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  2. They also actually seem more vicious, like they know they have the upper hand and were enjoying it. Make them suffer!
  3. Well, I also don't have energy problems when I play Trinity, Harrow, Hildryn, Garuda, Gauss, Nezha and Proteia. You know, they can all restore energy through their abilities. The rest of the frames... Are you sure you are ready to spend 25 energy on Rhino charge in the current energy system?
  4. if it is an attachment/auxilliary then we'll probably see them change it when they get back to work after the lockdown, they are focusing on steel path and the vertual tennocon right now
  5. Nezha gets higher EHP with with 90% DR instead of 100% so its a buff. They just fixed a bug that came like 1 month or so ago.
  6. As much as increased difficulty would be a good thing, we all know this would only further reinforce the stupid and already over-represented aoe-melee meta.
  7. Hmmm, tapping my alt fire button doesnt seem to work, still uses 2 charges .-.
  8. I havent played Loki in a while and not sure if its a bug or was like that but I ran 2 missions on Mars and while Loki is using his invisibility the whole screen gets covered in this yellowish tint which makes everything look bad and it hurts my eyes
  9. Sorry that happened, have you opened a help ticket with DE? I hope you get this resolved.
  10. Idunno about you guys, but I've always been a little bummed out that Warframe specters don't apply our cosmetics onto them. If I had the option to choose between this and this I think I know which one I want to choose. Sadly I think I'll have to wait for Nidus Prime before my Nidus Specters look cooler. If you're like me, and don't play certain frames often, but use specters of said frames I'm sure it'd benefit tennogen artists amongst others and give a bigger incentive for players to get certain cosmetics. That, and I think it'd give a bit of an "Ironman" vibe, having your other 'suits' you're familiar with fighting alongside you. It can be done with Umbra, so why not specters?
  11. No if you want to actually not waste your time and farm properly, you want at least 2 frames to increase drops, 1 DPS and either a 3rd drop increase frame or something to increase enemy kill speed like a damage buff, enemy speed increase etc. Otherwise it's just inefficient and a waste of time.
  12. Oh I agree DE don't have a bad track record, and they haven't said no to this particular request. You are represented (somewhat) in the game, people with masculine faces and feminine bodies, and vice-versa, are not. You would not be angry if black faces were not represented? You wouldn't ask that they are represented? I don't believe you would dismiss it as a minor thing the way you are now, and if someone said you can do and be anything in Warframe would you accept that as a logical and reasonable argument not to change a slider? Why is it a problem for you that someone else ask for this option?
  13. oh i had one right after they came out with kubrow, but seeing how the kavat/kubrow move around etc, it makes no sense to dismiss a feral themed warframe anymore, they have all the movements, i JUS wtched my kavat do tripple front flip to catch up to me >_>
  14. Yes, I tested with both high noon, bullet dance and no stance, all uses 2 charges
  15. Don't worry about it, I didn't do this to seek attention, and I can see how it may have seen that way. I wasnt offended. I realized I made a mistake thanks yo your post and others as well. It's fine, really. I al no longer in said state. Life is good. I hope you have a wonderful day.
  16. You might have a speed mod on it that if you hold the button that millisecond longer will fire two, I do it all the time but have to hit the button really quick to fire one, my stance is Bullet Dance.
  17. Wow, nice Mag, Mag. Looks fabulous! 😀
  18. To be fair it's always hard to know what's going on internally with a studio after a corporate takeover. Also Leylou was a chicken company, don't think the had any pretense knowing how to run a gaming studio.For all we know all the rushed updates and Uber grindy new stuff added in the last couple of years could have been dictated by leylou, and Tencent has a reputation of grabbing free to play game with decent cash models and turning them into paying 20 bucks for skins with p2win aspects , so I worry. I mean nowadays I feel you need to pay for everything in WF already (slots, reactors, catalysts, good lenses, riven slots, exiluses, gazillion formas to fit all these mods, it does feel like a plat to win game). And that's not even talking about the cosmetic stuff...
  19. From what I know, we can't pick up weapons which aren't ours.
  20. Looks delicious, I'm going to be making something a lot like that in a bit. Have to mow the lawn though But I don't have any bacon, wish I did
  21. Just for clarification on this. Even after you posted this in off topic and were shown it was a bug that occurred frequently against the intended design you still left in the whole bit about Inaros and the slap in the face? Your getting into Tin foil hat territory. You have a very curious way of wanting the Dev team to listen to your feedback to keep the incorrect effect even though the bug was fixed months ago for PC, and the patch notes have read the same since the update.
  22. I am deeply sorry if I offended you and/or WindDragon. I didn't mean disrespect or anything like that in my previous post, it's just that I think this is a gaming platform and not a psychological support service. I actually do know someone in my family who attempted suicide THREE times and is now in a rehabilitation center or whatever it's called. Instead of being depressed, seek attention, spread the incident or get emotional about it, I just laugh it off and continue as usual with my head held high and it's perfectly fine if you don't believe me. But obviously, not everyone is the same. Again, I am sorry if I offended or disrespected anyone here.
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