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  2. These Drops are for our team's community live streams at twitch.tv/warframe only. Our standard weekly Drops are always for that channel. Rest assured that we'll make it known whenever there's a Drop campaign that affects other Warframe live streams!
  3. Based on your comments in this thread, we have slightly increased the chance of the Basmu Blueprint Drop. The live stream schedule post has been updated to explain: Happy trick-or-treating, Tenno!
  4. Last week
  5. Hello Garmfang. This is the PC Bugs section of the forums. Console will receive this fix in a future Update.
  6. Tenno, Tune into our working from home community streams to hang out with the team and enjoy some casual Warframe gameplay! In lieu of our traditional streams, members of the Community Team are broadcasting from their homes during our regularly scheduled times. Stop by and catch up with us and other Tenno! Trick-or-Treat! This week, watch to receive a Twitch Drops every 20 minutes. There is a slightly increased chance viewers will receive the Basmu Blueprint and an equal chance for all other items! Tricks: Starburst Fireworks Kuva Globule Neuroptic Mass De
  7. Rest assured that we are looking into it, but are having a hard time reproducing the issue.
  8. Thanks for tuning in! Platinum Winners: Inaros Prime Access Winner: Fan Art: Tennotober 2020: Tenno have long participated in the Inktober challenge. This year, we introduce Tennotober: a month full of Warframe-related art prompts! Check out the official thread as community artists create and share new Warframe art daily: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1228492-official-tennotober-2020-megathread/ See you next week!
  9. You would do this in the Dev Workshop once it's posted (perhaps early November if things go according to plan)!
  10. Haha, just a thing that happened that was worth sharing just to put into perspective how unpredictable this 32 week span has been.
  11. Hello all! October is ticking away. Today we bring all Tenno an update on what we’re up to behind the scenes is an important way to help you plan the chilly fall days ahead (or warmer days depending where you are)! We still have quite a bit planned for October - even if city block power outages prevent us from hitting those plans on the exact dates (because working from home wasn’t hard enough as is)! First, the big one: Where is the Glassmaker? All platforms are waiting for that finale, and it’s coming (hold the eye-rolls)! As with all things Nightwave this year, it’s tak
  12. REALLY Delayed reply here on our part, but only had enough information today to comment. We are adding 30 more Prestige Ranks when Episode 5 launches (soon TM). Apologies for the delay!
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