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  2. Hopefully we find another War bp soon! 😄 Sincerely, That Mag from the mission 😂
  3. SevenLetterKWord

    New ideas for conclave

    Curious that your "cheese weapons" selection consists of two mediocre weapons, one hilariously weak weapon, and one weapon so unpopular I can't confidently gauge how weak it is. Curious again that you complain that these weapons make it harder for new players, when they have some of the most obvious counterplay options. Let's be clear about the Simulor: The Simulor's range is tiny. Individual orbs do pitiful damage, somewhere in the single digits. The only real damage comes from combining three or more shots, which you must fire into the same area. This produces one sphere that deals DoT over a very avoidable 5-meter radius. The damage - while not to be ignored - is also perfectly manageable: 200 magnetic DPS is insufficient to kill the average frame (over a full second), and it only barely kills the lightest frame, Loki. You can run through the heart of a sphere and come out alive. Simulor shots travel slowly, gravitate slowly, and the Simulor is not a particularly fast-firing weapon, so each sphere is telegraphed by at least three or four seconds of continuous fire. Due to the gravitation effects, the user doesn't have precise control over where the final sphere is produced. Existing spheres pull in and consume new shots, but the DoT doesn't increase, so spheres cannot be stacked in the same area. The Simulor has no spare ammo capacity, meaning users must constantly chase ammo drops. Finally, the Simulor is considered an "explosive" weapon, so it does not benefit from passive reload effects. It is a weak against any opponent that has eyes. It is weak against any opponent that has ears. Getting kills with the Simulor is a consensual two-person exercise: someone has to put down an orb, and someone else has to agree to stand in it. I'm not even sure that can be considered a kill. It's more like assisted suicide. A quote from Captain Picard: "It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness. That is life." But if you lose to the Simulor, I guarantee you: you have committed mistakes. Moving on: The Staticor's drawbacks include the following: explosive weapon-type restrictions, low projectile speed, damage fall-off, charge trigger restrictions, occasional jamming bug, no ammo reserve, low damage (requiring four or five good AoE shots to kill an average frame), high charge visibility. As for the Arca Plasmor and the Castanas, perhaps you are mis-remembering them from before they were nerfed. They were potent then, but they are a rare sight now. All these weapons have the same counterplay: engage at range. New players have a chance against an experienced player wielding your so-called "cheese" weapons. New players against an experienced Latron user? A much bleaker prospect. "I want to play Paragon with Warframe skins." No comment.

    Rival to Warframe?

    So just because the Chinese government does S#&$, every single Chinese company is S#&$? Is that your logic? You do know that the American government is full of S#&$ too right, and they the US has done evil S#&$ all over the world (and at home) in the name of "democracy?" And just cuz the US does S#&$ doesn't mean that all American companies are S#&$ either. Like how stupid would that sound if I said that just because Trump got elected, every company in America supports Trump. In fact, it's more of the opposite. Many companies in China are under the stranglehold of the government, and that will change eventually as China becomes more Westernized/Democratized. It's a just a matter of time. Also, DE is not owned by a Chinese company. They took a big investment/cash infusion, but the way it was set up, DE still retains majority control of the company, maybe not in terms of actual share ownership, but in terms of governance. And TBH, most major media/entertainment companies these days are having to take investments from foreign companies (esp China) because the investors at home are unavailable due to various reasons. A lot of it has to do with changing corporate mindset in America, and for a lot of companies, esp indie studios like DE, they'd rather take an investment from a foreign entity that's just trying to bring the game into their market instead of a domestic private equity firm that's planning on selling off the company in the future for a higher price. Nobody wants to be a sellout, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Just look at Bungie and the $100M investment they got from NetEase after their split from Activision recently. Plain and simple - they need the money. Is it something to be concerned about? Hell yeah. But it is what it is. DE did what they had to do with Leyou/Multi Dynamic. Personally, I really wish that they could've gotten support from a local media investment firm that's committed to actually building smaller companies up and helping them, but hey, it is what it is.
  5. fr4gb4ll

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.8

    yeah, great.... how about we get more space for the rivens? i would even pay double for it... seriously, i want one riven for every weapon there is, so 90 is far small an amount.
  6. ChaoticEdge

    Zaw and Kitguns need more customized

    So true...I had my nikana zaw doing weird thing while I am in the changing pod thing...its making 2 sheath of the zaw's sheath...😑 I can see your point but its better to remind them instead of coming up later being late.
  7. (XB1)Tatakai no Kami

    Need an option to report/ vote to kick moochers

    Please show me this record.
  8. (XB1)Tatakai no Kami

    Need an option to report/ vote to kick moochers

    When you make a solid argument I will pay attention, as yet none have been made. When you consider that a valid option in a Co-op game is to only play solo to avoid leechers, then it is clear there is a big problem that needs to be addressed.
  9. wither you like it or not word an't is a slang word, its not illegal use it everywhere. You forgot the grammar is broken because though out time you been living good neighborhood and not down in the hood which people back in the old days where medieval english weren't that great either and their way of talking is way harder to say even thou their description of the word of knight as in night for they don't say that word they say nn-ighaat and it was hard enough for me understanding that languages of medieval day. If you had issue with people with broken grammar deal with your own people who started with faults grammar evertying even the texter who use bf and so on list to be. Its pointless because you claim all great which its waste of time and your just wasting everyone else time that you wanted perfect grammar like some college teacher when people don't need put best for the crowds that going hear a speech from a rock concert and don't need longer speech to hear it. If you going be grammar slapping people I could slap you pressing soo much space for hitting that enter button with that every-time. So sit their look your own issue instead complaining to me and being salty. Now
  10. FreyjaFX

    TimeZone "Respect" For Players

    Ya know what - yesh - it was/is salty - because I'm originally from NYC - meaning East Coast, if nothing else (have at it here - FlameSuit ON). Living and working on the LeftCoast - I see companies have workerbees at work at 6am to cover the East Coast - yet even multi-billion companies, like Proctor and Gambol, HQ'd in NYC, close their customer phones at 5pm eastern time. So yeah, I've gotten a little salty over EST vs PST. And if I refer to "My Timezone" - it's only in the sense of a continental inclusiveness given the coasts - not that "my timezone is better than all others" - simply due to the nature of the traditional NA situation. And yeah, tasty salt on PB - awesome ❤️
  11. DeMonkey

    TimeZone "Respect" For Players

    That's your common sense telling you it's a bad post, and not to post it. Shame you didn't listen to it, or make any attempt to make the post better. You have something here, something that could be a constructive post, but it's mired in the salt, the devbashing and the abhorrent arrogance. Regardless however, so far as I recall the only rewards gotten by being somewhere at a certain time are the Devstream rewards, and like I said, just leave the Twitch page open and logged in on your computer. Or run it on your phone in your pocket or something. There are, as far as I'm aware, ways around this.
  12. birdobash

    Switch motion control idea

    Yes pls, motion controls when not aiming makes me a little motion sick 😛
  13. gaaraplayer

    Coming Soon: Devstream #122!

    ok, so just wondering... is neffy going be a boss battle? or is sarge here to stay?
  14. Beartornado

    Rival to Warframe?

    Go have fun OP, I hope Anthem isn't just another soulless cash grab from EA. Sounds like you've had your time and then some in Warframe, everyone moves on from a game eventually.
  15. (XB1)Tatakai no Kami

    Cetus Sortie Freeroam

    No, and no. It's all explained in my first post. Not sure how that was unclear to anyone.
  16. Volinus7

    New freee roams worlds ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    vvvvvvv ^^^^^^^
  17. birdobash

    The game's outdated horde-shooting mechanics are showing

    I think a simple but effective change would be to make mobs take scales damage at lower levels, basically how it works in destiny 2, if you're overpowered for that enemy level the damage you do scales down accordingly to the maximum possible on that mob so you don't one shot them with no regard, but damage doesn't scale down if enemy levels are higher than your light level and gear level, basically your maximum hasn't hit their maximum. Basically what I'm saying is the balance of damage vs health in warframe is a very lopsided scale, you either deal overkill damage on lower level enemies or you don't deal enough to kill in reasonable amounts of time on higher enemies. There is a very small window of levels where enemies actually feel like they're in respectable kill time but not overly meatshielded, and that is a fundamental flaw of enemy level scaling along with armor and damage from weapons. This would make lower levels feel less trivial, and hopefully some balances to armor and enemy scaling in general will be fixed alongside this so enemies don't become gods of one shot after a certain level or become basically invincible.
  18. El problema ya esta resuelto, pueden cerrar el hilo cuando deseen. Un saludo.
  19. cxll

    TimeZone "Respect" For Players

    Tell us, @FreyjaFX if you were to host a stream, would you do it when you have free time or when someone across the world, that is awake solely at a dead hour of your time, finds a window in their schedule?

    Rival to Warframe?

    Good point. I think the growing fear that a lot of people have about Chinese companies gaining a foothold in a lot of businesses is indicative of a more political conflict that is on the horizon. The truth is that China is the future, like it or not, and people who say that "I won't buy this game cuz it's China bruh" are going to be hardpressed to find something that some Chinese company hasn't invested in. I'm not saying that it's not an issue but it's something people are going to have to get used to.
  21. Eterud

    End Game and Helpful Solo Exp Farm

    Yes and No, I think the entire game is revolving around solo players atm (except for Eidolons/orbs) That being said: I would love more group content, where you really need a group working well together to beat. But Adding some more hardcore solo content is a nice addition as well. That being said: Solo XP farm isn't that bad, if you use the tools available. (Naramon 's 40% affinity boost when killing with melee weapons etc, or spy missions etc.)
  22. FreyjaFX

    TimeZone "Respect" For Players

    I knew I was gonna regret this post... 🤦‍♀️ Sigh...
  23. (XB1)GearsMatrix301

    TimeZone "Respect" For Players

    Oh man I love Himalayan salt, especially on peanut butter. They archive all the streams so any of them can be rewatched.

    Rival to Warframe?

    As far as DE is concerned, they got out of you what they needed. Very few games boast that kind of player time. No player is expected to stay forever. It's a cycle. As a long as each player earns their keep and pays their dues in-game, DE has everything they need. I hope you enjoy the lootboxes in Anthem. How exactly is DE not listening to their players? The only thing I see DE cultivating is the expansion of the game's systems and its ability to rival other top-tier triple-A titles like Destiny (and yes, Anthem). And with that expansion comes increased grind and such yes. But cmon bro, you're going to say all that and completely ignore that DE is coming out a #*!%ing RAILJACK this year? Tell me what game out there is going to boast of a ground-to-sky fluid mission system with space battles? Certainly not Anthem! I wish you the best bro. But whatever you do remember this: the $$$ you spent on Warframe served a good purpose. It helped a small studio grow into a powerful indie game studio that's making a F2P game that puts most AAA titles to shame. You helped an underdog. But the money you spent on Anthem didn't do anything but line EA's pockets with more money so that they can do more stupid S#&$ like Battlefront II, Andromeda. Battlefield V, and whatever else they choose to #*!% up in the coming years. And believe me - Anthem is going to be exactly the same stupid S#&$. Mark my words. Nothing lasts forever, but remember that once you leave Warframe you'll be hardpressed to find anything like it (unless Bungie gets their S#&$ together and creates a persistent universe Eververse game).
  25. DeMonkey

    TimeZone "Respect" For Players

    Have you read your post? The one thing it doesn't lack is salt. Then maybe your post actually needs to be about that, instead of the salty tears of "you're not respecting other timezones". That at least could be constructive. As for "not my personal timezone", make your mind up. ^ "my timezone". Jeez, you really really need to re-read your opening post. "DE don't respect other timezones, I want DE themsleves to respond to me because I'm so special." Salt, it's all salt.

    Specters not behaving as they should

    i have been in multiple games with cypher and have also noticed all his specters never behave as they should instead stopping at random points in the game an not moving until we extract this is honestly a waste of resources and ruins the game for not just cypher but the community as well that would see no real point in throwing a specter out that stays in one place.
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