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  2. Negate is for a Sentinel. The game won't let a player sell the last item of a unique ability. The seller would need to have two of them in their inventories in order to sell it to someone. It's a condition for Precept Mods.
  3. Please know that while as of late I've been highly critical, I still love this game more than any other. The Second Dream will always exist as something to be remembered fondly.
  4. The problem isn't you saying it shouldn't be done, the problem is you saying bug fixing should take priority over fair representation. That's the part I'm saying you don't understand, because It shouldn't. If you're arguing about valuable development time, it wouldn't take much , even worst case scenario that the necks don't line up, less time in fact than you've spent arguing against it. And my point is, as you repeatedly say, you don't find it a big deal, thus you have no emotional investment in the subject, so why are you arguing so much against it? Would you argue against brown faces in the options?
  5. Steel path tridolon bounties give some, I may try that instead for finishing the skin. Missing 13 essences. It has been scarce yesterday and today.
  6. They are good on their own as they came well before Warframe. As DE was the developer who made these games, it is very relevant to the discussion of DE’s ability to make a good pvp game.
  7. If there is something you wish to say, please respectfully say it. Do not insult others.
  8. even after the increase to range of the gaze less then 30 meters is pointless, at that point i could use any other kitgun if it going to be 16m for the lowest range grip u can put on it idk who makes up numbers but it doesn't do enough damage to even make up for the fact it can aoe unless u do full status with heat stacking and even then, y would i use this over ignis that has a base of 27 meters? thats 11 meters more for the almost the same amount of damage
  9. Hopefully there will be some changes next week. They just cant leave it as it is if they intend for the mode to be played outside of the first run through.
  10. Every year you put on a great show and demonstrate your ambition to make the best WF can be. I can't wait to see what's next from you all. 💜
  11. Thanks, i've been going mad trying to find the entrance and ofc a mark is always in there for syndicate missions.
  12. I'm not sure but when i crouch+ jump (dash) with my warframe while having the daikyu equiped it puts the daikyu on the lower back of the warframe instead of the warframe holding it. it looks really buggy so i thought it was a bug. BTW thanks for the hard work on the game. It is really enjoyable
  13. thx good to know I thought he was supposed to come yesterday similar to the normal Baro
  14. I would like a glyph for each of the official logo redesigns used for each update.
  15. Imagine spending a lot of time doing Long Railjack mission, getting some cool Blueprints and a LOT of recources. Imagine deciding to finally go back to the Dojo. Then you realize that everything you collected just vanished into Oblivion. Honestly i dont know what else to say bout this. It exists since the release of Railjack and was never fixed (at least not for me) And yes, I know how to end a Railjack mission. But seriously, did this happen only to me or...? (it didnt just happen once, thats all im gonna say)
  16. This year's theme really reflects what I've percieved this year: the dev team listening to the community. You gave us a new warframe with its own quest, Railjack revisited and hard mode. This really goes to show that you care about us the players. Thank you for all your hard work, especially now with the added work-from-home difficulty. I'm really excited to see what you have in store for us on August 1st 💜
  17. While I support the idea of some augment mods getting merged with their warframes, I don't ultimately believe it would be healthy to "force out" a new augment for each one being replaced. Augments should be well thought out and interesting, this means time, planning, and most importantly - testing! Instead of just "replacing" augments with a new counterpart, simply refund a portion of the resources. This would be a very healthy update to bring a lot more life to many of the frames. Agreed - I believe this could clear the space for many new and interesting augments. Augments should always use the philosophy of "changing" the ability in some way instead of "strengthening" it's core stats - Nekros' [3] Despoil is a perfect example of this, altering the ability to use health instead of energy. Grendel's [4] Catapult augment, on the other hand, is a clear example of a band-aid mod that should just be merged with the ability.
  18. it has been reported as a "bug" as it seems they're in alcoves that are beyond the walls that players cannot possibly reach them. As shown here. you can squeeze really close and see them as I did, but there's no way to reach them for interaction.
  19. somehow i never have issue with energy without rage, without arcanes and with negative efficiency idk why this thread exists
  20. Hi there Previously joined the PS4 group (and still a member of this) and looking to also join the PC clan as I'm picking up this version again after leaving it dormant for some time. IGN: VilheimBlack
  21. de I like for you guys to to change to pictures icon on every update it would be cool please change it
  22. Yesterday I wanted to buy the mod [Negate]. I used trade chat and on 2 separate users I was unable to complete the trade. They invited me to their dojos. I was able to bring up my side and enter my plat but both the sellers messaged me they couldn't sell Negate. One said they didn't understand and the other that it was odd. They really didn't expand on what they encountered. Last time I traded was roughly a week ago. Any idea on why someone would not be able to sell this mod?
  23. Tennocon Relay will appear today at 11AM ET, so around 58 minutes from now. *According to the article on the official website.
  24. I have just finished a steel path infested survival with 2 squadmates (Desecrate Nekros, Vauban, Saryn). We played for 45 minutes and didn't get a single steel essence drop. Not a single one. That is ridiculous given that 10k kuva costs 15 steel essence. (Btw. 15 essence for a relic pack is a joke) Isn't this gamemode supposed to be something you want us to play repeatedly since you give us the ability fo "farm" essence so we can buy kuva for example. I didn't even get an increased amount of endo for my 45 minutes spent in this mission. I finished steel path (got all 232 nodes) and I got 4 steel essence as an eximus drop during all that time... I counted! I still need 35 essence for the operator armor and that means probably 15-20 hours of just going into a survival for an hour. I know that eidolons drop 1 essence upon death but I don't like fighting eidolons (cause 1/3 times they bug out for me) and given that they are tied to nighttime I am not able to get essence from them 70% of the time. Warframe always had a problem with rewarding drops. A lot of new modes or updates were totally fine imo from a gameplay perspective but they never really felt rewarding and thus not encouraging me to play the mode. I know the game is about grind in way but I think they never found the right balance between grind and reward or incentive. But instead of addressing that issue and trying to find the right balance they just release update after update. The balance in this mode is so off especially for kuva and the relic pack compared to the alternative ways to get them that I struggle to understand how they think this will keep me playing steel path. There are so many ways I could think off that would have partially solved this problem. Give me steel path sorties for example. Sorties are the most "difficult" content you can acces via the starchart (without having to stay in a survival for an hour) for people who have completed the star chart once. Steel Path sorties could be the same thing for someone who has "finished" the starchart twice. Same rules increased droptable (3 times the kuva/endo etc.). That means that the third sortie will have lvl 200 (100 base+100 modifier) enemies but if one of the three mission happens to be an eximus stronghold you can find a good squad and farm steel essence and get the kuva much more reliably. It still baffles me that I can get a normal steel charge as a cache reward or a normal lith relic for missions with lvl 140+ enemies. What sense does it make to increase the mission difficulty by 200% while simultaneously not increasing the rewards. Nobody (Or at least probably only 2-5% of people) who play this mode need an increased dropchance for ressources and mods. So, for the next release... can we pls make sure that your main focus is on rewards. Because I genuinely feel sorry for the artists who work on those updates who create the visuals and music etc. just for people not to play or enjoy that content because there is no reward worth chasing or it is so ludicrously grindy compared to other alternatives that players just don't bother.
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