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  2. SenorClipClop

    My concern once Orbs can be fought

    Unfortunately, it's pretty implausible to make endgame content without a Meta Mess happening to some extent. With our character loadouts as customizable as they are, with those customizations making the huge differences they do to gameplay, the necessity for difficulty to make high-level content interesting, a tight mission-trivializing meta is kind of unavoidable. Either DE heavily limits our customization for the gamemode, severely limits the impact of our customizations in the mode, challenges every kind of difficulty at once with a single challenge, or accepts that people will just pick Loki/Atterax or Chroma/Lanka and turn the mode boring with how trivially easy it becomes. While this issue can't be dodged entirely, it can be mitigated in several ways. A good way to look at how to do this is by studying what makes Eidolon hunting so fiercely same-y. In Eidolon hunts, the following things are either unusable or of little consequence: Melee. All of melee (except maaaybe thrown melee) has zero impact on Eidolon fights. It's difficult to reach their weakspots with melee weapons -- possible, but so much extra hassle that you might as well not bother and just grab a gun. Even the minion Vomvalysts are best left to ranged play, floating around as they do. Future fights like this would do really well to include melee, and at least have it do something. A good example would be to let players whack the legs of an Orb to open up a weak point or temporarily disable something about the enemy. Stealth. This also is pretty inconsequential in Eidolon fights. Whether or not the Eidolon is aware of you specifically, it'll still be hitting you with its smears of AoE damage. Like melee, Stealth doesn't need to be the thing in new bossfights, but having it effect the fights in some way might be nice. (This is just an example; in actuality I'd rather see stealth incorporated into non-boss missions since Warframe's invisibility isn't actually stealth as we see it other games, since using it makes to virtually impossible to detect and you don't need to play stealthily). A very small chunk of weapons are effective. Status effects have zero effect on Eidolons, and all Eidolons are weak to Radiation above anything else. A better variety of strengths and weaknesses among boss monsters, as well as letting Status do something at least, expands the list of weapons players become inclined to use.
  3. -AxHx-Vile

    Supra vandal build with riven

    As you can probably tell from the info in the thread you found, no, unfortunately it's not as simple as slapping it onto every high crit weapon. It will however significantly boost the performance of some of them. Even weapons with a low crit chance (but a lot of projectiles through multishot and/or high fire rate) can strongly benefit from this mod. Examples of primary weapons I own that use HM in their builds: Amprex, Argonak, Drakgoon, Dread, Grinlok, Harpak, Mutalist Quanta, Paris Prime, Phage, Soma Prime and ofc Supra Vandal. Some of these choices may sound weird, but extensive testing and many formas have brought me to these decisions, lol. Man I love the Simulacrum, haha.
  4. (XB1)R3d P01nt

    Axi A5 and Belenus Void Defense

    But the early stages have higher drop rates on PoE so it kinda evens out.
  5. (PS4)Elvenbane

    Axi A5 and Belenus Void Defense

    New relics are included in Cetus bounties (same deal for PC)...
  6. The_Red_Death

    Prime Vault

    Alas, as I wrote their gratitude cannot go on forever time goes on, the game grows money multiply (Something like this(-_-)) P. S. I should add that the founders have the appropriate logo in the profile (Let it be theirs exclusive and distinguishing feature) and why not do with (Excalibur Prime) what they did with Vandal ?
  7. Alcemistof

    Unable to zoom out in Open-World Map

    It seems that scaling the ui to 50 and back to 100/full seems to have fixed the map, in both open worlds. Wow. seriously can't believe the fix was that simple.
  8. (PS4)CaelThunderwing

    best places to farm the unvaulted relics?

    i know its sorta a loaded question, and given how long on PC i should know better than to ask this, its usually a level range, but from what i understand on Console the drop tables are slightly Different than they are on PC Any suggestions where to grind for primarily Nova prime part relics?
  9. Chewarette

    Yet Another Volt Speed Post

    I don't think they'll ever add a function to become immune to one Warframe's spell. The only solution is for you to avoid the said Warframe, if you really can't stand playing with a Volt around.
  10. DeMonkey

    Yet Another Volt Speed Post

    Inb4 someone failed English and tells you that the blackflip is an opt out. I will, as I always do in the hopes DE read it, propose my solution. "/speed" in chat to toggle whether you want to be affected by it or not. Impossible to do accidentally, easy enough to type if you want the buff, absolutely no detriment to the Volt player or team.
  11. Dthamilaye

    How Do I Upgrade My AMP (Can't do Eidolons)

    I have done only bounty Teralysts, first as Oberon (+Lanka) and lately Volt (+ Lanka). Initially, because I did not want to mess up the group being complete dolt, I practiced solo with Teralyst. In the end, I killed few teralysts solo with mote amp and got enough baubles to make 111. Yeah, taking a teralyst down solo with mote, as Oberon, took the whole night, but at least I was learning :). I suggest you make 111 right away, unless you have access to 223 already from Quills. 111 is still good enough, and really, it is 10 times better than Mote. The bounty groups can be anything. Sometimes I had to pretty much solo (as oberon) the eidolon, with over 90% of group damage done, while other times I was at 3% damage done when there were some real damage dealers in group. If you have OK damage, you do not need to heal the lures. Many times there are some joint destroyers in the bounty group, and things are fast then. When there are people who have not even mote amp yet (someone was using the basic transference-ability you get after second dream) or try to shoot joints with stuff like Supra, then things take long time unless you are the damage dealer. Anyways: 1) Try Teralyst few times solo. If you do not have good enough gear to kill it within the night, then just learn to stay alive. When to jump, when to use void mode to prevent damage etc. Learn how to get lures, where to get lures, and how to charge them. When you know how to dodge the Eidolon stuff, and you know what he will do whenever he starts to do something, you can stay alive WAY better and be of better use to your group. 2) If you have good volt or harrow, try to build yourself as damage dealer. Instructions found in hundreds of youtube videos. If you do not have good damage frame, then use oberon (parts available everywhere) and keep yourself, lures and party alive. 3) After few Teralyst kills, you should have enough baubles to make 111 amp. Get it asap, unless you somehow simultaneously (or very fast in near future) would have access to 223. With good luck, you get into a group that will carry you through your first teralysts in few minutes. With not so good luck, you might be in a group that struggles to kill the Teralyst within the 40 min timer. All groups are not hopeless though, so you will get some Teralysts down eventually.
  12. Eisdschungel

    Inspiration Hall reduction

    Something that helps creativity should Never be considered game breaking. Off we have no Clue how much a fully decorated Inspiration Hall dojo strains Hardware (Infos on that would be nice) but otherwise there is no reason to not revert that change
  13. den2k

    Update Failures

    They already sent all their 40 thousand employees to fix all the CDN in the world. The uncooperative CDN are currently being assaulted by specialized breaching units. Expect news in 5 hours, otherwise assume they were defeated and disavowed. Yep, a mucking game that costs a Fortune just to be bought and is less than half teh content, including the expensive DLC is a serious competitor for Warframe. Not a rival, not the most dangerous one: the rival.
  14. Xyngrr

    Garuda Locked Behind Heavy Grind

    Grinding rep? sure. Grinding mats? ok, sure. Grinding a boss for a certain resource or BP? Can be ok, depends on how much he cheats. Waiting on a buildtimer? Less fun, but at least I know that there's something in the pot simmering. These are ingame things I can do to make progress toward a goal for as much of my time as I have or choose to devote to it. This is me having the choice of how to share my time with the game. Time gates remove that option. In other more financially predatory games, there is a clear monetary path they are directing you to to overcome this purely artificial barrier to playing the game as you see fit. Choosing to time gate in Warframe is a bad choice, but it IS a clear choice here - you cannot make sufficient use of ANY of the new items to determine if, how, or where it fits in your playstyle without paying plat to get it. Except maybe the Bondi board, but that's unmoddable and the sole tool to grind rep so is a different kettle of fish. I understand the rep cap changes the amount of time you are FORCED to wait, while it flatly ignores your time spent. That the amount of time varies isn't the point, or why it's bad. TIme gating sucks. I did trade to get the spare plat to buy a board but so far even moddable it's not really fun for me, though I have hit a few random groups of skatekids when free roam matchmaking and they were pretty stoked on it. Glad I spent someone elses plat on it. Putting the cake in the rich kids cafeteria rankles, and has a price beyond the plat involved. At minimum they will not get any of my money for plat until the timegate is done, either by time or by reversal of a bad choice on their part. Personally, I'd be worried if the partners in my business said they are choosing not to pay me because one negative aspect of the work sufficiently devalues all the other positive ones. I see alot of these posts with only the negative, so it seems appropriate to be explicit that this one aspect of the expansion which while it is a real problem is not my impression or opinion of Fortuna as a whole. DE has done a great job on the environment, characters, story ( need more! ) and design aspects, and being all over bugfixing things. Fortuna's a good thing, and I do feel they deserve to be paid for sharing it with us.
  15. Misgenesis

    Lower the Hema cost

    This meme again. Hema without a Riven kills armored level 100 enemies in mostly under 10 bursts, including normal Nox and Bailiffs. With a 243% Damage riven it can kill armored level 155 enemies in around 10 bursts, including non eximus Nox and Bailiffs. You can compare it to whatever sniper and what not and say it doesnt have as fast of a TTK but Hema has unlimited ammo and healing.
  16. Destiny 2 fanbase got this great pride that why even the game is bad but they will never admit.. Most of the destiny fanboy that defense the game is because they spend so much money and dun want to look like victim....
  17. TOGSolid

    Axi A5 and Belenus Void Defense

    The two best non-Fortuna spots to farm those are the T3 Void Interception and T4 Void Survival with the Interception just edging out the Survival as long as you have a full squad that doesn't eat lead paint for fun due to it going a little faster if you can hold all four points the whole time. Both have a C Rotation drop rate of something like 12.5% give or take. The T5B Fortuna bounty is the absolute best way to get these though. I was averaging one per run last night and was racking them up pretty quickly so if I were you I'd just wait for Fortuna to drop on consoles and save yourself the headache of trying to Void farm them. EDIT: Apparently Cetus has them also.
  18. Geraaltix

    Yet Another Volt Speed Post

    So... could we just get some way to completely opt out of receiving Volt's speed buff? I get that people want that sanic look at me I'm super fast sprint speed but for those of us who are comfortable with our own movement speed, backflipping every 6-12 seconds becomes a tedious chore. In any mission with a Volt player, an unacceptable percentage of mission time is just pure backflipping to get rid of speed buffs. I'm sure the greater percentage of players love these buffs and I'm in the poor minority here, but it would make my games so much more pleasant if I didn't have to deal with speed spam.
  19. I've been capturing animals for about 2 hours now, and about 25% of the time, they don't spawn at all when the "localize and tranqualize" phase starts. (where they should spawn) I had a shorter run a second ago, where it happened a lot more often, so I hope this EE log helps pin it down. EDIT: apparently you can no longer attach EE logs in bugreports? or am I missing the "attach file" button? This bug is incredible annoying, since it wastes a solid 2-4 minutes everytime.
  20. Ishvra

    Fortuna does not fit on Venus

    I just logged in to applaud you. Damn straight. You are right as hek.
  21. (PS4)CaelThunderwing

    Support isn't much help

    note the (PS4) tag, theres no EE.log to retain sadly on a bug report console only thing you got are screenshots w/ the Share button. however.. in a case like this of high risk rewards or something doesnt "Smell right" screenshot the Mission End screen. next time this happens OP, Dont logout Dont freak and not enter a new mission. bring up Last mission result and take a screenshot w/ the Share button.
  22. Временная зона: МСК\Киев. Формы заявки попросту нет и никогда не будет, но есть пару нами описанных критериев. Человек волен сам выбрать, как себя представить, главное чтобы информация, которая нас интересует, была в ней. Принят! Зарекомендуешь себя — останешься.
  23. (PS4)Double991


    I always thought my loot radar was smaller in archwing but it was just my thief's wit being disabled. I didn't think of that.
  24. BloodKitten

    Archwing vs skateboard

    archwing you get later, k-drive you get alot sooner.
  25. Brandongamer

    Fortuna affinity question

    I'm pretty sure you need to gild them like you did with the Zaws on PoE.
  26. Elenortirie

    Fortuna affinity question

    Every weapon gains "affinity" I assume what you meant to ask is Mastery Exp - in which case you need to gild that kitgun/moa first (boards should give MR withoutgilding) there seems to be though a bug (at least concerning moas and boards, haven't got confirmation on kitguns) where board/moa bought for plat didn't give MR. (I've just re-read your post and noticed you said you bought it with plat - these comes pre-gilded and it may be affected by bug that is riddling moas and k-drives)
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