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  1. acerules211

    Hotfix 12.1.1

    Sweet I'd had that issue and just verified the cache from the launcher and it seemed to fix it. But glad we are getting an official fix for it.
  2. acerules211

    Update 12.1.0: Grinlok

    Thanks DE
  3. acerules211

    Hotfix 11.5.5

    Thanks DE!
  4. acerules211

    Update 11: Valkyr Unleashed

    Wooo! can't wait to play her!
  5. acerules211

    Update 9.8

    It's still possible on xini to get inside the catwalks above the cryopod using nova and wormhole. You can wormhole past the "respawn wall" that you guys put up. And once there you just have to aim the wormhole up and out of the map on the side to land past the wall on the extended bit of the catwalk... I think I landed it mainly by luck, but it's possible.
  6. acerules211

    Survival Weekend

    sweet looking forward to it!
  7. acerules211

    Update 9.6

    Cool thanks!
  8. acerules211

    Operation Arid Fear: Escalation & Last Stand

    well the dudes we're capturing are a little better. First round they just ran, 2nd round they had an AoE slow, and this round they have invisibility.
  9. acerules211

    Hotfix 9.1.4

    Awesome fix on Auras you guys!
  10. acerules211

    Update 8 Related Work

    if they added tiers for costs but no caps for the players, what would be the point of going to a higher tier of cost?
  11. acerules211

    Update 7.11.0: Vauban!

    Want to come run Elion with me quick and bypass it?
  12. acerules211

    Update 7.11.0: Vauban!

    And what about the trinity? One click of a button and EVERYONE's health and shields are full, oh and they are invincible.
  13. acerules211

    Update 7.11.0: Vauban!

    I honestly thought the background was intentional and it didn't look half bad.
  14. acerules211

    Update 7.11.0: Vauban!

    Agree 100%, they just made it damn near impossible for a new player to get started without having to buy platinum right off the bat. That does not encourage people to join the ranks of the tenno.
  15. acerules211

    Update 8 Coming Soon, Vauban Coming Sooner!

    I don't think it anything was cropped out. It has the same look that all the other banner art they have in their office follows. Take a look at a video of the stream and look behind them.