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  2. Are you kidding me? after all these months we have the same problem with loss of affinity..... They released a second Necramech and we still have to deal with these bugs. How it this possible? It's bad enough that I have to deal with people leaching in afk mode, but also gotta lose my progress because of host migrations?
  3. please fix the clunkyness of the ground slam too, i get stuck in a very slow animation after a ground slam. also the attack speed is very un enjoyable... hoping for more fluid combo as well.
  4. Since last patch, Deimos fish for unknown reasons stop spawning completely, only way to temporary fix this is by resetting the entire map and start all over again, at least this works for a while until the fish bug out again and completely stop spawning once more. Seriously annoying, fishing right now is simply out of the question.
  5. You can still get few weapons without doing it (or at least finishing, I think)... however I feel it too. And add players that are "not so good". They might beat it but it would take long time. And at the end there is chance that they won't get weapon's parts. I'm one of them. I would be fine if it was 100% chance but I don't want to try Vaults if it means hour(s) to get nothing (and even days in game just to get required parts).
  6. and they can even be spawned mid- air now.. if they are bugged like this, some of them even seem to have a bigger hitbox.. so it's more likely to destoy them, even if you don't want to :( some of the beacons act like normal ones at first, but when they're fully grown, they "shrink" so only the base is visible like in previous screenshots
  7. Yes indeed, this patch ruined fishing again, for unknown reasons fish stop spawning completely and I have to reset map to get it to work again, for a little while until it bugs out again.
  8. I don't think they need to be retired. Some of them, like parasitic that you mentioned, should definitely be reworked, but not removed. The rest could be improved as well, they are pretty outdated enemies.
  9. I have mastered almost every single weapon in the game except for 2 (lato Vandal and athodai) and I have about 10k of affinity left to do in steel path. For some reason I'm still 22k short of mr30. In my profile I have mastered 589/591. Am I missing something else? I've seen MR30's with five or six fewer weapons mastered. Even if I got those last two weapons I'd still be short. What am I missing here? 🤔🤔
  10. You'd be right if you weren't completely wrong. There is always someone on the market selling this one for 3-4 plat. Always. Chances you bump into someone offering this for free in game is very high as well.
  11. Well, the range of players who have access to SP is wide: - Just completed the star map, with a very incomplete library of mods, weapons and frames. Few to no forma's applied. Still struggling with gaining enough endo to rank up the mods they have as they also just unlocked arbitrations. - Vets who have everything, including a clue. This results in an equally wide range of how they experience the game mode, from bullet sponges who need multiple clips to put down, dying the instant they step into an aoe patch and timing out on certain bosses and on the other extreme only noticin
  12. Do you know how expensive proper text to speech programs are? Depending on the individual involved they sometimes have to be custom made. Its not just the software, sometimes there are very specific hardware considerations that need to be made. Its not like its easy. Like you could very easily just say "sorry OP i hope things get better". Instead you're in here like @DeMonkeytrying to shift blame and project your pessimistic worldview. Like yall are really trying to make me the bad guy here? OPs trying to get support from the community and yall are turning this into a debate about h
  13. The bug happen to me 2 times, one i haved kill all enemy and not spawn the supply box to destroy, and another the enemies dont spawn to kill!!
  14. Technically all Potato Peelers are non-Euclidian, as Euclidian Geometry is geometry on a plane, and as you may be aware, we live on the ground.
  15. If you'd like to make suggestions, you might be better served to use the Feedback section of the forums.
  16. Você fez alguma alteração de Hardware? Você fez alguma alteração de software? (Atualizações: Rede, DirectX (Veja se sua placa mãe tem suporte pra um DirextX mais atualizado, se não, coloque um que tenha suporte, o Warframe tem suporte pra diversos tipos) Após verificar as configurações tanto de hardware e software, ajuste as configurações do seu jogo que se adequa ao que você possui atualmente, siga os seguinte passos: Obs: Se um resolver, não tem necessidade de utilizar o outro. Mas é sempre bom saber o que está sendo executado no seu computador. Você utiliza algum tipo de Rep
  17. dude i would rather they fix velorum prime sigil first. since they added double colours for energy it has not had its old double energy on the protal effect. it used to be colourable so that your portal had 2 different colours in it, one being the sigil colour, the other being the warframe energy colour and then you had your metal which was your warframe accent.
  18. MR above the highest piece of gear (15 or 16?) isn't all that important. It just nets you a little more rep and a few more trades a day. I sat at MR 15 for 2 or 3 years with a full bar and more than 1k hours. High mr just means you specifically leveled gear for mastery (which I did even when I sat at 15). It has nothing to do with skill. I've run into mr 29's that suck absolute truckloads of balls, and mr 8's that are flawless. MR is just a number beyond the requirement.
  19. I had a worse time farming Necramech mods, instead of the weapon parts. This whole weapon grind gets worse when you notice that Cortege isn't even that good. It's not that expensive. You can buy one part for ~80pl.
  20. This list of Hotfix's seems to be either a list of upcoming Hotfix's or a bunch of lies, and no mention of Railjack that since Arcana has had a few issues like massive invisible walls in the middle of nowhere and constant hull breaches. I think you guys need to stop letting the Intern make the hotfix's.
  21. I think the better question, why are there no Juguli Rex yet? The only way to get the Jugulus set mods are from the Strip Mining bounty.
  22. Did you try out the steel path bounties? Last I tried those, we got swarmed by jugulus one-shotting people left, right and center. I'd almost swear those were eximus.
  23. Right. It's very bad to do everytime same thing to get to the new missions. If a crash occur you lose all progress and have to do another time the vaults to arrive to new bounties. For now i wait new updates.
  24. Hi everyone, just want to know if I am the only one that is having an abysmal time at farming the damaged necramech weapon parts? context* So I have been running Isolation vaults from the start of the Deimos update right up until the present. From my calculations I have run t3 iso vaults about 96 times, conservatively (3 runs per day, 3 times a week when I have time) and I have had no luck whatsoever at any of the 3 parts dropping. Now normally I don't mind grinding, I mean its the base on which the game is built upon, but damn... I am also not gonna spend 600 plus plat for two mech weapo
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