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  2. Huh? Asinine? Really? If anything, I'm glad DE got rid of alerts because now I don't need to pray to Nuffle for alerts showing up not at "stupid-o-clock" (ie when I'm at work/sleeping/etc)
  3. Well spotted. Even if he'd been playing every single day for the last 6 years, that equates to over 1,300hrs a day. But more seriously, I think anyone thats sunk several thousand hours into the game will be getting just a teensy bit bored. Only thing to do at that point IMO is to amuse yourself with other games and wait until the next major update.
  4. I think there's a free bundle thing you can "buy" in the store that includes Platinum.
  5. Да, очень просто. Миссии на Плутоне не отличаются особой сложностью, а корабль прилетает регулярно. А если делать акцент на новичков, то для них есть более полезные фреймы, чем Тринити. Про покупку модератора - поподробнее пожалуйста. И да, разве покупка не является получением? И чем покупка прайм фрейма за платину отличается от покупки обычного за платину?
  6. Shouting "No!" isn't an argument. It's not like the numbers are made up. You can check this yourself. You need to divide personal preference from factual discourse. As long as you're defending Excalibur like he's your child and we're all mean bullies, you won't engage in meaningful debate. Excalibur has lower sustained damage than Baruuk, is less tanky and has only marginal to non-existent team support. He's a good frame, he works well, he's got some gnarly builds and does a good job at the killing thing. Just not as good, per aspect or overall, as Baruuk. You already conceded the tanking point. You conceded the support point. You know you can't bring Excalibur Umbra to Eidolons, either. You can try to hold on to the last vestige of assumed superiority, damage, but even there Baruuk got poster boy beat. It's a matter of crit chance, crit chance modifiers, stance and threat bubble. Ignorance isn't a sin, it can be easily be remedied with learning. But if ego and personal predisposition gets in the way, that ignorance becomes willful, and that's a whole 'nother beast. It's like people saying Mag is trash. She's not, and those three remaining Mag mains know it fully well. But pssst. The less props know how strong Baruuk - or Mag - are, the less play them, the less they show up in DE's metrics, and the longer they can stay in their positions of power.
  7. What? What do slash procs have to do with anything?
  8. which you cant see unless you hunt out the stats, and thats only for those that know the scores even exist.
  9. I didn't even notice that one lol 3 Million hours, and people say my 1.7K are ridiculous...
  10. MAY 16 UPDATE: Good afternoon, Tenno! Next week is our more realistic launch week. We wouldn't be able to deliver and iterate on a build with the time remaining this work week. We will bring everything to the finish line Friday, take the weekend, and come out swinging next week. As an FYI, the studio is closed Monday for a Canadian Statutory holiday (another huge factor in pushing to next week)! So you'll hear from us Tuesday. By now you've got a good sense of what's coming (and maybe a few surprises remain), competitive clans have the information they need to start their rosters, and more
  11. This is where I stopped reading. Also, DE never reads anything in General Discussion, ever. Maybe 1 or 2 people take a look once a year, but that's it. But to solve your problem: Take a friggin' break, then.
  12. Далеко ходить не буду, остановлюсь на Тринити. Желаю Вам удачи в фарме маяков, это очень просто, а главное совсем мало времени займёт. У новичка. P.S. Купить можно даже модератора, толк то от этого какой? Разговор шёл вроде бы о получении, а не о покупке, нет?
  13. Yeah... Slash Status procc scale well.. but that just meaning you don't one shot them.
  14. Every one would feel tired after playing 3 million hours to a single game
  15. By far, yes it is. Don't worry, I've even gone about stealth farming. SO and ESO are still orders of magnitude faster.
  16. Im going to be logically honest here. The mods dont sound that appealing, love the the look of the new weapoons. proud that they didnt put wisp behind another useless game mode that everyone is gonna play for maybe a week - defection im looking at you and the stupid harrow part you refused to drop- the boss fight doesnt sound that bad, i cant say that im a fan of the nyx deluxe have to see it in person on the game with my colors. f2p is great because it prevents accounts from being banned for someone elses stupidity. Ie tainted or bad plat. overall exitement for this is about a 6/10. But until i get my hands on the update cant say for sure im even going to like it, heres to hoping.
  17. Don't pay attention to that , i think i'm not the biggest troll here.
  18. Take out my Zaw and slice through them, I mean, I'm not gonna die to infested enemies anytime soon? Also, Running out of energy in Arbitrations is not a thing, because Hunter Adrenaline exists. I mean, I still don't get arguing that Baruuk does more damage, when Chromatic Blade basically made Excalibur as the single hardest hitting Warframe in the game a long time ago.
  19. I shall save this for future use thank you
  20. I'm at this moment lvl 3 mastery. 3 years ago I was 0 because I didnt know how to increase it lol. Normally I have a strick no purchase clause when it comes to games, especially if things can be farmed. But I can't recall back then so maybe. But I can guarantee I didnt this time. Does being a PlayStation plus member get you a bonus sometimes? If not I havent the foggiest.
  21. Взаимно? Что триня, что нова выбиваются легко. Благо в отряде может быть аж целых 4 человека. Экви - ещё проще, причём совершенно не важно, что там чуть больше частей. Лимбо чудесно выбивается по квесту. Эш - всего лишь вопрос времени, а выбивать можно хоть на тех же перебежчиках. Вопрос времени, а не трудности. Итак, повторю вопрос: в чём труд-то? P.S. И да, обычных можно купить за платину.
  22. Sorta agree, wished he stayed as tanky as he was but only if he wasn't completely immune to abilities and status. And by extension most other enemies like that are also not fun to fight.
  23. So every time someone cracks a joke that they don't need to say we should just ban them and they should just be okay with that?
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