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  2. Agreed, and gotta consider the new parazon functionality too. Heavy units actual health should feel much lower with them becoming open to them at 40% health, which allows for some easier kills to get things up and goin
  3. Lets not call them stances, lets call the Gun Discipline mods, stances for guns just sounds odd. Also , please copy paste as plain text cause i couldn't read properly in dark mode. I also feel the flat boost might be a little too much power creep so might reconsider some numbers but the concept itself might work.
  4. 20 essence is fairly quick farm especially with increased chance. You should make the mods untradable to keep them for actually endgame players and be a real reward and progress, otherwise they will sell for cheap and every new player will just buy them, completely destroying the progress and removing the need to even play high level missions to gain this excessive power.
  5. Check your Codex, see if The War Within is actually completed. Also, check your keybinds for Transference I guess. Also also, no need to make 3 topics.
  6. 经常有人在完成任务的时候就离开队伍,特别是主机的时候,进不去,然后什么奖励都没了,真的服了,能不能以后主机离开以后把每个人都传回自己的主机呀,别再加别人的了,根本进不去,结果全部奖励都没了,要么就给个举报系统,不要给这种人当主机,每次玩的结束了,那个人就离开,奖励全没了,也可以看看聊天频道也有人在骂,真的很烦的。要么就封号封这种人。 解决措施:1,如果主机离开队伍,直接把每个人都传回自己的队伍。奖励才不会消失。2,提供个曾经游戏那里的举报系统,举报并且核实以后,一周或者一个月内禁止这种人当主机。3,主机在离开队伍前由所有人投票,半数及以上同意才能让主机离队。 希望能得到de的好好考虑,谢谢
  7. My worst offenders: War blueprint, Mitter chassis, Frost chassis, Baza Prime blueprint. Most of the pretty rare things I get just by playing. Roll frequency is really the key. It's not unusual for me to play more than 15 missions in a single session. One time I was raining death all over Grineer nodes and got Toxin Resistance Aura drop, which has 0.2256% drop chance according to Wiki.
  8. What? How does it remove customization options? currently warframes have 38 arcanes and you can only use 2 at a time, Primaries and secondaries are going to have 3 each , 4 if you consider the Pax for kitguns. Of the 38 Arcanes , 14 could potentially be moved to weapon Arcanes giving you more options , not less. I have updated the op with the table. So , you are ok with Arcane victory but not any of other arcanes? AND you want to make more arcanes?
  9. i finally got war bp in this year. and i play since release!
  10. if you cant do it you did not do the war within. maybe you did the second dream and thought that was the war within?
  11. Gun stances seem overly complicated when you could just reduce the cost of certain mods. I think it's fair to say you need (at least) 5 polarity slots in a gun to fit the mods you want (ignoring that stupid exilus slot) and melee requires 3. Dunno if it's possible to find a gun that won't need at least 3 forma to get there. There are a ridiculous amount that'll need 5. Easy to find a melee weapon that'll only need 1 forma to get to where it needs to be. Broken war only needs 1 forma and that'll even let you use a bloomin' riven mod in the build. I refuse to believe that this isn't a contributing factor to the disparity between guns and melee usage.
  12. wow was only great for the first few years. atmosphere, sounds, etc. were unsurpassed. leveling up as an undead and then exploring the city for the first time was absolutely amazing ..... that was a masterpiece by the designers in my opinion. AND there were no alternative games. clueless and incapable managers have successfully exploited this. meanwhile i know so many negative points that i can write a book: puke brown or mold green sets were developed on purpose so that everyone goes raiding ... i got that from an interview. absolutely embarrassing! miserable updates ... hardly any real content ... loot only once a week ... gamers rely on brain-dead failures in raids ... raiding is like a second job - only without a salary ... ... and much, much more! that's why i like to praise warframe. if you compare warframe with this garbage game, then it is much better and everything looks as good as in a game from 2021 ... bzw.: scintillants: i even posted screenshot in comments where i got 13 from only one full run. that was only 3 missions: t1->t2->t3
  13. Ok for 20 Vitus Essence, but Vitus Essence farming aren't interesting in comparison to the Steel Essence, and 6% (or 12% with Ressource Chance Booster), will not change that (that's reminds me the 5% / 10% / 20% chance of the Lichs Ephemeras). For me, for the Steel Essences, you have changed in the good way with 100% Drop Rates for the Acolytes, and your Plans to adds 100% Drop Rates of Arcanes + Spawn Frequency of Acolytes increased are, really, a very good way to farm in WF (without Grind for Grind, just Farming again and again), but i think Arbitrations need the same treatment with Vitus Essence, especially if you considers the Primaries and Secondaries' weapons need this Galvanized mods for being betters in some ways (in comparison to Melees and/or Some Mission Types and/or Endless Missions, according to you) EDIT : And just for add other reasons to change the Drop Rates of Vitus Essence, reminds you this rules for Arbitrations : A Rank 30 Warframe is required to play Arbitrations. Once a player loses all their Health, they die instantly (no Bleedout phase). Same for Your Companion. Missions have Special Rules (ex for Survival Misssions : Life Support Capsules are worth 75% of usual). Arbitration Shield Drones (you understand what i want to says...) Arbitrations Missions are alerts Missions (so, if you don't want to do a particular mission and this mission is the actual Arbitration, you need to waits... and if you've already doing the alert, you need to wait the next too...) EDIT 2 : we really needs, after finishing all Steel Path's missions, a new unlocked Elite Arbitration mode after that
  14. Yeah it's definitely a free upgrade. I will replace the vanilla ones on all my builds with the galvanized versions. Prior to this follow up post vanilla multishot for shotguns and especially pistols might still have had some usecases, because the starting amount of MS was only 80% (thinking of primer secondaries and stuff like that), but now that they have raised the base value on these two to 110% there is absolutely no point in using vanilla anymore for anything really.
  15. I canbnot go to inside for seek out the quils i did war within and sayas vigil and i can't go inside also i cant do the transference so can somebody help me
  16. I canbnot go to inside for seek out the quils i did war within and sayas vigil and i can't go inside also i cant do the transference so can somebody help me
  17. Dunno if you went to read my original post in its entirety, but just to say something on the Ignis specifically. You chose an example of a gun that is not only the easiest to use among guns, I would argue its the easiest weapon to use in the entire game. It doesnt have any of the inherent weaknesses of guns (exept for not having a blocking mechanic). It requires no aiming/accuracy which allows you to move around more freely, has massive ammo and magazine capacity, fires a constant stream of fire that covers a pretty good area. Now you tell me, how many other guns like the Ignis are there in the game? It really doesnt seem fair to use it as an agrument against guns as a whole. Just how the guy who replied to you said that some melee requires aim, which we know is true for glaives, but they make up a very small fraction of melee weapons as a whole and are thus not representative. As for the whole "putting yourself in the line of fire" with melee: 1) You have auto parry, which blocks most gunfire with the exeption of AOE and a few other exeptions (with guns, even if you have a good distance from the mobs, most of them also use guns, so as you shoot at them, they shoot at you, and youre especially vulnerable while reloading) 2) You can use parkour/mobility mechanics without restriction (you can roll, slide, bullet jump and connect most of it to melee attacks, for example: connect slide to slide attack, connect jump/bullet jump to slam/heavy slam, which you wouldnt be able to do while aiming to shoot) 3) You can CC enemies with melee attacks, and because you can hit multiple enemies with a single swing, you can CC a whole group of them (stagger by hitting them, lift them with heavy attacks) So, you can avoid damage much better than while using guns, and once you get within attack range, even if all else fails, you can always spam heavy slam + heavy attack to completely immobilize enemies. Plus, come on, with parkour as it is, closing a distance shouldnt really be difficult (takes 1-2 bullet jumps and once youre there, the enemies are history). Also generally when using guns, you cannot be too far from your thargets either because of the damage faloff. (Meaning you have to get somewhat close with a lot of them in order to deal good damage, unless youre using snipers, ect) (Obviously there are exeptions of course, but this is just for melee in general) I guess my point is that I dont see a reason why guns shouldnt be compareble to melee in terms of strength. I mean, wasnt that supposed to be the whole point of this update/rework? To try and bring guns to the level of melee? (They failed anyway though, so who cares XD) Plus, isnt the whole idea of having primary/secondary/melee about primary being, well, your primary? And secondary and mele being there to assist? Also, you seem to take me as someone who hates melee or something? Couldnt be further from the truth. Because of how useless/inconvinient most guns are compared to melee, I didnt use them at all untill like MR12 or something. I like using guns better nowadays, but even with all the formas and all that nonsense, they still cannot compare to melee. Anyway, have a good day! Cheers :)
  18. I play more or less as long as you I do sortie everyday i have like +/-1200 daily tribute Yet i only once get legendary fusion core from sortie I in fact like RNG it really helps many games But problem is if someone lack imagination and make pool of 10+ items and give one of that items >1% drop chance Never blame RNG blame low drop chances I dont need that fusion core i find more use in potatoes from sortie or even forma endo and so go on But it start to feel like syandana darvo mentioned few days ago ITS FREE!!! ITS YOURS!!! GO CLAIM IT!!! Yet most of us wont get it It does feel like we are being cheated We are promised many items but low drop chances just smash this promise with reality wall
  19. To echo on the galvanized multishot mods. The galvanized version is merely 10% lower than their vanilla counterpart. Killing one single enemies will already give you advantage over the vanilla multishot mods. With the discussion above on drain after matching polarity, I would say it is a free upgrade and is fundamentally better than the vanilla one. If we are fine with Amalgam Barrel Diffusion, I don't see any problem with the galvanized version.
  20. Not going to lie, was surprised they set it at that figure. I had a much higher number in my head.
  21. It's not about the timing...this week, next, some days before Tennocon... We're only concerned that the closer the release is to Tennocon, the more problematic it will be to solve problems because you're crunching for Tennocon You risk to mess both things
  22. Narrator, 5 years time: "And they were never heard from again ..."
  23. If you don't automate physically-uncomfortable keystroke sequences, you are giving yourself arthritis and carpal tunnel, full stop. Conservative automation & macro use is a matter of health and wellness. That being said, you don't need software to do it. Programmable gaming keyboards & mice exist. The hardware solution is by far the best - and the least objectionable.
  24. First of all these Arcane need big Buff to be even viable again and moving them, removes options to custimize loadouts more then there already is. So i disagree these shouldnt be moved except Arcane Victory (Hp regen on Headshot) and while at it add a Secondary version and give them a 3% Lifesteal on Damage and 3% max Shield on Kill to have a good alternative for those looking to have more survivability.
  25. I canbnot go to inside for seek out the quils i did war within and sayas vigil and i can't go inside also i cant do the transference so can somebody help me
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