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  1. Finishing the larvling - Opt In has to be changed to be more noticable in your face. After eons of mindless murmur farming you press x at everything that allows you to use finisher/parazon. My friends and I killed the larvling without even seeing the weapon with farming-like mind just to realize it a second too late - even leaving the mission, shutting down internet, nothing works. You spawned a lich. Muscle memory is a thing! It's awfully frustrating to have to deal with a lich with a crappy weapon you already have - again. I've done it several times now and it makes me want to quit the game for a while as I have no other thing to do in warframe atm. I would even pay platinum for an option to get rid of it and be able to get a new one. I know it's my fault for not paying enough attention but given the circumstances of how grindy the whole lich system is it happens a lot. It would really be nice and quality of life if you gave us an option to get rid of them or make opt in more noticable - idk a simple confirm pop up would be enough. Please :_:
  2. -CM-Mrow


    it's so hard to ss the ephemera lol the animations is really fast. Looks like this:
  3. How many times to you need it being mentioned to register that in your head? I did specify this at least couple times, learn to read with understanding. No one wants deafult, have your deafult as you want, let us modify keybinds that's all. Jesus F Christ dude
  4. @Loza03 You literally brought up all the counter arguments that I mentioned in original post and explained why they make no sense. aka: "I don't need it, so you don't need it" "Just do this, that way" And yes there was a switch to melee keybind button and no it was never deafult option, it was blank until you changed bind it to your preference AN OPTION, as I mention in the ORIGINAL POST ALREADY. Why are you still arguing an option that clearly is not for you, get lost.
  5. 1. If you read what I wrote with understanding, you'd know that rhe whole point of this thread is that I don't want to quick attack beforehand to equip melee 2. What real estate??
  6. ps. it's an additional option that you don't even have to use so any argument against it such as: "it's pointless" or "you are being picky" or my favourite "I don't need it" that would imply that I don't need it too - is seen by me as ridiculous. Thank you for attention.
  7. I suppose I am probably in minority for this one (I hope not) but please bring back "switch to melee" keybind. We used to have a very convenient way of switching to melee, just assign a key to it and press it. (personally used scroll up for melee and scroll down for weapons switching) After the major melee updates and all the quickmelee ecc. being back (which is great itself) it's gone and all we have right now is hold to equip melee which takes time and is very inconvenient and clunky to use. It's few hotfixes and updates in and it's still not here even though it's such a simple option and I don't understand why was it gone in the first place. Before you all jump on me and argue it is not needed anymore becouse you can just attack with melee and it's there. Hear me out, you're wrong. There's more ways to use melee then you think then and if you don't see the problem here, there are some more experienced players that use game mechanics and change deafult keybinds.. (uh oh elitist alert) that may have noticed this. This game's combat is unique and fluid like no other, I don't see the reason to make it less responsive or make it function slightly worse. These are the current advantages of actually equipping a melee quickly with a tap of a key or a click if you will: - Main thing with current melee system would be immediate heavy ground slam (with lift status) from the air while glinding ecc. At this moment when you shoot and jump, you can only perform regular ground slam with quick melee. If you wanted to do the heavy ground slam you'd have to hold the switch weapon key and by the time you'd do it, you'd hit the ground :) You could say just equip melee earlier1 or just do an attack first2. 1Ok so doing this breaks the whole idea of smooth combat transition and fluidity which this game is about and turns you into a troglodyte that just got into this game and can't really figure out complex mechanics. Are we switching seemlesly from one to another and do spectacular combat or are we taking time to think, taking time to choose and taking time to attack? I thought it was the premise of most of the melee changes recently to make it smoother. 2This argument in turn will not equip the melee but quick equip it and if you will aim in the air to position ground slam better or stay longer in air you will aim with your pewpew and be back to primary or secondary, good job soldier :) I am putting aside the sole fact that melee attacking mid air will already break your position in the air and shorten time in the air too for positioning for ground slam. But most importanly, what am I attacking the air for beforehand? Hmm. It's just pointless and looks stupid. - Being able to quickly switch to melee glide which is useful for blocking damage, right now hardly anyone uses it due to how you equip melee, usually it's done unintentionally after quick attacking with melee and before going back to pewpew - Zooming in with melee in the air or not is a thing, I don't want to have to hold a button and break the whole fluidity to do that or sudenly switch to aiming with a gun. Right now there are two distint keybind settings for switching weapons: switch weapon and switch gun. While the first one changes guns on tap and switches to melee on hold, the second one only switches between guns and is COMPLETELY REDUNDANT unless you maybe ironically don't want to accidentaly switch to melee if you hold it too long *shrugs* tl;dr what title says, it's a simple option, bring it back.
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