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  2. DogManDan


    You account exists if you are here posting on the forums!
  3. Fallen_Echo

    Phantasma and Mirage

    The firerate and the multishot is needed to put out as much projectiles as possible, the negative speed is only there to fasten the whole crashing process. I too agree, in cases like this the problem comes from the overblown weapon effects. Its not a frames fault that something was designed in a way that it eats up memory.
  4. Elite Alerts sound fun 🤔
  5. Gnlstorm

    Network Not Responding?

    are u sure is everyday? pls watch your comment.... dun get pissed for a small issue be patient
  6. (XB1)Jherion 4ord

    XB1 Mask of the Revenant: Update 23.5.0 (+ hotfixes)

    I don't have any primes how do I farm them and where sorry I off topic
  7. Omega-Shadowblade

    nature of security breach on warframe servers

    Source, or you're just stirring up people.
  8. kylaksqw123

    Что новенького?

    Ну у нее есть какой то кап. То ли на макс урон спор то ли на количество мобов которые этот урон повышают. Но в любом случае чем дольше враги живут тем больше они получают. Причем урон одинаковый у всех спор и спадает постепенно (Если споры не висят на врагах) К несчастью из за этого она перестала быть "королевой качалок".(слишком слабые враги умирают слишком быстро что бы накачать урон) Но банши вполне справляется вместо нее. Ну тебе то еще их прокачать надо будет)))
  9. FlusteredFerret

    Network Not Responding?

    Now working for me. Was able to log in and complete my MR8 test. 😎
  10. Eirshy

    Sacrifical pressure

    What bugs me is that the other set mods aren't set mods and really shouldn't even be called such. Yes they all claim to be and have an effect that "scales" to the number of "set" mods you have. But in actuality the mods are simply: +x% stat 1 per rank +y% stat 2 flat That's not a set mod, that's a mod with a static secondary effect. Umbral and Sacrificial are proper set mods, where individually they're mediocre (albeit, r10 primed tier for net stats), but they get stronger if you run more of them. That's how set items are supposed to work- they're supposed to encourage you to use all of them by giving you something for running multiple of them. As is, the only Vigilante mod you ever see used is Armaments. Augur is riding on the fact that Message, Reach, and Secrets are all individually VERY GOOD mods, with Augur Pact being at least useful. Gladiator.... is outclassed by Primed Fury and the cost-5 nature of Drifting Contact. And Hunter... Hunter is just like Augur in that Adrenaline, Recovery, and Synergy are all very good on their own, while Munitions is godlike. With Umbral, on the other hand, I'm encouraged to go for a health/armor build if I"m using Umbral Intensify, because that gives me even more power strength.
  11. HawkeThePanda

    Login Issues

    Not sure I'm posting this in the right place but I went to forma my ignis wraith and the game froze then logged me out, when I tried to log back in it said my info was wrong and after a few attempts with the right info not working it locked me out so I had to change my password and now its saying "SORRY, TOO MANY FAILED LOGIN ATTEMPTS FOR YOUR ACCOUNT. THIS IP ADDRESS IS TEMPORARILY BLOCKED. TRY AGAIN LATER" and there's no number for me to call and you have to login to submit a ticket so what do I do now?
  12. GinKenshin

    Fortuna help?

    take a few days off from work/life, that's pretty much the only thing you can prepare for
  13. Airwolfen

    nature of security breach on warframe servers

    Breach... where? o.O from what info source? FYI: a log in server going down under pressure has NOTHING to do with getting hacked. Its just that, a server going down under pressure.
  14. RolandDischein

    Что новенького?

    Воу, то есть, никакого убергринда с шансом 0,0000000%, а гарантированная выдача по квесту? Я точно в ВФ вернулся?
  15. Airwolfen

    Fortuna help?

    Well as it is plains like it will probably use its own resources and syndicate. so cant really prep for that.
  16. GinKenshin


    just wait for official DE response, it's not just you so don't worry check the 'latest staff replies' often
  17. (PS4)watermargin101

    Enthrall stopping defense?

    I had phantasma, an enthralled nox (possibly others too) and did not kill the enthralled and the wave did not end - I killed myself with the phantasma and immediately the wave spawned and the session continued as normal through to completion.
  18. SenorClipClop

    Nezha Deluxe Skin has a thong

    Hey man, dudes can have sexy booties too.
  19. Kialandi

    HOST CLIENT dependecies needs to STOP ASAP!

    You obviously don't realize how expensive dedicated servers are. Also you would like even more (possibly failing) host migrations? Seriously?
  20. (PS4)The-AngryMan

    Chroma Rework Idea. Elemental God Dragon

    All great ideas. Too bad DE doesn't seem to care.
  21. (PS4)Chel-El

    Look what I found at a neighborhood shop

    Here’s a bit of cancer history: When cancer-prevention advocates did their ads and political lobbying to show cigarette relation to lung disease, Corpus like tobacco companies kept obfuscating facts to hide the cause. So much so that the warnings you see are now tampered by their cohorts to sound less serious. Someone mentioned karma, don’t be getting bad karma now by obfuscating the good work done by/for the good guys.
  22. Ada_Wong_SG

    What constitues a good teammate in your opinion?

    I 'main' Trinity, since any other frame kind of make it harder to support. Many people's idea on Trinity is that she lacks the killing capabilities, so "Carry Support" or "Berserk Healer" is my main style of playing. I usually try to keep at least 40% overall team damage but sometime Ember, Saryn and Banshee beat me to it. I don't have much expectation on my teammates, since I look upon them as candidates requiring my support, including killing the enemies as a healer. Here are a list of things I try to do while playing. 1) Teammate's information displayed all time, their HP, Shield and Energy. This is mandatory for me using Trinity, the only drawback is I don't have their companion HP and Shield info. 2) EV and Bless - before teammates ask for it through observation of teammate's information. 3) Energizing Dash when EV cannot be done, when a Saryn is nuking out the map there could be no target to EV. 4) Wait for teammates in elevator. 5) Kill all enemies, DPS and nukers will need to compete with my Corinth since that would 1-2 air burst any group under level 50. 6) Team up in spy vault, do not solo, sometime I messed up, sometime teammate need help, soloing spy vault increases risk of failure unless you using Ivara or Limbo. 7) Protect the Host - the "number 1" displayed in squad info, host quit = host migration = messed up game. Host priority will override other teammates when saving/ healing/EV is concerned. 8) Bring enough gears Health, Ammo, Energy, Shield Restores, Spectres. Host migration can occur, teammates can disconnect, I try to ensure whatever level I playing I can tide the remaining teammates through the next extraction window/ point. 9) Stay in group Seriously if I like to move around freely I can solo.
  23. RolandDischein

    Что новенького?

    Вуконгом я сам выжи бегал. В принципе, пару баньши никто не отменял) Значит кап будет только тогда, когда кол-во врагов уже не будет пересиливать их хп. Тогда понятно.
  24. Hola, con que warframe y armas se hace el evento en menos de 15min ? saludos !
  25. -Eruimae-

    Account dissapeared and cant login to create a support request

    Im in too, wtf. I dont think that mega lag is a DDos attack
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