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  1. Yesterday
  2. I see the item on your account, however "Mantis Cydonia Skin" is a skin for the Mantis landing craft and you do not own the Mantis yet.
  3. When you say "becoming" invisible, do you mean they start out normal and then develop problems later? Perhaps affected by some ability or visual effect? (The Moas looked totally normal to me when I tried just now)
  4. Last week
  5. EDIT 2: We are seeing things restoring across the board and it shouldn't be too much longer for connectivity to return. Sit tight as we wait for word from our partner on the cause and more information. Happy gaming! ____ Tenno, We have received some outage alerts from our infrastructure partners and we are actively investigating the disruption. Our sincerest apologies as we work to restore full Warframe connectivity! Thank you for your patience! EDIT 1: This is a widespread outage impacting many online services and we are hoping for a quick resolution.
  6. We're aware of this issue and have a potential fix in line to be tested
  7. Are you actively killing enemies? The increased spawn chance definitely worked in a 2h survival I recently did.
  8. All Clan Tier Display decorations have been added to the Clan Vaults of those who submitted their Dojos to the TennoCon 2021 Showcase. Relog into Warframe and search your Dojo decorations for your Clan Tier (Ghost, Shadow, Storm, Mountain, or Moon) to quickly find yours! Happy decorating, Tenno. You’re the best. 🙂
  9. Hey Tenno! Did you catch the fan cover medley for Sleeping In The Cold Below that debuted during the TennoCon 2021 Sounds of the System Panel? In case you missed it, or want to have another listen, here it is: Thank you to all who submitted Sleeping In The Cold Below covers for our cover collaboration project! We fit in as many as we could, with 30 performers from 13 countries squeezed into just over 3 minutes! The Tenno are truly all around the world! Here are some* of the cover versions that were included in the mash-up project. All of these covers are truly brilliant from start to finish, but they each only get a few seconds to shine in the final version, so you’ll definitely want to check out their full versions! In Order of Appearance: Hay! (Nylon String Guitar Cover) ARDY (feat. Hay!) Tonkuestler NRMN (Cello Cover) Colm McGuinness T.MO (Korean Version) Guts440 (Japanese Version) LadyTheLaddy JRTA Kremo (Drum Cover) 튜아의작업실 Tyua__ (Korean Version) Momomo (Japanese Vocaloid Version) Leokelaani_TheFox (Russian Version) *We’ve only highlighted contributors that have publicly released their versions on YouTube. If your submission was included in the video and you’d like other Tenno to see it, feel free to post your version online and reply to this thread with the link! Enjoy!
  10. A compilation of the TennoCon 2021 Dojo tours is up on the PlayWarframe YouTube channel! Thank you [DE]Fernanda, [DE]Yidan, and [DE]Yun for translating Spanish, Mandarin, and Korean for these tours so we could thank each Clan in their own language. We’re in the process of adding the Clan Tier Display decorations to participating Clan Vaults right now! I’ll update this thread once the process is complete. Thank you to all Clans who share their Dojos with Tenno worldwide.
  11. The common theme in both of your crashes is an error in the audio engine. Is there anything unusual about the sound configuration on your PC that could give us some leads?
  12. A quick and small hotfix post-TennoCon 2021! We hope you enjoy the day’s events. Fixes: Fixed Nightwave Cred Offerings not appearing.
  13. That will require a cert build! So the next one we do will have it.
  14. Xbox Sisters of Parvos: Hotfix #5 A quick and small hotfix post-TennoCon 2021! We hope you enjoy the day’s events. Fixes: Fixed Nightwave Cred Offerings not appearing.
  15. PSN Sisters of Parvos: Hotfix #5 A quick and small hotfix post-TennoCon 2021! We hope you enjoy the day’s events. Fixes: Fixed Nightwave Cred Offerings not appearing.
  16. Hello Tenno, Tenno Skoom! and Praise the Void! Grab Bags have been revealed. These Drops will be available from 12 am ET on the start date and end at 11:59 pm ET on the end date for each campaign.
  17. Hey guys! Its possible that with the server issues we experienced during TennoCon that there is some delay to you receiving your purchased items. We are monitoring the issue!
  18. Did you tune in to join us on Tennolive 2021? We hope you enjoyed the first live previews of The New War and the future conflict to come. During the stream we had hoped to host an interactive experience where we set up a Relay and share a series of scenes with you, running on your own platform in real time. As a gift for participating, everybody who joined the relay during the live experience would receive the Tannukai Armor and Tannukai Sword skin. Unfortunately... We ran into serious network problems due to the overwhelming number of enthusiastic Tenno that were trying to join in the fun. These problems could not be remedied in the very short time frame that we had available. We are not confident that everybody was able to see the interactive demo or that they have gotten the gift we wanted to give. Because of that uncertainty we will send the Tannukai items via Inbox message to anybody that logged into the game on July 17th, after 9am Eastern and during Tennocon! We apologize for the disappointment, for those who were not able to see the live relay experience. We will begin this soon for all platforms. This post will be updated when the script has completed. Please wait for completion before raising concerns about not getting your gift. Updates: Nintendo Switch completed! (18:44 eastern time) XBOX completed! (18:51 eastern time) Playstation completed! (18:56 eastern time) PC completed! (19:46 eastern time)
  19. Tenno, You may have wanted to join for the Showrooms we prepared for leading up to The New War. Technology got in the way - but we will put together a time (likely with a Devstream) where we share that experience as intended. Sit tight for the schedule of this, we will give plenty of notice when we plan on bringing that experience to life! Stay tuned!
  20. Greetings Tenno! During the Tennocon live stream, Warframe ran a drop campaign that gave the Vastilok to everybody who was watching on Twitch or on Steam. The Vastilok is a Grineer themed gunblade... a melee weapon. Unfortunately an error with the Steam drop gave this weapon as a Primary instead, to those who were watching on that platform. (Twitch viewers were not affected.) We patched this live, but by that point a great many Vastiloks had already been given. In the near future a script will be run to correct this by moving your Vastilok into the correct weapon category. No action needs to be taken on your part if you have one of these bad drops from Steam. We will make sure that you keep your weapon. Update: As of now (2021-07-17 19:24 eastern time), the repair script has completed. Players who had a "bad" Vastilok were swapped for the correct melee version
  21. We are monitoring some issues at the moment Tenno. As mentioned before we will treat you all right if connectivity issues persist.
  22. I suspect the distribution might have been delayed (likely due to busy servers right now) Sorry about that, and thanks for your patience!
  23. I do not see the TennoCon Digital Pack purchased on your account. Can you verify that you didn't purchase it on another account?
  24. Hello Tenno, in-game chat is now back on all platforms.
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