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  2. Take out my Zaw and slice through them, I mean, I'm not gonna die to infested enemies anytime soon? Also, Running out of energy in Arbitrations is not a thing, because Hunter Adrenaline exists. I mean, I still don't get arguing that Baruuk does more damage, when Chromatic Blade basically made Excalibur as the single hardest hitting Warframe in the game a long time ago.
  3. Don't pay attention to that , i think i'm not the biggest troll here.
  4. I shall save this for future use thank you
  5. I'm at this moment lvl 3 mastery. 3 years ago I was 0 because I didnt know how to increase it lol. Normally I have a strick no purchase clause when it comes to games, especially if things can be farmed. But I can't recall back then so maybe. But I can guarantee I didnt this time. Does being a PlayStation plus member get you a bonus sometimes? If not I havent the foggiest.
  6. Взаимно? Что триня, что нова выбиваются легко. Благо в отряде может быть аж целых 4 человека. Экви - ещё проще, причём совершенно не важно, что там чуть больше частей. Лимбо чудесно выбивается по квесту. Эш - всего лишь вопрос времени, а выбивать можно хоть на тех же перебежчиках. Вопрос времени, а не трудности. Итак, повторю вопрос: в чём труд-то? P.S. И да, обычных можно купить за платину.
  7. Sorta agree, wished he stayed as tanky as he was but only if he wasn't completely immune to abilities and status. And by extension most other enemies like that are also not fun to fight.
  8. So every time someone cracks a joke that they don't need to say we should just ban them and they should just be okay with that?
  9. I can see why people think that Baruuk is not that great - please remember that we play in a strict dps/nuke meta at the moment, so inherently people will dismiss frames without readily avaliable nuke powers, hence the so called "hate". Does Baruuk takes longer to get his 4 online then say Excal or Valk? Yes Can Baruuk with Umbral build on him AND his 4 trash entire rooms worth of high level enemies within seconds when his 4 is up? HELL YES! And on the matter of Baruuk's survivability: I know thats anecdotal, but before Wolf's nerf I was able to solo lvl 75 Wolf in melee with Baruuk thanks to his 3, while still leveling him after another forma. So no, Baruuk is NOT bad, Baruuk is less "in yo face" then meta frames. Thats it.
  10. Yeah i was prety sure it was helful for my defence , like you said everyone claim their innocence even if they are in fault , atleast i've a proof. I've send a ticket to support 15hour ago from now , but like i didn't have answer yet i've open this topic just for know how time it can take , the main reason wasn't to get unbanned or say why i was ban but as you can see peoples are always curious and never trust people so i was forced to explain. Sorry for my english
  11. playing is getting extremly annoying and I'm starting to get more and more... extreme towards newer players..... this game has some problems in my opinion, and i want to know if i am the only one who thinks that some of these ideas for DE could work out well i am addressing farming, leveling, and conclave in general this isn't a new content idea but something, i think would fix some obstacles for up coming (or even already existing) rewards and content please make an elite abi (similar to EOS) without revive burdens.... i don't even care if there are revives at all, i dont think stuff like that makes the game easier or harder... the only thing it does, is that you need to go through another loading screen after waiting for the next arbi.... i just dont want to get potentially one shot... rdm 1shots=/=hard content please replace rewards with place holders that give you rewards depending on the rota you reached ON ALL ENDURANCE MISSIONS (EOS/Kuwa/Arbi/ect...) only after you left. So if you play A, A, B, C (you left after C, the 4th rotation) you get 4 times something from the C table please hold back affinity if you dont reach a certain rota (+ something to cancel out all those 0% dmg limbo's, maybe an activity meter), so leveling gets less brain dead and tedious. ppl shouldn't be able to join just for 5 min... players should be able to join EVERY ROTA, and with my prior idea of reward place holders it shouldn't be that big of a deal, you still get rewarded for playtime and please give us a 50% loot,affinity bonus if you leave solo/the last.... so ppl get encouraged to play longer and you don't need to leave because everyone else left and there is a minimum of enemies and affinity please let conclave sigils give extra affinity, like every other syndicate sigil too, at least while doing conclave.(would be great if it would count in pve too tho) let us stay in a conclave queue even during missions, so you are just a host migration away from it after finishing a mission. So you are not frozen solid while wasting time in the waiting room. And maybe do some pvp event, waiting 30 min for 1 player that rage quites after the first death is stupid (btw if anyone wants to do the conclave dailys with me, HIT ME UP!) i am at 3k h in mission now and I've seen many players getting burned out way before that mark ._. i think my suggestions would affect newer players and some older players in a positive way (i am not talking for the 1% who really have everything, and have no interests in endurance runs) wouldn't everyone appreciate it? DE, please don't understand this as a decimation of playtime. Everything i mentioned is no content cut. there is more then enough stuff players can invest playtime in, even if they don't want to admit it. Players get burned out before "they have done everything". Like in most of my posts I ask you to consider trying out some ideas as weekend events/tests. And don't even comment "use recruit chat" or whatever community you think of... i tried, sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn't, i don't want to do that before every mission, thats even more ridiculous Mandarin Chinese my bad sorry, I'm German I hope this reaches someone Have a nice day
  12. Did that with Chroma Prime and Ignis Wraith/Hirudo without any issues and without any special mods. The fight at the end is quite long and you have to move a lot. Hirudo helped a lot.
  13. I don't know, i've never used a stats stick because you mod it seperatly, but OP mentioned it, so maybe it's worth using one, but i've never heard of that before today. The gladiator set, equipped on melee, frame, and seems like, on sent weapon, may be important, though.
  14. It is possible you did some trading but don't remember if you didn't purchase it. You can sell mods and prime parts to other players for plat and many only obtain plat that way.
  15. Forumframe, of course. You're here. Why ask when you already know the answer. 🤨 But honestly, here's a list. It's not like there's nothing to do, it's just not appealing for one reason or another: Collect and level everything that gives Mastery for that juicy MR Forma everything Play the market for untold riches (maybe try joining of the mafia for a bit?) Brag in Region chat Eidolons Orb Mothers Endurance runs Arbitrations ESO PvP Fashionframe Ikeaframe (read that above, good one, making a note here) Help newbies Start a new account Get Vauban Prime Get all Ephemeras Get all mods Complete the Codex Complete the Focus tree Trials -- well, we can reminisce about them, and hope for better days at least 😉
  16. A 223 will require you to be within 10m to hit with both the shot and the explosion of the alt-fire.
  17. Still, this requires quite some people. They want to get paid. And this would only be useful for these bans for something like "Maine Coon". And these happen pretty rarely. Cool story. We don't play other games. We play Warframe. And DE made these rules. DE doesn't want people to use bad language. Accept that. If you want to use bad word, use one of the endless amounts of chat clients out there... And they ban people in all the chats, because that's a proper punishment. People will learn from that...
  18. Проблемы с восприятием? "И не надо рассказывать, что обычную версию некроса выбить проще чем прайм версию. А может триню или нову проще выбить для новичков? А еще есть чудесное выбивание частей Эша. Или Экви легко выбивается? Еще про лимбо забыл, как он чудесно выкапывался, когда не выдавалось задание." И по какому, собственно, делу? К Вам я вообще не обращался и дел с Вами никаких иметь не желаю. Хорошего дня.
  19. Yes, but if it isn't free, it means it has restrictions, doesn't it ? So you HAVE to build Exca around you energy consumption, right ? What happens when you run out of energy, swarmed by Parasitic Eximi, for example ? You got to spam Energy Pad of use Zenurik, right ? Baruuk doesnt care about any of those. So the "restrictions" on Baruuk ulti is actually a positive thing. You gotta build restraint, right, as you'd build energy before using your blade.
  20. common sense? well, in other popular game nobody ban people cause some words in allchat which arent even offending anyone there and were said as joke in conversation with other people there, where everyone understand this. In other games if somebody is offended they can just report this message and not auto bann this. And in other games chat ban wont affect gameplay,while in WF it restricts alot, trading for example or group finding. I mean they should ban people at least in all chat, not in group chat or trade and even in guild chat...cause this is stupid. but w/e.
  21. @WhiteMarker You shouldn't use tchat in game for say that , we don't count the number of time people said "kill bird in plains" when they asked "where do we find Quills ?" (quill can also be translated into feather in french) , and it's only one exemple. All troll aren't absolut evil you know x)
  22. What is the ideal stat combination for baruuk stat stick? Do the stats carry over to the exalteds dmg, or is it only for the set bonuses n stuff?
  23. He bored me. I parked him once he'd hit rank 30 (took me several days to get him there, because it wasn't fun to play him). "You have to not kill in order to kill" doesn't fit the game as it exists. Maybe someday that will change. His powers are interesting in the academic sense (and thematically unified, unlike some others I could name) but if I'm going to be toodlilng along behind the Ignis/Amprex Meganuke crew, it doesn't make much difference what frame I use.
  24. And that's stlll not the fastest way to gain xp.
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