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  2. Cliques aren't the problem. Cliques (and all the other things) that exclude other players from gameplay and rewards are. Yes Everquest et-al did, indeed, do this, and it was bad. Forcing teaming requires players to engage with those cliques and allows them to monopolize content and rewards, that is the problem, and that is not inevitable. Indeed, and this illustrates the problem that forcing teaming creates and the fact that Warframe has generally not done this. As I said, this has already been confirmed in the tennocon stream. I think you're miunderstanding my objection and we are talking at cross-purposes. I object to mixing "squad-link" (Which is a new, and potentially good addition to the game if implimented well) with "Raids" (Which many people see as a mix of "Forced teaming content", "Difficult content", "High and exclusive reward generating content" among other things) My objection is to the forced teaming part, not squad-link.
  3. I'm guessing this is an oversight because there's always so many mods to take into account, but we still can't use either mod despite both weapon being rocket launchers.
  4. I agree with everything but this. Wouldn't mind if it was a lot easier to customize rivens to your tastes and needs. The slot machine method isn't great for it's purpose (to make other weapons capable of competing.) Very much looking forward to the melee changes. Proud of DE for finally getting through that awful development slog.
  5. Thanks. Now if we look at the profile in the forum, looks like there may be a reason for the burnout.
  6. I like this idea. They definitely need a refresh and this would scale nicely with newer players to old players.
  7. Ok. A reasonable reply. I suggested this over there. Now, perhaps this is not good enough. You are welcome to propose further perks. Perhaps more Vitus essences if someone tweaks Arbitrations up to Hell mode? This chance of good loot being increased, will be in contrast to playing on say "Normal Mode", which will have drop tables with their chances as shown in the current form. But I see the reason anyone would want to play this, in addition to loot is: the inherent enjoyability of having things to shoot and interact with! This seems to be the main reason I see people asking for nerfs on radial nukers, that they take all the kills? So through a settings tweak, you now match make with like-minded people, and have something to kill. And even when the radial nukers do come along anyway, they still will not kill as fast as previously because of the difficulty changes. ... I am not sure if you understand how difficulty sliders can work. I will clarify again. Your change is to nerf how Saryn works everywhere in the current, singular, difficulty setting the game has right now. My change nerfs radial nukers in the higher difficulties only, but maintains that you can continue to use them as they are on normal or easy difficulties. I have also addressed this in that other post. In practical terms. You want to play Hydron on a Difficult mode cos you want to ensure you get to kill a thing even if Saryns are in your party. Go right ahead. After you are done with Hydron, and want to play Orb Vallis and slay Orb Mother on Easy. Just change it to Easy, and enjoy. You want to play Plains of Eidolon on Hell mode, change it up and go. Then you want to experience conservation on Easy cos perhaps looking for animals isn't that fun but you just wanna try it for a change of pace, change it to Easy and go back to Orb Vallis. etc. etc.
  8. It's the star's tentacles used to abduct Tenno into the clan.
  9. So, you saw the Lift, which held enemies still in the air instead of rag doll, so still that we can even jump in the air and do aerial combos on them, and then the part that basic slams no longer rag doll enemies and instead stun and stagger them... and your response was ‘yep, no improvement at all over what we have now’? You saw the return of manual weapon switch and manual block, of the stance reworks that fix the massive problems with our combo system, you saw animation cancelling, heavy attack inclusion, the ability to change one combo into another by having the game seek inputs every hit instead of after the combo ends, you even saw variable length dodge rolls... and your response is that they haven’t listened to any of our feedback? I know full well that there can, and likely will be problems with this update. But I’m looking at what they’re doing, the actual things they showed off, and this time? This time they listened. And yet despite that, the OP wants to tell me that they think that less than two weeks from a major update where DE are changing a fundamental system of the game that has taken them two entire years from announcement to now, DE are going to magically change something at the core of that update? Because let me be clear; No matter whether that feedback is thought out or not, it won’t change anything whatsoever. And it certainly won’t when the feedback is ‘No, I won’t play it, I’m going to give my feedback now, because I know better.’ After the update? Yes. That’s when they put up the Megathread and all feedback there is actually read. (Trust me, there have been too many comments, tweets and references over the years to say that DE don’t at least read the Megathreads). But now? Of course not.
  10. Honestly if it was proper game design with a battle pass system, they would lock the rewards away. By basically forking them over to let players get them again at almost a month or a few of them after they first came out, it basically makes people wonder why the heck they even try hard to grind for the stuff. If everything is basically available with ease all the time then it pretty much ruins the charm where they could instead be brought back half a year or even a year later as part of a new player promotion, feels more like D.E. rather just flip the birdie and make the dedicated players who grinded for it, had wasted time and now they have to have nearly half the rewards in the intermission be effectively dead rank up rewards for them, even worst then endo packets for cripes sakes. least Endo packets can be used for SOMETHING. Expect me to be among that chorus to have D.E. needs to get metaphorically slapped to hotfix the nightwave intermission 2 rewards and put the cosmetics in the cred shop and replace them with chunky cred offerings instead so players can still `buy the items` if they still need them, otherwise we can just cram it into kuva packs or potatoes.
  11. Nothing in Warframe has to do with said manga.
  12. Only part that might be a bit shaky is the center looking kind of...fleshy. I can't quite figure out what that is supposed to be in the center actually.
  13. I know it's optional. It would just be harder without the help. We don't know how much harder yet, though. If it's barely felt, Squad Link may not feel worth it. If it's too hard without Squad Link, it might feel forced. We'll have to wait and see the numbers and implementation. And I just meant it was similar to a raid, in the simplest sense, not exactly the same. Cooperation, coordination, communication, using different methods and techniques to accomplish a big giant goal. I know taking down a Lich capital ship won't be involved enough to fill the gap left by Trials/Raids, but the bare bones of what raids tend to offer might actually whet peoples' appetites for raids. Hopefully just in time for them reintroduce them. Fingers crossed, 😉 As for what the requesting party "gets"...they get the help. Their mission becomes easier. The helping party gets an actual reward for helping out, but the requesting party gets the reward of their mission being easier. That's the nature of cooperation. 😄
  14. Эге. Вот убьют, тогда приходите (с) Вот нафармишь 30 рангов, будет тебе нитаин.
  15. I am kind of disappointed. The previous intermissions were cool, because it was a "quick" event, and this made it different from the main season. It was a nice ideia put things from season one, for those who were not able to get it, but the fact that, this intermission and the missions are basically the same, it is not something I liked.
  16. "you can get to MR 10 in 10 days" no offense, but this is simply very improbable. Gaining 84 individually different weapons, war frames and arch wings, then doing the grinding, which, I will remind you, consists of regular onslaught (at a stretch), spy missions and regular gameplay is definitely not possible in 10 days, nor in much longer. Perhaps if you played all day for a few weeks you might manage, but this is, again, for people who don't have that time. "the Paracesis is a pretty damn good sword" For the something-thousandth time, of course, a great weapon should be hard to get! But I, and the others, are not interested in the sword. We are interested In the story content behind it! (See above for proof of this statement) I stand firm in my statement that story should not be hard to aquire. Make it hard to play, fine, but not impossible! Name a single other main quest in warframe that you had to grind for! Grinding should be rewarded, but not with the story. The story IS the game. Yes, warframe is a Grindy game, but all that grinding is for mods and weapons! Never for the quests! I, myself, play a game for a good story, which warframe has in abundance. Very well, let me not have something that can one-shot Tyl Regor! But let me have the literal GOAL of the game! I hope you see what I mean.
  17. Mods had never nothing to do with said manga.
  18. No idea what the FOMO is about. Seemed like nonsense to me, used by people who made crappy decisions, to justify why they did silly things. Seems to me that some of them graduated to using fancy phrases, you know like "D.E. thinking they need to stay on some balancing scale where they must always do bad decisions, especially after doing some excellent things, cause it feels like they wanna do some kind of karma-tic balance thing when its not content drought being the `negative` to get balanced out by a positive." You know, the sort of nonsense that means nothing, and is based on nothing but the authors own negativity. 🙄
  19. You can send this to support and ask directly. But I dont think it will. Its just a star surrounded by the basic elements with flesh(?) inside.
  20. I can finally use Nanchaku if I have a move cancel and some control over being whipped forward in combos. Hammers will also be functional now. Most swords, Machetes, sword and shield.. Dual daggers.. Might be able to have a Jo staff in the future which I'd love. I'm so very happy this change is coming.
  21. The trailer is your new player experience, you're welcome. *btw DE didn't make the trailer
  22. Вот кстати касательно шекелей. Их все же как по мне маловато выдают. Особенно это критично для новичка. (Новичку приходится выбирать между нитаином/вобаном/косметикой/пушками и так далее) Ну до того момента как 30 лвлов набиваешь. Правда новички долго идут к 30 рангу волны.
  23. Waiting? Not punching so fast you sound like a lawn mower?
  24. Anthem had a good way to prevent leachers. When one party member entered the mission zone, the stragglers were teleported to the zone, and were not allowed to leave.
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