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  2. I didn't say that I was just too lazy to type that part out. But no all of them keep the damage reflect and what do you mean by negates? but I didn't know that about mesa's 4
  3. i think you dont understeand what i meant, my english is bad... Im not against raids, i love eidolons because you need to do a role in squad, and play well your role because you have limited time to do the mission. Yea its true, you can do eidolons alone, 2 players, 3 players or even with randoms you can carry them its fine, but the way you do with a proper squad is very different and rewards are much higher. About spy, the pressure is minimal (and im talking about mid game players) is literally minimal, everyone is using wukong and evading lasers, and ciphers. In the worse case if you n
  4. 刚刷完第二套大嘴用全战甲 看到这建议觉得有趣 但莫名觉得害怕
  5. I'm pretty sure the Crescent kitties are more abundant during a certain cycle but I cannot for the life of me think which one now. Found it, only out during Vome Cycle.
  6. 真的不好刷 但至少过程可以练船 也不算无聊...
  7. 如题 赤毒幼体就不能多个武器选项? 把把25%真的还好 至少捅到最后有终点 但幼体武器捅了好几小时可能依旧捅不到想要的武器 而且不管速刷与否过程都是无趣的... 多个武器选项可以选择以增加几率吧! #白金党请无视 不过看这情况 真改版了 我不是早刷完就是打死不想再刷了... 附注:好久没有看到-75%了啊~~~
  8. Hmm. Sadly, I've been trying to bust my brain to figure out how I dealt with that, but I can't remember - except the part where I was really, really patient. I never had trouble with that. Sorry I couldn't be more help.
  9. Gameplay wise since the tweaks zaku is very good. Cosmetics wise. It looks ok. But i thought the more femanine early concept art looked better. And because the frame comes off as female i refer to it as such.
  10. So i have been busy a few days now and i cannot get any sevagoth parts off void missions in railjack, i have gone over and over and over and all i get is a harrow chassis or a carmine penta part, no matter where i do it. Pluto, veil, neptune it only gives me that no matter how many times i do it over and over i get nothing, please do something i cant build my sevagoth if the parts don't drop
  11. So...yeah, even at max settings, the whole game looks blurry in terms of texture. Even the icons in game. Please fix the texture or an option to stream in high res texture.
  12. the reason it's so useless for people who don't care about riven is why it's annoying to have as a REWARD in first place. its BS place holder reward with no use if you're not into rivens. what's worse it's "assumed" as one of good kind of reward like endo/ credits. so it won't be going away.. highly doubt they will change it's working but hopefully some other use for it shows up.
  13. You're already Ivara! That makes it easier. You can fire a cloak arrow into the ground first, then you can use a lure cloaked. Good luck!
  14. After a transference jump - character is stuck sideways, moves like a crab, the only way to make it rotate is to aim. Can't use abilities, can't deactivate already active abilities (gloom). Generally stuck. Unstuck doesn't work. Neither does calling you snowboard, archgun or any other gear equipable. What I noticed, while trying to get my char killed is that enemies have hard time hitting me. They shoot the floor. Might be their terrible AI, or part of the bug. Dying gets this fixed, but it's kinda hard to get killed, as the enemies shoot everything but you and rarely hit you. This ha
  15. There’s hardly a reason for an open world to exist if it won’t let you slow down and take it in.
  16. Right now I am sitting on 232 Riven slivers. I know that to some players thats not a lot but I never intentionally hard core farmed for them. I know there are players with WAY more of them. It would be nice to be able to do something other than 1 riven every 7 days. Suggestions: Make them tradable. Let me buy Sentinal Rivens from sim or Archwing weapon rivens from Arbiters with them Let me grind them into Kuva or trade them for kuva. Let me buy riven transmutes with them (I don't like Eidalon hunting, no matter how easy it is.)
  17. I used to fly round the edge with Equinox, spot them and then put them to sleep. Now I've found a better way, I subsumed rest on Banshee, modded for max range and duration, no strength and then I cast and Sonar picks up the animals and adds it as an enemy on the minimap. Then I just put them to sleep and capture.
  18. Always a critic. I have between 500 and over a 1000 of most of the animals. I sometimes nuke an area from orbit with my tactical nuke on my archwing when I'm lazy and just want to see what was amongst the trees.
  19. Exactly and he's talking about Deimos cos he want's Crescent Vulpaphyler. I also don't use tranq rifle but that's another story.
  20. You have to use lures on Cetus and Fortuna, Demios nope don't bother, plenty of critters around.
  21. I also encountered this problem, the scanning speed of synthesis scanner seems not increased after buying the upgrade
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