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  2. kick out innactive people from your clan and look for active people to join. Problem solved.
  3. (PS4)dredd_fan

    Archwing is not bad, but here's the catch

    To be honest never given Archwing much thought. I just see it as a variant in gameplay. But it will be interesting to see how they include Archwing in Rail Jack.
  4. (XB1)TonierScorpion

    i have a problem

    hi look at the problem is that I do not have xbox live gold and I want to make exchanges does anyone know if I can without having gold?
  5. chaosALK

    VOR prize can't play

    VOR prize can't play, so SAYA VIGIL can't play it, too.
  6. Of course "free choices" in a game like Warframe have to be tedious and stupid otherwise players wouldn't choose "paid" ones, would they?
  7. TheJagji

    Clan MOTD

    It only shows the MOTD when you log in for the first time. If you quit Warframe, and load it back up it should show as you want it. At least that how I remember it being.
  8. Ryoken2

    Stuck loading screen tips

    Possible fix... after some frustration and seeing how it acted when i alt tabbed with it at full screen, i set it to border less full screen. and many hours later no issues... could be a fix but so far i have yet to be stuck at the loading screen.
  9. (XB1)Danowat32

    Lanka rivens

    I agree.
  10. TheJagji

    I hate leaving the Dojo for dules

    ....... there is a literal dueling room where people can watch.
  11. Elanair

    What is the purpose of Eidolon Hunting ?

    Loot. Fun. Lore. All in that order.
  12. Nytestryker

    Ambulas Sortie Bug

    This sortie is super buggy and frustrating. Having never played it before today I've encountered my hacks failing for no reason, leaving me unable to hack them any further. Or having them be unable to be hacked at all. Honestly hope we never get another boss like this where failing can come from objectives that break.
  13. taiiat

    its 07.2018 and focus is still awful

    and by no means does it even necessitate specialized Equipment either! i've always collected data on grinding things and with Normal Lenses in Public without having any Damage Abilities of your own it's easy to get ~100,000 per Rotation in Elite Onslaught. that right there is your entry level experience. then you can add Damage Abilities and stronger Lenses on top of that and get so much more. isn't that the entire game though? there's exactly two ways to get Riven Fuel. your choices for Void Keys are a couple Syndicate l00t crates per day, Onslaught, or <=5 Missions on the Solar Map (since you have to play all three Difficulty Tiers on the Solar Map). there are but a few places each that are efficient to collect the various generic Crafting Resources. Mining, Fishing, and smashing some Pots along the way are the only way to Craft anything out of Cetus. Amps and spacekid Arcanes is Eidolon Hunting. Warframe Arcanes is Eidolon Hunting. Corrupted Mods is two (technically one really) of the Derelict Missions. Credits is 3 Missions out of the game. everything in the game has but a few places that are the efficient way to get __ thing.
  14. Some background and disclaimer: I was leveling my archwing for a past two days and possibly do suffer from "stockholm syndrome". Contrary to widespread belief archwing mode is rather fun, when you did level up your gears, but it does not matter because it's suffer from some problems that Kuva fortress, before introduction of kuva survival mission, and PoE, before introduction of focus conversion and arcanes, suffers - there are any reasons at all to play it. I do happy that now I have fully leveled Itzal to use in plains, but it's all I got after spending two days on Neptune, and XP also, of course. Probably it's to late to ask for more attention to archwing, becouse they did announce Railjack, wich apperently will be some sort of succesor, I just hope that archwing will be a little more then just transporter between ships.
  15. Speak for yourself! After a long day of committing genocide there is nothing that i find more relaxing than killing fish with a pointy stick.All that just for the fun of it since I already have all the ZAWs! Going back to your original post, yeah, we're pretty much genocidal monsters that enjoy slaughtering our enemies for loot, some times even for the fun of it or out of boredom. We mass slaughter kubrows and destroy their dens so we can enslave their offsprings for our ourselves. We've fanned the flames of war by helping either the corpus or the grineer so neither side manages to get the upper hand over the other just so both sides remain evenly matched and still at war. Oh and lets not forget that we slaughtered the Orokin but they seemed like &#036;&amp;*^s so they probably deserved it, well maybe not ALL of them... maybe just the high ruling class, I don't know... I'm just throwing in ideas since I doubt all of them deserved it, probably not but not much point now since they're y'know, all dead? Also, what was the question? I forgot where I was going with this. Ah right. So yeah the way I see it we're basically void demons or devils in the guise of children that see the world around them as a playground and the people as toys that are made for our own amusement which we have fun by breaking and taking apart in fun ways! All because Space Mom told us to do it! And cuz it's fun!! ^^
  16. (XB1)BigLithuanian

    Restrict Ignis and its variants from PVP

    No I don't play PvP but I did once(it was a godawful experience) and I can see why people use Ignis and like I said how does it take skill to hit someone bullet jumping around everywhere at 100mph/60 kph. And no I don't use RPGs on people in CoD or Battlefield
  17. (PS4)LubzinNJ

    What is the purpose of Eidolon Hunting ?

    Well they're the remnants of a giant Sentinel, probably wise to put them down....
  18. den2k

    What is the purpose of Eidolon Hunting ?

    Technically it would be to: 1) Protect Cetus; 2) Avoid that Sentient to fully rebuild itself and become a huge enemy right into the Origin System.
  19. originskull


    Да мне делать нечего просто,а если на самом деле хочется больше узнать про конклав и ничего лишнего)
  20. skbenga

    Different approach to Limbo

    people don't play the 2/4 combo right. if you just play the 2/4 combo, as the cataclysm shrinks, so does the "playable area" for allies. We should instead play 2/4/3 combo. that is to say, cast stasis, then cataclysm, and then cast rift surge every few seconds. enemies left behind by the shrinking cataclysm will emit a radial banish, extending the range of banished enemies in the rift (which extends the playable area), who are then re surged on the next re cast. when those enemies leave the rift again, are re banished it brings even more enemies in. all those enemies are then re surged. any enemies killed by you or an ally then refund Limbo energy which allows him to endlessly recast his abilities till you want to stop or till you run out of enemies. All this happens while you and your allies stand inside the safety of the bubble shooting at anything in and outside said bubble who is effected by rift surge. as a bonus if a nullifier drops your cataclysm then every enemy that was in the rift is still in the rift. you can recast rift surge to buy some more time while you seek and destroy said nullifier. also you can also play the rift surge trap. cast stasis and banish an enemy at a choke point. pop into the void then cast surge. when a group of enemies get near the banished un banish him. radial banish will trap the group. you will cast surge to reset the trap kill all but one.
  21. @SmokinDice Would you be so kind and take the responsibility of noting the player feedback in this topic? To edit your OP with everyone's feedback instead of just your own, with pros, cons and suggestions about each warframe as seen by different players. It would probably turn into a sort of a community manager role. And you'd probably have some contradictions with "needs to be buffed" - "needs to be nerfed". Write that as "diverging opinions on...". This would probably turn into quite a project. But in turn, it would also make it easier for DE to see what the community wants. Otherwise my suggestions about volt being one of his Tesla Coils and shield stacking would probably get overlooked and forgotten without their own topics 😛
  22. I'm not sure what it is about Ergo Glast that has the most annoying parts of the game to me attached to him. The Glast Gambit brought about my first major break from Warframe, due to how repetitive and high risk for my level it was. It wasn't hard in the slightest, but really killed my hype on the game. And the worst part was you don't even get the parts from this drawn out questline. May we please get a Nidus part for each phase completed so that the credits I spent weren't to play a boring mission? Or don't actually use my own credits? This would make it a lot less frustrating in the long run. I completed this a while ago and have absolutely no interest in playing it, or anything like it ever again.
  23. Keewe

    Compro set Aklex Prime

    Cuanto darías por el plano?
  24. den2k

    Titania: Razorwing ability

    If only she had true AW mechanic she could be alerted of incoming missile, divert them and have additional movement (Y-axis rotation... it is useless but destroying a Bolkor while corkscrewing towards it with a Sari Syandana would definitely look amazing). This way she is not a frame, not yet an archwing (to be sung with Britney Spears voice).
  25. Already mentioned that lol, you didn't even read my post.
  26. Tellakey

    New Amp parts in venus ?

    Crossing fingers for new weapons to be used alongside the Amps.
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