charge his abilities. I like to play Hydroid, but we lose a lot of precious time trying to stay alive while charging an ability. They made some changes on Ash 4th, so the enemies take all three marks at once, so I think they would accept with no problem the proposition to stop making Hydroid charge his abilities. Again, I think you have done a good job and it's a very interesting and very complete proposition, even though I do not agree with everything. Thank you very much for sharing this with us.
  10. It is ridiculous how difficult it is to farm Ash, since the parts have been moved from Spy missions, to ArchWing Defence... A very low drop rate of an extremely slow Defence mission...
  11. …. what…. why… are you boosting in a small circle until you get thrown off and then saying they were implemented poorly? I’m going to try that now since it sounds kind of hilarious, but it sounds like there was some alternative expectation for the action taken…? edit: Is this a thing that’s often done?
  12. Alt fire and point blank, which means basically have the end if it shoved up their nose because the spread is wild. Lots of pellets, a ton of status procs and some red crits too. Of course the standard fire is good for mob clearance if you're getting overwhelmed by them in the fight
  13. Legendaty rank is the name the game give to every mastery rank you get passed rank 30. Mastery ranks are the level of game content experience a player have and it is measured through mastery points given by game equipement (as an exemple, a Warframe gives you a maximum of 6000 mastery points and a regular weapon a maximum of 3000 points). Each time a new weapon or frame or companion, or vehicle, or any other object that gives you mastery points, the maximum amount of mastery points in the whole game will be increased and, when it reaches a certain cap, a new rank will be added. Legendary rank 1 was added with Sister of Parvos update, that brought to the game a lot of mastery points through Hounds, Tenet weapons, new kuva weapons, Yareli and other things. Legendary rank 1 rewards you with a Legendary Core (every Legendary rank will give this) and +1 Mod capacity, which means that a level 30 warframe will have 31 points of base mod capacity (62 with an orokin reactor). And yes, if they add enough new content to the game, Legendary Level 2 will be available for players. When I started playing Warframe the maximum one could reach was mastery rank 29, because there was not enough mastery points to pass the cap to the next rank.
  14. I'm also terrified of new Warframe grind-walls. But suprisingly Deimos has easier grind than Fortuna/Cetus! When you are tired of bounties you can have tons of standing to just enter Deimos and do 2 things: collecting resources (not mining) and animal conservation. There are quite many animals around. I have sooo many son's tokens. Maybe the Necramech reputation is harder. Resource booster recommended.
  15. If you boost around in a circle on flat ground and the circle gets too tight you'll be thrown hundreds of meters and ragdolled. K-drives were implemented poorly, the newest mods are pretty much trash and poorly made. Yareli is bad in both ways, on one hand K-drives don't really work in normal maps but on the other hand not being mod-able means things like boosted jump have about a third of the height of bullet jump so you're not able to use for vertical movement even on small maps.
  16. I don't know if it's possible, but it would be great. I use very often Sari Syandana (on Titania is so beautiful) ans it is always open on orbitor or relays, but it opens only on bullet jump or aim glide. Even though I assume that it would be hard to aim correctly with those beautiful butterfly wings on your screen.
  17. After this update is impossible to play with others in public or with friends even if they host. I enter in map and after few seconds.... many times even before load in i get always host migration error.... it leave me alone in the mission or it turn me back to my orbiter. Definitely is not my connection i check it and is absolutely stunning and stable 51.45 Mbps
  18. Today
  19. like title says syadanas that change their appreance with different conditions like bullet jumping or taking damage should have toggle option to keep them in certain position. I love look of Flox syandana when it's opened and was planning to buy it, but it only opens when frame takes certain amount damage and doesn't stay open on orbiter or relays etc. I really want to get this syandana because it goes very well with Arca armor set and I'm big fan of Corpus too. also something like sari syandana should have toggle option because when wings are up it kind of clips with menu system. also it would be cool to sometimes use it more like cape on orbiter or relays too. anyway this is just my minor suggestion.
  20. So this bug happens to my and to a friend as well. I can't see my correct operator energy color whenever I dont host a match. This is weird because this doesnt happen to most of my friends, they see my energy correclty, but I can't appretiate it. This kind of bothers me because I really like customization. Even tho I host most of the times (I have the best internet connection of all of my friend group) sometimes I play solo with randoms and Im not always the host, so when I take my operator out I see the default colors instead of the ones I chose. I there any way I can fix this?
  21. AFAIK, everyone, even the lowest clan members, should have the permission to contribute personal resources to clan buildings and research -- that's not one of the toggle-able permissions. Have that player log out and log in again to the game, then try again. If the problem persists, then maybe try kicking them out of the clan then adding them back. If even that does not fix the problem, contact support and have them send their EE.log along with screenshots.
  22. Pigs --- @Perfectly_Framed_Waifu did actually foresee this O.o
  23. Please make that into a feature. Merulina is just straight up not a good enough ability to warrant locking you out of not only melee but primaries aswell.
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