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  1. any advice for prosecutors?

    well you have to first let the alarms stay on during the mission. i believe that kiste, ceres is a good map to spawn them
  2. Mastery Rank timer

    there is a very obvious timer during the test did you have the HUD off?
  3. Good Frost/Boltor Build?

    The only thing the Boltor does well is raw damage. Just mod for that. Serration, split chamber, all 4 90% damage mods, maybe a fire rate mod and probably reload. 2.6 seconds is quite a bit of time to wait. As for frost I would use the steel charge aura, use vitality and steel fiber(some just use the shield mod because he already has great shields but I don't find it necessary) then throw on streamline, flow, intensify, and stretch(these are all great as they increase the stats with no negatives) continuity is also in this group but not too necessary on frost but it is good for keeping the freeze and slow effects up a little longer. After that, you have 1 or 2 slots for augments when you get to those or just adding in movement mods like armored agility(can be farmed from nightmare missions and also increases armor), rush and mobilize.
  4. Clan Auddit Logs

    I agree, I don't see it as a big necessity either, but I can see how it's something a warlord would want, especially is there is constant turnover in the clan.
  5. Clan Auddit Logs

    it does, but it is limited and only goes back so far.
  6. Lato Prime in a Warframe comic?

    I think we are missing some context...are you triggered by this, just pointing it out or some other weird reason?
  7. The Great Eidolon Hunt Twitch promotion

    My guess is that there will be more info regarding the event when POE drops and many of the streamers that do youtube will have some detailed videos that come out with more details.
  8. How do i reset my acount

    there is no way to reset your WF account. Why would you want to?
  9. warframe specific mechanics for energy regeneration ? (idea)

    but that's just the thing, there wasn't a problem until we had a "solution" now the "solution" is going away and it's creating a problem for people. Yes. I know that energy is crucial in this game, I've been here for well over 3 years now. I've seen what things were like before zenurik; they weren't that bad. For some, this means a shift in play style, energy management skill(never see it as a skill until you have to actually think about it) or maybe push players to look at new frames and weapons. I would welcome a well crafted and thought out way of regening energy, if it was balanced across the board. I do however feel that there are an adequate number of avenues for getting energy in game, even with overflow leaving. there is a "healthy" number imo. As easy as the game can be now, things were mindlessly easy before some of those things were added in. They create a somewhat annoying challenge at times. Players need to feel like they have something they have to work around, without it things get stale.
  10. More Fashion Frame Slots

    I think that this should just be the natural progression. As you stated, there are so many new skins in game now, with only more coming in the future. I think that it would be great if we just had 5 from DE and more if we wanna pay. 3 was perfect when we only had 1-2 skins a frame; but frames like excal have 10 or so skins and some people have at least half of them, I personally own 6, including the vanilla version. Whether it's more for free or plat, I don't see why there hasn't been an option that's come about yet.
  11. Clan Event Ideas?

    Many clans do missions where they look to get the most of something or going the longest. I propose doing the opposite of that. Doing a set node survival where the goal is to go a set time, say 30 minutes, and get the lowest kill count. There would have to be a couple of frame restrictions; nekros, hydroid and ivara.(i think that's all of the extra loot frames) as well as the digger dog. This would promote tactical killing and map exploration instead of just camping and hope someone didn't camp longer.
  12. Glass Frame Name and Passive Concepts; To help the Devs

    yea roughly 130 times
  13. Glass Frame Name and Passive Concepts; To help the Devs

    Pretty sure the name is gonna be something along the lines of Silica, Vitria or Obsidia