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  2. Hayabusa97

    Devstream 113, why it was a disappointment

    I think they were using those new helmet designs that was talked about in some previous stream.
  3. I have recently been having an issue with matches not loading. For example, i go to join any game under public or even solo, and during the ship loading screen other people load in, while i get stuck in the loading as the mission can be heard and continued in the background. Even if the mission ends i will still be stuck loading and will not be able to return to my ship. The only way to fix this is to alt f4 to shut down the game and then relaunch, and pray that the next mission loads properly. I have run the verification of files through steam, the warframe launcher, and have run the optimizer from the launcher. My Desktop is brand new with 32Gb ram and an ssd so there should be no issue loading. Warframe is the only game ive had this issue with. Please Help. Murcaljones
  4. XRosenkreuz

    Cutting up enemies for extra Desecrate drops

    Panthera's secondary fire is amazing at ripping up corpses.
  5. Omega-Shadowblade

    Can you sort riven rolls per tiers?

    Riven "tiers" are entirely community made, and trade is not regulated by the Devs.
  6. At the request of the original artist, here's the original pencil artwork for Rhett!
  7. wait til its released before you talk about a frame and his abilities. Im more worried about his new ulti thats simply dumb and boring
  8. Yeah, the lower parts dissapear, but hands ones bother me. Yes, they get replaced by arm attachments... But all arm attachments look even worse. Or at the very least bother me just as much.
  9. We had 16 players and like 5 that donated and alot of inactive so after we hit 9k of 15k. I got feed up and looked at the clan and tossed out 6 to get the size down to 10. With that the research was instant finished as we now had 9k of 5k =P
  10. Omega-Shadowblade

    Hit a wall after War Within

    Hek is a shotgun with good potential, especially if you get the augment from steel meridian. I can definitely recommend it. Definitely look for new ways to improve your builds, but don't force yourself into it if you think it'll burn you out.
  11. (XB1)SnowKnightR

    Companion races

    Hello, so I got this idea from horse racing and how people gamble to see which horse will win. I thought that was interesting and how it could be involved in warframe. Since we can gamble our credits in Pluto, it’s fitting to have it there, if there is gonna be an open world in Pluto. I don’t know if we should have our companions race or have npcs race and we gamble on who’ll win. But if we were gonna have our companions race, we could have a better interaction with them. Kinda like playtime and have them know we care for them. And by us showing our affection to our pets, it’ll boost their speed during the race. Kinda like Pokemon sun and moon( and probably other Pokémon games). How if you treat your Pokemon with foods, wash them and play with them, it’ll cause them to be able to withstand some attacks and give more critical attacks than Pokémon’s that you didn’t show much affection. Plus, it’ll be better for our pets to actually be pets than letting them sit in our ship in a stasis. I also feel that we should give our pets foods for health instead of DNA stabilizers. But since we are also getting moas, maybe oil? I don’t know.
  12. Nihillian

    For what purpose does Umbra exist?

    Here is the problem with that as well: There has been no indication that sentient minded warframes were no longer needed or thought of. Ballas explained that the reason why Tenno can control the warframes is not due to our abilities persé but because we can "heal" their broken minds/memories. And thus fight along the warframes and not just use them as puppets alone. Everything so far is speculation except for a couple things: The original warframes were made from Dax soldiers that were the best, wether they were willing to undergo the transformation or not, they were used. The Orokin were unable to control them and destroyed both their mind and body in trying. Rhino P's Codex suggests that a Tenno (randomly, accidently or otherwise) connected with him and calmed his mind and was able to control the body. Umbra, wether a name for a type of frame or the name of the Dax that was used to make him, was tormented and transformed not because the main purpose was for him to bne used by the Tenno but as a punishment for spying/betraying Ballas. They were, seemingly, also friends with each other. The next thing is in between speculation and fact: In TSD our warframe is pulling/breaking Hunhows fragment/sword, seemingly on his own without our help. The reason why it Strongly suggests that the warframe showed sentients was due to us not yet being able to use transference without the help of the chair/machine until TWW were our character specifically said that he/she no longer needed it. It also showed us that both the Stalker, Hunhow and US were baffled by what was happening. Our warframe, not controlled by us, was doing this out of his/her own will. Was it self defence? Was it for our protection? We don't know but, with all the info we got from The Sacrifice it suggests that it did to protect us. A couple questions I have, of which one I am curious about since the discussion is (of which some may have already been answered by codex or otherwise) Why is there a normal version and a Prime? Why is the Prime special, except for it's better statisical benefit? Is it because a Tenno was more proficient with his/her abilities that the Warframe provided and thus the Orokin decorated that one specifically for them? Is it because it was made by the Orokin themselfs and not a replicate that the Tenno made? Is it because the blueprints for these warframes were lost and had to be recreated by us/Ordis to look like their original? Is a Prime the original or a perfected version? Why, when you start playing the game for the first time, is it that you start out as a warframe (besides gameplay reasons) in a cryopod?
  13. Gnohme

    Rework PvP in Warframe

    Make it faster. That is all. Thank you.
  14. After the War Within I find myself not being able to deal damage consitently to elite enemies (Corpus and Grineer specially) and I just can't whistand damage for more than 10 seconds. What should I do now? Start to farm mods to build Loki/Limbo correctly? (My main Warframes) Or should I focus on getting better weaponry? I heard that the Hek and Attarax are specially good if leveled up and modded correctly, would you agree? I also have problems to get a decent amount of Focus x session, but I guess that's because I'm still stuck with 34 lvl enemies.
  15. haloamted

    microsoft account on pc?

    You're going to have to start fresh. There's currently no account migration. And as far as I know, there's never been possible to migrate from a console to PC. Only reverse and that has been on very few occasions.
  16. FashionFrame

    What about a Zanuka companion?

    ll you have to do is sacrifice your own Warframes to build your own Zanuka!
  17. While i like most of your opinion, I got some suggestion and comment based on that 1. Ash - Sure shuriken’s damage is good, and it’s slash proc made me choose ash over loki to bring into mission against corpus on sortie with augmented shield.. but against grineer in high level, you always need to use its augment.. like your comment on saryn’s molt, i dont like that we need an augment to make the ability useable.. augment, in my opinion, should make an alternate gameplay, not a must thing to make the ability works - I wish teleport should be a free target ability, that you can teleport to any point, and any enemy in a small radius around it become open to finisher.. this would make teleport a useful traveling ability 2. Nyx - Like my comment about shuriken, psychic bolt also suffer the same problem.. Augment is a must if you want to make it works.. i can do a highest tier bounty in PoE without spamming chaos and absorb, only with psychic bolt.. it’s not really a bad thing in the world, just its augment should be implemented into the ability and i hope DE will make a new augment for her 3. Wukong - Cloudwalker is a good ability right now, but it’s too slow for an ability based on a myth about wukong’s nimbus.. Wukong already has below normal movement speed to begin with 4. Nidus - I like your idea about parasitic link, being able to get stack by other method beside his 1 and 4.. it’s just i still want to see that we can get another stack from his larva’s augment 5. Nova - For null star, i prefer holding the button over press again (well, some abilities use that kind of mechanic)
  18. Azurein

    Free platinum a week

    Interesting idea but no. Anyone finding themselves in need of Plat can get it by simply farming for prime parts, mods ,etc and trading them for Plat. Adding more ways to get Plat is going to hurt DE. Trading has already added plenty of ways to do so. I have a friend that made 3k plat purely from farming prime parts and didn't spend a dime. If this model is not as generous as it gets then I don't know what is.
  19. Are you sure you posted in the right thread? Edit, oh I see now, sorry.
  20. nikpanda

    Warframe CRASH

    Same here, game loads up, then crashes in 2 seconds. NO warning messages, nothing. Just crashes...
  21. JuanS

    microsoft account on pc?

    Ask microsoft, they are the problem.
  22. sebocichy

    Game locking up after leaving menus

  23. vikthor14

    promo codes?

  24. 始めまして。 Reaper Prime Set 80pt まだ在庫ありましたらよろしくお願いします。
  25. Razakar

    Stalker invade on defense softlock

    was playing on Earth-Coba, wave 4 of the defence mission, enemies stopped spawning but no red "last enemies to kill" symbols appeared, wandered around looking for stuck enemies, stalker was stuck on some stairs, decided to kill him, team joined in, stalker is "dead" and falls to ground, no HP left in bar but wont despawn or do anything. waited a few mins before abandoning quest. does this count as my first ever stalker kill?
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