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  1. On 7.02.2018 at 4:30 PM, [DE]Connor said:

    Vex Armor can now be recast to preserve accumulated buffs.

    please make it as well as elemental ward a toggle skill 
    and maybe some changes to the effigy or its augment (instead of flying at commanded place lets make it follow you in the fashion similar how sentinels float around you with like 400/300/200/100 power drain augment mod)

  2. how about instead of keys beeing bounty reward, make a parts already bountie reward?
    un-vault will took 2 months during which there could be potentially second tree of bounties were rewards could rotate just as normal bounties do 
    this way there wont be a double "dice check" first on relict and then on relict itself reward and fe. rare relict rewards would be the rarest bountie reward

    and god dammit are there any plans to make bounties a bit less dull? plague star event make them something that most people would prefer to avoid at all cost 


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