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    Real life Salt

    You know, that's a familiar feeling you're describing. But here's what I understood: 1) People are jealous and narcissistic. They exaggerate their success and omit their efforts to try looking better in the eyes of others (and most importantly in the eyes of themselves). If they say 'It just came to me', don't believe it so easily. They either had done something for it they don't tell you, or struggled really hard but deny it. To be honest with yourself about your achievements is a thing to be proud of. 2) When the life is unfair with you (which it mostly is), it doesn't mean you can't benefit from it. When someone has everything served on a golden dish for them, you overcome difficulties and learn from it. Something achieved through effort is always much more than the same thing done by accident. Let's take this as an example. You gained from it more than just retaining your weight on a normal level. You learned to eat correctly, to manage your time to do sports, you improved your body's condition. And what did they do? Nothing. When the time passes their perfect metabolism will suddenly vanish and they can very possibly find themselves in a not so good condition struggling to remain healthy. But you will be ready for this, because your appearance doesn't depend on a mere accident, but on your hard work.
  2. Yeah, Revenant is good at killing practically anything staying on the ground... except Noxes (seems like Noxes are the true ultimate units of the Orgin System)
  3. That's fair on one hand (which is why I run Orb Mothers solo). But speaking about newer players' progression... well sometimes it's best to learn something the hard way. I doubt they will ragequit Warframe because their a** got toasted on a high-level mission. I mean, if I was that hypothetical newbie being punched to death on a harder mission (which I was some time ago), it would only give me motivation to progress further.
  4. I know, I know, but that's not the point... Like the guy I was quoting said that they are concerned about a newer player being on their ship with them, to which my response was that it would be no different from what we have now.
  5. FFS why did the forums autocorrect 8 with a bracket into a badass smile? TBH that seems about right, wave 😎...
  6. I literally had a MR 2 player with me on ESO a week ago or so (they remained there till wave 8. They always have a possibility to join whatever mission they wanted given they match the requirements. Somehow we all were fine with this till Railjack anouncement...
  7. Why join when you can have your personal dojo-mansion and play everything solo (like I do since I started playing the game)? Seems like no one is forcing you to do anything...
  8. I have the impression that Intel is intended to be farmed just as murmur. In fact it practically is murmur under a new brand. So it's probably supposed to be farmed just as murmur scaling from Thrall kills. And the missions have limited Thrall spawns. In short, i think, that's not the biggest problem with the system.
  9. Neat system overall. I ran it till the final lich kill, took me 6 days, plus spawned a 'kuva guardians bodyguards' asset. The system has undeniably more variety than the current one, and manages to have liches last a couple days which fits more into 'nemesis' principle. However, some critic is required. First detail I extremely dislike is the remaining weapon element choosing system. While it is fine in the current state where you generate a lich on a level 20 mission to have it depend on the frame, for a system where generation is done upon killing the lich this is a bad idea. A player may not have a high level-viable warframes to generate the desired element, and I can only imagine how many there will be Saryns on the Last Stand mission trying to get the toxin elemental. Instead the damage should be generated depending on the weapon a lich was killed with, or by manipulating the mission parameters using Intel resource. The second point is lich progression. Even now a player may not fully understand what they are stepping into until their lich is at level 4 controlling quarter of the starchart and they have no idea how to kill them using their not so great yet arsenal. In the proposed system it all seems to be even worse. Lich progresses linearly with every mission done and with new mod guessing principle - who knows for how long. I think a lot of players will have the situation going spectacularly out of control. To counter this I suggest adding some way of delaying lich's respawn (such as paying some fee in Kuva). This fits in the principle of nemesis getting on your nerves each day but also gives the player an opportunity to better prepare for the next time lich spawns intead of having half of the starchart beating their a**. Thirdly, technical side. Everything considered this system will inevitably require more voice acting for liches and new animations. I see this as the main obstacle for the devs.
  10. Fomorian engines are treated as something separate from solar rails. The thing with rail system is that it can be predicted where the ship will go using it. Ships using Fomorian engines on the contrary are extremely difficult to track. Kuva Fortress managed to remain hidden just by constantly and unpredictably moving. Fomorian attacks on relays are also always out of a sudden. That's why Fomorian engine seems to be more akin to Railjack technology, but slower (probably sublight).
  11. That's fair, which is why I for example tend to approach the story with a fair bit of sarcasm. However the exaggerated nature of Waframe's universe makes the moral somewhat clearer. I believe in the end what the story has to tell is that from every autoritarian ruler's (Ballas, Karishh, Avantus, Elder Queen) or agressive entity's (the Sentient, the Infestation) bloodlust who suffers the most is common people. Or in other words - 'war is bad'. Isn't it a humane and peaceful message? Orokin, Sentient, Infested, Grineer, Corpus, Tenno: they are all just different incarnations of violence - which is the real antagonistic force of the story.
  12. By not killing them I guess. I mean people usually don't kill chicken which they take eggs from.
  13. Excuse me, but I wonder, what 'endgame' are you looking for, having around 100 hours played in total? I'm fed up that stupid reasoning 'there's no endgame'. Guess what, there's me who has 3500 hours played according to ingame statistics and somehow I always find 'endgame' to bother myself with for at least 3 years now. If you don't see endgame you want, please elaborate a bit: what have you tried, what you didn't like and why, are there any other games which have it and why do you still sit on Warframe's Forums instead of enjoying that game. Or at the very least finish the damn Starchart - it's there precisely for you to understand if you like the game or not.
  14. Yeah, but the thing is, we already have random in-game objects having hidden messages in them which isn't hinted by the game itself by any means. This includes Morse code as well - iirc the pulsating infested tumor in the infested room speaks 'lotus' in Morse, or at least did so some time ago. No surprise everyone tries to find some cipher in anything connected to such creepy thing as Reliquary Drive. Which bothers me a little more is that there is literally a gigantic freaking finger in there but the people are more interested in deciphering some knocks the thing makes.
  15. Oh, oh, 'the Tenno are war criminals' thread! My favourite (it didn't end that well the last time, but is it really a reason to not give it another shot?) Ok, here we go. The Tenno are probably the worst thing the Origin System could ever have, who doomed it in the first place. We provoked the Grineer declare war against Corpus, we probably provoked the Infested outbreak, we also are steadily compromising both Grineer and Corpus progress in researching the Sentient. The Tenno also like to fight on both sides of the barricades, effectively crippling the progression of the conflict and leading to death of more people. The Tenno give home to several minor factions, of which only the Steel Meridian and Perrin Sequence are somewhat reasonable, others being dogmatic leaderships, religious cults or both. The Tenno also reguarly try to assassinate the leaders of the major factions (and even succeed) capable of making system-scale strategic decisions, which could only prolong the everlasting conflict. Last but not least Tenno are shameless hypocrites, justifying their actions with honor and balance keeping, blaming other factions for ruining the system while being de facto the prime source of chaos and agents of destruction. (And they often genocide entire communities of Kubrows for a single undamaged egg) So, from 1 to 10 how radical this point of view is?
  16. They are for Vor's Prize I think, so that you don't have to just stick the segments you found to the surface of Foundry/Arsenal (I'm not sure though, as I didn't watch any actual post-update Vor's Prize walkthrough).
  17. Tbh these missions motivated me to play Hildryn way more than Grendel himself. She's easily the safest choice for them, making them comfortable for solo play. As for weapons, I really liked using crowd controlling weapons, like Ferrox and Telos boltace. There are practically three pains in the a** there: shield ospreys, nullifiers and techs. For the former two you'll need something accurate and fast firing. I chose Synoid Gammacor, as it also has innate magnetic, good against both. Techs are best dealt with using slash procs, otherwise, they will constantly be spawning shield ospreys and regen health. So Nagantaka, Dread, Nikanas and such.
  18. I see nothing major aside from increased forum trolls population.
  19. If we follow the concept art and assume our Orbiter is this huge of a ship, it certainly has hangar for the other landing craft we have, it's just that Liset in particular was designed in such a shape to function as a cockpit (which is some strange minimalism considering the rest of the ship is just unreasonably huge) Yeah, I know about them flying past the relay, I've seen the animation... But come on, it's just stupidly large ship for a single space ninja. The Orokin feared the Tenno and saw them as literally blasphemies, but then they thought 'You know what, let's give each of them a goddamn capital ship with cloaking! Sounds fair to me! Really, it's not like they will all want to keep it for themselves when the war ends.'
  20. I suppose the three sections you see on the front of Liset are protective shutters to prevent damaging the window when entering the atmosphere. It's a common technology among all the factions, they are used in Orokin lab, on Corpus ships, in Grineer sealab (Regor's arena).
  21. Yeah, but what bothers most of the people in this version, I think, is that the front window we see from the inside is lotus shaped, while the one that is supposedly in the outline section is rectangular (or trapezium shaped). Liset's profile on the other hand matches the shape of the window quite well, hence it's believed it acts like the Orbiter's cockpit.
  22. I still hope for some anti-neutrino-fission-powered-quantum-void-energy-blackhole dump pit technology. Otherwise every MR 27 would have a Death Star filled with nanospores hooked up to the back of that thing.
  23. I think we still need clarification from the devs regarding this concept art. Trying to fit what we see on the inside into the outside look of this thing doesn't make sense. What makes even less sense is having a f-ing battleship size vessel for every single Tenno if that thing on the front is indeed Liset. Even the Railjack looks tiny compared to this monstrosity.
  24. I like them too, but what makes it look odd is that in every other part of the Orbiter the textures are still clean, like it was all deeds of my naughty kavat while I was out or something. Scratches are appropriate for a ship that was abandoned for a millenia with no one but a bipolar cephalon inside, but make it consistent.
  25. Is OP going to make a guide "How to build up your Forums rep using only 'Haha' upvotes" or what?
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