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  1. From my experience, to actually make a lich mission impact his aggressiveness level completing it isn't enough. You should also kill a certain ammount of thralls. The easiest mission types to farm him are survival and exterminate. Just load into it with a good DD frame and kill everything alive. Not only you are guaranteed to up his aggressiveness, you also have a decent chance for him to spawn through the time you massacring his thralls. Now to the killing part. Again, from my experience, you end up making him to level 5 anyway while looking for correct combination (I also have a feeling higher level means higher chance to spawn). So to not be dependent on other players, you need a good loadout. My two favourite frames for dealing with him are Mesa and Valkyr. They both deal insane ammount of damage with their exalted weapons, but Mesa excells more in killing trash mobs, which you will do anyway to increase lich's agressiveness, while Valkyr is flat out invincible and can casually facetank the lich while tearing his a** apart with her claws. Also, mind this: if you get killed by a lich (I mean by his weapon or ability, not by him parrying your Parazon), he will get a new damage resistance in addition to ones he had (though this still needs testing), so if you're not comfortable with Mesa's tanking capabilities, use Valkyr and play safe (or use Inaros and play even safer though you will waste quite a lot of time if this f**ker has say Radiation or Slash resistance). I hope my advice was somewhat useful.
  2. Well in the end it could easily be my personal preferences and lack of skill of using Void Dash properly. Everytime I switch from warframe to operator it feels like I suddenly switched a game (someone certainly can find pleasure in this, but not me). Gameplay as a warframe is all about fluidity and mobility, operator is about speed, yes, but it is anything but mobility. If a warframe can be compared to a fighter jet, then an operator is a hot air balloon with a hyperdrive attached to it. On top of this a lot of operator's passives and arcanes (namely Magus Repair and Void Strike) require staying in void mode for a while (which is easier to achieve without using Dash because they use the same energy pool) sometimes also when being close to something, enemies or your warframe, which also adds some restrictions to mobility. I mean you probably can play operator being highly mobile, I have little doubt in that, but their entire kit is basically begging you of staying in one place. As for the weapons part, well, you seem to know the subject better than me, so I won't oppose you there. Don't think I'm going to try using amps as my damage dealing means anytime soon though.
  3. Of course they are. But quick travelling unfortunately isn't a part of actual gameplay. Archwing for example also has quick travel capabilities. And is it really a part of gameplay right now? No, it's forgotten about the moment you step to the ground and begin killing things. Void Dash as a mean of surpassing the speed of sound isn't really much different. Well I really could be wrong here because I find Operator shooting really clunky and inconvenient, and thus don't use it often apart from Eidolons and Profit Taker, but something really tells me that even the 777 Void Kamehameha using viral isn't much of a real competitor to my trusty Corinth.
  4. Ah yeah, true, I just didn't get to their max rank quickly enough to get it before Repair.
  5. I'm sorry, I intended to just answer you and move on, but I just can't hold myself from pointing you to your own ill-logic. Let's help Dora the Explorer find viable melee weapons in the old system: 1) we had Plague Kripath polearm, aka one polearm to rule them all and Dokrahm heavy blade, aka one heavy blade to rule them all. Everything else among polearms, heavy blades and other weapons of similar range were just inferior to them (wouldn't be surprised if they still are) because the only things that mattered were range, sc and innate viral/slash 2) we had the Redeemer P aka delete button. You point that thing to an enemy, press E, and as long as the enemy is under level 200 and not immune to status procs, it dies. 3) we had Atterax and Scoliac which was just weapons in case the range of polearm isn't sufficient for some reason 4) finally we had Zenistar. It was the weapon for that case if you really want to make some coffee or someone called you, but you didn't want to pause the game. So like, 6 choices for 99% of situations. How many melee weapons are there in the game I wonder? Around 160 it seems. So they nerfed 6 and buffed 160 relative to them. What an outrageous update! I feel insulted by it personally. Oh no, it's this sh** again. FYI every coming content is balanced around some power level of an average player. Imagine that an event is balanced around a person using some Nikana P (which I feel it usually is), but one player brings old Dakra P to it and the other goes with Scoliac. How much interesting would it be for both of them? The game itself is built keeping in mind a particular power of a player (for different parts of the game different power obviously). No sane person would do something intentionally worse if there is no point in it and the game itself gives him an opportunity to do it better. I honestly thought these dumb arguements already died out. Say you went to E Prime on Earth and brought Plague Kripath with you. That sets a certain level of your power. Now you go to a Lich mission when he's at level 5 and you only have unmodded Machete. Don't you think that your power level changed a bit? So what exactly level should we bring it to and why?
  6. Of course it would, because what you are saying is flat out stupid. No, it doesn't mean that. Balance is a quantitive value. It means how much some playstyles are more viable than others. I'm afraid this is your greatest mistake. So if we continue with this definition, then this kind of estimation makes no sense. Instead we should put it like this: How much was it the case before? Very much. How much is it the case now? Considerably less. So all your attempts to nullify this update's impact on balance suddenly fail spectacularly. What quality of life? Spin to win with polearms and pressing 'delete' button on enemies with Redeemer P without any considerable alternative? Quality of life my a**. Which is the current one, because pressing two buttons every second while lazily moving your mouse from side to side to not let that white triangle on the minimap hit the grey lines on the minimap (because the minimap is really the only thing I'm watching at) is not comfortable at least because it makes me fall asleep and that is not particularily what I want from playing a videogame. And please don't start beating that poor 'endurance runs for 99999999 hours is everything that is worth doing in this game' dead horse, we all know this is not true and majority of game's content revolves around levels 50-80.
  7. So basically they nerfed the most broken weapons that made the melee balance and the game itself a mess, introduced new viable options in your melee slot to try out using, buffed the base damage to stay out of spinning meta and made Rivens less impacting on balance... Abd you are upset with it...
  8. You know, if we are talking lorewise it would make most sense if when you die as Operator your Warframe account gets deleted. I mean that would've been fun, right? I personaly think risk from being in Operator form is not what makes it not so enjoyable right now. It's just that Operator mode is strangely disconnected from Warframe mode. The story is trying to push us to the idea that warframe and operator should work as one, constantly using each other on the battlefield. But right now it is more like: "Hold on for a second, intence mobility based gameplay. I'm going to execute some advanced tactical maneuvers by staying at one place for a while, being invisible and invincible and doing nothing because my weapons are useless against everything but Sentient anyway... just a couple seconds more... alright, now we can resume." If the game tries to go away from that divide between the modes, then we can talk about taking risks while being in Operator form.
  9. What Lifestrike? Ah, that strange mod that is just a weaker and less convenient to use version of Magus Repair since Profit Taker update... Sure, this melee update destroyed it like nothing else! Take that, instantly healing everything around spasekid.
  10. Considering that the Parazon seems to grant an enemy a momentary death through the power of space magic, is equipped with a retractable USB cable to safely access the enemy's armor data storage and mercifully delete all that Valkyr x Alad V x Zanuka porn they were obviously watching to not notice a giant flashy space ninja with a heavy machinegun right before them slaughtering their comrades before it was too late, and that being killed by that thing is obviously better than being eviscerated, infected with AIDS and cancer simultaniously via Tigris Prime... yeah, I think Mercy is just the right name.
  11. Grineer are not Corrupted. They aren't zombies or mind controlled. Moreover if you look through the lore they have quite a record of breaking their loyalty (Arid Eviscerator imprint and the whole Steel Meridian are prime examples). I believe the 'loyalty gene' is making the person succeptable to propaganda by nullifying critical thinking because it really looks like something a real gene can do. It's like real life people, just instead of 90% lacking critical thinking with the Grineer it's 99.99%.
  12. The gold classic of General Discussion - "A post with nothing but a video". It resides proudly among such jewels as "Using other language than the one the forum is in", "Overly exaggerating for upvotes" and "Writing some illegible nonsense" You must be proud to be a part of such spectacular collection.
  13. 1) It got updated with some high level content. You can have your personal vengeful grineer with varied uglyness level. 2) The forums are salty as always
  14. Activating nerd mode. According to British anthropologist Robin Dunbar there exists a correlation among the higher primare species between the size of the neocortex and the number of social interactions they can maintain. After conducting a research on non-human primates and extrapolating the data onto the human brain parameters Dunbar arrived to the conclusion that the maximum number of constant social interactions an average person can have cannot exceed 100-250 (commonly used value of 150). The number was called the Dunbar's number and according to everyday observations the number of friends a person can have almost always falls close to said value. In other words, Deactivating nerd mode, the OP is either a superhuman or exaggerating tremendously. Just clean your friends list FFS.
  15. Some of the Kuva Lich related UI elements are hard to read when using UI themes such as Orokin or Stalker. In particular Murmur progression bar on the circle is barely visible (almost indistinguishable from the background) when using Orokin theme. Other elements such as equipped requiem mods in attempts history lack contrast. Here is the same Kuva Lich screen using Orokin and Vitruvian themes for comparison: Orokin Vitruvian
  16. The only change I want is to make them solo only, because as some people here said, they are easily cheesed with a team. The balance in them is of cource broken, but what do you want from a mission done in a way the game mechanics were never designed for? That's the point, optimize your loadout with only the most basic means given to you. In the end it was narrowed down to using Hildryn with Telos Boltace, but that was what gave me the satisfaction. I enjoyed them more than anything in the game since Wisp's butt (for real). So please, leave them be.
  17. Cooldown may not be a good option. Liches were designed to be farmable. Random weapons, danage types, ephemeras, such things. If a person wants to, it should be possible to spawn them indefinitely. Restricting to a mission type makes them less of a threat. They should be a consequence for you killing things too much. My solution is also by no mean perfect, it was something I came up with keeping the two points above in mind. After all, the devs should decide.
  18. What I want to suggest depends on the usefulness of an allied lich, but in case it is indeed useful, how about give them an option to sacrifice themselves to prevent creation of a new lich (for two weeks for example). This way you still have to deal with at least one lich, and you are paying a price for getting rid of spawning another.
  19. Can confirm. Two Floods, no relic in both cases
  20. Yeah, I mean the OP is nonsesical. You can complain about more work to do, but not being able to obtain a relic because of the lich is just false.
  21. Wait, can't you just clear it in lich mode and then play a Sortie/Flood on a cleared node?
  22. Not as reasonable as it seems. It is a simpler way, that's true. But take into consideration that the players don't use a weapon because it has more power. They use it because it's convenient to use. But convenience can come from lots of sources. Power is one of them. But there are others. People can use a weapon because they have a clearer idea about how to build this weapon, ex. if a popular content creator made a guide for it. They can use it because it's easier to reach a desired power level with it (what is potentially more powerful, Catchmoon or Kohm, but what is used more often) They can use a weapon because it has fewer competitors. For example we have only 2 chaining beam weapons, Amprex and Atomos, but we have a ton of semi auto and burst fire rifles from Battacor to Sybaris Prime, which means the popularity of any particular one of said rifles diminishes a lot when compared to chaining beam weapons. They can just prefer a gun which is newer to a gun that is older. To summarise this means that popularity is not a particularily reliable way of knowing weapon's power, after all i'm sure Mk1 Braton is still a more popular weapon than Rubico Prime. The developers will have to do manual adjustments either way (that's why they don't nerf Kohm Rivens too much for example), in fact they chose popularity because it is simpler and more profitable. The rest you've said I agree with more or less, and definitely don't want to write another wall of text about. I guess I like to grumble about the balance not being a pinnacle of perfection a little too much. I mean it could be worse after all. At least can we please have rebalances like the one this thread is about a little more often?
  23. That's pretty much what I mean by telling such power creep is inevitable. I know something like this will happen. But to slow it down and keep the older weapons relevant, the devs have to eventually revisit all the old stuff and bring it to the level of the newer one. That won't of course achieve perfect balance (in a game like Warframe nothing would), but it will make the power creep more bearable. Ok, I think I chose the wrong wording. By "equal" I mean "equal in effectiveness". It's also called side grade, IIRC. Look at the PvP balance, it's there, and it makes sense to choose a non-prime version over prime and vice versa, which means it could've been introduced in PvE also. But I guess, If you imagine Rivens actually scaling depending on weapon strength instead of popularity, you can say they are basically balance patches, but automated. Although the very concept of Rivens has such unpleasant parts as kuva powered slot machine, a possibility of a "god-roll", breaking the game economy and common sense with hugely overpriced offers, Riven mafia and such. I honestly don't know why they had to make them so RNG-heavy if their intent was to make weaker weapons viable.
  24. I expected the power creep to be brought here. Now this thing called 'power creep' is actually two separate tendencies: First is overall increase of players' level of power, which is universal to all the weapons- this is caused by mods, intriducing new mechanics, etc. And it's more or less irrelevant to this discussion. The second is relative power creep, when the new guns have flat out better stats than old, just because they're new. And this thing must be avoided at all cost, no matter how seductive it can be for the devs, because that is what will ruin the balance of any game eventually, and guess what, will lead to threads like this one. New weapons must be exciting because they are new, not because they are better. If you make a hypothetical Tenora as good as a hypothetical Soma Prime, good for you, but then please make Tenora Prime equal to the regular one, or if that's not suitable, make the regular Tenora weaker. In the end why it is only the vets who get the sweet things, let the new players have them too. Now, that might sound idealistic, because it is, and that kind of power creep is inevitable. Which brings us to the balance patches again, regular balance patches are needed to bring the old stuff to the level of the new stuff, negating the relative power creep. And which bothers me here is that DE have the same logic, which is why they've done primary, secondary and beam weapons rebalance. But for some reason they do them so rarely, that the old weapons inbetween the patches have enough time to be forgotten a thousand times before a new one arrives. Now to the Rivens. The idea of automated balancing mechanism is great. The thing is that for some reason DE never intended them to be one (if only I knew why) because the variable which they chose to adjust the power of them wasn't the weapons' strength, it wasn't DPS, it wasn't crit or status chances, no, it was popularity. So we can only dream about a mod which scales the power of the weapon automatically, because Rivens are everything but not one. (Sorry for the wall of text)
  25. That's why the variants are needed. Primes, Vandals, that stuff. They make use of the concept of a weaker weapon from early game, like Tigris, and make it a viable Tigris Prime, preserving it's unique features, like firemode and appearance. Rivens are just another iteration of an already working (at least potentially) system on top of it, which only makes things unnecessary complicated, and potentially ruining the balance.
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