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  1. I clipped your post, but you paraphrased it nicely in any case. They (DE) did not encourage anything. That verbiage is very disingenuous at best. And at worst, as you yourself put it, plainly dishonest. Because the option for variety was already built into the system. Those players (loyal veterans it seems) wanted power not variety. Now, it *seems* they have nothing they originally wanted. Just out of curiosity, do you think they are working on a fix, re-vamp, or retraction, or a very well worded politically correct explanation?
  2. "Everyone gets a trophy, no one is a looser."
  3. "time determining intent" What on earth do you mean? "encourage variety instead of duplication" - They already had the option to use 2 different Arcanes if they wanted. Many players clearly did not want that. You didn't "encourage" anything, you required of them what they apparently did not want in the first place. And rubbing salt in the wound, gave them lower powered Arcanes, a longer grind/farm, and broken builds. My personal bias: I'm somewhat casual and low end. (Frankly, the grind from BEFORE was too much for me - this one is utterly absurd (to me). I don't even know what Arcanes I have or use other than that one I like in my Mesa that makes me shoot faster. [EDIT: grammar... nuts!]
  4. Cautious Shot mod is not compatible with Kuva Bramma. Not sure if this is intended or an oversight.
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