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  2. PS4: Network Ports [UDP] & Connectivity

    It doesn't seem like it's struggling to connect to Warframe, but more so to missions involving other players. I thought maybe my chosen ports are conflicting with theirs since Warframe uses players in a host/client interaction.
  3. Lols. So why are you trying to buy them and buy them now if you can wait to farm it or easily buy it cheaper later? Same reason bud. Same reason.
  4. Welcome to a free market. The beauty of it is if you don't like the price, you can find someone else.
  5. Full damage immunity + being able to act

    Same bug occured to me but during Yam-Sedna, not sure how it initated though.
  6. we are sorry de

    If you accidentally deleted a Warframe or a significant issue arises with your account, please submit a support request ticket here by using the option above that says, "Submit a Request".
  7. Enemy scaling... does it need to be reworked?

    In effect, you're saying then that "one build or bust". That's a really terrible argument.
  8. довольна таки интересно получилось ни разу такого минуса не встречал
  9. Yea, i think it depends on the person to be honest
  10. we are sorry de

    Make a support ticket, might not get anything but it's worth a try.
  11. Thanks for posting that! That's just crazy and a real eye-opener. The issue with the passive way-bounds are just the tip of the iceberg: That really needs some serious adjusting so that all schools take the same amount of time, effort, and resources to complete. The question is, what would be a reasonable time frame to complete a given school? 28 days or 30? 38 is definitely excessive. Yeah and people like you are content to ignore inconsistencies and imbalances because it suits you. I know your type. Basically, "X benefits me and I don't give a toss how the current system might negatively affect others. Leave MY thing alone." Yeah no. People like you should be ignored because you're anti-progress and solely concerned about self-interests. At least what I'm proposing would stand to help everyone and not just me or a small group that favors a given school.
  12. Like it or not, it's a free market. Prices will only start budging once the new relics have been dropped into the game and parts for the unvaulted items hit the market. Until then, sellers are generally slow to discount/change prices.
  13. Nyx's """"Psychic Bolts""""

    The disarm is still a random chance thing, though. I'd say give Psychic Bolts a 100% disarm, bam, that's more generally useful than any e.g. damage buff might be, and it'd open the way to give Nyx a new, proper Passive, not something that's just part of all her abilities and not least potentially bad if you actually want enemies shooting each other / your Absorb bubble, or want to Mind Control that juicy Bombard that you just Chaos-stunned, but alas, also disarmed :(
  14. PS4: Network Ports [UDP] & Connectivity

    We're having trouble logging into the router/modem. We'll have to call the company, but I think we're on the right track. So if Warframe runs fine on the default network UDP settings (4950 & 4955), then how did the router know that those ports were okay to forward communications in the first place? Are those common ports for standard routers or for standard games? We didn't change any network settings to get the game to work by default. Because it only gives one of us trouble when we change our UDP to a port set other than 4950 & 4955. I think what I'm trying to understand is how the router/modem accepted the default ports originally. I think once I understand that, then I can change it more comfortably. Warframe also mentioned "ranges." I'm guessing that's on their end for their servers. Do you know how that works by any chance?
  15. Can i get a check on all of these?
  16. Петиция против БАН хантерства

    Хех малыш обжегся, от незнания или не умения читать, теперь плачет. И смысла твои слёзы никакого не несут. P.S Заруби себе на носу твой аккаунт тебе не принадлежит ты не имеешь на него никаких прав. Если тебе кинули бан всё геймовер и от того что ты будешь пытаться делать какой то резонанс(даже стремеры не смогли а куда тебе то....) а так же жаловаться на работу администрации это только усугубит твоё положение.
  17. Again Only Happens When Eidolon Hunting

    Keep looking for Eidolon and no spotting one and before it’s day time again
  18. WTS: smeeta kavats + lotus kubrow!

    Smeeta -big ball ears -arrow tail -double purple fur -cyan energy -120p both prints or best offer Smeeta kavat -fennec fox head/peacock tail -double dark navy fur -yellow energy 120p both prints or best offer Smeeta kavat -big ball ears/guppy tail -cyan energy one print only 40p Sunika bulky lotus -rare navy/rare gold/grey -gold energy - 350p both prints or best offer
  19. Hi, I would like to join your clan. MR7 IGN: Paraller
  20. Ясно, спасибо! А вот другой эксклюзив - мод на снайперки голдовый с 100% урона для 1-го патрона, меня огорчает. Тем, что он не в общем доступе. Давали его за Дронов-шпионов, а теперь его нигде нет. А вещь для Вектис Прайм очень нужная.
  21. Again Only Happens When Eidolon Hunting

    When trying to join group will loose connections or players are leaving or no lures. This only happens at night when trying to hunt Eidolon. Also players who don’t have tenno ability that have not done War Within seems the only ones I keep getting match with.. if I was able to take down Eidolon by myself then I don’t mind playing with players who have done War within.
  22. we are sorry de

    hi de thanks for your wanderful game i am sooo sorry i sold my titania and orvius i am sorry de plz im beging you plz let us farm them againe plz i know i did very bad thing and i am sorry plz give us second chance plz thanks
  23. Currently there are three ways to obtain Platinum in Warframe: Purchase it through the market Trade Platinum with players Win Platinum from streams or giveaway Since your goal here is to get platinum free, the only choices you have left are either to watch Warframe streams and enter giveaways by loging into Twitch and joining official Warframe streams or partners (Including newer steamers giving away Plat) or farm for items people in Trade chat are looking for. Do not just assume what people want. Instead, look at Trade chat for a while and see what people are looking for most. Once you nail it down to a set or a mod, research on the Warframe Wiki (Just google any mod/weapon/frame name followed by, "Warframe") to find where to get it. It's a grind, but in the long run, assuming you work efficiently, you can literally make hundreds of dollars worth of Platinum. I've had a total of over 10k Platinum gain only from Trade chat and streams since I've started playing and that's nothing compared to what some people have gotten. Also, Riven mods are always trading. If you have a bad Riven it will only sell for 10-40 Platinum. However, if you get a really good Riven (Depends on the weapon) you can easily sell It for 500+ all the way to 2k Platinum. Everything in Trade chat depends on the buyer. Watch what they want, farm it, sell it. There is NO "easy" way of obtaining Platinum for free. You must put in significant work sometimes to sell. Just keep in mind that ANYONE can do it. Good luck
  24. DuckyNN Mastery rank 1 almost 2 I have discord Yes when I’m further into the game
  25. Это фотошоп.(Я тоже его видел. Но там столько ошибок что сразу становится ясно что фотошоп) Мастера получали его целиком.
  26. iam leveling my gun and it levels my w=swords automaticcly
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