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  1. Yes of course, current prowl without movement restriction would be overpowered. That's why different levels of invisibility relying on movement like described below would be interesting. Or another solution could be to use the same mechanic than firing a noisy weapon while being in prowl. You're visible when you run/bullet jump and become invisible instantly when you stop. Of course, staying in channeling state even when visible.
  2. Seems really nice to me. Ivara is a great frame, my favorite. The only thing that annoys me with her is that it's mostly a solo oriented frame because her prowl speed debuff,. In a squad where everyone move very fast, it's difficult to reach mobs before they're dead, and without prowl on high lvl mission, you die in a second.
  3. Agree with that. Why didn't you keep the blueprint for people who liked to craft their baits, in addition of baits buyable with standing.
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