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  2. Nekothika

    C'est quoi ce truc ?

    Tout est dans le titre, c'est quoi cet espece de vague rouge qui apparait seulement sous certains angles, toujours dans le coin de l'écran ?
  3. RWBY-WhiteRose

    Learn to ABC

    D for Draco. Wish I could have farmed xp there.
  4. kinrest

    Nerf my guns but don't nerf the enemies!

    Personally, I kind of want the open worlds to be for more advanced players. I kind of wanted them to be accessible only after you've completed the star chart. Have POE and Fortuna be mid-tier levels, and then have later open worlds increase in difficulty. However, DE's objective for these open worlds was to try something new and unexpected, and to bring in new players. Doesn't make sense to go through the trouble of developing and advertising these new open worlds if the new players can't access them right away. (However, I think new players should complete the star chart first and get a handle on the game's mechanics before being overwhelmed with the open worlds.) Since DE made the open worlds accessible to new players right away, they have to make the damage dealt by enemies be appropriate for their level. In my ideal world, DE would simply increase the level of the enemies but keep the same damage output pre-hotfix. But I don't make the rules here. My opinion on the self-handicapping to get a challenge: Smh. Why am I spending all this time grinding for mods, forma-ing my frames and weapons, leveling them multiple times over, only to not use them??? I might as well just stick with my level 10 volt and braton then to get a challenge. The game ENCOURAGES acquiring new tools of destruction, and making them really good! I want to feel like I am the best I can be (and I mean the "best" to your personal standard, not necessarily min-maxing meta standard), and still feel like I'm being put through a challenge. If you want to handicap yourself, go ahead, you do you! But it just feels so counter-intuitive to me, and I don't want to not use the stuff I've worked hard for. Regardless, the "nerf" will remain. Hopefully, there will be arbitration bounties in the future to satiate those who crave something harder than the top-tier bounties.
  5. Tealkenn

    Mag Ferro Skin's Helmet

    Mag's Ferro helmet seems to make the energy color darker than what was shown to me on the energy screen. The energy color I used was the default energy color for Mag which ended up showing darker.
  6. FreeWilliam

    Coming Soon: Devstream #119!

    Fortuna is awesome and Garuda is all kinds of fun, but 10% Power Strength Rumblers are still Insufficiently Smol. You'd double the amount of Atlas mains (from at least four counting me!) overnight!
  7. LostEpoch

    Eidolon Timoralyst [More Art Added!]

    Thank you! Eidolon is just the term used to describe damaged Sentient units, not from any particular Sentient. The word itself means ghost or spirit. I'm just using the same concept for the Timoralyst as DE is using for the flying eidolon on Jupiter
  8. Lime12387

    Revenant Glitch

    Revenant's head when you turn looks really unnatural, please see images included. Imgur link. This bug happens anywhere, even in spaceship. I first encountered this bug before the Fortuna update. But I didn't report it as I thought that this bug was know and be dealt with, in the Fortuna update. Thanks, ~Lime.
  9. Loviam

    Building a Gaze Kitgun?

    I went With gaze Ramble zip. Shreds everything it touches
  10. Yesterday
  11. Kyoresh

    TRACK AND TRANQ, Can't get it right

    did you by any chance play volt? there is a bug with his passive. small slightly blue glowing animal foot prints. they are stupidly hard to see.
  12. (PS4)m0rtr3k588

    Vault unavailable on PS4 Brazil

    Sorry because IDK if this is the right forum but ever since yesterday the option to buy the Vault Unsealed pack isn't available to buy on the PSN. At first I thought it was Summer's Saving Time going on and it may have had an effect but I went to the store again today and still nothing. Is this some kind of bug? Are others experiencing this?
  13. Kyoresh

    Credits for Fortuna! Found Them!!

    and so did the ca. 1000 other that posted this before ^^
  14. BansheePrime

    "Steal from the Rich...and Give to the Needy!"

    Me. Since I somehow ran out of credits to give to Ticker.
  15. Bonsoir, Je suis nouveau joueur moi aussi et je souhaiterai intégrer votre clan si possible. IGN : Enkiyr Merci d'avance et à bientôt j'espère ! PS : Daturawar, toujours là pour inviter des membres depuis 2014... Respect.
  16. Voltage

    "Steal from the Rich...and Give to the Needy!"

    I steal billions from Nef Anyo, and Ticker can have a few thousand. 🙂
  17. Infinity_Blade_Darknes

    Додзё и Клан

    Зашёл в додзё вижу всё что меня беспокоило это не иследованная гема был теневой клан но 15000 образцов мутагена я никак не мог нафармить. В результате понизил клан до призрачного выжал все соки из людей альянса которые помогли с образцами мутагена и немножко дофармив нужное количество поставил на кравт оружие Гему. Раньше я спокойно мог понизить клан и повысить обратно правда условие ещё раз понизить было в то время 30 суток. Что теперь я вижу 2 месяца ждать из-за одной Гемы для призрачного клана вы считаете это нормальным? Я не могу набрать людей в клан так как нету места, нету места потому что нельзя повысить клан. Уже начинает пропадать желание играть и донатить в эту игру если такие штрафы вы кидаете игрокам. Мы игроки донатим что бы приносить себе интерес к игре. А из-за таких штрафов как ,,нельзя повысить клан пока не пройдёт 2 месяца с текущего понижения" угосает интерес. После того как попытался ещё раз поставить теневые казармы их вообще убрали из списка. Надеюсь взаимовыгодного решения данной проблемы.
  18. Kuratte

    Login Fail, check your info

    I've reset my password so many times, restarted steam, restarted warframe did everything i could. I literally redownloaded it yesterday after having this bug months ago, and it worked finally, AND NOW IT IS TELLING ME MY INFO IS WRONG. IT IS NOT WRONG. What on gods green earth do i have to do to play this game which i have put many hours into.
  19. TenDen

    TRACK AND TRANQ, Can't get it right

    explain follow the tracks, I don't see anything resembling animal tracks near the poop
  20. TheDandyLion

    Coming Soon: Devstream #119!

    With Melee 3.0 coming up, can we get a new holding position for Heavy Blade swords when they are equipped? The current animation looks like we are carrying a flag. I would like something with a little more flair.
  21. Sleepuinox

    "Steal from the Rich...and Give to the Needy!"

    Brb, let me do just that.
  22. (PS4)wulvyrn

    Coming Soon: Devstream #119!

    Could we get an appearance option to uncheck to take off prime features. I'd kill for a hydroid prime running about with a liberty shirt look! Any word on the kubrow appearance update? I should have sent in pictures of my husky!
  24. Loza03

    "Steal from the Rich...and Give to the Needy!"

    Not me, but then again I already went to the Index a bunch of times over the double-credits weekend so I've siphoned off a lot of funds already. And spent a bunch on the Debt Bonds.
  25. xethier

    PoE Cave Access

    i see you couldn't refrain. oh well. thanks for not helping this discussion.
  26. Echogenetic

    Fortuna - Twitch Drops Campaign!

    I'm gonna have to agree with the sentiment that these drops are way too low. Let's say that someone really wants Nidus, and has the streams running for 5 days straight. This means that they have 120 drops. The chance of this happening is obviously related to the chance of it not happening: 0.998120=78.6% Again, that's the chance of it not happening. The chance of them getting it after 120 drops would be 21.4%. This means that 78.6% of players are getting disappointed. That's unacceptable. Now let's say there's a bit of selection bias in the amount of people who are coming here to the forums and say the actual chance is are some numbers: 0.5% chance: 45% of players get it, 55% of players disappointed. 1% chance: 70% of players get it, 30% of players disappointed. 30% might not seem too bad, but these are the people who got every drop for five days straight. On a 1% drop rate with 60 drops you'd get 55% of players disappointed. I don't really mind, personally, but I do agree with you guys that it's wrong; you don't want a large portion of players feeling disappointed after doing something like this. And to be honest, I kind of expect the drop rates to mysteriously increase for the last day. Once people get what they want the likelihood of them inflating twitch numbers goes down, so ideally they stick around until the last day to finally get what they want. That inflates the twitch numbers, and that's good for business.
  27. ant99999

    Archwing in Orb Vallis

    Tbh I never understood the point in boards. They are in any way possible worse version of archwing, and I gues should be used just to look cool. Why remove more efficient fast traverse method in favor of less efficient one though?
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