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  1. More like Alad V: who haven't I worked with yet? I think only desert skates and ferral kubrows left to make a pact with.
  2. Yeah, but there were literally normal Arid Grineer everywhere, and then Bahl Suhk (that strange Grineer name) came to protect his investemnt or something.
  3. I mean, I was hoping for that Investor's Edition Remastered Deluxe Expanded Amalgams pack + life-size Zanuka doll Collection... Ugh, never gonna believe those over the top Corpus advertisements again! *Equips anti-jellyfish heavy stick in the melee slot*
  4. Seriously, Alad, I understand you're not exactly a person with the strongest moral compass, you hate the Board and such...
  5. There's the thing called 'ludonarrative dissonance'. The game often omits parts of it's story for the sake of clearer gameplay and vice versa. That's not the only example of this in Warframe. For instance the game provides all the players with the same story of their Tenno, while story-wise it simply cannot be true, as there esists only one person who killed the Queens, needled Ballas' liver and such. While I do believe that games should be treated as a whole, their gameplay inseparable from the story, from the economic point of view that's often simply impossible let alone ineffective. Same with the subject. Story-wise there probably were hundreds or thousands of unique warframes, as the lore of such frames as Limbo and Mirage hints their abilities depend on the person's character, but imagine writing a story, making models, abilities and stats for thousands of frames, that's ridiculous.
  6. What I also noticed is that their timer doesn't even stop when the game is paused. Mine spawned in, yelled something about being my fellow grineer, then I set the game to pause, and ocasionally he just despawned when I was in menu without literally making a single step. They are useless, but at least they can have some additional mechanic not connected with them as specters. Like, give us another revive, or strip armor from all the enemies when they spawn. I imagine them also taking some part in Railjack system, hopefully.
  7. And that is exactly why DE often prefer to ignore complaints like this one.
  8. This and Chanelling 2.0 is currently worked on
  9. Did them with Hildryn. The Defence was the hardest because you have to care about the coffin's health. I solved that with crowd control from my weapons. The weapons I recommend: Telos Boltace - bread and butter. Allows for quick and easy control and grouping, second slide attack also drops down ospreys. Synoid Gammacor - easy means for dealing with nullifiers and shield ospreys. Scourge or Ferrox for additional support Alternatively Nagantaka if you have problems with Techs or Fusion Moas. General tactic: use 2 ability on every arriving mob pack. It grants you overshields and a ton of energy for abilities and allows to constantly use 3 ability. If you're surrounded or objective is under attack, use 2 then 4 ability for more damage. Destroy nullifiers and shield ospreys with Gammacor, the rest are killed with Boltace. I found it extremely enjoyable purely because of trial and error concept, though considering you've already read the OP, it won't be as enjoyable for you probably. Hardness 7 Boringness 3
  10. Ok ok, this funny and all, but really there are reasons for why at least some of these didn't happen. The Elder Queen is not only dead, she got her body basically worn out to a point of being uninhabitable. She was so desperate to bring us to her because she wanted a new vessel for herself. Now that she's basically floating somewhere in the Void casually chatting with Wally or something, the Worm Queen collects Kuva to (somehow) build her a new body with it. Or alternatively she has at least somewhat inhabitable body for her, just the Continuity to it from the state the Elder Queen is in at the time costs tremendous ammounts of Kuva. Worm's intents are pretty much indicated in one of her quotes during a Siphon mission where she says that it won't be long now. With Vor it is even simpler. He's a d**k and even the Queens knew that. And that's why they basically banished him (which he tells us during Vor's Prize) for not obeying their orders. By the moment we find him at his asteroid base he is already alone with only his loyal soldiers left to protect him. And why would the Queens spend so much Kuva to revive a jerk who doesn't even obey them? As for Tyl Regor, I'm not sure about him and his loyalty to the Queens. It might be that after he accidentally awakened Hunhow the Queens got rather pissed off by him, because the Sentient invasion was not particularly what they wanted especially considered their not so great progress in studying the Sentients on Earth. For the regular liches part I believe that they actually seek not even for the soldiers of higher rank but for the most wounded ones. That is supported by the guardian's dialogue when confronting a larvling and that the liches themselves never stop talking about how they replaced all their limbs and organs. Maybe this Kuva transfornation thing is more easily conducted on a traumatised subject.
  11. Answering on the Forums (gets boring quickly though) Wisp's butt (not only it, but mostly) Heavy bolters, brothers Acceltra Lich hunting is pretty damn fun if don't make like 10 liches a day as if you're paid for it. Gauss Playing the game FFS
  12. Yeah, yeah, I mentioned the weakspots of the Vex. Thrusters of the Cabal are genarally equivalent to Vex and Taken teleports and Fallen sprint and go into 'evasive maneuver' slot, only varying in annoyingness level. Just like we have in Warframe, eh? I mean, not gonna lie, AI capabilities in Destiny 2 are goddamn impressive. I was geniunely surprised when I noticed that wounded enemies of Cabal begin to retreat hiding behing landscape. Cabal doggies try to surround you and Fallen really try switching covers instead of sticking to that one fence like it's their property or something. But I'm yet to see a game where enemy factions are more different than in Warframe, especially considering they are almost all regular humans not some colorful humanoid-alien sh**. DE did a great work with that cr**py AI they had to make every of the factions stand out, you can't deny that.
  13. I'm sorry, did I hear correctly? Destiny enemies change up gameplay? Riiiight, let's see... So we have Cabal. Their forces consist mostly of a general cannon fodder ranged enemy, a shielded ranged enemy, a bulkier close combat enemy, a long range support enemy, sometimes of hordes of suiciding close combat enemies. They are just the regular humanoids, but thick. We have the Hive. Their forces consist mostly of a general cannon fodder ranged enemy, a bulkier close combat enemy, a long range support enemy, sometimes of hordes of suiciding close combat enemies. They are just the regular humanoids, but there are many of them. We have the Fallen. Their forces consist mostly of a general cannon fodder ranged enemy, an invisible close combat enemy, a bulkier support enemy, a long range enemy, sometimes of hordes of suiciding close combat enemies. They are just the regular humanoids, but they are faster and like using obstacles. We have the Taken. Their forces consist mostly of a general cannon fodder ranged enemy, a bulkier ranged enemy with an annoying knockback, a couple of types of long range support enemy, sometimes of suiciding close combat enemies that can multiply themselves, generally evolving into a crowd. They are just the regular humanoids, but they like to use the most annoying maneuvers. Finally we have the Vex. Their forces consist mostly of a general cannon fodder ranged enemy, a bulkier close combat enemy, a long range support enemy, sometimes of hordes of suiciding close combat enemies. They are just the regular humanoids, but ... ready yourself... they have a weakspot in their stomach instead of head. In other words they are really the same, but they are colored differently, and make different funny noises. Sure, changes the gameplay much.
  14. You know what I learned to myself after playing online games for quite some time? Popularity does not translate in quality. And vice versa. Probably the most refined proof of that I got when I finally gave up hearing from every corner what a great game Destiny 2 was, spent full price on it, and after playing through the 'story' mode and some 'end game' of it realized what a glorified trash bin I was lured into. Increase of popularity can be made through a lot of levers. Mostly money, but not only it. While DE seems to know how to make the closest thing to a perfect game quite right, they time after time fail to promote it competently. Instead the only thing the game managed to achieve is to shift from a niche project no one really knew of to an eventually remembered project. I tend to believe that what we see is a direct consequence of that. The wave of people who came to the game maybe somewhere around The War Within or Plains of Eidolon now hit the ceiling of being a 'salty vet' and is gradually leaving. Well, some questionable set of priorities from DE in terms of content updates doesn't help either.
  15. After thinking for a while here's some more advice I remembered. Frames of choice: Frost - can be very useful if you're forced to run missions like defence, mobile defence and excavation. If the lich spawns, get him downed, and place Snow Globe on him. It will slow down his health regen, giving you a nice opportunity to farm thralls. Lich can also one-shot defence objective, so Snow Globe is necessary. Don't use Limbo for mobile defence, lich is not affected by Stasis, but can enter the rift, so it will be a large problem if he spawns. Nova - perfect for interception as always. Good tanking, excellent control. Lich is also vulnerable to M Prime. Weapons of choice: Everything crit-based, as lich is immune to status effects. Catchmoon is ideal for killing trash mobs also, though if you want to damage lich with weapons, I think Rubico, Tombfinger, Corinth and such are better, as they allow keeping the distance. If you're using Valkyr, you may also like Dokrahm heavy blade with Exodia Hunt. It allows grouping the enemies to compensate for Valkyr's lack of AoE and synergises well with Warcry. General advice: Leaving the lich without controlled nodes will increase his level, can be useful if he don't want to spawn and you're running out of missions (though situation like this is quite rare) The worst tilesets to spawn a level 5 lich in my experience are Corpus Outpost and Corpus Ship. The problem is very low ceilings in some areas here, which makes dodging lich's abilities and grab pretty hard, also allowing him to easily close the distance. Preferred tilesets are Corpus Gas City, Grineer Shipyard, Grineer Asteroid. A very important part of hunting a lich is when to begin trying mod combinations on him. What I know for sure, even meeting him once while you don't have first requiem revealed is quite hard, and even if he spawns, chances of getting the mod right are extremely low, so you're better wait until one requiem is clear. Similarly, not trying to kill him when two requiems are revealed is ineffective. Knowing the last one only reduces the number of tries by 4 or 5, while getting it revealed costs 70 thrall kills. So you better start actively suiciding into him somewhere between 1 and 2 known requiems. I would recommend waiting for 2 to be known, before that you should try attacking him only if you're out of good missions, as ranking up depletes his aggressiveness meter. That's practically all I know about hunting them. Also if someone tried using Shattering impact on a lich, I'm really curious if it works and if so how much does it weakens a lich.
  16. From my experience, to actually make a lich mission impact his aggressiveness level completing it isn't enough. You should also kill a certain ammount of thralls. The easiest mission types to farm him are survival and exterminate. Just load into it with a good DD frame and kill everything alive. Not only you are guaranteed to up his aggressiveness, you also have a decent chance for him to spawn through the time you massacring his thralls. Now to the killing part. Again, from my experience, you end up making him to level 5 anyway while looking for correct combination (I also have a feeling higher level means higher chance to spawn). So to not be dependent on other players, you need a good loadout. My two favourite frames for dealing with him are Mesa and Valkyr. They both deal insane ammount of damage with their exalted weapons, but Mesa excells more in killing trash mobs, which you will do anyway to increase lich's agressiveness, while Valkyr is flat out invincible and can casually facetank the lich while tearing his a** apart with her claws. Also, mind this: if you get killed by a lich (I mean by his weapon or ability, not by him parrying your Parazon), he will get a new damage resistance in addition to ones he had (though this still needs testing), so if you're not comfortable with Mesa's tanking capabilities, use Valkyr and play safe (or use Inaros and play even safer though you will waste quite a lot of time if this f**ker has say Radiation or Slash resistance). I hope my advice was somewhat useful.
  17. Well in the end it could easily be my personal preferences and lack of skill of using Void Dash properly. Everytime I switch from warframe to operator it feels like I suddenly switched a game (someone certainly can find pleasure in this, but not me). Gameplay as a warframe is all about fluidity and mobility, operator is about speed, yes, but it is anything but mobility. If a warframe can be compared to a fighter jet, then an operator is a hot air balloon with a hyperdrive attached to it. On top of this a lot of operator's passives and arcanes (namely Magus Repair and Void Strike) require staying in void mode for a while (which is easier to achieve without using Dash because they use the same energy pool) sometimes also when being close to something, enemies or your warframe, which also adds some restrictions to mobility. I mean you probably can play operator being highly mobile, I have little doubt in that, but their entire kit is basically begging you of staying in one place. As for the weapons part, well, you seem to know the subject better than me, so I won't oppose you there. Don't think I'm going to try using amps as my damage dealing means anytime soon though.
  18. Of course they are. But quick travelling unfortunately isn't a part of actual gameplay. Archwing for example also has quick travel capabilities. And is it really a part of gameplay right now? No, it's forgotten about the moment you step to the ground and begin killing things. Void Dash as a mean of surpassing the speed of sound isn't really much different. Well I really could be wrong here because I find Operator shooting really clunky and inconvenient, and thus don't use it often apart from Eidolons and Profit Taker, but something really tells me that even the 777 Void Kamehameha using viral isn't much of a real competitor to my trusty Corinth.
  19. Ah yeah, true, I just didn't get to their max rank quickly enough to get it before Repair.
  20. I'm sorry, I intended to just answer you and move on, but I just can't hold myself from pointing you to your own ill-logic. Let's help Dora the Explorer find viable melee weapons in the old system: 1) we had Plague Kripath polearm, aka one polearm to rule them all and Dokrahm heavy blade, aka one heavy blade to rule them all. Everything else among polearms, heavy blades and other weapons of similar range were just inferior to them (wouldn't be surprised if they still are) because the only things that mattered were range, sc and innate viral/slash 2) we had the Redeemer P aka delete button. You point that thing to an enemy, press E, and as long as the enemy is under level 200 and not immune to status procs, it dies. 3) we had Atterax and Scoliac which was just weapons in case the range of polearm isn't sufficient for some reason 4) finally we had Zenistar. It was the weapon for that case if you really want to make some coffee or someone called you, but you didn't want to pause the game. So like, 6 choices for 99% of situations. How many melee weapons are there in the game I wonder? Around 160 it seems. So they nerfed 6 and buffed 160 relative to them. What an outrageous update! I feel insulted by it personally. Oh no, it's this sh** again. FYI every coming content is balanced around some power level of an average player. Imagine that an event is balanced around a person using some Nikana P (which I feel it usually is), but one player brings old Dakra P to it and the other goes with Scoliac. How much interesting would it be for both of them? The game itself is built keeping in mind a particular power of a player (for different parts of the game different power obviously). No sane person would do something intentionally worse if there is no point in it and the game itself gives him an opportunity to do it better. I honestly thought these dumb arguements already died out. Say you went to E Prime on Earth and brought Plague Kripath with you. That sets a certain level of your power. Now you go to a Lich mission when he's at level 5 and you only have unmodded Machete. Don't you think that your power level changed a bit? So what exactly level should we bring it to and why?
  21. Of course it would, because what you are saying is flat out stupid. No, it doesn't mean that. Balance is a quantitive value. It means how much some playstyles are more viable than others. I'm afraid this is your greatest mistake. So if we continue with this definition, then this kind of estimation makes no sense. Instead we should put it like this: How much was it the case before? Very much. How much is it the case now? Considerably less. So all your attempts to nullify this update's impact on balance suddenly fail spectacularly. What quality of life? Spin to win with polearms and pressing 'delete' button on enemies with Redeemer P without any considerable alternative? Quality of life my a**. Which is the current one, because pressing two buttons every second while lazily moving your mouse from side to side to not let that white triangle on the minimap hit the grey lines on the minimap (because the minimap is really the only thing I'm watching at) is not comfortable at least because it makes me fall asleep and that is not particularily what I want from playing a videogame. And please don't start beating that poor 'endurance runs for 99999999 hours is everything that is worth doing in this game' dead horse, we all know this is not true and majority of game's content revolves around levels 50-80.
  22. So basically they nerfed the most broken weapons that made the melee balance and the game itself a mess, introduced new viable options in your melee slot to try out using, buffed the base damage to stay out of spinning meta and made Rivens less impacting on balance... Abd you are upset with it...
  23. You know, if we are talking lorewise it would make most sense if when you die as Operator your Warframe account gets deleted. I mean that would've been fun, right? I personaly think risk from being in Operator form is not what makes it not so enjoyable right now. It's just that Operator mode is strangely disconnected from Warframe mode. The story is trying to push us to the idea that warframe and operator should work as one, constantly using each other on the battlefield. But right now it is more like: "Hold on for a second, intence mobility based gameplay. I'm going to execute some advanced tactical maneuvers by staying at one place for a while, being invisible and invincible and doing nothing because my weapons are useless against everything but Sentient anyway... just a couple seconds more... alright, now we can resume." If the game tries to go away from that divide between the modes, then we can talk about taking risks while being in Operator form.
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