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  2. The Casual Carousel - continuing optimization pass on Mirage this morning. bring your own coffee
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  4. The Remote Observer: Vol 14

    With PC hotfixes on hold until The Plains of Eidolon releases, we are lacking update notes to give you highlights from! So, once again we are looking into the future at what you can expect with the next huge content drop. If you want a look at some coming Focus changes, Sortie reward tweaks and more, keep on reading here.
  5. New Contest: Arrival on Eidolon!

    Photoshop is not allowed for this contest - I've added it to the Rules. Good luck!
  6. You might have your Warframes prepared for Plains of Eidolon, but what about your real life surroundings? Could an Eidolon be hiding just outside your room in that inconspicuous shrub? Perhaps blending in with your fridge condiments?! The excitement for Plains of Eidolon is ramping up in the office, and we want to share it with you so you can bring Plains of Eidolon to your own neighborhood. Print and cut out one (or more) of these Eidolon cutouts and take them to your real world surroundings for a posed photo. Get creative by putting the Eidolon in unique places or even getting your friends/family involved! Eidolon Cutout: How to enter: Print and cut out one (or more) of the Eidolon cutouts and pose them for a photo in your real world surroundings. Submit your photo in this thread for judging! OR Print and cut out one (or more) of the Eidolon cutouts and pose them for a photo in your real world surroundings. Tweet your photo on Twitter with the hashtag #PlainsofEidolon to enter the contest (You must be following the @PlayWarframe Twitter) Need an example? Forum: Twitter: Rules: Only 1 submission per person. Only 1 image per submission. Image must be appropriate for the Forums. The Eidolon cutout(s) must be the ones provided in the thread above. Do not post on both Twitter and Forums - choose one social location. You must be following the @PlayWarframe Twitter for your Twitter submission to be accepted. Tweet must include the hashtag #PlainsofEidolon and follow these rules. Do not reserve spots in this thread. *No Photoshop allowed. Submissions that do not follow these rules will be disqualified. Prizes: 1st place – 10,000 Platinum, your image shared on our @PlayWarframe Twitter and a giant bundle of new in-game items that are launching with Plains of Eidolon (names not final): Glass Warframe Bundle Mag Deluxe Bundle And much more! 2nd place – 750 Platinum and your image shared on our PlayWarframe Twitter! 3rd place – 500 Platinum and your image shared on our PlayWarframe Twitter! 4th place – 250 Platinum and your image shared on our PlayWarframe Twitter! 5th place – 100 Platinum! Winners will be determined based on creativity used to pose the Eidolon cutout(s) in the real world! This contest starts now until October 5th at 1:00 p.m. ET! ALL PLAYERS FROM EACH PLATFORM CAN PARTICIPATE!
  7. The Casual Carousel -- going to try to cram in another frame pass before lunch
  8. Thanks For Watching Prime Time #182!

    Thanks for letting me know! Added
  9. Thanks for tuning in (sorry for the audio issues)! Platinum Winners Hydroid Prime Access Winner: drecie Fan Art Recap Megan and Danielle’s Fan Art Favourite Fan Concept of the Week RunOverRiver’s Warframe Vamp See you next week!
  10. The Casual Carousel

    back for part 2 -- gonna finish Nekros
  11. Hey all, I am sensing this conversation is moving off the rails. I am going to lock it now. We get these threads from time to time and as many of you have pointed out there isn't a perfect solution and it's a question of available resources. I ask everyone who plays Warframe to treat other players with respect and compassion. This should not be a big ask. Now that I have a bit of time, I just want to flesh out my locking comment as I see there is some "confusion" reacts going on. There is indeed a difference between using profanity and using hate speech, to equate the two is irresponsible. Given the topic of certain words with a multitude of meanings, decisions have been made based on a general principal of "lesser-evil-ism." I know this is not a perfect solution, as I said and I know that the filter can get in the way of legitimate discussion at times. However, the alternative is much worse. The argument that "this is an M-rated game and we should be able to say what we want" does not apply to people who would use this privilege to attack others based on their presumed ascribed characteristics. As I have argued before, the various chat servers are for discussing Warframe and any other kind of discussion is subject moderation. There are countless avenues you can all take online to discuss topics other than Warframe, and we try our best to make sure that Warframe and its forums are a comfortable place for all Tenno [DE]Aidan
  12. In-game Chat Suspension

    Hey Tenno, I have actually contacted support about this and I have been told that this is a temporary/new issue and that a fix is already in the works for it. For your specific case however, please be sure to include your "EE log" in tickets so that the support team can better aid you. Please follow the instructions in this handy GIF! Hope this helps! [DE]Aidan
  13. The Casual Carousel -- going to try to cram in another frame pass before lunch
  14. Danielle and Megan are continuing their Plains of Eidolon preparation by taking a trip to the original behemoth of Warframe, Lephantis! Tune in for a chance at joining their Lephantis hunting squad! PLUS, we’ve got more amazing Fan Art, Fan Concept of the week, hear about a Plains of Eidolon contest AND TwitchCon contest coming soon, and don’t miss your chance at an Hydroid Prime Access giveaway for a lucky viewer! See you here tonight, September 21st at 7 p.m. ET. Check your time zones here.
  15. The Casual Carousel

    Going to do 90m optimization stream; first people in chat get to pick which frame.
  16. Reporting the haters-

    Warframe welcomes all Tenno, and it's always very disappointing to hear that anyone is being mistreated by others in the game. I'm very sorry that this has been the case for you. The best course of action is to report these people directly to, so that they may not do it again.
  17. New "Riven Mod" tag!

    Hey y'all! I recently added a "Riven Mod" tag since they are a hot item in the Trading Post. This should hopefully help better filter all of you out there seeking out or selling Rivens! Thanks :)
  18. New "Riven Mod" tag!

    Hey y'all! I recently added a "Riven Mod" tag since they are a hot item in the Trading Post. This should hopefully help better filter all of you out there seeking out or selling Rivens! Thanks :)
  19. PS4 Hydroid Prime: Update 21.7.0 + Hotfixes

    Are you referring to the Twitch Prime promotion with the Vistapa Prime Syandana? The Prominence bundle is for PC only.
  20. Übersetzungsfehlersammelkiste

    Besten Dank! Eine kleine Anpassung wurde vorgenommen, damit sie unterscheiden werden können oder auch - Gefixt
  21. Plains of Eidolon Distances & Weapons!

    There is another thread coming soon TM on Sniper changes.
  22. Hail, Tenno! Right now, our dev team is working hard to deliver the Plains of Eidolon. But as we create and play within this open space, the change of scenery has had us looking at some of the systems that Warframe has been built upon over the last five years. One of Warframe’s biggest appeals is the diverse selection of weaponry. Even within the subclasses of rifles and pistols, there is huge variety to be found, such as the distinction between projectile weapons (firing physical projectiles which move through space, like the Boltor) and hitscan weapons (firing draws an imaginary line between the gun and the point aimed at, doing damage instantly to whatever it hits, like the Soma). For obvious reasons, hitscans are very effective at long distances - this has never been an issue with Warframe’s tileset-based gameplay, but as we shot enemies from a kilometer away in the plains with our pistols, we knew something had to be done. With the release of Plains of Eidolon, most weapons will have a form of damage falloff added, to reduce their effectiveness at extremely long distances. But don’t panic! This damage falloff will only be noticeable at extreme ranges (greater than 300m). Across all of our current tilesets, we were unable to find an unobstructed line of sight longer than 300m, so that is the point at which damage falloff will start. Even some of our largest tiles do not cover that distance corner-to-corner: Based on our assessment of all existing procedural tiles we’re extra confident that our current tileset-based gameplay will be largely unaffected. It is also worth noting that snipers will be able to fire 600m without experiencing falloff, to give them more of a purpose in this wide open terrain where long range weapons should thrive. As always, we are listening to your reactions and feedback - hope you’re as excited for Plains of Eidolon as we are! If you find unobstructed distances in our current tiles that concern you, post them here!
  23. Hey guys! We merged all threads from the "PS4 & XB1 Feedback" and "PC Feedback" subforums to the bug subforums of their respective platforms. The threads that were occupying those subforums were primarily bug reports, so we felt it appropriate to give them a new home where they have more visibility. Thanks!
  24. Rude Warfame Partners

    Hey All, Just want to leave a comment here for a number of reasons. First, I have gone through this post and cleaned up various Off Topic/Disrespectful remarks but for the most part the discussion here is healthy. That being said, I would also like to thank everyone for resisting the urge to "Name and Shame" as it defies our community guidelines. As a Warframe Community Coordinator that works closely with the Warframe Partners, this type of information/discussion is obviously interesting to me. I just want to remind people here that for specific instances of hate speech, bigotry, etc. we implore you to send reports to us through the forums so that we can take a better look into the situation. On an overarching level, the Warframe Partner program is relatively hands-off with the private lives of our Partners, however, none of them are able to espouse hate without consequence. I would also like to remind everyone that hate speech does not equal disagreement, especially on the subject of a video game. It is a real practice with real and terrible consequences. Additionally, many people here speculate towards inaction taken by the Community team in these instances. Managing the Warframe Partners is essentially a full time job in itself and requires constant feedback and communication. Just because you don't see anything happening directly does not mean discussions have not been had. Lastly, if a certain Partner's content doesn't really interest you, or you find it unappealing for reasons other than outlandish hate and virulence (sorry couldn't resist the urge to pun) then please just don't watch it. Find a Partner whose style you appreciate more, there are a whole bunch of them. Thanks Tenno, [DE]Aidan Edit: Upon being asked to clarify "hands-off" please think of it this way. So long as a partner is not espousing hate speech, we are "hands off" of anything that is not strictly related to Warframe. Again I will reiterate, we are aware of these behaviours and circumstances, we do not ignore it.
  25. Devstream #98 Overview

    Anyone playing Warframe during this time period will be able to unlock those achievements - whether they're a vet or completely new to the game. We have streamers from all over the world just within the Warframe Twitch community, including Australia, so I assure you there will be plenty of opportunities to watch and get Drops. I also want to point out this section of the FAQ post: We are still working out the final details on this, but not all Drops are achievement-linked! As for the Exclusive Sigil, I know some of them are planning on scheduling WHEN they will unlock that achievement, and I'll do my best to signal boost those times when they are confirmed. I hope this helps clear a few things up!
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