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  2. I guess I'll try to address these in order. I did mention that I was content with the concepts of her 1,2, and 4. I think there is definitely room for improvement on the abilities but not really a need to completely change them (i.e. how the tribute ability works is fine, but YES, the buffs from that ability should be addressed) 1. Lantern and Spellbind are both CC but Spellbind, imho, is the better one. As an instant CC and a status immunity buff it is plenty useful and appropriate as a [1] ability. It's a toolbox ability so it may not always be used but I am glad it's there when I need it (I typically use it for status immunity). 2. Tribute buffs do need adjusting. 3. I assumed, and still assume, that the archwing changes won't apply to Titania's Razorwing. Even if they did, the ability I described is a an attack and not just movement. I would not mind having both. 4. Razorwing is a good ability. 5. All warframes can do spy missions. Some are better than others. Octavia with a boombox is better suited for sneaking than '...Titania, the pixie, the unseen.' Part of my issue if the flavor/thematic factor. She doesn't have any remarkable abilities when it comes to stealth. 6. I had considered the issue of razorflies as a stealth issue but not having a solution I left it out. It wouldn't be an issue when not in Razorwing which is going to happen because of interacting with consoles. If pressed for a solution I'd say make the razorflies reactive, that way they don't fly off on their own when trying to be sneaky.
  3. Nothing you mention there actually excludes people from gameplay or rewards. Forced-teaming content does by creating cliques that end up regulating access to the content/rewards. My understanding is that no mission will require squad link (from the Tennocon reveal) Nor will it require a squad-link-related sucess to progress, but we shall se. I think that any mechanism that ties one players rewards to another player's actions needs careful attenuation of possible behaviour modes. Warframe is very good in that, as in many cases a lone Warframe can carry a mission with other players having very few options to actively work against that. Compare other MMOs that require some balance of team-members for basic content where anyone witholding actions can tank the chance of rewards across the board.
  4. I dont think those defenders were actual defenders, I think they would be classified as loot whores. They keep quiet mostly and only get upset and frantic when there isnt any new shiny loot in the rewards, or when people threaten the current loot in some way. Other things that could describe them would be turn coats or quislings.
  5. Though there will be an intinial backlash and lots quitting if de decided to do a major balancing, it will still benefit the game as a whole in the long run, as content meant to be hard can actually be hard if everything is balanced.
  6. It's strange how often this one little bit of text here keeps getting missed in every argument suggesting something should be done about Saryn. Goodness forbid someone wants to do more than play Roomba Simulator as they hoover resources from start to finish, because a teammate is mindlessly spamming 1-2 buttons to remove any semblance of challenge from the game. And now DE finally came out and said they will be looking at Saryn. Took too long compared to how quickly they've addressed broken frames and combos in the past, but I'm glad they're finally going to address the issue. I hope that when they look at Saryn, they consider the other radial nuke frames and why people abuse them, and possibly slap on a LoS and/or range limitation so people don't just hop from her to one of them and continue pressing their "I win" button. Then it'll just leave Mesa, and I think they'll have a harder time figuring out how to address that one.
  7. i wanna know how fked up im gonna be with my melees rivens etc etc MODS :C wanna know if im gonna keep playing the game xD for a while
  8. it shouldnt get rejected unless there´s a mistake on DEs part
  9. I love how the game work, a lot of maps and options to play, honestly i can't imagine something new, the game is near of perfection with both rewards and difficulty.
  10. so its coming today or in 3 months or 9 years??? xD hahah
  11. Nah, the grenade launchers are great already.
  12. 16 Alpha With the explosion of shrapnel and void energy gone, peace returned to the space around the lumbering hulk. Though Vanda had been more or less shredded, there didn't seem to be damage too serious to the rest of the group, the combination of their distance and shielding having proved to be far more resilient than the larger than average Archwing, able to withstand what could have been called... an excessively flashy exit, for no apparent reason. That is, until the site from which the explosion had originated cleared up, revealing the form of the Nyx, motionless, none of the signals associated with active warframes presenting themselves on the scanners. It seemed that the surge of energy that had torn the hull of their target was intended to fry the systems, in order to avoid having their research stolen. A light stinging sensation prodded their minds, running a smooth path through minds shorn open by the altered Nyx's communications. Like molten silver, the smooth voice recognisable as their leader filled into their 'ears', working to soothe the pain left in the wake of the rampage. "Two things. Firstly, what the hell happened over there? Something forcibly cut the mental links I'd been maintaining with your squad by... blasting psychic interference? Secondly, prepare for the possibility of a quick extraction. From the minimal amount of information I received during the interference, there was something... else laced into the messages. They may be further targets in the vicinity, but I would prefer to not find out."
  13. Q: Did anyone bother to check the profile to see how long they've played and what they have managed to accomplish in the game? I bet it'll be informative.
  14. This is an old thread of mine, but here is my take on this. TL;DR. Doesn't matter, DE won't shake the meta because the community has a bad case of "change is bad" and the game's entire identity is subjective.
  15. Thank you Peter, for your much appreciated insight.
  16. I did not spam any abilities. You are wrong.
  17. You do NOT have to pay to go fot cert. That's a blatant fabrication.
  18. Alright, thanks for your response. I posted it on warframe.market, but didn't really used trade chat, so I'll be doing that too! Thank you!
  19. You are again not reading. How is this, your words: That different from this: The difference is, mine is a difficulty setting which people can avoid if they want. Yours is blanket change across the entire game. You demonstrate again your refusal to budge or compromise. We are done.
  20. Curious about the melee reworks affecting non-melee type mods like Amalgam Javlok Magazine Warp. Like what will the +90% channeling efficiency get replaced with, and will parrying still be a thing?
  21. I think you forgot the /s at the end of your post.
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