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  2. Thanks for tuning in! Platinum Winners Fan Art Recap Rebecca's Fan Art Favourite Dev WIP Photobooth Fashionframe ES3M's Inaros See you next week!!
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  4. Yes - we will have a Dev workshop next week!
  5. Moved to Players Helping Players. Also, please remember this important detail: The digital items are not distributed via email; they are given to you upon entry of the convention. :)
  6. It's coming - but not today. The earliest it will release is tomorrow. Good news - we're working on our first Clan Operation in quite some time to be a part of this, so please bear with us as we get all the details in Nice order. If you are in a competitive Clan: The moment the Operation begins, your Clan Roster is locked in. Clan membership changes that occur after the Start of the Operation will not be reflected in the Leaderboards. Wise move: Prepare! Rally! Act now! If you wish to readjust your membership, do so before the Operation begins! This is advanced warning. Heads up!
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    Interesting, thx for testing. Clock frequency is probably less important here, but ideally you have more than 2 cores, so that replication jobs have a chance to run in parallel. [Edit] Also, admittedly, PVP tends to be less CPU intensive (no AI to process).
  8. Did you catch the intense Lunaro showdown during the 72 Hour Extra Life Charity stream over the weekend? If not then you’re in luck! Be ready in-game and join your hosts for a Lunaro warm-up round before the showdown begins! For the main event, Team ‘TheBearLegion’ of TheRoaringLion, Tenno Defton, and -NR-Dabears1337 are pinning a rematch against the victorious Team ‘Name To Be Determined’ of [DE]Rebecca, Mogamu, and AGGP! Don’t miss this gripping rematch with live commentary by Megan! PLUS, we’ve got more amazing Fan Art, and 3x 1000 Platinum prizes to win!! But wait, what about Fan Art Favourites and the Fan Concept? NOT THIS TIME! We’re changing things up and putting YOUR fashion frame in the WIP Dev Photobooth mode! Comment in this thread with an image of your fashion frame for a chance at getting it picked for a Photobooth opportunity by your hosts! See you here tonight, February 23rd at 7 p.m. ET. Check your time zones here.
  9. Hi Zanchak, the improvements we made to this ability have not been released yet. We will try to get these changes out to you as soon as possible. When the Banshee improvements make it into an update they will be included in a future thread found in the Update & Build Notes subforum.
  10. Hey all! With the early Banshee Prime release for the winners of the Prime Gaming Giveaway, some Ducat Price changes went live ahead of schedule and before we could inform you. Intent of Change: The introduction of Banshee Prime's Relics was planned to change the rarity of some previous items. Instead of dropping them down to the standard Uncommon value, we added a new price that sits between Uncommon and Rare. This new Ducat value of 65 Ducats has been added to the following: Vectis Prime Stock Carrier Prime Cerebrum Kavasa Prime Buckle Fragor Prime Handle Ash Prime Systems We apologize for the sudden change, and will try our best to give you advanced warning come any future changes for Ducats. Thank you!
  11. Get a deeper look inside Warframe's creation during interactive panels hosted by various members of the Development team along with plenty of hands-on, Warframe-themed activities and fun throughout the day. Skilled cosplayer? Take part in the new Cosplay Contest and showcase your Warframe creation! Be part of the live audience for the highly anticipated, high-energy broadcast of Warframe's popular Devstream series, TennoLive, and be among the first to see major reveals on new content and advancements coming to the game. Choose from five ticket tiers including Full Day, Collector’s, Limited VIP tickets, and new this year – Limited Legendary tickets and a Digital Pass: • Full Day Ticket – $25 CAD – includes full day access to the event, along with free, exclusive in-game swag. • Collector's Ticket – $75 CAD – includes full day access to the event, along with free, exclusive in-game swag, PLUS an exclusive TennoCon t-shirt, 1,000 Platinum and a Digital Art Piece. • Limited VIP Ticket – $250 CAD – includes all previous tier items, along with a Limited Edition Collector's Statue (choose from Valkyr, Nyx, Mag or Rhino) and a Digital Extremes Studio Tour, complete with Canadian Brunch with the Warframe Development Team. • Limited Legendary Ticket – $1,000 CAD – includes all previous tier items plus a TennoCon t-shirt mega-pack with exclusive TennoCon 2017 designs, a 15-minute personal Devstream with the Warframe Dev Team, a custom, yours-only, in-game Glyph, and the opportunity to voice a part of the game! • Digital Pass – On sale in March. Tenno who aren't able to attend in person will want to snag this virtual/digital ticket. Details to come! Full details of the day’s events and activities will be revealed over the coming months. Get your tickets NOW at
  12. Camera shaking is something we have been discussing, however we do not have anything to announce at the moment. I can assure you that we are aware that there are some players who find the shaking difficult to handle and we hope to have a solution for this in the future. We have just improved the visibility of Nyx's Absorb bubble for the next update. It should be easier to see through the bubble with these changes.
  13. The website is now dual-stacked. I see IPv6 traffic hitting it mixed in with the regular v4.
  14. Last week
  15. PC Tenno Please be aware that there is a bug lurking with certain Auras: They aren't stacking! This will be fixed in the next deployment on PC. If you're running trials or content that favours specific stacked Aura combinations, this will likely affect you. While you wait for us to deploy the fix, maybe you can have some fun experimenting with Auras you may have overlooked. Perhaps Growing Power with the new Artax Sentinel Weapon? Fun! The 19.12.0 Update Notes will cover the fix when they are released. Thank you!
  16. Hey Tenno, If you've been experiencing an error message when trying to use the Evolution PBR plugin on Substance Painter 2.5, we have good news for you! The file has been updated to rectify this issue, and you can download it at the bottom of this page: Happy creating! [DE]Taylor === EDIT (02/23/17 @ 10:40am) : The changes didn't go through yesterday but the updated file is now definitely 100% available on the site! If you're having issues, be sure to use an incognito window on your browser as the page might still be cached for you. Thanks for your patience, Tenno!
  17. The file has now been updated. You can download it here:
  18. Exklusive Ergänzung: Prime Videospiel-Ausrüstung Gewinner! Die glücklichen Gewinner des frühen Banshee Prime Access ( können sich mit diesem Hotfix auf dem PC über die Inhalte freuen! Änderungen: Ein HUD-Indikator zeigt nun für kurze Zeit den zusätzlichen Schadenswert durch Buff von Rhinos Brüllen an. Banshees Schallbeben hat nun einen visuellen Indikator für dessen Reichweite und Energie, der bei Aktivierung eingefärbte Effekte auf dem Boden hinterlässt (eventuell in Vorbereitung auf ihre Prime Version?) Fixes – Conclave: Problem, bei dem folgende zielgerichtete Fähigkeiten, die auch ohne Ziel in Conclave aktiviert werden können, Energie zurückerstatteten – gefixt Mags Polarisieren Nxy' Gedankenkontrolle Saryns Sporen Inaros' Verschlingen Trinitys Quell des Lebens Problem, bei dem Ashs Klingensturm keine Ziele markierte, wenn „Erhöhte Reflexe“ ausgerüstet war – gefixt Fixes: Problem, bei dem HUD-Indikator für Equinox' Beruhigen & Provozieren abgeschnitten war und nicht abgerundet – gefixt Auflösungsprobleme beim Wechsel von Vollbild- auf Fenster-Modus – gefixt Problem, bei dem der Missionsendbildschirm nicht anzeigte, für welche Waffenart eine erhaltene Riven-Mod war – gefixt Problem, bei dem verschiedene Warframe Augment-Mods keine Beschreibung hatten – gefixt
  19. New Items Are Entering Prime Vault! On February 28, Volt Prime and Odonata Prime will enter the Prime Vault. If you already wield the power of these Primes, they will remain in your inventory. If you already hold the Relics in your Inventory that house these Primes, they will remain in your Inventory and you may continue to play them. Tenno, you have one week left! Obtain the Relics before they are gone!
  20. I haven't heard of any problems with this so far -- so I'm going to focus on other things for the rest of the day and then enable v6 for the website tomorrow 9AM EST.
  21. We took a look at the Telos Boltace and have made some improvements to the particles for next update. Both the particles that float around as well as the rings for each spin attack will disappear more quickly now. You will still see them, they just won't linger for quite as long (which should hopefully prevent your screen from being covered in rings).
  22. Banshee Primeプレゼントキャンペーン! Banshee Prime Accessの早い段階で優勝した少数の幸運なテンノに朗報! Banshee PrimeはこのPCホットフィックスを待ち遠しく思っています。他のプレイヤーは幸運な勝者のWARFRAMEを覗き見ることができるか? 変更全般 RhinoのRoarの強化効果HUDに追加されたダメージ強化値が表示されるように。(TrinityのBlessing%同様) Banshee のSound Quakeは範囲とエネルギーの色付きの亀裂FXが表示されるように。 コンクレーブに関する修正 コンクレーブにおいてこれらのアビリティをターゲット無しに発動した場合エネルギーが返還される問題を修正: MagのPolarize NyxのMind Control SarynのSpores InarosのDevour TrinityのWell of Life AshのBladestormがHeightened Reflexes 装備中にターゲットをマーキングしない問題を修正。 修正全般 EquinoxのPacify & Provoke のHUD値の四捨五入を修正。 全画面表示とウィンドウ表示の切り替え時の解像度の問題を修正。 ミッション結果画面でRiven Modのどの武器タイプが受け取られたのか表示されない問題を修正。 多くのARFRAME増強Modの説明文が欠落している問題を修正。
  23. Stage 2 has begun -- this should only impact the content update servers. I see some hits already.
  24. Since the Sortie is expiring soon we'll be removing it from future rotations while we work on a more concrete fix before tossing it back into the mix :)
  25. Hey guys, This seems to be a bug that keeps creeping up on us. We put in some changes here and there not too long ago to help remedy the issue on a performance level. With recent reports our investigations continue! In the meantime, we have removed the Lua Spy mission from Sorties. Thanks for reporting!
  26. The Glast Gambit: Hotfix 19.11.4 Exclusive Additions: Banshee Prime Giveaway Winnings! The lucky few who won early Banshee Prime Access, rejoice! She's here for you with this hotfix on PC. Will the rest of us 'losers' be able to get a sneak peek at the lucky winners frames? Will they be kind enough to share? Changes Rhino’s Roar buff HUD indicator now displays added damage buff amount (it shows up briefly up top just like Trinity’s Blessing %). Banshee’s Sound Quake now has a visual indicator of it’s Range and Energy colored crack FX in the ground when cast (perhaps a little prep for her Prime?). Conclave Fixes Fixed targeted abilities that can be cast without a target in Conclave refunding energy: Mag Polarize Nyx Mind Control Saryn Spores Inaros Devour Trinity Well of Life Fixed Ash’s Bladestorm not marking targets when Heightened Reflexes is equipped in Conclave. Fixes Fixed rounding in Equinox’s Pacify and Provoke HUD indicator (was truncating not rounding). Fixed resolution issues when switching between Full-Screen and Windowed. Fixed the End of Mission screen not displaying what weapon type of Riven Mod was received. Fixed numerous Warframe Augment Mods missing descriptions.
  27. quoting for visibility. <3
  28. Stage 1 is complete: I am seeing a small number of people using the new system because the mobile app was not configured to disable IPv6 like the game was -- this is good because it gives us a bit more testing ahead of the real launch.
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