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  1. @Zilchy Re: the risk of pub. You're right; it's a known and an assumed risk. I know my post is a bit of a complaint, but Wolf's such a nuisance. I expect though he scales with player count, not power level. I hope there is a some algorithm that would be able to scale him to the party's power level, not just 4 rando-players drops a max-attack-Wolf. That may be a bit much to ask, I dunno - not a programmer/developer.
  2. Last time I tried that, it took over 25 minutes of just shooting him with the group. That was the last time I downed him in a pub. It was a 28+ minute mobile defense on Tier 3 Corpus Rift (Neo fissure I think...). I just ran off and completed the mission in Nova while the group played with the Wolf and I came back to put over 2,000 bullets in him and try and slow the Corpus ads. I also dropped ammo, shield, and energy restores for the team. That's about the extent of it. I'm not God's gift to Warframe or gaming in general. I'm casual and just enjoy the fun. But the Wolf ain't it. 🙂
  3. This is the Wolf in a nutshell. Choice is gone if you really want to assure mission completion because of a random boss spawn. Meanwhile, there is no player choice on open world for archwings: "Nerf the [crap] out of Itzal," he says. DE, you confuse me.
  4. Who aborts when the wolf appears in a mission? I have been in several missions yesterday, and one today, that when the wolf appeared, the whole pub group of four (me included) unanimously decided it was a better gameplay choice to abort. The two exceptions were when we could just run away and complete the mission and exfil while he was wandering after us through the map. Surely DE had something else in mind when this concept was approved. Generally speaking, no one wants to fight him; it's universally agreed upon that the time sink is too much for the reward. This is from random public groups, not my very small circle of Warframe friends (who, incidentally, don't fight him either). Is there a better way, DE?
  5. You prove again that you all are capital folks. I have had Ash Prime for a long time, ergo I have no stake in this whatsoever. So, when I say the above, it's not from materialistic selfishness. Well done.
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