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  2. WTS [Lenz Vexi-Critatis] :D

    Hi guys I want to sell my Lenz Riven Mods - 4 Rolls - Crit dmg - Crit Chance - Electricity Dmg no negative Keep in mind its only has 4 rolls so you can try to get something better :D Starting price : 700p OBO Ill take highest Offer - This ends Friday August 18 8pm EDT (Toronto Time) [Lenz Vexi-Critatis]
  3. Howl of the kubrow

    Have you tried restarting the game yet? Did you decide to "Drain Cyst" when incubating the egg? This special kubrow doesn't count towards the quest progress.
  4. Coming Soon: Devstream #97!

    INCREASE THE MAXIMUM RIVEN MOD CAPACITY!!! It used to be 60 for rifles, now its 60 for rifles, shotguns, pistols and melee weapons! This forces a player to keep only the best rivens in order to keep their weapons on par with other player. There's not enough riven capacity to keep "just for fun" or "just to experiment" rivens anymore. That defeats the original intent of riven mods of making less used and/or less powerful weapons relevant. If I have the platinum then why can't I purchase enough riven capacity to have a riven mod for every weapon in the game?
  5. This only happens when you have team mates and actually enter the bleedout animation. Happens everytime, doesn't matter if host or client. Letting the timer run out and then reviving lets them stay alive, same goes for being instantly killed while playing solo.
  6. Coming Soon: Devstream #97!

    Just wondering why there are EVENTS once every 3 months or so when other game have events every 1 to 2 weeks? And this construction status is pathetic almost a year wow.
  7. Apexia, the Blood Warframe

    Please give any feedback possible! Thanks for reading!
  8. Apexia, the Blood Warframe

    Apexia, the Blood Warframe Appearance: She looks like a red and black version of Octavia with less flappy feather things and more spikes. Medium height. Acquisition: Each part has a 5% chance to drop after completing a Nightmare mission. Stats: Shields: 40 Armor 220.75 Health: 150 Energy: 175 Sprint Speed: 1.10 Abilities: 1. Blood Bolt Energy Cost: 25 Similar to Ember's Fireball, this hurls a bolt at an enemy, dealing Viral damage to its target. Affected by Strength, Efficiency, and Range mods. 2. Spreading Agony Energy Cost: 50 In a small field around her, Apexia deals Viral damage to enemies and restores health to herself half as much as the health taken. Affected by Strength, Efficiency, and Range mods. 3. Bloodbending Energy Cost: 75 Apexia pulls all enemies in front of her to her and blasts them out, dealing moderate damage to them. Affected by Strength, Efficiency, and Range mods. 4. Grand Harvest Energy Cost: 100 Apexia marks all enemies in a big radius around her. When killed they will restore moderate health to her and her teammates.Affected by Strength, Range, and Efficiency mods. Augments: Red Veil and Steel Meridian 1. Double Bolt [Blood Bolt Augment] Apexia fires an extra bolt at any target hit by her first one 2. Spreading Death [Spreading Agony Augment] Spreading Agony deals more damage and restores more health 3. Soulbending [Bloodbending Augment] Apexia Pulls enemies from a radius all around her instead of in front of her. 4. Blood Manifestation [Grand Harvest Augment] Killing marked enemies restores energy as well.
  9. The Never Ending Nerf Story

    Ridiculous isn't it? hundreds of weapons and guns to chose from... and they are all balanced against each other... what a terrible thing... Instead of having hundreds of build options and going for the same ones. In fact, let's have the developers shell out more hundreds of guns and keep using Atterax instead. That will make it even better.
  10. Sell riven mod OFFER

  11. I am your re...OMGOSH look at that red , that black Could use less gray But you look Super QT ;).
  12. Sell riven mod OFFER

  13. [WTB] Lenz Riven (with specified requirements)

    lul no way jose
  14. [WTB] Lenz Riven (with specified requirements)

    ah so close to perfect just replace damage with toxic
  15. Chat bug

    same here
  16. WTH have you done with the German Translation ingame? it`s the worst i ever seen
  17. I hope this gets a fix soon.. Tempest barrage does not proc when enemies are submerge in hydroids undertow. felt like this buff was rushed and not tested enough for consoles before release..
  18. Coming Soon: Devstream #97!

    Are previous events ever coming back as quests? certain events such as Gradivus Dilemma, hunt for Alad V, Mutalist Incursion, and Tubemen of Regor are critical for understanding a plot point brought up in the second dream: Alad V helping us. but much more recently with Operation Rathuum and Ambulas Reborn, without those Events any player that wasn't there now has no context into why they are assassinating Kela or Ambulas, why they are collecting these beacons, and why they are pushing through a Grineer gladiatorial arena to reach the boss lady in charge-not to mention questioning after killing her why the steel meridian lady contacted them. these quests are required to understand what is happening in game and yet they have not been added into the game in any capacity... if you have unfortunately dropped your plans to add them back in then might i suggest a alternative? alot of lines could be added to the solar map as banter between characters similar to how bosses used to taunt the player back in the early days. i remember steve talking about adding boss taunts back before starmap 3.0 was added and it's obvious that it never came to be. could something like this be added to add much needed context into bosses like Kela De-Thaym and Ambulas? it would help with the lack of story presented outside of quests and make the solar map feel more... alive.
  19. Just wanna start a suggestion of adding just a few more notes to the mandachord which would help make generating enjoyable songs less of a chore. As Octavia's name pretty much originates from the word octave which means a series of eight notes (do re mi fa so la de do) yet both the resonator(harmonics) and metronome(melodies) only have 5 notes I think it would just be more fitting to have a full octave to work with in the mandachord for both the resonator and metronome sections.
  20. Mastery Rank 10 test is..... stupid

    If you can't git gud, you can always cheese with Titania.
  21. Vaykor Hek texture might need a rework.

    Right? How in the hek did we go all these years and have the hek never get even a single skin.
  22. Doppelganger operator

    You've met the Man in the Wall. An easter egg of sorts after completing the Chains of Harrow quest.
  23. I'm not hating it, but it does looks kinda edgy
  24. Doppelganger operator

    Got back in to playing a month ago, did war within and a couple quests after words. Idk if it's normal or not but it caught me highly off guard. Coming back from a mission, I turn around in the bridge of the ship and there's my operator character behind me with black eyes. I walk over to it and it says "hey kiddo" before disappearing. Is this normal? Or am I missing something?
  25. PS4 Account Doesn't Receive Messages From Other Players

    Okay thank you, I'll try it. It makes some sense because I used Cloud saves because I was switching to a PS4 Pro so maybe that caused the issue.
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