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  2. Damn, everything is online nowadays. lol Back in my day you needed the software on your computer to do any work like that. Give it 5 more years and we'll just be logging into our windows or ios operating systems online, or we download it from the cloud each time to use.
  3. Sadly they made him "boring" by nerfing 2nd (GoL) and upgrading 4th (Vast untime, time freeze). Probably lots of people just use high Dur/strength & low efficiency and just GoL+VU. and maybe some Gaze and/or Helminth ability. People used GoL to disarm enemies but probably most of them don't like negative duration. If you want to use GoL more (to disarm enemies) then you cannot use VU. Void status is not great. It can prevents headshot (e.g. your teammate proc Void on body part so in most cases you cannot do headshots). More damage is ok but is it noticeable? The lost (3rd) is cumbersome to use. It's hard to change abilities mid-fight. You can switch tap/hold but it doesn't change too much. Void beam (of 3rd) is super expensive for low-level enemies (just killing costs 75) and it's little slow. For stronger enemies it's ok. Accused enemies can be killed by you and cost too much for what it does. Gaze is, I would say, good. It might need 200% strength for full armor strip (for some cases). In my Xaku play I rarely used more than 1 ability from 3rd. I Accused enemies from time to time to get some break. Vast untime is 2 things. Bad features and features that could be added to other abilities (not even to Xaku's). Sprint speed is not noticeable. I heard it's bugged. Slowness requires lot of strength (200% for 50% slowness). Constant recasting to proc another enemies. Void vulnerability is the same. It's not great when you want just put other abilities on freeze. 75% is not great on it's own. It could be increased to near 100% but it's boring style. You either let everything kill with GoL (pet's mod deactivates on most attack) or require you to spam Heavy attack for every 6 second (afair) and requires 3 mod's slots. I love Xaku's 4th design but I cannot use it because it cannot be like Loki.... but it's ok to be aimbot. And what kind of augment it will get? Just what I love (lot of sarcasm ahead) about Xaku: Cycling 3rd sub-abilities! I'm Excited! I remember lot of fun with pre-last-nerf Xaku: running in Skeleton form, sometimes on fire, with mustache, disarming enemies with GoL or Void status. Now I need something with some quick ability to use while my GoL is on cooldown. It's nice gameplay but less fun than pre-nerf Xaku. ps. I guess I ranted too much.... but maybe some stuffs may be good for others. (about 4th slowing) You need pretty high Strength to get enough slowness. Base slowness is very low (25%). I think with ~200% strength you would start seeing results. Another stuffs is it's not an aura but an action that slows enemies near you. Enemies can die or new enemies (not slowed) can appear. Last but not least is horrible effect intensity. With low settings you may not even see "slowness" effect on enemies.
  4. Right. This is why I clarified. Look at the original post, my dude. The guy is asking if empowered adds 50% of the modified value. In their example they ask if it means 200% sheet strength becomes 300% after using empower (200+50% of 200).
  5. 以后你会发现集团声望基本就是用来浪费的
  6. I apologize if this is a known issue, tried searching with keywords but got no results on it so I'm making a post. As the title describes Merulina for some reason breaks the lifesteal of weapons, but it still works for damaging abilities. I've showcased this in the video linked below. Not much else to say besides hopefully it can be fixed soon.
  7. That's... literally how Empower is calculated. They're both additive.
  8. The Wisp Coven Skin got my interest for my next Wisp FashionFrame! That style fits so well with her! Also can't wait to get my hands on the Eklis Syandana and that Protea Skin as well!
  9. Four wisp skins feels a tad excessive considering some frames still only have one.
  10. Honestly? No idea if it was me but it doesn't sound like something I'd say today. I've been running high damage and low duration for literally years now, not sure I'd ever venture into a build that has the bubble that big.
  11. Might be a bad connection - my laptop wifi card went bad and I thought it was my gpu or something sometimes my connection would drop from groups or kick people joining my mission & the login screen would time out, it would take a few tries to login Ended up just buying a usb wifi for ~13 bucks and it fixed it
  12. 100% Confident. They said at Tennocon 2020 moving forward they will "Ship what we show" They said 2021 at Tennocon this year. So I expect that they will keep to that schedule. They've gone silent because anything they show will very likely be spoilers so expect them to stay silent until they launch it. I predict late November early December. What they could be working on: The warframe, they only showed one drawing of it at Tennocon so they could likely be working on that while polising the quest.
  13. For what it's worth, I've been told recently that most people who hear about me say I sound like a nice person. I just try to be polite, though admittedly I may come across a bit acerbic during online interactions. In game I don't interact much, but if I find myself matchmaking with a new player, I will offer to help them with anything they're confused and/or struggling with.
  14. Acolytes are immune to Viral procs because DE made Viral too strong.
  15. Никто не в курсе, потому что абилка мертворождённая. По-факту я вообще без понятия... Может в ренже нет ничего, может у тебя цвет абилок стоит что не видно и ещё 100500 причин подобного плана. Это может быть как баг, так и не баг. Там скорее вагон и маленькая тележка недоработок, из-за которых надо либо вообще реворкать абилку, либо обновлять чуть ли не с нуля.
  16. This is because Galvanized Shot doesn't apply to part of the calculation. It doesn't apply to the part outlined in red
  17. Can't wait for the Protea skin! Love that style on my Nyx and Nidus as well
  18. Ensure you are trying to login to the game from the correct launcher. Best method to log in to warframe is through Steam IMO. Steam has all of the Tennogen stuff that isn't available through other PC launchers. If you still can't login through Steam (or epic) contact support.
  19. Yesterday
  20. No you're not correct. Empower adds a flat 50% to the total power strength. Not 50% of your current power strength. It is a flat number. If you have 200 it goes to 250.
  21. I grabbed the Banshee Prime official video from https://www.youtube.com/playwarframe, I dropped the video link into https://giphy.com/create/gifmaker and added the caption. Sometimes I use https://ezgif.com/ to manipulate existing gifs.
  22. Deimos enemies are the toughest, period. Lvl 100 and above Deimos enemies are kind of what I’m looking for. Lvl 100 thumpers as well. Unpredictable, different ability types, not just increased level and durability.
  23. No worries Corey, let's hope the new war becomes the best quest update yet.
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