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  1. This was exactly what I was referring to.
  2. "Privacy" mostly I know people that wouldn't want people seeing what they have done to their gear. It also gives try hards and toxic players a reason not to play with players. Some won't want to team with guys that don't have their stuff "maxed out." I didn't really start to worry about going hard with forma until I was MR17-18 or so. And mostly just to have the option, some can argue that having these features is pointless. It's all a matter of preference.
  3. Only if you can toggle other players seeing. I've also wanted a way to be able to show builds in much the same way, also a toggle.
  4. Another left turn! I can dig it.
  5. Yes if you build for the crits. Getting 10x damage(or how much ever your sonar buff is) on damage that is already doubled is a no brainer. Plus the ammo economy is a bit better.
  6. I will not accept this. I have also never seen anyone saying that they want this. I have seen many people speculate that there would be a "dexcube" this year, with no evidence at all. I don't want them to ever get to the point where it's normal that they are putting out half cocked items in game.
  7. This is something that I can get behind.
  8. I'm sure they are just getting hits on you mate. There's no real rewards for WF conclave, I don't think people are risking banes for conclave. Make a support ticket with your issue, it won't be heeded here. If there's an issue, they will try to find it.
  9. Literally every issue about a warframe you brought up made the game so trivial. The changes just mean we have to learn new ways to do things, requiring some semblance of skill. The game still has cheese for everything, these were just the abilities that got the hammer first. Ash for example is so much better to me, I like his kit a ton but I didn't likebeing locked into an animation for sometimes 10 seconds just to kill some stuff. His 4 now allows you to pick out the toughest stuff and focus on that first. The tonkor is still powerful, just gotta be careful.
  10. for some reason they haven't taken the ability to use it away. Anyone can use it, just not allowed. I'm just tryna be helpful. No big deal.
  11. It would be nice I guess. PS megathread tag is used for Admins only.
  12. Just curious, how'd that go for ya'll
  13. I found that quite enjoyable. The melody was my least favorite part too. Kinda made it a little clunky, not sure why.
  14. I was happy that they disabled the banshee sound quake effects. That was the only one I really had a problem with. I haven't seen Octavia yet so I'll hold judgement until I see her in action. But I can understand how this could be an issue for some.
  15. 9 and 16 were my favs. GG can't wait to have this build on PS4