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  1. remove hammer shot for shred.
  2. Noooooooooooo!
  3. And they want him to appear to be more paladin like.
  4. I can see this being close to what an arbiters skin would look like.
  5. Finally got around to watching the Devstream and I fell madly in love with the aesthetic of paladino and would love to see the model as a skin for the operators. I think that syndicate operator skins would be great and give people who have all the syndicate things another reason to keep grinding.
  6. I'm so happy that it's much more simple on console. Want plat and just the accessories? buy that pack. Want plat and prime stuff? buy that pack.
  7. I love the ping of the garand
  8. I love it and ill probably get it regardless but the horns are a bit big
  9. Probably the worst thing mentioned. All points were very valid some were just not as pressing as others.
  10. Oh...yea...sorry
  11. I agree with this. I do like the idea of not being tied to energy color, for chorma, and maybe replacing spectral scream with a quiver style ability to just change the element type in mission. I don't know if that would be a wildly good ability though; due to most people just running ice chroma anyway. I do want SS repealed and replaced, just not sure of what that would be, thematically. Maybe being able to tap into the effigy while you wear it and using it's stun ability without having to cast it would be ok.
  12. it all has to do with the given weapons ability to land a shot on the reticle at it's particular fire rate. It basically puts a circle around the reticle, the lower the accuracy, the larger the circle. that last part is speculation from me, it just seems that it's how it works in a nut shell imo.
  13. No, it just does insane burst damage and you can get it to 100% status. Those slash procs just cut through anything pretty quick
  14. amprex by a mile. these weapons are so totally different from the soma. they are actually wildly different from each other. The dread is a whole other thing,
  15. mk1 can use winds too but the furis is slightly better and not too costly to build.