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  1. So you aced the game, try running conclave or do personal challenges like doing Kuva survival solo for 60+ without using a single life support and no vacuum on pet/sential (have to pick every small life support pack without a vacuum/fetch mod) or doing the index with weapons and frames with no mods. The game is meant to be enjoyed when played. When you finding the game not fun anymore, play another game, and come back to it later when you are bored of the other game. I found warframe to have a lot of content and things to do.. don't push yourself with the game, because you destroy the fun. To be honest most subscription based online games similar to warframe appear to be more boring than warframe. Some people can sit and play one game title often.. others like to play different games at different times. Maybe you are the type that likes to play different games at different times. I just personally find a lot in warframe that it takes all my game time, and other games are just sitting there not being played... as I find myself playing warframe almost all the time.
  2. But how do I start it ? is it listed as a bounty at Eudico on the chair or in the Vox Solaris Room ? Something with Little Duck to start it ? Or was it like when Eidolon hunts happened before they were added to the bounty menu ?
  3. Fantastic, we have a new operation and its around Fortuna/Orb Vallis , Fantastic , new things ... But seriously, what do I do ? How Do I start ? Do I speak to Eudico ? Do I go to the Vox Solaris table ? O.k Maybe its in the bounties , select a Bounty , run it .. I see these fire pits... go to them, or should I complete the bounty and then go to them ? Did the bounty, run back to them, then It says I need to get coolent from some arachnids... go to "rivers" and "lakes" No spiders ... so i try to stir up enemies that would spawn arachnids at the enrichment labs, as I know if you get their attention, some semi- large spiders role in... nothing.. What the hell... this operation is poorly implemented, I don't know what the hell to do and what I am doing... I gave up... extracted...turned PC off , turned on Mac, watched movies... When ever there was mission or operation... on the Plains.. you would get a start from Konzo.. here. its like what... I think you should have thought how to roll this operation first by a way of getting a head start in the mission/operation... because I am clueless as to what to do... :( I wish I knew what to do so I could enjoy this new operation thing.
  4. When I play the game again, going to do the 30 caves in opposite sequence, then eventually random sequences , as I am still stuck on 29/30 , I have also found some Fortuna character debt bonds that need scanning...
  5. I have done this again after doing this a a few weeks, still stuck on 29/30 caves... Next time I am going to visit all 30 caves in the opposite sequence, to see if it logs the 30th cave.
  6. This happened to my Kavat yesterday when I was trying to complete the 30 caves, which I am still stuck at 29/30 caves.
  7. O.k I prefer using Ivara for catching animals.. and here is a step by step farming method I use. 1) Make sure your gear wheel has the tranq, lures and pheromones. The pheromones. The lures are buy once and use for ever.., and the pheromones, buy at least 20 for each animal from solaris standing, these are consumables, and they produce a scent which would increase your chances of drawing the animals near you and mask your scent. 2) Go out in the valis. 3) Equip Archwing.. and fly up to the top of the sky as much as possible. 4) Open Map, select Tranq , and then select the animal lure or the desired species of animal you wish to capture , that would only show paw thingies of that specific animal on the map.. and not all the animal locations. 5) Fly to the desired location, fall out of the sky... , activate the poop, follow the paw/foot prints until you get to a hump on the ground, 6)select weapon, go invisible, select tranq again use your echo-lure, until you get a response of the animal, when the guy says ready your tranq, relese the pheremones only once... wait... and the animal(s) would begin to move into view. 7)If you have loot detector/enemy sense on.. the animals would show up as red enemy triangles. When they are in view, tranq. be carefull to make sure you are holding the tranq and not your gun when you fire...Tranq the animal by firing 😎 collect the animal 5 animals collected = 5 tags which can be traded for 1 floof.. please note that there are sub-species of the animals... you would need to collect 5 tags of that sub-species.. lures only show species only and sub species are generated by RNG.
  8. This happened to me sometimes.. you would have to wait for the timer to run out before it gets refilled with ammo. Annoying and this could make/brake the mission in killing the giant spider , if you in a squad that is new to the spider downing run.
  9. I got stuck in the table by doing this.
  10. Only see 29/30 caves... when I have been in and at all 30 caves... going to have another round at it again later today and do some mining and looting in the process... maybe it would magically unglitch... I doubt it.
  11. Been there... does nothing.. still stuck on 29/30
  12. I am having the same thing... went to all 30 caves and it still says I have 29... I originally had 28 caves, found 2 missing, and only 1 registered , the other was there... but it was not updating the challenge.
  13. I am having the same problem, built a K-Drive, its on level 30.. but equipment menu for mastery still shows 0... I assumed renaming it with 15 plat would fix this... nope... and I was going to assume to build another K-drive... thinking this might fix it... it appears not...
  14. Now that much of the Orb Valis stuff I done, I am doing conservation. The only annoying thing is, some of the animal poop spawns out of the map. Yesterday a poop was outside the outer boundaries where the wind gets strong and cold of Orb Valis and was unreachable, second was supposed to be in a cave, but it ended up being spawned into the blackspace of the map... in the rock/earth where it is unreachable unless you could walk through walls, which is impossible. Please fix this.
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