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  1. I had that issue as well when I did it around oct. 5th lol, specifically I'd get stuck in the melee blocking animation, and the way I fixed it was by firing my primary weapon and picking the canister back up before trying to throw it also the animation for it is kinda long and resets itself when you press it again before the canister has been thrown
  2. The Drakgoon's shrapnel shot glows an intense yellow color, even brighter when fully charged. If we're assuming it's firing something such as iron or steel scrap, a glow of that strength would indicate a temperature closer to 1000C to 1100C, certainly more than enough to burn whatever it doesn't destroy. Though, applying scientific logic to warframe is silly to begin with TBF.
  3. the description goes out of it's way to say intensely hot shrapnel, even tracer rounds don't get terribly, intensely hot.
  4. I'd love this if the weapon resets too so I don't get any more dupes lol
  5. there's this key, on your keyboard, it's in-between m and . idk, maybe you'd like it
  6. No, it made public play with randoms POSSIBLE, because it incentivized everyone in the squad to actually test their liches instead of just leaving it on the map, blocking other lich spawns and being a general nuisance, and it reduced the repugnant thrall grind just enough to feel kind of fun. Now it's back to 2-3+ hours of numbing slog just to get this lich with a dupe weapon gone so I can hope the next one has something new and not another Quartakk or Seer.
  7. I laugh but also I want to die
  8. Oh come on, that was making the grind to get a weapon that isn't a dupe I already have 5 of at least a little more bearable
  9. I've gotten two quartakks and two krakens, it's a tad infuriating to slog through the mess of thralls and guesswork of the parazon mods just to get a dupe
  10. just slogged my way through my first lich to get a kuva quartakk, went and created a second lich and she also has a quartakk out of 12 possible weapons, the first two I get are the exact same am I supposed to feel rewarded
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