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  1. Thanks for catching that, updated
  2. (PS4)jFresh215

    Tennobaum gifting center

    Congrats tenno, it was awesome getting to this point with all of you guys!!! Still holding out hope for that Mag Graxx skin :D
  3. (PS4)jFresh215

    Harrow Quest Required for Apostasy Prologue!

    I know it's not a real fix, but you can bind things in the gear wheel to a controller button. It was the only way that I could get through the quest without pulling my hair out.
  4. (PS4)jFresh215

    PS4 Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.5.1 (LIVE)

    It wouldn't but judging by the build number and the fact that it's not listed(I would imagine that would be the first thing listed here) I think it's safe to assume we won't see it, at least initially.
  5. (PS4)jFresh215

    PS4 Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.5.1 (LIVE)

    doesn't seem like it as that was released with U22.6
  6. (PS4)jFresh215

    PS4 Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.5.1 (LIVE)

    that was 22.6
  7. (PS4)jFresh215

    PS4 Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.5.1 (LIVE)

    Pretty happy about this but I was really looking forward to getting focus 2.5 in my hands. I guess there's something else for us to look forward to in 2018. Thanks for all the hard work. I know getting these ports out isn't easy.
  8. (PS4)jFresh215

    Devstream #103 Overview

    Fun stream. Hoping for some good stuff to finish the year and a great deal more moving forward!
  9. Boredom set in at work so I decided to make a list of "all" of the current Tenno armament that has yet to receive a Prime version, in a rough order of when they were released. It is worth noting that there are a few of these weapons that have received alternate versions, those will be underlined. MK1 weapons were not considered for the list. If there's anything that I missed and you think should be here, fell free to let me know. I actually had fun doing this. Going back and seeing how long ago some of these weapons were introduced and how viable some of the older stuff still is today. The amount of Tenno melee weapons is kinda insane. This is the third installment of this list; they keep getting archived. I hope you all find some kinda something from this, either way, enjoy. Warframes: Zephyr(12.0) Limbo(15.0) Mesa(15.5) Chroma(16.0) Equinox(17.0) Atlas(17.5) Wukong(17.12) Ivara(18.0) Nezha(18.1) Inaros(18.5 Titania(19.0) Nidus(19.5) Octavia(Octavia's Anthem(20)) Harrow(Chains of Harrow(21)) Gara(PoE(22)) Khora(23?)* Primary: Strun(Vanilla) Attica(13.0) Tibreron(14.9) Panthera(15.10) Daikyu(16.5) Rubico(18.0) Zhuge(18.6) Stradavar(18.11) Tenora(Octavia's Anthem(20)) Zenith(20.2) (500 Day Login Reward) Scourge(21) Astilla(PoE(22)) Baza(22.4) Corinth(22.8) Secondary: (A)Furis(5.3)(5.3) Kunai(8.0) (Ak)Magnus(11.9)(11.2) Castanas(12.2) Pyrana(13.6) Akzani(14.0) Akjagara(15.3) Aksomati(16.3) Talons(18.0) Azima(18.5) (100 Day Login Reward) Pandero(Octavia's Anthem(20)) Knell(Chains of Harrow(21)) Zakti(21.1) Fusilla(PoE(22)) Melee: Dual skana(Vanilla) Ceramic dagger(Vanilla) Dark sword/dagger(8.0)(Vanilla) Dual zoren(6.0) (Dual)Heat sword/dagger(6.2)(8.0)(6.0) (Dual)Ether sword/daggers(7.7.3)(8.0)(7.7.3 Jaw sword(8.0) Pangolin sword(8.0) Kestrel(8.1) Magistar(11.5) Nami solo(13.5) Karyst(14.2) Kronen(14.5) Redeemer(15.5) Tipedo(15.9) Tonbo(15.15) Dual Raza(16.3) Boltace(16.5) Anku(16.7) Ninkondi(17.4) Tekko(17.5) Lacera(18.0) Shaku(18.1) Destreza(18.3) Sibear(18.8) Dark Split_Sword(18.14) Zenistar(Specters of the Rail 1) (300 Day Login Reward) Sarpa(The Silver Grove) Endura(20.6) Guandao(21.1) Volnus(PoE(22)) Sigma & Octantis(22.1.2) (700 Day Login Reward) Cassowar(22.4) Gunsen(22.8) 16 Non-Primed Frames 67 total weapons 4 Non-Primed "Vanilla" weapons 13 Primaries(1 has an existing alternate version) (1 is only available through login rewards) 16 Secondaries(1 has an existing alternate version) (1 is only available through login rewards) 38 Melee(2 have existing alternate versions) (2 are only available through login rewards) *Yet to be released Corpus version: Grineer version
  10. (PS4)jFresh215

    Thanks For Watching Prime Time #183!

    Cool stream
  11. (PS4)jFresh215

    Plains of Eidolon: Sniper Review!

    I don't personally care one way or another where the zoom levels are. I don't and probably won't use snipers much going forward. My original statement was a general one, many players in the community have wanted a reduction in the zoom levels for the rest of the game play since there have been different levels. It was only up until now, when we have a good use for higher zoom levels were players content with where they were(obviously this doesn't include everyone.) I don't think this will be the final pass at zoom and I hope it's not. 6x in as wide of a space as we're getting does seem too restrictive, especially with the nice increase to headshot damage. I guess players can just use Eagle Eye until the levels are at a better place again.
  12. (PS4)jFresh215

    Plains of Eidolon: Sniper Review!

    I don't think so. It was buffed and the decrease in the zoom level is good. May have been good for PoE but you gotta imagine that this will also effect all other game play. that 12x zoom was unusable on most maps.
  13. (PS4)jFresh215

    Platform Specific Feedback Subforums merged!

    Great. There have been several times where someone on PC has had an issue that I had a good suggestion of fix for and couldn't post of the thread. This will help get more eyes and eventually more brains on problems!
  14. (PS4)jFresh215

    lukinu_u's Workshop - Khora Mithra is done !

    It may be a while. It isn't in round 9 and it seems like round 10 will be Halloween theme stuff. The creator can submit it for round 10 I guess.