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    Unnamed ammo

    usually arch gun ammo appears as something like " heavy ammo "
  2. Well , had the first run of having disruption as a syndicate mission...complete all conduits and then the green "get to extraction appears... So went on looking for medallions ,,,while I was looking for medallions, the mission suddenly ended with "failed" with Little Duck saying "so is life"... wtf.. Was there supposed to be a timer ? is it a timed mission ? I never saw a count down timer on the screen after the "get to extraction" and indicator appeared. So I completed mission without collecting or hunting for medallions... but if I went on looking for medallions... the mysterious hidden timer would probably fail me again when it says "go to extraction" after doing the required number of conduits.
  3. All the other Thumpers are spawning... except this one (Doma) ... why ?
  4. Well since you have a serious medical issue in regards to this, there should be an option to turn own/off this in settings after the quest. I personally don't get a fright over this as its just a game. I find it amusing that the operator appears at random.. she usually sits on the marketplace desk, when she appears at the front of the ship where navigation is. Never seen her anywhere else. So she is usually on my ship expected to be there if she re-appears again. On the Marketplace desk ., I am surprised you don't find the infested as frightening as the man-in-the wall operator doppleganger, they just about run and creep up and attack from behind in almost any mission...or even the grineer manic that would come out of nowhere at super speeds and invisibility, jump on top of you, pinning you to the ground, and attacking you like a rabid cat to death... I get a fright with that grineer manic all the time, when it unexpectedly grabs me, holds me down... can't do anything to block or get yourself free while being hacked to death.. and have to be revived. I personally find that being grabbed by a grineer manic unexpectedly way more frightening than a ghost operator appearing randomly with glowey eyes on my ship.
  5. It would be nice if warframe is on Mac too , I have now two Macs ... the iMac I got from art studio when it closed down... it has an i7 and its memory can be upgraded to 32GBs... but its an Nvidia GPU has 1GB memory.. Where I have a desktop PC/Hackintosh also but its only 16GB RAM, i3 but an Nvidia GPU of 2GB memory.. so it appears the PC may be better for gaming while the iMac best for rendering art. But it would be nice to log in and play on both platforms if one of the computers are busy doing something. You can play warframe in bootcamp, I used to do this on my MacBook Pro before I got my PC/hackintosh.. but I also recommend gaming in a desktop tower... as its easier and more cheaper to repair (and you can do it yourself) if something should go pop and not have to worry about waiting for week+ at Apple store or hoping your AppleCare hasn't expired... where the cost of parts are expensive. But can this game run in Linux ?
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