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  2. Title. No ephemera unfortunately. IGN: juiceboxxxxxx
  3. rule 1: never go public unless you're genuinely willing to accept random players who will likely hinder more than help you. don't be one of those clowns that expects everyone to obey their every whim even though you're all complete strangers who've never met until now. rule 2: wait for everyone on the Elevator, unless someone is clearly not coming. rule 3: waypoint gold mods and rare resources. I do this for people if I'm running with a group that's mostly MR8 or lower, because they usually are the ones needing these mods and resources the most. rule 4: if stalker or another Ass
  4. I do it better solo than to take clan mates along.
  5. Yeah, it seems to me like Loki is more resourceful and random while Ash is more lethal and efficient. Lol, this had me laughing xD Sounds fun, I think Wukong's Celestial Twin copies whatever emotes Wukong does and I like that interactivity 🙂 Not only is there no advantage to using Wall Latch, I'd say there's also a situational disadvantage since you zoom in when using Wall Latch and that can make surveying the room properly really awkward. This... sounds super cool and it would be even cooler if Loki transformed to a spider even for a small second. Zephyr could
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  7. Don't they teach you kids all of this stuff in highschool any more? Exactly.
  8. They would reproduce like this, that way the corporation could make a profit from the babies.
  9. Nyx has quickly become one of my most used frames. I even put a aura forma on her and a umbra forma. Her bolts not only strip armor but defenses entirely. this means it removes shields, removes armor, turns off auras from eximus and ancients And works on bosses. it is also a x6 heat seeker you'll never need to aim. Her 3 turns AI off which can be useful in a pinch and in several situations where you have to stall like deimos vaults and interception. I like the idea of forcing enemies to strike each other too. a bit of mental warfare. Her 4 is complete invincibility
  10. I've expressed my thoughts about Deimos in a thread earlier (right here), and I agree with you. Also, they should just work on the underlying map of Deimos that's already really advanced. See here :
  11. I will try my best. "Das Problem der Bramma ist in Wirklichkeit nicht seine Magazin Größe... Es ist der einzigartige nerf den sie es letztes Jahr gegeben haben. Die Bramma bekommt pro Munitions-Kapsel nur einen einzigen Pfeil zurück und die Menge kann auch nicht mit Munitionswandler-Mods beeinflusst werden, wie es bei der Lenz ist... Das ist wo das Problem steckt. Es gibt keine andere Waffe die so funktioniert."
  12. You can quit after any mission and get your reward. If some one starts a new mission and you as host quit they won’t steal your Railjack, it’s just game code and the code to your RJ is going to be waiting in your dojo. I would never give people a way to lock out players from any Railjack operations. It’ll only kill people’s desire to join a crew. Also hosting and having people join your fully built Railjack is a great big $&*^ move. A really good way to boast your gear with out looking like an A******. Just stand there rip your pants off let them all see it ad
  13. Ah, yes, "ItS jUsT a GaMe" reply. It is. And Lavos and his gun are virtual items. That doesn't make time spent on getting them less real tho. And people spent time and effort to get them now, during OOV, because someone at DE thought it will be a great idea to add them to OOV rewards pool without clarifying that they will return as regular items later down the line. But sure, saying "ItS jUsT a GaMe" will fix everything. Same as calling someone names and then saying "ItS jUsT a JoKe".
  14. Je t'invite à check le nombre de threads à propos du bug dont je parle qui empêche de jouer en squad, tu verras par toi même que pas un seul n'a vu de réponse des devs, que pas un seul fix n'a été fait et qu'un nombre conséquents de personnes le rencontrent depuis au moins juillet dernier ( aussi loin que je sois remonté mais c'est peut être plus ). J'ai la fibre et aucun soucis sur aucun autre jeu, et c'est le cas pour de nombreuses personnes ayant ce bug. Si régler un bug qui empêche de jouer en escouade dans un jeu dont le principe même est de jouer en équipe n'est pas une priorité, quelle
  15. Sorry for ignoring my own thread for so long (been sick) but I think Graavarg summed things up nicely. And upon review of this thread I think I understand why people defend her a bit more, but I'll probably stick to my mainstays of Oberon and Vauban for the same reasons I meantioned at the top. I still feel that her CC isn't hard enough for a CC frame, that her strip is too finicky, and that Assimilate slows me too much, but if those really aren't deal breakers for you then have fun with her. Personally though, I'm still hoping she'll see a rework to make her more in line with modern frames li
  16. Понимаю что некропостинг не есть хорошо, но тоже столкнулся с такой проблемой, решил бюджетно обновить ноут, купил SSD, поставил на него винду и игру, после этого игра тоже стала выкидывать на https://warframe.com/ru/hardwarefail Иногда после 5-6 минут в игре, иногда сразу после логина. Грешу на винду или криво обновленные драйвера, хотел бы узнать Ваше мнение. DxDiag https://yadi.sk/d/4nph2ZRaTax6VA
  17. The Exploiter fight gets buggier every single patch. I joined a pub match, host lost connection (I know they didn't just leave, they were mid-flight when they dropped.) so we got a host migration. Every single person that joined got separated upon entering Deck 12 other than one player that joined when I was temporarily host but hadn't loaded in until we were in Deck 12. It loaded them in fine. It also completely shut down my Gauss's Redline. I could cast it but it wouldn't let the battery go over the line, it would immediately drain back down at high speed. All of this happened before
  18. same could be said about the post, don't like it? don't comment.
  19. nvm, it wasnt letting me scroll up in the companions area for equipping a companion, some reason the scroll was stuck, i relaunched the game and they are both there now
  20. don't worry, Command is coming soon, then you'll never have to run with other players ever again if you don't want.
  21. The only thing I would change is that when you enter the cambion drift, a large prompt pops up on the screen that says "Don't like it? Don't play it. :D"
  22. What's funny is when I saw they were using Orphix Venom as a test for Necramechs in regular mission, I was expecting them to fix the few tilesets in the event so the mechs could fit, not just put the mechs in there and not give them head collision or something while the camera clips into the ceiling everytime you walk into a somewhat cramped corridor.
  23. chances are they probably can "grow" babies in an artificial, external womb. but you know what the real kicker would be? they'd probably have to pay the Corpus for the privilege, sinking them even further into debt, just like buying augmentations, tools and anything else they need, it all puts them in debt they have to work off. IMO though it'd be cruel to raise a kid as a Solaris: they'll either become another annoying Ventkid, or they'll end up inheriting their parent's -and maybe also grandparent's - debts and then have to augment themselves and work endlessly to pay that debt off, on
  24. Sounds neat and random. Quite fitting for a trickster god I suppose.
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