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  1. Tbh these missions motivated me to play Hildryn way more than Grendel himself. She's easily the safest choice for them, making them comfortable for solo play. As for weapons, I really liked using crowd controlling weapons, like Ferrox and Telos boltace. There are practically three pains in the a** there: shield ospreys, nullifiers and techs. For the former two you'll need something accurate and fast firing. I chose Synoid Gammacor, as it also has innate magnetic, good against both. Techs are best dealt with using slash procs, otherwise, they will constantly be spawning shield ospreys and regen health. So Nagantaka, Dread, Nikanas and such.
  2. I see nothing major aside from increased forum trolls population.
  3. If we follow the concept art and assume our Orbiter is this huge of a ship, it certainly has hangar for the other landing craft we have, it's just that Liset in particular was designed in such a shape to function as a cockpit (which is some strange minimalism considering the rest of the ship is just unreasonably huge) Yeah, I know about them flying past the relay, I've seen the animation... But come on, it's just stupidly large ship for a single space ninja. The Orokin feared the Tenno and saw them as literally blasphemies, but then they thought 'You know what, let's give each of them a goddamn capital ship with cloaking! Sounds fair to me! Really, it's not like they will all want to keep it for themselves when the war ends.'
  4. I suppose the three sections you see on the front of Liset are protective shutters to prevent damaging the window when entering the atmosphere. It's a common technology among all the factions, they are used in Orokin lab, on Corpus ships, in Grineer sealab (Regor's arena).
  5. Yeah, but what bothers most of the people in this version, I think, is that the front window we see from the inside is lotus shaped, while the one that is supposedly in the outline section is rectangular (or trapezium shaped). Liset's profile on the other hand matches the shape of the window quite well, hence it's believed it acts like the Orbiter's cockpit.
  6. I still hope for some anti-neutrino-fission-powered-quantum-void-energy-blackhole dump pit technology. Otherwise every MR 27 would have a Death Star filled with nanospores hooked up to the back of that thing.
  7. I think we still need clarification from the devs regarding this concept art. Trying to fit what we see on the inside into the outside look of this thing doesn't make sense. What makes even less sense is having a f-ing battleship size vessel for every single Tenno if that thing on the front is indeed Liset. Even the Railjack looks tiny compared to this monstrosity.
  8. I like them too, but what makes it look odd is that in every other part of the Orbiter the textures are still clean, like it was all deeds of my naughty kavat while I was out or something. Scratches are appropriate for a ship that was abandoned for a millenia with no one but a bipolar cephalon inside, but make it consistent.
  9. Is OP going to make a guide "How to build up your Forums rep using only 'Haha' upvotes" or what?
  10. So the design is ugly for you unless it has golden bits everywhere? Riiiiiight, where's that golden toilet seat? FYI far not everything coming from Orokin Empire has gold in it. Gold is mostly associated with the Orokin themselves as the upper caste. Everything that was considered plebeian and unworthy (like the Tenno) had much simpler design. Just a list of things coming from the old empire and not having gold: Every non-prime warframe and a lot of non-prime Orokin weaponry Our Orbiter and Landing Craft Junctions Low rank Dax outfit The Lotus and her chamber
  11. Yeah, that's fair. The writing in the different periods of the lore development often connects pretty... roughly (to say the least). I bet DE themselves either didn't pay attention to the details or have some super-deep-no-one-ever-thought-of explanation to that. Well I could've start speculating about some metaphorical warframe feelings description through the real human emotions BS, but I don't want to, because those things degrade into cringy bad fanfiction levels too quickly. Instead I'll just say that the devs didn't plan their story ahead that well.
  12. That's right, we don't know for certain, I'm just arguing that making Mirage be the protagonist of the quest makes more sence in terms of her story's completeness. Yet throughout the story warframes play the particular role of an aegis of the operator, the source of their seeming immortality. Remember all these quotes: 'sever their heads, yet they rise again', 'you think you're safe behind this metal, but you're not', 'You have some idea that you're invincible, don't you? Nestled away in that mad Cephalon's crib', 'You hesitate Shadow, but remember your despair. This is your only chance to make it end'. All these like hardened-steel-heavily imply that killing a warframe will not kill the operator, the only way to do it is to pull them out of the frame (which literally every antagonist knowing about Transferense is trying to do instead of headbumping into the warframe) and then Vader-choke/invade their mind/stab with Rakta Split-sword/whatever Ballas intended to do before having his liver punched through. To quote the quest dialogue: 'A void imprint, an old one. I'm getting faint visuals – memories.' In other words Lotus finds some imprint on the found parts, which happens to contain someone's memories. It's never stated they were her memories. For example in the same fashion we've received a lot of other characters' memories throughout the story without actually being their owner, the most notable examples are Rell and Umbra. From what the owner of the memories thinks and does through the events of the quest, it seems they are a lorist-healer, as healing and reviving was what they mostly did. It could be someone else, no doubt, but it certainly doesn't have to be the Lotus. And even if the memory was somehow connected to the Lotus, guess who's memories and other aspects of life the Lotus tends to relive? Right, Margulis'. And who was Margulis? An Archemedian-biologist, specializing on Infestation. Surely a possible person to be the owner of the memory. The 'I'm too far away' would then mean that she was probably on board of another Orokin vessel, commanding the warframes, but that's already too far into speculation.
  13. I'd still say the Hidden Mesages dialogue is telling us about Mirage, not her operator. Here are the reasons: 1) It goes well with the general story of Mirage. If you've noticed, Hidden Mesages and Mirage Prime trailer allign with each other in term of story, and generally tell us about the only warframe who managed to save her humanity after all being done by always staying cheerful and generally challenging all troubles she faces. After all she could as well retain the ability to express emotions. 2) The 'loosing her forever' part. That couldn't been said if it was the operator the Lotus was talking about. The worst that could happen to operator is probably some mental illness like of Rell after severing the somatic link. For a warframe however that's a real certain death. 3) I believe there were no operators yet in the timeframe the quest happens in. The dialogue mentions 'Worm ships coming out of punch'. This seems to describe the events shortly after the initial Sentient invasion to the Origin System, same as Mag Prime codex, probably Orokin forces combating the Sentient at the Outer Terminus. The Transferense is yet to be invented, as is the concept of an operator.
  14. I'd say don't worry. Warframe's story likes too much to mess up with the concept of the Multiverse to suddenly shift to generic time travel. It will be much more likely to travel to alternative reality via Void magic without an ability to influence the past events anyhow. On top of this, parallel universes are a lot more convenient for keeping the story consistent than time travel.
  15. Yeah, correct, I suppose I should've linked one from UT2004, as DE took part in making it, but I love the style of this iteration more. However, take a look on this (UT3 Flak Cannon) I think the influence of this particular model on Drakgoon is undeniable. DE certainly looked at their former partners' ideas when designing the game even after they split up with them.
  16. So that it's easier to imagine you are shooting from this instead of that strange looking Grineer bazooka... Also balance
  17. If an enemy notices a corpse flying by with an arrow in the head, he will get alerted and on killing him you will lose your stealth multiplier. So use your sleep arrow more often. Sleeping enemies won't get alert. And try not to catapult the corpses over a huge room with an arrow, better killing them against the wall (or using other weapon than a bow)
  18. Seems like the camera man is above though (he's probably that last Nox on Hydron)
  19. After playing the game for 5 years I discovered only one particular situation in the whole game where walking is somewhat useful. You see when you are hacking that spy vault on Grineer ship featuring conveyor lines there's one shortcut where you get through a curved pipe with lasers blocking the path. When you are sprinting and press crouch you can accidentally begin sliding and theoretically can slide a bit up the pipe's curve, triggering a laser. So I prefer using walking here. I estimate the situation above to be around 0.0001% of the game's content. In the remaining 99.9999% you have to do that annoying action of pressing a hotkey in the beginning of every mission and after certain other actions just to move with reasonable speed. I think a fair trade would be to cut this feature out of the game altogether and forget about it.
  20. Both are self-proclaimed titles which shouldn't be used unironically. There are however nice players who are generally friendly, may not know everything but learn what they don't know, and ignorant players who... you know. This (quite loosely) could've been projected on that vet/newbie model if the term 'salty vet' didn't exist for a reason.
  21. Yeah, that makes sence and all, I would just propose increasing their level cap simultaniously with this change, as right now even if you know all the mods needed by the time you begin trying to kill them, you will need 4 tries at most, so they will become level 5 in a vast number of cases no matter how much you ignore them before killing.
  22. Well they end up levelling to level 5 anyway while you trying your combination on them, do they not?
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