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  2. If the intended enemy level and thus the corresponding damage was A, but enemies were instead doing damage corresponding to a level B, why wouldn't they bring the damage down to what they should be doing?
  3. Eisdschungel

    Archwing in Orb Vallis

    Hmmm no. Archwings most popular instance atm is skywing in the big maps. Removing it would change nothing instead of making bounties take more time. The same goes for free roam. If for some reason i need to check out the corner the further Away from me, Ill Jump into the wings. Kdrives are cool for short Distance, but for stuff over 1 km i want my Blink itzal. In bounties, i want to Play bounties not Drive from a to b Simulator and in free roam it should be my Choice anyway how fast i want to go.
  4. (XB1)Dank Lord

    Coming Soon: Devstream #119!

    Can we expect you to ever address twitch drops not actually working for everyone as advertised? Spent over 20hrs on there and got 1 drop.
  5. clxrffdman

    Archwing in Orb Vallis

    Removing archwing from POE and OV would heavily remove efficient ways of transport and farming. The KDrive is there for the "cool" factor and when you're going around for fun. The archwing is for when you just want to hit that standing cap and get off. Some people hate the K Drive, and archwing might be the "cool" thing they want as well. If even after we have all of the top tier KDrive mods for speed on KDrives are signifigantly slower than archwing, then it's not archwings that need to be removed or nerfed, but KDrives that need to be buffed, but personally I would wait until we have access to the movement speed based KDrive mods to make judgement as to whether KDrives are too slow yet.
  6. Viges

    Can't invite anyone and No one can invite me

    same problem, was fine before, gg
  7. Racer24

    Orb Vallis / Fortuna 30 caves challenge bug

    I have 29/30 😕
  8. Arkhenbarn

    impossible de me connecter au jeu

    Je te recommande d'obtenir le segment amélioré pour l'Incubateur. Il permet la mise en stase d'urgence des Compagnons qui sont sur le point de mourir ; c'est pratique pour ceux qui ne savent pas quand ils vont se reconnecter, avec d'autres avantages plus qu'intéressants.

    Coming Soon: Devstream #119!

    作为一名玩家,我更倾向于当局正确放慢更新速度,以便有更多时间进行优化。 1.聊天频道不能正常使用; 2.一些任务,材料和获取方法可以通过书面简化,例如Trinity 我希望在比赛期间看到交易渠道信息。 谢谢你的阅读。
  10. On the mission in Courier Ambush where you are supposed to find dead agent bodies we were trying to decide if using K-drives cuts the animation or not - which starts when you interact with the agent where your warframe kinda crouches for a short time . After the first agent me and one of my friend, after using the K-Launcher from the gear, got separated from the warframe, as in you could control the K-Drive but not your warframe. Trying to exit the K-drive did not work. Everything went back to normal after getting killed.
  11. (PS4)whoistimjones

    Arbitration/Dedicated Servers

    While your information is new to me, that other guy is a lost cause. Dont bother. Your post was very insightful for me at least. Thanks!!
  12. (XB1)Architect Prime

    Coming Soon: Devstream #119!

    I haven't played it yet, but I find that to be astronomically unlikely.
  13. OfficerChunkles

    Revenant Sound Glitch

    happened to me too, no idea hot to fix it. and this was during a derelict mission
  14. Runeglyph

    Revenant Mission Still Bugged for me!

    The Mission to Obtain the Revenant Blueprint and the Codex Entries still won't start back up so i can't Finish the whole thing. In the orbiter quest tracker it tells me to Craft the Components but it won't matter when i have all the parts if i can't Put them Together in the end. Plus, the Codex entries i can't Collect. Please Help.

    twitch drops not working

    help ive been watching streams for multiple hours now and all the drops ive been getting were either the cache drop or the firework drop. the onky unique drops ive been getting with the lith relic,the cetus wisp and nitain extract pls its almost the deadline and i really want to get the other drops thank.
  16. CalhounMooney

    Bug: Whole thing crashes midway through the loading screen.

    Seven days, six hotfixes, and not a single feckin word on our issue. I am really out of my wits, never had a case like this where the developers leave you hanging for so long with no reply whatsoever. Looks like the flux of new players is so large, they stopped giving a feck about old loyal ones. If it is so, very feckin sad :(
  17. Wazzapedia

    Fortuna - Twitch Drops Campaign!

    Say what now? How does that figure? I thought the Glyphs were just 10 copies of the same Lotus logo. Maybe there's something I'm missing here?
  18. clxrffdman

    Forma Rank Up For Platinum

    Literally just do 4 waves of eso as buff rhino and instant lvl 30 due to the dps bois in there.
  19. Hellnar_Doombringer

    Archwing in Orb Vallis

    Can we just use the K-Drives only in the OV ? They are cool and all but it feels a bit sad when your teammates are already in the objective while you still have to go 600+ meters. I think removing archwing from the POE and OV would be cool.
  20. Oreades

    Garuda Locked Behind Heavy Grind

    She isn't even locked behind a grindwall tho, the grind isn't even that bad. The problem is how much of a wait wall she is locked behind and waiting is neither playing the game nor grinding. I've had pretty much everything to build her for the last two or three days, the only thing I've been doing has been waiting on faction reset every night. I'll finally get the final resource blueprint tonight so I'll get her parts in the oven and have her..... in another 4 days of waiting... Wooooo~ At least I'll be able to check her off my list cause honestly the whole slog to Garuda was really making me resent fortuna until I actively decided to just stop giving a hek about her. Which adds yet another decision/system that DE has implemented where my coping mechanism is to say "hek it" and just ignore it. Becaue caring about it was making me miserable.
  21. Dragoonpox

    Problemas de conexion

    Solo esperar para ver cuando tenga un buen ping con los demas? que mal...
  22. You are conveniently forgetting to mention that they also have a three time Regen and can Rez you. But it's not important, is it? As for the range, the DESCRIPTION of fetch on day one was 13.5. if it was the case or no when in gameplay, I couldn't tell. Sentinels have their own advantage, let it be that way.
  23. Asongsith

    impossible de me connecter au jeu

    Oui, j'imagine, j'espère que mon kavat va pas passer l'arme à gauche ^^ Sinon je réinstalle le jeu cette nuit bien que je pense que cela ne va rien résoudre, vu que je peux même accéder au compte de mon fils à partir du launcher de mon pc. Un mal est un mal que si on le prend mal comme disait l'autre, peut être qu'un peu de recul c'est cool aussi.
  24. (XB1)Roxasvent

    Excalibur Umbra Scarf

    I always wanted the scarf to be a detachable auxiliary, or syandana. when i deleted my excalibur (which was my starting frame) i was thinking umbra worked like prime frames where u could revert. unfortunately that scarf stays with the revert and stays with syandanas, even in archwing the scarf tries to choke him lol. It's in the way. had to get another excal.
  25. Oksanya

    Fortuna - Twitch Drops Campaign!

    I said it once and I'll say it again. I REALLY hope that players will be gifted atleast one of these warframes (slot and catalyst included), if for any reason, just as an apology from DE for how unbelievably appalling these drop rates for items we actually WANT are/as an apology for a lot of people who are not even so much as getting drops at all.
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