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  1. (XB1)calvina

    XB1 Mask of the Revenant: Update 23.8.2

    Woo! Thanks for that Dojo hotix, our dojo would take 2-4 full minutes to load due to all the decorations we put in.
  2. (XB1)calvina

    Why is Balance IN PVE a thing?

    Balance helps variety, having that one FOTM weapon guarantees that practically everyone and thier kubrow sticks with it until it gets the nerbat as evidenced by the Synoid Gammacor at one point, there was literally nobody else using a different secondary apart from those who didn't have the standing or plat to get it in the first place. Other examples also include the Synoid Simulor/Mirage Combo and Tonkor.
  3. (XB1)calvina

    We Need To Talk About Warframe

    Welp, until Fortuna and Railjack are released with a few additional months after spent ironing out the guaranteed storm of bugs, I expect we'll continue to have a content drought for the forseeable future. I just hope that once thier hands are free once more and back on track, they get back to more steady updates, with any bigger projects being relegated to updating existing content that got left in the dust as usual. (Sanctuary Onslaught, Infested Salvage, faction visual updates, Archwing, Defection, etc.)
  4. (XB1)calvina

    Please give us Edo Prime for the next Unvaulting

    Welp, there goes feeling special.
  5. (XB1)calvina

    What other tilesets do you do think should DE rework

    Any tileset that was made before the Jupiter Underwater tileset should be reworked. Things like the grineer asteroid really needs it, I believe it was one, if not, the first tileset to release.
  6. (XB1)calvina

    Fortuna. Would you play it? Why/when not?

    Well, it's just plains 2.0. Will be popular for a month or 2 and everyone will forget about it as usual. Having experienced the 3 week-month long wait for us consoles to get Plains of Eidolon after PC, all hype will be dead by the time fortuna comes to us, so nothing special there either. Will play it myself, get the relevant stuff and forget about it.
  7. (XB1)calvina

    Forma's 24h makes an annoying time creep :(

    We need 3-5x forma bundles atleast, 36 hours
  8. (XB1)calvina

    Revenant Farm - Why do it again DE?

    I'd rather not it drop from eidolons unless it is a secondary drop, It would suck if you already got Revenant, trying to farm arcanes, only to get more of his parts.
  9. (XB1)calvina

    Writtings on the wall now it seems

    DE's biggest mistake was letting the login system run this far before updating, 700 days for the Sigma & Octantis, basically 2 years for a single weapon, that's a longer time spent logging in than the life span of the average game these days.
  10. (XB1)calvina

    You guys need BattlEye implemented in Conclave

    I'm more concerned about the fact that there are people who actually bother to cheat in a mode that's barely played, like wat.
  11. Mecha spiders will just end up being Eidlons 2.0, grinded for whatever loot as efficiently as possible. Tracking and luring will phase out like Fishing, hoverboard will not matter as my Itzal is usable. The New Frames are nice though. And I guess Nyx rework can be called a core update, (Although, other mechanics than the Warframes themselves could really use it more, like Archwing and irrelevant modes like infested salvage and such) but as for visual updates, I'm talking about bigger things like what the Gas City tileset and corpus are currently undergoing. tileset reworks, Grineer faction makeover, more weapon model updates just like the Braton/Lato/Bo, etc, all that would be boss.
  12. (XB1)calvina

    Dojo Destroying Rooms Acceleration

    I think it would be cool to save prefab decorations also, and to fix any server storage issue, the prefabs we save can be files on our hard drives, in which we can import/export. For example, making a mech, you wanna move it, but doing so would mean rebuilding the whole thing, you can either save it all, or select multiple parts at once to move.
  13. (XB1)calvina

    Dojo Destroying Rooms Acceleration

    I also hope that DE find a way to update the room algorithm. As opposed to having to destroy child components, they should make it that it can be freely destroyable as long as the rooms it is connected to are also connected to other parts of the dojo in which you can access them from. Also, I'm hoping for other changes, such as decoration construction being reduced to 12 hours as opposed to 24, and the option to preview rooms with decorations built, as opposed to thier yellow/blue state.
  14. (XB1)calvina

    In warframe, what makes the least sense in your opinion?

    Earch survival Missions.
  15. I'm hoping that after Fortuna, they'd stop with the semi-relevant open world updates for the time-being and go back to put more focus into other core experiences, like bosses, relays, mission types, (good ones, mind you, infested salvage and that other mode is not fun whatsoever.) Codex. (plenty of dud object/enemy entries that needs cleaning out/fixing) and Archwing itself. (And no, I don't consider Railjack an update to archwing if the archwings themselves ain't even given some love in regards to controls, mods, variety, etc. Atleast we'lll probably have an extra tileset I guess.) Maybe further resources put into visual updates, Corpus is already getting worked on, which is nice, I hope that also applies to weapons like the Lanka, which still has the snipetron model.