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  2. Фарм есть для тех кто фармит, остальные просто играют и им всё само падает...
  3. At your current level, Tonkor outshines everything else.
  4. More or less. But you could make it Objective-based with reinforcements on both sides. And even if you're bad at PvP, you can still be effective killing off the AI PvE enemies on the opposing team and helping secure objectives and defend them. In the end, it would be a mode that would take the PvP of conclave, and actually make it feel more like the REST of the world. It's like I said, one of the best Conclave modes in the game are the Arena fights like Rathuum and The Index. If you teamed up opposing factions with groups of Tenno supporting them, I could see it being more interesting than trying to just play TDM and getting shotgun-oneshotted in the face repeatedly by the same guy who's so much better than you. Taking everything that makes the PvE side fun just leaves a very dry, boring PvP shell remaining. In order to balance it, just have normal Tenno powers work as normal against AIs but be less effective against opposing Tenno. This way you don't get 1-shotted by someone's super powered #4. The main thing I'm saying is the PvE side is SO GOOD. Why is it totally disregarded then when part of it could help make the boring PvP SO MUCH BETTER. Heck, you could have a 1v1 with a small army of AIs on both sides, and it would be awesome.
  5. Yes. I've always wanted to see a tennogen Vauban skin making him look more intimidating, and better fitting his theme of the engineer frame. Also, a tennogen skin for Chroma making him look even more like a dragon than the deluxe skin would be nice.
  6. Always bring helios and heliocor to a quest, that'a my rule of thumb
  7. Just wondering what suggestions there are for a good primary weapon (overall) for the PvE experience. I'm only mastery level 6 so choice is limited. I also solo alot but im part of a clan so I have a little more options available. All suggestions welcome :)
  8. I go for the with reload speed, but why can't you equip more than one?
  9. Actually you can disarm a nullifier, you just need to pop his bubble first.
  10. Manticore would work well. I worry that Thunderbird's Wings would be too long for the mod card though.
  11. Thanks for that laugh. :D
  12. Best build for me
  13. She herself isn't worshipped, the Void is. She's just one of those crazies that leads that sort of thing because people think that the Void speaks to her. Think Nef Anyo but obsurdly short and with more magnets.
  14. you don't need to scan Kavats in that quest, they appear all the time in the derelict (where it also rains Mutagen Samples.). you can just bring a Helios or a Heliocor and scan them there.
  15. And if you get a Paris Prime Upper Limb (25 ducats) in a Meso S1 relic, where it's coloured uncommon, and choose that over another uncommon reward which is worth 45 ducats you lose 20 ducats. Exactly the same.
  16. I'd want it mostly to get rid of Volt speed. I find it ridiculous that -I- have to do something to get rid of a buff I don't want. I can't even remember every time how to get rid of it again.
  17. well if you're first im sure they will try and kill you more to prevent you from getting more kills and winning
  18. Like I was telling the other guy, we shouldn't have to mod our Warframe around a melee weapon though, it just doesnt make it a viable option to use, and some frames need all those slots to even have a chance at higher game play without a major struggle in game.
  19. at a guess I would say they're essentially like cyborgs, but instead of having their own controlling AI, they are controlled by the Tenno. the outer layer of the Warframe is a form of inert Technocyte skin that has been treated so it cannot grow out of control, though Chroma and Nidus seem to be exceptions to this. the skin is the reason why we bleed when injured, and why the Infested bosses claim we are their flesh: they think we are just some other kind of infested creature. underneath the skin is a metallic armoured layer, which gives us our armour values and ensure that we are more durable than the average human. this form of armour is still somewhat lightweight in order to allow us to move around effectively, but it can still eventually be penetrated, at which point a Warframe goes down. together, the Technocyte-covered metal body is the Chassis of the Warframe. the Neuroptics would consist of advanced computer systems to control the frame's movements, and cameras that allow the Tenno to see from the Warframe's point of view. as to what exact measures of control it gives, and how it meshes with the operator's mind is unknown. the Systems are the inner workings of the frame, it's wiring and mechanisms that allow movement and Transference, and also relay commands from the Neuroptics to the rest of the Frame's body, much in the same way our own brains send messages to our bodies to perform actions. without them, the frame simply wouldn't work. as for the full relationship between Operator and frame, I imagine the that if the frames really are Sentient, they are loyal servants to the operator, in the same manner as Helminth. there could also be a direct link between Helminth and the operator. regarding the "kiddo" thing at the end of The war Within", I think it may be some kind of advanced Void-based PTSD, a sign of the mental scarring the operator went through after seeing their family consumed by the raw energy of the void. that's my Headcanon anyway, since it reminds me of Spec Ops: The Line, which had an awesome story about PTSD, insanity, and wanting to be a hero, no matter the cost.
  20. son 128x128 formato PNG Photoshop tiene una herramienta para saber si esa imagen tiene copyright o marcas de agua.. tambien hay alguna web donde puedes verlo lo mejor es q crees tu mismo el emblema con algun programa como Photoshop y uses imagenes libres d uso aqui la tienes en su dimension 128x128 y formato png
  21. мод - просвечивание стен, только снайперка.(не даёт пронзание сквозь стены, только ведение цели)
  22. I've actually found that Reaping Spiral is better, it doesnt synergize well while going forward and spamming E "because thats part of a combo" but theres another combo down the list a bit and you can actually chuck the scythe kinda like a glaive [cool animation, but hard to use when being mobbed]. And yeah I agree that since they are classed as heavy weapons they shouldnt be as fast as a dagger, but since they ARE classed as a heavy weapon they should have the stats to reflect that. "especially reaper prime, because duhh its a prime right? haha". This is just in my opinion, Im sure there are a lot of players who might agree.
  23. I understand you have a different opinion to me, and I can respect that. I would guess that the vast majority of all players don't have the Hema yet, and if someone chooses not to pursue the Hema in its current state because of their objection to the costs that's a perfectly valid position and doesn't invalidate their criticism at all. Whether the costs for the Hema get adjusted or not in the short term, if 2017 is the year of #MakeClansGreatAgain then it doesn't hurt to remind DE that a sizeable portion of the playerbase is not happy with the approach they took with the Hema costs. Hopefully they'll make better decisions for other clan changes and possibly overhaul research in a way that addresses the issue in a more balanced way.
  24. PM ME in forums with your Kohm riven.
  25. you dont need eternal war. Its jsut an augmented so you dont have press 2 once a while. In my opinion you are way better without it
  26. During the passage of the fault has been spent 3 relics but during the passage of waves in defense, after killing all the enemies on the 12 wave, the wave itself was not finished and me and my partner had to get out of the mission, losing all the extracted mods and things like relics. Asked to compensate for the lost time and resources on the passage of the fault nick in game: maktesvelm.
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