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  2. How to equip a crafted amp to Operator?

    go in room where is operator on ship go customize operator scroll down second last option is to change amp
  3. Secret Noobs Is recruiting!

    Recruirement is stopped!When we will be able we will do the Shadow Clan upgrade and we will start it again!
  4. Possibly, a sniper or shotgun. Since, Poe release sniper?
  5. Because I can not activate my glyph

    Did you redeem the code in the market in game? There's an option now to do so, and it no longer seems to work on the site.
  6. Hi. I crafted an Amp of three parts and I see it in my inventory as "Amp" with rank 0. How can I change from Mote Amp to the new one? Stupid question I know - but I dont find it.
  7. Because I can not activate my glyph

    I have a problem and when I activate a promo code it tells me to enter the game when I do it I activate again and it continues to appear the same if someone knows how to solve this I would appreciate it thank you very much.
  8. Arcanes disappeared

    I replaced my Arcane Strike set with my Arcane Ressistance and my strike disappears from the list and inventory. The codex even says I don’t have it.
  9. Vazarin Focus 2.0

    Aye I agree we should get some buff. I mainly use vazarin as my main school to heal myself and other ( some people say you can't heal yourself but you can by void dashing to your warframe. As for a bug, I don't know.) The instant revive is awesome but bad how it's implemented in the game now compare to the old system. I would like to see Protective Dash have a burst healing at the end of 10-20 meters; it would help players able to heal other bullet jumping across the map better. Also able to heal kavats, sentinels, specters and objects.
  10. WTS Arca Plasmor Riven

    This one is ok? I guess I'm looking for 1.5k plat, but I can negotiate.
  11. Serious AFK issues rising

    Awesome! I thoroughly enjoyed reading that. Good job my man.
  12. That I didn't know of because they were never on the homepage of the market and not mentioned once in any of the patchnotes. So this thread is for the people like me who have been clueless for the past 10 days. No Suumbaat, Nakak, or (given he's not a merchant) Onkko (which is unfortunate because has the best look imo).
  13. Keyword being mobile. I was agreeing that it would be cool if they were mobile, but they aren't (when compared to mostly every other enemy in the game). .-. (as well as being able to deal damage)
  14. Free Prime with Prime

    I have not received Soma Prime and Scindo Prime after paying for a 30 day Twitch Prime Membership.
  15. Do you use Zenurik - Yes or No; Brief "Why" Please

    I could not turn down the chance to zap people with more different ways.
  16. Trade chat is cancer

    The filter is crap... I mean you'd expect the filter to filter out the already existing text, so that you can go through a bunch of filters.. not filter only what new messages come in.... some people only advertise once, I mean the good people..not the spammers who flood Warframe S#&$ty chat handling window. Personally an auction house or a easier in game way to set the stuff you want to sell/buy on a profile would be a good addition.
  17. As I said, a game centered around and considering an Operator's abilities and limits. It'd probably be stealth oriented rather than horde murder.
  18. Mine is in this list....and to be honest....mine took a more complicated route than a lot. Mine has a focus on the two sides of kitsune that affect her first and second as well as her celestial form and the whole star or thing in the mythos. I like yours as well though...
  19. Serious AFK issues rising

    I had one in a kuva flood the other day. Two of us did the siphon and noticed one afk. We stopped doing the mission. He comes back and runs up a bit then stops, we stop. He says move please. I said play please. He said no. So I told him I'm not farming his kuva so he can go over price his rivens. He started with comments then said cry more. I literally typed wahhhh, cry, tears all over in the chat box until the mission timer ran out and we all failed. He tried to type things but got drowned in my fake tantrum. He was moving and jumping and avoiding enemies the entire time. He was at the screen with his controller but wouldn't play because we called him out on his afk. He was so mad the mission failed and I thought it was funny. I'll just leave afkers or do this if I have time to waste.
  20. An Operator-based Conclave would capture my interest more than regular Conclave has. It'd also be interesting to see some kind of PvE missions where you can only use your Operator. Perhaps they are deep within the Void or beyond Outer Terminus, where your Transference is incapable of reaching. I think the Operator system would need to be a little more flesh out than it currently has though. While U22 Operators have Amps and Magus, they may not be specifically suited for how our warframes can take on missions. Thus either increase their mobility/survivability, or make the missions slower and more strategic. You'd have to balance your use of energy to evade attacks in Void Mode, and time it properly to get the jump on them with your Blast or Beam.
  21. Nuevo jugador

    Gracias :)
  22. Serious AFK issues rising

    It does seem to becoming more prevalent. I haven't played a single Public PoE mission outside of Eidolon Hunts after three AFKers in the same day. I'm all set with it. I'll do Public in starchart missions from time to time, but largely I just go solo. There needs to be an ingame Report function. Vote kicking will just get abused obviously, or at least make a better detection system. It honestly can't be that difficult. It's easy to bypass inactivity detection by moving every few minutes, but if they aren't getting any kills, taking or dealing damage, then it should be obvious. Make a system for that. The fact that people can get away with it so easily only encourages it further. DE need to do more than what they are currently.
  23. If they were mobile, yeah. But sadly, Kiddo Prime isn't exactly good when it comes to taking damage and dealing damage (w/out amps).
  24. Twitch Drops Prep and Exclusive Sigil Drop

    When does this event end?
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