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  1. Farming Steel Essence today on https://twitch.tv/DE_BadHorse
  2. Bonus work-stream 2.0 live now
  3. Bonus work-stream http://twitch.tv/DE_BadHorse
  4. Going to fart around this morning on http://twitch.tv/DE_BadHorse
  5. Full of pancakes and ready to pew-pew on http://twitch.tv/DE_BadHorse
  6. Getting my Saw on twitch.tv/DE_BadHorse
  7. Better late than never... http://twitch.tv/DE_BadHorse
  8. Got a date with Fabia today on twitch.tv/DE_BadHorse
  9. Seeing what we can do with my Battacor on http://twitch.tv/DE_BadHorse
  10. Wait, is that my last forma blueprint?! http://twitch.tv/DE_BadHorse
  11. Starting the Waverider quest today on https://twitch.tv/DE_BadHorse
  12. I still need so much Endo on https://twitch.tv/DE_BadHorse
  13. I got a Credit Booster on login so it's time to buff my wallet on http://twitch.tv/DE_BadHorse
  14. Casual chat, giveaways, and horsing around on twitch.tv/DE_BadHorse most weekends: Saturday afternoon (Eastern) 5-7 PM UTC and Sunday morning 2-4 PM UTC. Edit: Saturday time-slot paused for the rest of the summer. Related: Ask Me [Almost] Anything and Ask Me [Almost] Anything [Again]
  15. If you’re having problems updating the game there are a few things you can try: 1) Take a break. We might in the middle of deploying an update; try again in 5 minutes. Most updates go through *very* quickly but sometimes it takes a while for the content delivery network to replicate everything around the world. 2) If the update is failing because it is crashing, please send a bug report in to support (see https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/25-beta-bug-reporting-how-to/ for details). 3) Load up www.warframe.com in Internet Explorer to make sure it’s working; IE uses the same code that Warframe uses so it's a helpful test. 3a) Make sure the “Work Offline” option is not checked under the File menu (tap the Alt key if the menu bar is hidden). 3b) Delete IE’s browsing history under the Tools menu -- just purge Temporary Internet Files (you can keep the rest). 4) Bypass any web proxies your network might be using (we try very hard to work with proxies but in some cases they will misbehave and give you stale & old data!). Under the Internet Explorer Tools menu open up the Internet Options panel, flip over to the Connections page, and press the LAN settings button. 4a) If there is a proxy server configured, try disabling it. 4b) If it is configured to automatically detect settings try disabling this (it may be automatically setting you up to use a proxy server). Note that after you disable these settings you should confirm that IE can still load pages – in certain restricted environments you have no choice but to go through a proxy; if you are stuck in this situation and can’t work around it please send your Launcher.log in by support ticket and we’ll see if we can see what the problem is. 5) Make sure HTTP 1.1 is enabled; under the Internet Explorer Tools menu open up the Internet Options panel, flip over to the Advanced page, scroll about half-way down and make sure “Use HTTP 1.1” is enabled. 6) Check your PC's clock -- if your date & time is very wrong it can cause certain SSL certificates to appear invalid and you will have problems connecting to our servers. 7) Run Windows Update. Warframe uses a number of Windows SDK interfaces that have been updated by Microsoft through Windows update so it might help. ======================[ NOTE ]====================== If nothing helps please attach your EE.log and Launcher.log files from %LOCALAPPDATA%\Warframe to a support ticket: http://support.warframe.com/ -- this is essential to understanding what's going on.
  16. If the Warframe network analysis tool detected a problem with your network this could be the root cause of contact list, matchmaking and even voice-communication issues. Since Warframe is much more fun with friends we want to help you sort out your network troubles and get you back in the game! Warframe normally uses UDP ports 4950 and 4955. Your firewall needs to let traffic on those ports from any address through to your PC (and from these ports on your PC to any address). Firewalls are an important part of a network’s security; their job is to prevent unauthorized network traffic from passing through (ie: malicious hackers or viruses trying to connect to your PC). A conservative firewall can be configured to block most traffic and require administrators to grant exceptions to specific programs to allow their traffic through. There are often several firewalls involved in a network: many PCs have a personal firewall software package built-in (for example: Microsoft Windows Firewall, Norton Internet Security, and ZoneAlarm), and many home routers have a firewall as well. To solve this problem you have to figure out which firewall is blocking Warframe’s network traffic. The easiest way to identify the culprit is to temporarily disable each firewall and then re-running the Warframe network analysis tool until it succeeds. Once you have identified which firewall is blocking the traffic you can re-enable the firewall, create an exception for Warframe and test again to make sure it is working.
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