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  2. DrBorris

    Fun or Just Essential warframes

    After his rework, I would definitely suggest taking a look at Nezha. Best part is you don't even have to farm his parts, just buy them from your Clan dojo.
  3. i got the Diffuse, Displacement,specular normal maps what app is the best for making emissive map and TInt Masks (dont have photoshop/substance painter) how do i make a emissive map and Tint masks (colour 4 channels) (give a step by step explanation i.e apps ,steps,video links etc)
  4. zombiedeadhead

    Best Elemental combination for the Hemocyte

    Use a fast firing, crit weapon, with corrosive. Don't use a high staus, high damage sniper.
  5. which update was that im curious im looking at the patch history how is EHP "destroyed" even my lack luster chroma build can take eidolon levels of punishment im not seeing anything jumpin out besides this Fixed a longstanding issue with number calculation being multiplicative. Boosts now apply before upgrades instead of after, making the ability consistent with all other damage boosting abilities. Overshields are now considered for Vex Armor. Chroma's Vex Armor remains one of the top performing damage-multipliers in the game - and it's now an aura! Instead of just being focused on Chroma, it can now benefit allies in range
  6. Fairschild

    Fun or Just Essential warframes

    My favorites frames are: Mesa - fantastic dps & hard to kill if you keep her abilities up & running Saryn - dps Goddess & currently the one frame to rule them all - except Hydroid. Also can even make room in her setup to equip powerful survival mods/augments Hydroid - Mr. Cool. Also Mr. No-S*hit;. Continue your mission, even if all your squad mates fail miserably. Also: Kill with style. Loki - Yeah, he is useful from time to time. But you won't see him much. Get it? Won't see him much.. 🤣 Rhino - omg! S - T - O - M - P
  7. (PS4)RenovaKunumaru

    Chroma Is Not Getting Reworked

    Yeah he's weaker now but weaker doesnt equate to useless. Perhaps Chroma was a bit too effective?
  8. If you can, DE, I'd like to see you try out my Oberon Prime loadout.
  9. DerSaami

    Hydraulic Crosshairs / Dex Pixia

    Following a build guide for a Titania / Dex Pixia hybrid build from July I tried to slap on Hydraulic Crosshairs to it, but the mod just doesn't show up in the upgrade screen's mod list. I double checked - it is in my mod inventory and I can attach it to other pistols. A restart didn't work either. Any suggestions?
  10. Brandt1

    Plague Star Defense Target Self Destroying

    This happened to me a couple times last night. Literally as soon as I put the thing in the mixer I got hit with a "bounty failed". The other thing that frustrates me, I run solo with Rhino. Have Iron Skin on with around 90 or so left on it. Yet I get 1 shot by something, straight through iron skin and my health.
  11. Pentrom

    unremovable display decoration

    i'm having an issues with one of my display decorations being stuck where i cannot remove or change locations of the decoration , everytime i try to do so i get a message saying failed to remove decoration , if anyone knows how to fix this please inform me
  12. poxitron

    WTS some rivens

    Please reply to this thread or message me with your offer if you are interested in any of these mods.
  13. (XB1)Skippy575

    Fun or Just Essential warframes

    If you're at Europa head back to Jupiter and get Valkyr. She's all fury and close range combat. Atlas is another good pick for close range but he's all the way at Eris, and the boss to get him is the Jordas Golem which many people don't like due to it being an Archwing fight. I also recommend Volt and Zephyr. They are located in the Tenno Lab of a Clan Dojo.
  14. (XB1)kidvette2004

    Enthrall stopping defense?

    Please fix the cephalon fragment bug
  15. RolandDischein

    Что новенького?

    Уже вообще не радуют эти праймы, у меня Миса и Некр полярены по 6 раз, я скорее дропну игру, чем пойду их прайм версии полярить. Мису же научили ходить во время ульты?
  16. davidtsudo

    Warframe Prime Time #219: Tonight at 7pm ET!

    try out my nezha "Chakrams for all" you get a chakram in the face, and you, and you, everyone gets a chakram on their face!
  17. JuicyButthurt

    Warframe Prime Time #219: Tonight at 7pm ET!

    Just my generic, default, allrounder build equipped currently, surprise me. Cannot wait to see the alert system progress, though I'll have to resort to vod on Youtube, 7PM is far too late for me unless I manage to suffer from acute insomnia tonight 😉
  18. NinjaZeku

    no reward is given

    Yeah, that'll do it. AFK = no rewards.
  19. (XB1)KayAitch

    Convectrix - what's even the point?

    I'll give that a go, though I suspect that will make its mag size an issue. Nope, still about as much use as a Nerf gun with a broken spring.
  20. Thread failed to remain respectful and constructive. Locked from further comments. Try to remain constructive and civil in the future when engaging in discussions in the future.
  21. ShiraHagane

    Chroma prime

    without serration Roar: 134 damage, Vex: 512 with serration Base damage: 132.5 damage, Roar: 355.1 damage, Vex: 594.5 FTFY
  22. Thaelyn2

    Okay now I KNOW there's something weird going on

    If my experience is any indicator, you might run a few Plague Star runs. I did enough of them (solo with no additives) to hit rank 3 with the event syndicate and got a revenant chassis no on almost every run.
  23. "Bad plat" is basically plat that has been purchased from an unauthorized source (basically everyone isn't DE themselves or the official stores of each platform) or plat that was purchased from legitimate source but there was some trouble with the transaction, such as the credit card bouncing or the buyer issuing a chargeback.
  24. Corvid

    Look what I found at a neighborhood shop

    Or you could just say it. That's always an option.
  25. RolandDischein

    Что новенького?

    Привет! Вот в отпуск вырвался, страдал последние полгода фигней с собственным сервером АРКа, но уже совсем надоело. Когда уходил тут что-то в хранилище улетало, но не помню что, мб Сарина. А что с потоками сделали? что-то ощутимое или так, напильником обработали? Вольт, вроде, и так справлялся, посмотрим. Что за святилище? Под пати или соло можно?
  26. FlusteredFerret

    Nezha Deluxe Skin has a thong

    Megan and Rebecca were VERY impressed during a prime stream, where Megan played Nezha. Particularly when the game gave them a close-up view at the start of a mission. Must've been done as a deliberate joke, as I can't image any designer coming up with that by accident and not realising...
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