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  1. Clan Research Privilege

    This is just a part of the game. I know it can be annoying. I don't think resources need to be put in place to change this; right now at least.
  2. So who made it in for Tennogen round 11?

    the last thing we need is more excal skins. he's at 10+ now. There are frames are in need of some design help.
  3. For the love of Tyl Regor D.E.

    I couldn't +1 this fast enough. I love the design of the map. I like the endless "mobile defense" feel; makes the mission feel less monotonous. I would love the functionality too, if it wasn't so buggy. It's not a great mission even when it's not a fissure mission. I do hope they address this at some point too.
  4. What is the prosses of cert??

    they send the build to micro and sony. their cert teams basically make sure that the builds don't crash the consoles. this takes a bit longer with much larger builds.
  5. Bad Warlods

    Sucks that this happened to you guys. I think it won't happen for you guys; I hope I'm wrong but the scores for the trophies are clan scores not individuals. You guys will always have your individual scores but "Children of Umbra" hasn't participated in any events yet.
  6. when they get in, they are attacking the objective. unless they are trying to attack you, but the globe doesn't work how nyx's absorb does.
  7. Problems with the Celestia Syandana

    but on a real note, I don't see a change coming. As someone that will never do enough conclave to get the syandana, I applaud you though.
  8. WTS Godly Strun Riven

    those first 2 stats would leave you to believe that it is godly. that negative is so bad on that weapon though. I thought I had bad luck. +190 damage +150 multi +120 puncture but then -54 reload on the sobek. i was excited reading right up to the end. I would reroll and look for a negative that doesn't really effect your build.
  9. Why 1 million credits for trade mod primeds?

    because 1mil credits is far too easy to get.
  10. Best meele build ( IMO ) for warframe. ( Endgame - ish. )

    I see no mention of the lesion here.
  11. Excaliber Umbra - The Great Sacrafice

    In a heart beat
  12. Top Frames atm?

    this isn't the end all be all "this is the best frames list" but this is a good run down of most of the frames in the game. I'm sure he will be doing another soon. This will at least introduce you to most of the frames in one video and let you make a decision on the ones you're interested in. There is no true list of the best frames as many people will have varying responses. Good luck
  13. Chroma is too powerful!

    pretty much nobody cared before there was a really good high end use for him. this is an insane ask, imho. Don't think the damage is fair, don't use it.
  14. Which Pandero Riven should I use?

    easily the second one. that - fire rate is a big killer.
  15. Tenno palette #2 to be expected?

    a tenno pack 2 would be great. there are some frames with great colors that are hard to replicate exactly