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  1. It is not. And unless Sony and MS get it together, we may never see it.
  2. Why can't we farm kuva in the queens fortress again?

    eh that stuff is refined a bit...wouldn't work on the rivens anyway. ;P
  3. Nisha - Warframe Concept

    I actually really like it. The 4 is a bit involved, but I think that complex can be rewarding. I would definitely have to see it in action to get a full understanding. Good work though.
  4. Absolute MAX Armor Rating Possible In-Game

    It is very much so sad. I can push one button and get my 95% or jump through hoops to get an extra 2.8%, I'll take the former all day. My argument was never that the 2.8% was useless, just not worth all the effort and upkeep vs just pressing a button.
  5. Absolute MAX Armor Rating Possible In-Game

    the sad thing is, that's still only ~2.8% better that shatter shield.
  6. ZEPHYR Rework_Parkour-centric Zephyr Concept

    Something is missing, tornadoes suck. They will have to drastically improve the AI before it is not useless anymore. As it stands, it is by far the worst ult in the game.
  7. Difficult riven decision

    take the first one and just go with Harrow, negative erased.
  8. ZEPHYR Rework_Parkour-centric Zephyr Concept

    7.8/10 would definitely prefer this over the current variant
  9. How are these rivens?

    I would have killed for that gammacor riven, when the synoid was initially released. But the argonak one is really good. They are all pretty decent though.
  10. Gas is da way bruda
  11. NEW!! Weapon of Warframe! Die now!!!

    That works too
  12. NEW!! Weapon of Warframe! Die now!!!

    They could at least make you invulnerable during the animation, like you're fanning away the damage.
  13. looking for a mentor

    I think that's pretty hyperbolic. There are many players that very knowledgeable. You can kinda get lost shuffling around the wiki. I think tapping both aspects is key.
  14. is there anything more that you want in the orbiter?
  15. Well here it is :D