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  1. Is anyone else having this issue? It started yesterday for me. The home page isn't even updating when I'm away from it either. It's still showing the same topics from a few days ago as if though they started just minutes ago.(There's a post titled"Conclave reward" that shows that it was posted 10 minutes ago when it was posted at 3:14pm yesterday.) I know there were big changes in the forums the other day, don't remember reading that this would happen. I didn't wanna make a support ticket if it's wide spread either.

    One issue is much easier to fix than the other, ever thought about that? You should get a new shift key, yours seems to be broken.
  3. What PoE means for Warframe

    this is also that I've been excited about. I've been dusting off my snipers and getting them ready, even though it's probably gonna be a year before consoles get the update.
  4. Nikana Prime?

    Most people don't, even vets. I guess I consider myself a vet(1100 hours in game) and I don't have much plat at all.
  5. Nikana Prime?

    All of the component parts have relics that are not vaulted. It would probably be easier to trade for the stuff rather than asking for a handout here tbh. Blueprint Axi A1 Rare Blade Meso N4 Rare Hilt Neo N6 Rare
  6. Can We Get More Survival Fissures For Lith Relics.

    Pretty sure the system is RNG for the most part.
  7. Just hit day 548..I'm getting vary excited now!

    I'm getting vary excited now! <--- I loved that part lol totally read it in his voice.
  8. Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation]

    Same abilities, different stats. Unless they have just completely changed the way it will work in the global version of the game. Either way, I'm excited about more lore and things to come. I also don's see the need to just limit umbra to excal. Well have to see how they make the lore work, but I'm going to assume that it wouldn't work with just one frame having a shadow variant.
  9. The grind concept. Why this decision?

    its worked for them for 4 years now.
  10. Plains of Eidolon & Companions ???

    Probably didn't have them in the test due to them overloading the test server. They couldn't die without the test crashing lol. I'm going to assume that they won't take that aspect of the game away from us there.
  11. Any idea when chains of harrow is coming to consoles?

    Nope. I wouldn't hold my breath for too long. With them putting so much effort into the new PC content, it could take some time.
  12. Clan Emblem Rejected

    Is the men of letters symbol trademarked?
  13. Idk why but I'm not interested in new Warframes and Primes.

    You're feeling the burn.
  14. Primed continuity or flow?

    Continuity. Energy is so easy to get in game right now imo. All you need is the energy pancakes and you're golden.
  15. Things you really wish you had recorded, but didn't.

    Losing my V card. My friends don't believe me. Even after I got married and have a child on the way; they still doubt it's mine. In game, the time that I actually died in the dojo, just walking down the hallway. Gotta be a pretty crappy player to die in an area that you can't die in.