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  2. Wukong chads only, Inaros begone ^ In hindsight this is a good example of older warframes needing maintenance like the op said, Inaros gets outplayed by a ton of different warframes in survivability which is his biggest strength imo
  3. This falls within game-breaking and is equivalent to a speedrunner complaining about how they can finish a game in 2hrs...via using bugs/glitches to do so. Which I've never seen a speedrunner try to do that ever because they realize they're the ones breaking the game. Yet here you are trying to put that same concept on DE. How about you don't use that glitch? (nvm anyone new not even having access to that ability/mode since TSD is far along the game route and Jackal is very early on). Hell if there's a speedrunner out there that's speedrun something like Shinobi via utilizing glitches/bugs, then I guess that means its also "easy". Oh right, no its still hard regardless of that detail. Also what you've described sounds like an annoyance that provides tryhards an ability to go "ha I cleared that easily and didn't get hit by the grid once (cause I'm that great)". Hell if I want that sort of thing I go to Corpus Spy missions that have that exact grid evading design in mind. The best part about the Jackal fight is having to actively go in to trigger the parazon strike, cause trying to nuke it not doing a thing to it as well as the cinematic flair to it. In effect "nuke gating".
  4. I don't know where you will find them... But I know you definitely won't find them on the new Corpus Ship Tile Set....as most of those enemies are new.... Such as the rather annoying Prova Welding Nullifiers .
  5. Anything new is good in my book. I just want my operator to use weapons besides the mote or whatever it's called. Allow my real, non-warframe ninja to do some ninja moves. Of course we lose some survivability due to not being able to use our warframes but maybe some of our old memories come back and we learn that we were warrior types or something. And I'd rather have a new system to explore then one planet tbh. Maybe one the Sentients took over and we have to try and take it back. It could have a system kind of like the invasions where we have to pick a side per planet to help and it would be possible for the Sentients to capture planets if we didn't stop them in time maybe allowing them to have stronger enemies the more planets they control or something. To each their own.
  6. Honestly I don't think there's anything to fear, because DE has been at this long enough to understand what aspects of their development drive their revenue in what ways. Players can make misguided wishes all they want, but unless they organize en masse to make widespread changes to player behavior (super unlikely), it's not going to mean anything. OP is asking for DE to do something that would be harmful to the sustainability of Warframe, and it's not going to happen. But beyond that, OP doesn't actually seem to want there to be no new Warframes; rather, they want DE to put more resources into bug fixes, and knowing that those resources have to come from somewhere, they've decided what they're willing to give up is "new Warframes". But based on DE's own descriptions of their internal processes, the resources for "new Warframes" can't be converted into "more bug fixes". And that's why I wanted to tackle this more fundamental issue, because even if "new Warframes" were no longer a thing, it would not result in OP getting what they want. So the discussion about "new Warframes" becomes meaningless, at least in the context of OP's request. But yeah, I think we're in the same boat, and I don't think there's anything to worry about.
  7. I actually feel like what you're expecting is a lot. At least it is more than I was thinking. I just thought longer quest with new elements that will be forgotten. Maybe a new tileset for for some of the open world stuff. I wasn't even thinking the standard new weapon/warframe that comes with every quest.
  8. If that's the case... Wouldn't it easier to just .. you know.... Not make The Quest so difficult ?
  9. I'm an alt player and almost never have a main in games so for me personally I hope they continue to add warframes. The Helminth, which I don't have unlocked yet, makes it so I can take frames I don't like/play much and make them a little more enjoyable. How long can they continue to do that without stepping on another frames identity is the question and it appears they already have done that in some instances. Of course having multiple frames of the same element is fine but I think they need to do it in a different way. One could be more melee while another would be more ranged and if there ever was a third then let it hybrid the two. I don't have Protea but I like the turret idea, Loki's stealth, Nyx's mind control, Octavia's thumper, all of Vauban's abilities, Saryn's spores, etc.. A lot of frames have at least one ability I like but it is rare to find one that has 2-3 abilities I like and just about impossible to find one I like all 4. I know this would never happen but I would love to have a warframe that we can take ANY ability from ANY warframe. Sure there would be a meta but I would be one player not following that. I like weird builds and I could do that. The Helminth falls way to short for my liking. I'd also like to take parts from ANY warframe to make our own. We would still have to build it but it would just be of the parts we have available kind of like a Frankenstein warframe allowing us to constantly change parts if we build them. It would be just a mix and match. I know some players wouldn't like that but I sure would. You want to float take Wisps' or Titanias' body. Something else they could do is allow the Frankenstein warframe idea but have abilities tied to a part. Four parts, counting the BP, and four abilities. That way you can't make an OP frame due to DE being able to make certain parts contain the abilities they don't want mixed together. Just an idea. To each their own.
  10. That's ma People's Yo !!! 😎 I only tried her literally during the Week Deadlock Protocol launched.... I haven't used her Specter after she got buffed.... I guess its worth a shot.... If I can get another Blueprint that it 😱... I doubt she can hold a Candle to Octavia & Wisp 😝...
  11. Well the Glaive Prime travels pretty fast so if it is Bouncing I honestly can't see it... Glaive Prime Also has infinite Enemy Punch Through on Charged Throws so maybe it's simply Slicing Through enemies instead of Bouncing between them....I can't even Imagine how much faster it would be with Whirlwind 😱... But My Cerata also doesn't Bounce aeither so I don't know... 😱 In the case of Power Throw it simply allows the Glaive to Pass Through Enemies.... However as it turns out... If you use a Different Punch Through Source like Piercing Navigator it will actually Slice Straight Through Solid Objects like Doors and even the occasional Wall 😱
  12. 在希图斯中,处于战甲状态的时候,通过ESC菜单配备指挥官的增幅器,配备完成后,关闭菜单,会有概率触发指挥官一直处使用增幅器的姿态(非待机状态的站立姿势),并且无法移动,无法向内传识回到战甲,而且在通过快速移动到其他NPC的时候,同样是处于这样的状态,只能通过ESC菜单离开希图斯才能解决这个问题。 由于该BUG在我身上出现,导致了我和我的队友不能按规定时间进行夜灵狩猎,已经影响到了我和我的队友的游戏体验。 在此,恳请各位游戏开发者能够对该BUG进行排查修复!感谢!!!
  13. It would explain the out of the hat Deimos last year.
  14. Try the umbra scarf. It fixes the problem for me, though I really like the neck-high collar they have there. What I don't like from the Bishamo Armor is the circle-thingy jutting out on the back. I know it's the sheathe(?) for the Orvius but it still looks wrong for me.
  15. Well the tag options don't match what so ever so sorry about that. I'm playing on PS4 and trying to edit my Dojo Room Messages within the room's editing console. The room name will give me the needed check mark to save it but no matter what I put, how short or long, special characters or not ... It just doesn't want to let me save the room description. Any help to get this to work would be greatly welcome... Thanks in advance tennos!
  16. Seriously need to fix the Kuuva liches. Takes WAY to long to one get the weapon you want. Two trying to get the liche to spawn while playing a stupid guessing game of what goes where. On top of ALL that mess once you FINALLY get the weapon you spent an hour or so looking for it has a 25% status. So in order to get it to 60% that's about 4-5 runs of this mess. Come on man don't be like destiny the game is way too much better than that.
  17. Thanks for the drops. Did you unlink and then relink your account? I have been away for about a year and just came back to find out I wasn't getting my drops. A little searching showed me that within that year there was some problems with the Twitch drops that was fixed by unlinking and then relinking your account. It worked for me. F.Y.I. it also appears Twitch had a breach so I changed my password which I would suggest to anyone that hasn't done that just to be safe.
  18. Very hard to implement tougher enemies when people are still figuring out their way around arctic eximus nullifiers, which have been in the game since I don't know how long. Also isn't that basically the acolytes? Some may find them easy or a joke at this point (especially after taking them on for the 92374827th time) but even I still struggle fighting against them, especially Malice/Violence in higher levels. Yes I know there are dozens of methods out there on the internet on how to slaughter them in less than a second but I want to figure things out myself. And have you fought a Stalker in higher steel path missions? He is super tough to beat there, and still poses a challenge to the majority of players to this very day. He might be a joke to MR30+ players with over 3k hours (in which case every mob is) in slapping every white and black mods into their arsenal not forgetting their max ranked arcanes but he still is by no means easy. Also ultimately Warframe is a PvE game. AI can never outsmart human intelligence (unless it's Chess). No matter how hard the new bad guys are there's always someone who will find the easiest way to "cheese" them and then they become a joke again. If people really desire an ever-changing difficulty in a game, play PvP games instead.
  19. I did that and it helps a little bit but my operator still looks like a giraffe :( They should fix that.
  20. Hallo, ich würde auch gern eurem Clan beitreten. Aktuell bin ich bei MR12 und spiele jeden Tag. Ingame heiße ich El_Anscho, aber ich bin jederzeit auch über Discord erreichbar, bitte schreibt mir wenn ihr euch entscheidet mich aufzunehmen oder abzulehnen (anscho#0066). ich freu mich auf euch :D
  21. Today
  22. ^As expected. You will continue on without stopping. That's the way you are. I think that Wukong is not the issue if we answer the question. It's the tier composition and what the player is asking from other players. If the player wants to work as a team then the tier composition could be oriented towards a certain purpose. A single frame may work in many of these missions. The designers made a game free of teamwork dependency. However teamwork is there as an optional route. Both where considered. Some frames helps more than others. In the case of Wukong, the frame could help and contribute a lot if the frame is used wisely. Nova prime is always a dps reducer and Loki disarm dangerous enemies at a certain radius. Even Limbo is useful on the right hands. It depends on the previous agreement with the team. It's not the frame.
  23. I've purchased the platinum on my Warframe account. I did have to open the Microsoft store myself because when I go to the get platinum category in the market, it doesn't take me to the store like usual. So I went and opened the Microsoft store and purchased the platinum for £7.99 and for some reason it didn't work and this has happened before where the Microsoft store has a hiccup and it doesn't go through straight away and you have to restart the game. No matter how many attempts to try and get the platinum I bought I don't see it coming up. I'm just wondering if anyone can help
  24. These type of situations were somewhat a casualty of designing and launching on one platform and adapting to the subsequent systems. I do not know if the test clusters brought it to light, or an occasional complaint from people like me always seeking ways to get their important point acted on. I first noticed this when PC players would constantly reply and did not understand a word of what your saying, or think it is superfluous or ridiculous. Anyhow, I have noticed these situations being addressed on playstation and fixed :: chef's kiss:: ** But, HOW about swapping shoulders in a tight aim??? How 'bout them transparent dangling carrots?
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