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  2. Guys, guys, guys. The solution for your argument is super simple. Instead of Zanuka use one of (or maybe all of them as 3 separate pets) Hyena Pack. Those are 3 robotic quadrupeds, with similar to Zanuka aesthetics, with unique skills and 100% tenno-parts-free
  3. Ouch, I never really thought of that. I'm not one to really care about relics unless I need something specific, but that sounds like a major pain. Doing relics in bulk would be a major QoL improvement.
  4. i did that i completed every quest and beat loki at his junction, but it didn't do the animation after so i left. it however let me go to the next planet without receiving the rewards INCLUDING THE SECOND DREAM QUEST!!!! therefore i cant go any farther
  5. What do you mean "start"? There are differences between MR ranks and higher MR ranks have access to items/locations lower MR don't. It has nothing to do with my thread though. I did not start the "discrimination" that does not let MR0 to do sorties. I see current differences between MR ranks rather cosmetic in terms of combat. Extra mod capacity on unranked weapons is gone as soon as you finish ranking the weapon, so the bonus is rather questionable, loadouts have no impact on combat, they merely add convenience and make access to certain items faster,
  6. PS4

    Damn, I was looking forward to the Frost deluxe skin. :( Welp, I might have to wait then.
  7. But you can? Unless that's changed recently you most certainly can inoculate Nidus. Check the post there, it includes a twitter post from Steve saying that we'll be able to reinfect Nidus in the chair one day. The only way to 'reinfect' something is if you've disinfected it first. So yeah, not sure what support mean when they said that.
  8. The only thing stopping PC to console transfers is the corporations who own the console brands. Both Sony and Microsoft won't allow the transfer at the current time
  9. Actually I liked Oberon's Ultimate as is just wish it would actually proc radiation so could watch my enemies fight really loving that circle I had the same idea.
  10. She would only be just as unkillable if you use her life steal melee, basically use her abilities to stay alive. If you use her hysteria as a "short break from the game" button, or a revive button, then yes, she would die from that. That is what I'm against.
  11. Yes it's a current bug It depends on the language of the host.
  12. Sorry, but I don't agree with the idea of pets having a vacuum either. Right now vacuum (and maxxed out Sweeper weapon) is the only reason why people still use Sentinels. Adding this ability for pets would make sentinels totally unviable. It's a reasonable tradeoff: easy to kill sentinel with vacuum vs. ressurectable, survivable pet. DE already made a serious mistake by making Kavats so much better than Kubrows, I hope they won't make the even bigger mistake of pet vacuum.
  13. When refining more than one of the same type of relic, you click on one, refine it, the screen resets, you have to find the relic type again, refine one, repeat the process. If you are maxed on traces, and want to use them all on a single relic type, making them all exceptional, you have to repeat the process 48 times, flawless 24 and of course 12 for radiant. DE, please make it so that you can select a number of relics to refine in bulk. It would both simplify and make the process significantly less tedious.
  14. So I have a more detailed question about how the DoT works with stealth. According to my clanmates, slash is better DoT with stealth, toxin is better damage without stealth, and gas is better for groups with and without stealth. Why is that? Supposedly, slash gets the 8x stealth multiplier of the initial attack and an 8x stealth multiplier on each tick of damage over time, while toxin and gas toxin aoe procs get the 8x stealth multiplier on the initial hit alone and the damage over time will be 50% of that damage without another stealth multiplier. So a weapon that deals 100 damage with slash proc will get 800 initial damage and 8x 35% of the damage over 7 ticks so 800*.35*8 = 2240 damage per tick while on toxin or gas proc, it will be 800 initial damage and 50% of that damage over 9 ticks, so 800*.50 = 400. Please clear this up for me, because I'm getting conflicting responses from my clan and region. Thank you.
  15. Please leave offers in posts or whisper me with them. -17.5% Magazine capacity leaves the Simulor with 12 shots, still enough for the same 3 full vortices No current offer Currently rank 0 No Current offer
  16. So I started playing Limbo more because he makes kuva farming trivial just sit in the rift and wait for the kuva come round and go get it. To get to the point I don't think he needs a top to bottom rework where all his abilities are changed and the only thing left is the theme, a touch up is all I think is needed. Limbo going in and out of the rift works fine but a great change would be to rip out his 3 and replace it with an ability that lets you deal damage through the rift. It would an artificial number that goes by kills so the more you each time you kill something the counter goes down. Sit from the safety of your invincibility and damage your enemies but of course the number can't be too large other wise it would be hilariously easy as well as the energy cost can't be too low. There is also the I interaction with his 1 and 2 personally I think if an enemy is in the rift you should deal amplified damage and take less damage by default so banish yourself and something you want to kill by bringing it into your playing field otherwise you will die if that enemy was of any actual difficulty the whole point of that ability was so you could be the rift assassin taking out the big boys and saving your allies. On the flip side if you also banish an ally it would apply the same buffs that were on you like amped damage and taking less damage. Then there is the big bomb, Limbo's cataclysmic ultimate that isn't useful as it stands. A good change would be all allies in the rift deal more damage and enemies deal less. Combo this with your own taking less damage you can master the rift and make you enemies now in your kingdom. One extra thing on the side if you are in the Cataclysm while in the rift it acts as a separate plain of existence making his 1 and 3 still useful by being able to shoot through it while keeping that invincibility. Also rift walk should be changed into a drain ability because it's really good and bring about some actual squatters who do nothing all mission but his ultimate should give energy to all inside. The damage dealt modifiers, and amount of enemies you can kill through the rift, as well as the energy gained from cataclysm will be affected by power strength giving him a real reason to mod for power strength. Personally this is just my opinions on him I made used him for a while then never used him again until I found out I could just squat in kuva missions for easy kuva especially flood missions. I don't like the idea of squatting even though it's more efficient I just want to bring more of that nidus feel of all powers being used and working together to make a better frame. Banish your enemies and empower your allies. Long live the king of the rift.
  17. Arcane guardian? And why is it less usefull?
  18. At the website's page Fansites and at the Youtube Fan Channels section you have a Youtube channel twice (one link leads to his/her main page and the other to that channel's videos) Warframe Madness (with Mirage icon).
  19. Thank you.
  20. You'll have to clear the way to the junctionv(follow the lines). You need to have the node that's linked to the junction done first. Also, the forums have a player helpibg player section :
  21. Nothing happening... slowly drifting away from Warframe. Farming kuva and cycling mods forever isn't fun. Only pure luck decides if you get something good, there is no advancement feeling (because there is no advancement at all, it's pure RNG). Rivens were an excellent idea, a breath of fresh air. It's rotten now.
  22. Fate stay night isnt half bad so far...although i think it helps perspective that i watched zero first
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