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  1. Why not on PS4 and Xbone too? I've been waiting years to migrate on PS4!
  2. Are you gonna optimize Orb Vallis so that people with lower end PCs will be able to go there? I have no problems getting into PoE, but game 100% freezes everytime I take the elevator to enter Orb Vallis.
  3. Are you people really complaining about saving up plat? I'm 1000+ days in and sure as hell want those free weapons slots, it's the only thing that really interests me in this new system, rivens and kuva I don't touch since I despise that system, endo is useless once you got all the good stuff leveled up (got 955k endo just sitting there, again rivens are an endo sink for people, but not for me). Forma and exilus are always useful and boosters, meh, don't really need 'em. Bring on the free slots!
  4. When is the switch from consumables to infinite charges getting implemented for archwings on plains? Are we going to have to wait for Fortuna for this? Can the alt fire of weapons be switched to a toggle instead of another button? On controller it's pretty inconvenient to shoot with R3. Is the Lanka ever going to get its own model, or is it always gonna be a snipetron clone? With Corpus Gas City getting a visual restyle and focusing more on parkour, will ziplines FINALLY get textures? We were shown some concepts of Archwing enemies being remodeled to adress some scaling problems, that was years ago, did work ever start on that? Is the event to get those Dark Sector gun skins still planned? Could the past events come back Plague Star syle, or if that goes against lore, use Symaris to "simulate" these past events? Why can't we have the comics stories (not talking about the comics being sold, talking about Rell, Hek and Suda ones) in the codex? Having some parts of lore being scattered all over outside the game (youtube prime trailers, comics on the official site, comics being sold) isn't that pleasant. We can get fanart in the game, surely we can get official stuff in 🙂 About that, can we just have a lore section in the codex? Past events lore, quest recaps, some of the prime frames' lore notes, stalker scanning, simaris scanning, comics, prime trailers, kuria, Lotus mails etc. once unlocked/published it should all go in one section intead of being spread all over the place.
  5. Rocket League cross-play PS4/PC http://rocketleague.wikia.com/wiki/Cross-platform_play Fortnite cross-play PS4/PC/Mobile https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fortnite_Battle_Royale In March 2018, Epic announced it was making Fortnite Battle Royale for Android and iOS mobile devices. These versions have cross-platform play with the PC and Xbox One versions, and, separately, with PC and PS4. Where do you get your info on all this?
  6. No sorry, you're just wrong. Even Fortnite, the game that began all this mess IS ACTUALLY CROSS-PLAY on PS4 (with PC and Mobile), Sony has been doing cross-play since PS2 (with FF XI, funny enough this was even cross-play with XBOX 360 and PC of course). Vita being dead means nothing, that's what started the cross-play movement. Microsoft on 360 tried cross-play with PC and then stopped cause it was a failure (Shadowrun). About them willing to pay Sony for cross-play is something you have to give proof of since there's no article talking about that. It's also nice that you have a crystal ball and can see in the future, how are PS5 games? 😜 You have to understand that PS4 being the market leader is what spung Sony's refusal of cross-play with rival consoles, it's natural for it to be this way, it makes perfect business sense, people might not like it but that's how it is, maybe it'll change in the future, who knows. Exclusives exist to incentivize people to buy a specific platform, they'll never will (and shouldn't) go away. Imagine buying McDonald's food at a Burger King, that's not how brands work, everyone want to cut themselves a piece of the pie and they don't wanna share it with anyone else (AND EVERYONE WANTS THE BIGGEST SLICE), capitalism my man/woman. Edit: Also this it totally off topic and I won't post about this matter anymore in this thread.
  7. Sony popularized cross-play: http://www.egmnow.com/articles/features/lets-not-forget-sony-played-a-vital-role-in-inventing-cross-play-ps4/ They just don't allow cross-play with rival consoles (Xbox and Switch), there's a lot of cross-play titles on ps4/ps3/psvita. DE doesn't allow cross-play between consoles and PC because of updates and updates schedules (also certification process on consoles takes time). So no, you're wrong in saying Sony doesn't like cross-play.
  8. Waiting 15 hours to build the struts is really bad... yes, we have 2 weeks so it's not that much of a problem, but it should take 1 hour to build or the amount should be 3 instead of 5.
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