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  2. If our weapons were able to kill them just fine without use of artillery then the artillery becomes pointless. If they were (even) easier to take out than they already are using artillery then what is the point of boarding? It's really just some attempts at game balance and to give purpose to the various tools and systems at play. If you don't like how it all functions then go make a feedback thread about how you want them changed. As far as your other issues I don't personally see how they're issues. The mode wasn't intended to be solo friendly yet I can manage the Veil just fine, can even go through it with minimal critical breaches with use of Void Cloak. The only "issue" is how vulnerable your ship has to be when you run off to board ships and objectives.
  3. (note: this doesn’t belong here. skip it. I’ll remove it to notes when I have the opportunity, but a system memory jam is preventing local copy/paste or screen shots and forcing a re-boot). Who am I to say. What do I know. When Warframe found me (as much as I found it), it was because there was a new effort being made by third party companies like Sony and Microsoft to “Sponsor” Warframe. Which is another way of saying, they were giving it new attention to promote Warframe. It’s not unheard of, but not really very common. The Eighth generation of Consoles was going on it’s third year. As a “Launch Title,” that began from a “minimum viable product,” that was probably the further start thing from what players or gamers expect of a “real” game, the thing that the “console communities” perhaps expect all the less, is something incomplete ... unfinished ... It definitely does not mesh with the expectations of what a “game” is supposed to deliver, that had been formed across GENERATIONS of gaming consoles. The console was one thing, and the media for it was another thing. It went from cartridges to Discs, and gamers could get their collections and special editions, buy, trade, rent, etc. And while “The New Media” completely reshaped every industry with an interest in “media,” collapsing Video Rental, Record, Music, Book, Super and Megastores, as the need for physical media collapsed (ironically, crumbling under that last great “Format War” between the HD DVD and Blue Ray Disc), by 2013 that was history. In 2011, Apple, seeing “the shape of things to come,” began manufacturing its line of “Mac Mini” computers with no optical drive built into it at all. Gaming is the Vanguard of “The New Media.” Yet, it is strangely the last convention to break from old habits. Game stores still stand as “Brick and Mortar” chains among the shadows of Tower Records, Blockbuster Video, Virgin Megastores, Radio Shacks and Circuit Cities, WTF is going on, that the COMMON expectations of a “video game” are STILL of something that spends half a decade in “development,” another year or two between early/closed “beta” testing and pre-release promotions, leading up to being “officially announced,” before getting burned to a disc, packaged in a box, and stocked & sold “off the shelf” in [“real”] stores? Who the hell am I to be asking THAT, of all people, among all possible topics? I’m not “a gamer.” I spent the better part of my life, (figuratively speaking), deliberately NOT PLAYING “video games.” But still, “respecting” them. Eventually, it was to continue in paying my respect to video games, by maintains an inclusivity of regard for the media and technologies created by, for, and with “video games,” I should have some practical experience (beyond arcades dotting across the 80’s). But I didn’t want my computer to be any more overtaxed with things to do. And come 2012 or so, refurbished X Box 360s and “previously owned” games were so cheap, a “console” could be tucked into my stuff to do some actual hands on with “games.” Back then, the expectation of “video games” as things you got on a disk in a box off the shelf, was MY expectation. And, discordant as it may seem, in retrospect, with the way all other media and technology was going, it really still the greater part of how things were being done in THAT “industry.” Despite the weird sorts of efforts (most notably made by Sony) toward an overall naturalization of games into the media and technologies of just about any & everything else made for “the consumer marketplace,” pushing a reconceptualization of the “video game console” as a centrally unifying “home entertainment system,” game consoles are still game consoles. TV sets are still TVs, 1080p, 2K, 4K, 8K, HDR, “smart TV.” Every “generation,” has maintained its console as being non “backwards compatible,” (making the game media & products for those consoles non-forward compatible). 2016, I finally was “tasked” with finding out what had been, and was happening with this so-called 8th Generation of Gaming Consoles, still trying, and still not able to integrate into the legit realm of “home entertainment systems.” A free PS4 or X Box One. Pick one. (Despite being the affordability “breakthrough” with dirt cheap X Box 360s, my sense of historically engrained and constantly reinforced contempt for Microsoft REMAINS to this day), so it was Sony. “For generations you’ve slept ...” A sudden, and unexpectedly under filled box, where almost nothing at all could be transferred over from previous “generations,” and the new “soft media” of applications that began and largely maintain their own “lives” in the internet via browsers, had become encapsulated and isolated from one another. Have already been around, going on three years then, what was “inside” was a surprising shortfall of what I had expected from efforts toward “integration.” The Virtual Store was and is the early days of iTunes, “Napster Bad,” (with good of’ MS buying its corpse to reanimate for profit competition with iTunes), virtualized “pay-per-view” type boxes, all this “stuff,” just available to be, not “integrated,” but kept segregated in one “box.” And a “box” that wouldn’t even “talk to” other “boxes.” Sealed away, and insulated from not just every former type or manufacturer of media & technology (computers, hard drives, “mobile devices,” interfaces, “removable media.” The staple “fighting games” that had traditionally been hotbeds for both controversy and innovation, with fantastic latitudes for “customization,” VERGING on becoming tools for virtual art creation in their own right, just gone. Every virtual “thing” was it’s own “product.” Remarkably little to report. The “new” generation had become what I treated the preceding generation as. “For generations you’ve slept ... no purpose ...” Trying to compile just the basic cohort of “building blocks” central to “playing with games,” (being somewhat different from “playing games”), was laborious and filled in very little over the course of more than half a year. Nothing could even come close to filling the gap left behind by the “Soul Calibur” Franchise. The virtual stores algorithms for “profiling” and framing “suggestions” (as “just for you”), was floundering. The “Featured” New Games weren’t really showing me much of anything “new.” Then a couple of prospects seemed to come along. Funny how FPS games always have a tendency to marketed as looking like Third Person POV games. (Having enough savvy to thoroughly read the descriptions of what was being marketed, saved me from targeting something with plenty of sexy looking flashy action like Destiny, only to get my head shoved inside of the camera, want her than behind it). Another near-miss of a new game squared me as sure-thing, dropping in (among its sell lines), “Bring a Sword to a Gunfight.” Hey that looks ... wait ... wtf? First Person Melee .... uhhhh .... no. Glad I didn’t have to pay to find myself missing from the picture. And then, something else “new” came along, and was pushed up to the front line of “How About This?” “For generations you’ve slept ... no purpose ... no call to wake you ...” THAT just looked too damned good to really expect an actual “in-game-experience” to actually seem anything like it. Freaking SPACE NINJAS? Get the f*** outta here. It’s gonna just get flattened to a platformer, or some 2,5 D type cop-out, And no, I don’t want to get all entangled with a “war” game. I want to be able to create ADVENTURES. Sure, that’s what it LOOKS like, but come on, it’s called Warframe. I’m not into the whole glorification of battlefields and wars thing ... but ... it’s free ... Yeah, sure, free trials, demos, blah blah ... they’re all over the place. “Recommended For You.” Over and over. Out of nowhere. Gotta try it, when something new is presented. And that’s the curious thing. It wasn’t a “new game.” But that’s exactly how it was being rolled out. Just THEN. In the middle of 2016. What had happened? Why was the “marketing machine” geared toward impressing this “new game,” (that was not a new game) on me? Savvy did not extend to scrutinizing the “first released” date. And I could sure as hell tell “recycled old” from actually “new” in the vacuum of 8h gen console space. It wasn’t new, and it was new. It had been given a stricter as a game, its own identity, that (strangely) encouraged player retention of their own. (It didn’t fall into the quicksand that Role Playing Games create, where the Characters are either Pre-Made, or Pre-Formulated by an ancient and painfully 2 Dimensional System for so-called “Character Creation.” Star Chart Reborn. Specters of the Rail – changes to the Origin System are here, Tenno. What ghosts lurk the chambers of abandoned Junctions of a past era? Find a new way to experience the Origin System with the complete rework of the Star Chart. This redesign of the original Star Chart will bring back the nostalgic roadmap design making it easier for you to travel the Origin System. The map is dynamic; zoom in and out and drag your way around the Origin System. Specific regions and missions will be easier to locate. Also, it will be clear to see which Missions you need to complete thanks to new Junctions -- routes between planets -- guiding you on where to go next. We've replaced and re-assigned many missions, including the removal of Deception and the not-so-popular Archwing Defense. Difficulty, planet progression, and enemy levels have been reassigned to better reflect the modern Solar System. Dedicated memorials have been set up in Relays to display the names of contributing Founders! (Or so it was announced in Forums that I had no idea of even existing). The Acolytes are like resurgent ghosts, of something that passed through the system in the past, or future, depending upon whether The Second Dream is in the past or future. It’s what had just rather “recently” happened, at the beginning of that year. Not that I had any idea that anything had, at all. And I wouldn’t have to find out for a long time. Figuring out what The Specters of The Rail were, was not at all very difficult. These were our own gate-keepers. The network of Junctions was the secret and individual means for us to move between system sectors or orbits. I didn’t know that THEY were “new,” but Warframe wasn’t ... but was ...
  4. While I can understand the purpose of it from a gameplay perspective, If it were to be removed there would be some difficulty on how the weapon is generated. Maybe a system where if the larvling is killed with the non-kuva variant, it always offers the kuva version. That could knock out alot of the RNG. Unique weapons could be tied to a specific weapon instead. In that vein, perhaps killing a lich with a specific kuva weapon generates another of that weapon with garanteed higher stats than the current one.
  5. I know warframe has flawss but i dont just go everything is horible like your doing hear what i do is come up with ideas that could make the game or gamemode better and suggest it to them weather it be good or bad ( like a reactor change or some ideas for the upcoming command intrinsics) i dont knoe if they lissen to those ideas but it seems better than just going eveeything will be horible nothing will go right
  6. Technically it is not a bug.It works that way.
  7. Why is having legacy systems a problem? These mods change the weapon parameters of the weapon, and it's effects. They modify the weapon. They're fine as mods.
  8. Or... you know... have a consistent system for how cosmetics are handled in the game without weird legacy exceptions and outliers...
  9. 只今、Loginしました。戻ってきたら、もう一度Forumにご連絡ください。
  10. Again, definitely not the case on switch. Doesn't matter where you aim, it does not destroy crewships. I've been trying this literally since Railjack launched (edit: since it launched on Switch, to be clear).
  11. Сейчас АФК включается без предупреждения если за 2 минуты игрок не проходит хотя бы 5 метров с помощью клавиш движения. Срабатывает ли система, если пилот 2 минуты сидит в РЖ на месте или если 2 минуты стоять столбом посреди летающего джека - не знаю, проверю вечером.
  12. Or... you know... just flip a single flag and treat them as fun optional mods in the exilus slot rather than totally redesigning them and sinking a bunch of time and resources into it...
  13. I gotten hooked on Nightwave and enjoy reaching the top. About three weeks ago I reach the max level in the intermission but now it seems there is more. How far in the ranks are they planning to go this time?
  14. hey there, lovely kats! for the tuft ear/peacock solid grey smeeta, your wording means you have an adarza that looks exactly the same? because i'd prefer an adarza. if so i'd like to buy it. 🙂
  15. Actually that's not the case anymore. Forward artillery will damage and destroy a crewship even when engines are hit.
  16. Then they behave totally differently on Switch than PC because I've been running missions and the forward artillery just leaves ships in the same disabled state that whittling away their health does. It does *not* destroy them. And this was the case at least with earlier hotfixes on the other platforms too considering the number of posts I've found discussing how worthless and useless the forward artillery is.
  17. Thanks for the tips,I guess I'll have to get quick thinking and rework my mods. I'll check those builds and hope it goes well. It's true I'm a little outdated on the damage rework,I stopped playing for 9 month and when I came the game was really different. I'll try everything that was said earlier. I've already tried Rhino for the index and it seems to go better.
  18. I think you do not know how forward artillery works or what it actually is. Even in the veil, you can fairly easy complete a mission without leaving your railjack if you DO know what you're doing. A quick step by step guide to kill crewships without leaving your ship: Avionics Equip your best forward artillery avionic Grofit In mission Spot the crewship Hit the engines with your railjack guns to slow it down and take big chunks of health away (optional) Go into the forward artillery cannon. Aim for the bridge of the ship or any non-engine part, even a destroyed engine will fully absorb the blast and result in the crewship live to fight another day. Succes! you just obliterated those pesky grineer. Refill dome-charges at your ship foundry and repeat. Grofit TL;DR; Do not dismiss arguments given without at least making sure you actually can. Earth and Saturn crewships CAN be one-shot with the artillery.
  19. You asked why would they have a bow. When the bow is not for sentients. That’s like asking why a Rathalos would need a Rathalos sword in Monster Hunter: World.
  20. I think it's funny they weren't considering all the problems associated with the multiplayer aspect of all this before the rushed release. Void Hole is the only thing that matters and trivializes the mode so I won't be spending plat to get it just to get nerfed and that's really the only thing I "need" for a mode they could outright cancel and pull from the game and I wouldn't think twice about it. I have more good luck than bad in pubs but I did start to notice people who kind of just sit in the ship and let you do all the work. Lately when I play (if I ever play at ll these days ) I'll only jump into railjack if I got a resource booster and laugh when I see how many instrinsics it's going to take to master the only tree that mattered to me at first because I know I'm never going to master all those things. Hopefully they remove the mastery associated with it but it's not like they're doing much with master anyways.
  21. Shields are garbage on Railjack, but with a maxed out Armor and Health mods, you can make your RJ almost as tanky as a Crewship. Add in a Fire Resistance mod, and you can facetank Crewship missiles all the way up to Veil Proxima missions False. Crewships are vulnerable to hull breaches and fires (puncture and fire procs) just like Railjack's. Piling on hull breach procs (which stack) will sharply reduce a Crewship's maximum HP for like 30 seconds, allowing a RJ Tunguska Cannon to destroy them in one shot if you cause enough procs
  22. it may not ever get breached and has quite high EHP - but it's slow as dog piss, the Weapons are mediocre, it doesn't have the Archwing Launcher nor the Artillery Weapon (usefulness of Artillery aside), and is vulnerable to being Mobility Killed since its Engines can be disabled. Railjacks can have more than sufficient EHP, considerably better Firepower, have various types of Abilities, and can move very very quickly with the multiple types of Boosting. as to why does a low Level Crewship outperform a basic Railjack? one of these was just scavenged from scrap around the Star System and reassembled, it's basically a Test Plane going up against a full Air Force. but we quickly upgrade its capabilities and then it dominates everything. think of Crafting your Railjack and then taking it out into flight without Researching any Parts in your Dojo akin to dragging a sunken Cruiser out of the bottom of the Sea, patching the holes in its Hull, and then steaming towards a modern Navy. you could still pull it off if you're prepared but your Vessel definitely isn't yet. Artillery is the only way to destroy a Crewship exclusively from the outside, and yes that does work.... it destroys it.
  23. 1% for 20 minutes of pure RNG is nuts. Being grinding a lot and still haven’t gotten it. It should be an item that can be purchased for like 100,000 Simaris standing. It would take roughly 4-5 days for high rank players to obtain but that would be better than spending hours everyday for weeks and still not obtain it. Some people got lucky while others have been grinding for weeks if not months. Something has got to change.
  24. Exilus is for convenience mods. Cosmetics go into the ephemera category, which doesn't currently exist for weapons. The Peculiar mods were an experiment made when DE were trying to figure out how to handle these things, much like the blood sigil for warframes. Now that DE has finalized the system, it would make sense to create an ephemera slot for weapons and put the Pecluliars in there, and also convert the blood sigil into an ephemera for frames.
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