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  2. Chesa isn’t for Loot, Chesa is for support in missions like ESO, Excavation and Survival. I’m absolutely satisfied with results.
  3. Oh, uhm i would love to but that kind of effects don't depend on us ^^
  4. Grundsätzlich spielen wir alle die selbe Version von Warframe. Die Lokalisierung betrifft nur die UI. Alles was auf Englisch geht, geht auch auf Deutsch!
  5. Did you read the above post, Ced23ric ? I cant stop laughing. Im gonna die of laughter. (not the one straight above this one ; the one before yours)
  6. Ой, а что же у нас тогда в магазине продаётся? P.S. Может быть я у него в игноре, передайте. Легче. И не надо рассказывать, как непосильно тяжело создавать ключ в руины. Тогда как нужную реликвию ещё нужно нафармить. А в чём труд-то?
  7. I have done more than 60 min arbitration survivals with him, he doesn't die. Also, do you take Baruuk to Eidolons?
  8. the player base has always provided feedback , but weve come a long way from constructive criticism to being spoiled and complaining about everything lately in many rant , rage threads. its a perceived aspect of self entitlement to bash everything with or without much grounds that ive sarted to really get put off by my fellow tenno in forums. example -rage threads on trinity strega in reference to foot binding (due to small feet), oberon feyarch , no rage thread exact small feet design used in layout, as it was the artists style. both designs show it prior and only got rage on release of stregas trinity had plenty of salt on this topic and it was a perceived subjection of footbinding which it wasnt. now im not saying the topic is equal to this debate , more that people biased views can influence how they react and want view something in a way it isnt or ever was designed for. i have plenty of examples of these types of situations appearing , but the besides that type we also have vocal minority and quite majority as a player base, what you have in mind might not always be the best for the community as a whole . onto the topic of wisp in her kit /design. ect is one players started wanting to tear her apart and throw her parts onto ember like the second her powers were demoed , this was already a bad start to constructive criticism, in regards to this frame im mot saying to blindly accept everything but as we saw with khora, de has a design and theme for a frame they want to put into the game. given that they tweak and alter till that frame meets the criteria they had in mind , but the theme is the key point. ive played plenty of underpowered frames since ive started MAG , OBERON, ect when they were trash kits . i made them work as its how you play a frame and design its build that makes it function. later they get tweaks and are buffed to useful. so plenty of criticism and feedback help shape frames to reach their potential as for wisp i can already see a tactical use for and her own nitch , stealth mixed with a flared of destruction . something akin to ash . but more direct and indirect in how you apply her kit layout some base cast 1s , when approaching enemies cast her 2 in air (cloak passives) , cast 3 , when 3 afflicts cast 4 = grofit , it dosnt take rocket science she can be useful in interception spy, assassination ect as she is, its how you apply the powers. my topic of scaling isnt for pure DPS or power, its balance. weve already seen she has a glass jaw and requires 1 and 2 for surviving (probably aviator would help) , and factoring in the ability to cloak in air, would help her survivability. example frames like this are nova, banshee wisps new 3 looks to CC on hit, along with it stated scaling damage it deals to each target they afflict as they jump, using 4 to kill targets and spread this makes it very effective to wipe out groups and scale damage among them. duration, range, strength balancing will probably need to be kept in balance for this capability to be maximized i think
  9. We're back at the point where you simply don't know enough about Baruuk and how to play him to make that assessment, because if you did, you'd understand that 900 armor is worse than 200 armor with DR 90%, and you'd understand that 15% crit is worse than 50% crit, that Baruuk has a larger threat bubble with his exalted weapon, and... I'm taking to a wall. I'm not saying Excalibur is bad. He's pretty dang good. Baruuk just has superior performance in tanking, damage, reach and group support. He more than satisfies your demand for new frames being good, different, and able to go the distance. Those are facts. Disagreeing with gravity doesn't make anyone float,so at that point I'm outies.
  10. And... what are the other 30% ? Slash ?
  11. Looks like the AI doesn't know what to sometimes. Like the rooms aren't connected properly. Another video that shows the enemy chasing me. But stops the moment I enter this little room on the end. Once I go back, the enemy goes after me again. My kavat also stopped following, and could only enter the room when it teleports.
  12. No no, its not divided, its 70% slash.
  13. Lol are you serious , how it was insulting ? It's same level as said Fortuna people don't use solar cream >_<
  14. A while ago there was a contest for pets and the winner will have a skin made looking like their pet to be put in the ingame market and it hasnt happened yet from what I know, also the masks are coming soon from that mask contest but how soon?
  15. Go fight an Hydrolyst with Exca, see if you don't die. Go play some Arbitrations for more than 60 mn, see if you don't die
  16. It's not only oxium that are missing from alerts - it's many more of the resources that where part of the successful quick alert system. Instead we get the god awful no fun nightwave system to grind, but without the resources from the quick alert system. I have raised my voice against this on multiple occasions, but sadly DE does no longer listen to feedback. I don't even bother to login anymore since this asinine change was implemented without asking the gaming community for feedback. It's the Anthem team all over again busy driving this once good game over a cliff.
  17. Grundsätzlich zwei Anmerkungen: 1) Der Syandana sollte sich direkt in deinem Inventar befinden. Hier gibt es leider keine Ingame Benachrichtigung, wie das bei Twitch/Mixer-Drops normalerweise der Fall ist. 2) Regelmäßige Twitch/Mixer-Drops gibt es nur z.B. während der Prime Time Streams. Bei "Normalen" Streamern gibt es das eben nur zu bestimmten Anlässen. Beispiel hierfür ware das vergangene Event im März
  18. Seriously? Maybe... I dont recall. Like my roommate had 50 when he started. I have 400-450. After a week of playing i noticed i had 525 or so. The first jump maybe the second I know I didnt give out a code. Plus where do you even get a referral link for?
  19. Only really like their "lighter" material. I've got the All Hope Is Gone album, but never cared much for their other work. Also a big Stone Sour fan.
  20. Warframe was much more difficult years back. Every "Elite version" simply made the rest of the game meaningless. It's not always better mods that do it, sometimes it's much higher leveling rate, credit reward, or endo reward. I remember standing on boxes to avoid the infested that basically only had ancients to pull you into a sea of death. When they did it was "difficult" to survive and unless you had a team with you, there goes one of your 4 daily revives. Things got more and more silly over the years until you have what you see now. A map where the maximum level is 40, and an endless mission that scales from 60 past 100 before people leave. There is supposedly more to this game than clearing endless enemies. I would rather a day when spy, or sabotage, or assassination weren't total wastes of time. Your way only provides for people who want Space Dynasty Warriors. Warframe has the foundation to also include Metal Gear, but it is held back by endless modes being the only meaningful way to progress. We are less Space Ninjas than we are Iron Man each equipped with the Infinity Gauntlet. Your survival, your defense, your excavation will always exist in this game. It is the easiest de facto mission style. We should have the opportunity to sneak around tactically, and not be a total joke. Also, all this said, there is Nightmare for when we unlock a planet, and Arbitrations when we unlock the whole chart. Both are "Elite Modes" and Arbitrations, which are the current try so therefore farming is in progress, are all endless modes. No sneaking for the Ninjas. Reminds me an awful lot about other, off topic arguments, whereby one group of people just wants to have fun doing what they are doing, and others are worrying it is going to somehow affect how they are doing what they are doing. The best world is one where both get their way.
  21. Exalted Blade does 250 damage, divived between three types, and has 15% crit chance. Desert Wind has the same amount of damage, but only Impact, and has 50% crit chance.
  22. To what? I'm not wanking Excal's tankiness, but to what does he die to with 900 armor and 900+hp? Even without Life strike or arcanes, what kills him?
  23. But humans can't be in every chat and follow every chat. (Some chats are moving hella fast) Who would pay for all the people needed? And most things, that get punished, don't need to be said. OP's didn't have to say what he had to say. Punishing him is totally fine. The Maine Coon thing is complicated...
  24. I don't think it will happen to the extent that you are suggesting. And I don't think I want it to, either. I've learned to accept that Warframe isn't going to balance the game around end-game difficulty. I just don't see why Warframe should strive to fit the typical end-game model when we already have plenty of other FPS games that do it, such as Destiny, Anthem, Division 2, and probably the upcoming Ghost Recon Wildlands. Trying to mimic those games would change Warframe drastically and then it would just be another generic FPS. Why play Warframe over any of those other games at that point, since they'll all offer the same gameplay? And as a foot note, all the aforementioned titles are doing a games-as-service model just like Warframe, and yet despite being backed by AAA publisher and development studios, they don't retain players, and their survival still hinges on releasing sequels every 3 years. Warframe has been around for over 6 years now, and it's showing no signs of slowing down development. Meanwhile, Destiny 2 was released only 3 years after its predecessor and they still can't keep players. These other titles rise and fall, and Warframe is still here, so why risk changing the model and status-quo when clearly they are doing something right?
  25. First you say that everyone knows it's garbage then you say you want to do a movie to show its beauty. The beauty of the garbage will take like so much editing that it won't even be the same fight anymore and put the same disappointment on people who are yet to do it for their first time.
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