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    • Fixed multiple areas reported as exploits or problematic for navigation across all tile sets.


    It's still possible on xini to get inside the catwalks above the cryopod using nova and wormhole. You can wormhole past the "respawn wall" that you guys put up. And once there you just have to aim the wormhole up and out of the map on the side to land past the wall on the extended bit of the catwalk... I think I landed it mainly by luck, but it's possible.

  1. There needs to be Universe Clans: Size 2500 or even 3000 to avoid split ups. I don't think a clan has gone as far as 3000 but I could be wrong. Whatever the case is, if you split up the massive clans, it is going to be a c### storm in the forums and all around Warframe. I as a fan of this game and active player would suggest you don't add limits to clan sizes more than adding tiers for costs. This way people can choose to stay in whatever clan they want to stay in and not having to fear the cap or getting kicked out of the clan they have joined in just because of caps.

    if they added tiers for costs but no caps for the players, what would be the point of going to a higher tier of cost?

  2. So you should keep yourself overpowered regardless of balance. To hell with actually making the game fun and challenging. If I can just sit on my &#! and click a button to make myself invincible while clicking another button to instakill everyone around me, then this game is just awesome....


    Yes, that's all dripping with sarcasm.

     And what about the trinity? One click of a button and EVERYONE's health and shields are full, oh and they are invincible.

  3. Is it even worth it to play this game anymore? All these nerfs are ruining my enjoyment of the game, and I cannot believe a PvE game, a PVE  game is having nerfs.

    The whole point of the game is to have fun, but now with these so called "balance" changes, the game is no longer enjoyable. I believe that the game was made with the intent to have fun.


    Why is this happening? The whole point of getting levels and purchasing frame slots was to use them in a sort of utility fashion or have fun with them. Now, most of them, save Frost and Excal are unusable, I am begging you all, please realize these updates are not good things, stop applauding them for ruining the game. Do any of you even play this?

    What I'm trying to say, and having a hard time staying civil doing so, is that these changes are ruining people's gameplay experiences, and sadly they're the silent majority, the ill informed minority are the ones that continue applauding these game breaking changes.

    I am going to predict the death of this game within the year.

    Agree 100%, they just made it damn near impossible for a new player to get started without having to buy platinum right off the bat.

    That does not encourage people to join the ranks of the tenno.

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