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  1. Obligatory post of excitement and gratitude.
  2. The issue is that, if we always are forced to respect the time that some users put in breaking their backs on an old and outlandishly bad system, the game doesn't progress in a meaningful manner. A small minor fragment of the playerbase at large actively running raids everyday is no excuse to arbitrarily lengthen grind when they're doing away with the rubbish old system. The trials themselves were already poorly designed both from a conceptual level and a mechanical one. They didn't particularly fit into Warframe's gameplay. They weren't appropriately rewarding for the time expended on them either. Items that are trade eligible in Warframe can and will fluctuate in value over time depending on how the game progresses. That's simply to be expected in a game that regularly sees change. Is all of that change good? Of course not, but those of us who stick around for the long haul would invariably agree with at least most of the changes over time. Otherwise we'd likely not actually be sticking around for the long term in the first place. Does this mean that by sticking around we'll invariably have our time expended on systems of old partially invalidated when grinds are reduced later on? Yes, absolutely and totally yes, our time will have less meaning when such changes occur. Event mods can be viewed in much the same way, but as a smaller example of it. Folks (if possible depending on the event) could acquire multiples of multiples of desirable mods during that limited time frame. Then those players having a monopoly on that item then jack up the prices and profit upon it for some time to come. Then, later on, DE reimplements those items, putting them back into the drop tables. Does that devalue the hordes that those players spend their own time and effort grinding out? Yes, again it does indeed do that. But once again it's better for the game at large. This kind of progression is natural for a game like Warframe. As time goes onward DE looks back at old systems and/or old content and re-evaluates it. These points in time are looked at with the viewpoint of "how can we improve this system" and not with one of "how can we slap some players in the face". The simple fact of the matter is that progressing systems of a gear grind game will almost always end up devaluing the time and effort put in by the players who got here earlier and jumped on those systems right away with full force. Being here earlier on and grinding earlier on means that when grind gets reduced, we're left out in the cold. Does it suck when that happens to us? Well yeah, but again it's part of progress when one looks towards a reduced grind. If we, as longer term players always kick and scream about it anytime grind is reduced or the game's systems are bettered, then it'll do more harm than good for Warframe's actual progression as a game. In these past few days I've seen a massive increase in players asking how Arcanes work and how to apply them. This is because most players just chose to ignore the system before, since it was such an intensive grind for what was usually no reward at all. Now however, the time required better matches the rewards received in a more appropriate way. Players at large are starting to actually care about what Arcanes are and how they can be used. Not just the smaller section of the playerbase hoarding the items. In turn we're also finally seeing some true refinement in the Arcane system coming forth from it. It's not just an aside system that's an afterthought at best. It is now, after all these years, being more properly integrated into the game. The addition of these new Eidolons also facilitates a slightly easier grind towards some of the new Arcanes as well. This ends up creating a better environment on the whole system. Which in turn opens up more reason for the betterment of the Arcane system itself as a whole, as noted above. Does this mean the system being streamlined is also making it easier to access and use with less grind? Once again that's a yes. And in turn yes, it also means that we folks who spent our own time and/or money on the system in the past now got less value out of that time. As for requiring the old Trial Arcanes to be crafted, alike how the Quills and Ostron ones are handled. That's a bit of a less clear subject at the outset. Most of these newer Arcanes (not all) are a lot stronger than the old Trial Arcanes. The worst old Arcanes are equally as useless as the worst new ones of course, like negating Operator fall damage as a huge example of new awful. But the ratio of bad Arcanes to good Arcanes comparably between the two sets is night and day. Where quite a lot of the old ones just aren't useful in any feasible manner. So those old Arcanes being easier to get simply makes sense, in terms of reward structuring. It's in-house drop dilution, akin to what Rivens have, but to a larger scale. While getting the old Trial Arcanes is now easy, it's still a dice roll against one's favor to get the actual useful ones. An example of that power gap; The Arcanes that let your Operator heal your frame (either via transferring out, or transferring in) completely demolish the healing speed and ease of access to that healing compared to the old Arcanes that facilitated healing options. It's only sensible that the stronger Arcanes require more time and grind to acquire. However those Arcanes via Quills and Ostron don't require RNG as much, by proxy. The most RNG involved in those newer arcanes is gem mining, which itself was also recently buffed to reduce that grind. And that's a good end point to this overly long post; Reduction in grind. Does that mean we who are here longer and grind on the old systems technically have our time and efforts devalued? Yes, it invariably will mean that this has to occur at times. DE tries what they can to mitigate that loss when they can, but there are times where it can't reasonably be mitigated. Especially when a system is as out of proportion as the Trials are. Trials were outlandishly far, far, far too grindy for what little reward they offered. When the disparity is that large, fixing that grind makes it impossible to lessen the blow.
  3. No, not it shouldn't. Because the Trials were layers upon layers of bad design. The excessive time consumption for what is a minimally marginal boost in total power (since the vast majority of the raid arcanes were completely worthless) was just an outlandish grindwall and waitwall. They restructured the Focus system to require far less points because it was way too much of a grind. They're restructuring arcane (the Trial ones) obtainment because it was way too much of a grind as well. Those old arcanes are largely much less powerful than the current sets via Ostron and Quills rep, with a few minor exceptions. So having these Arcanes drop directly from said Eidolons without blueprints needed is generally much more appropriate. When the items are far, far weaker, why would they require arbitrarily large amounts of time and waiting and frustration to acquire? It's still RNG from the three large Eidolons as well. It's just not arbitrarily limited to once a day. And also not locked inside of bad content. Nothing about this change is a "cash grab" in any feasible way. It's fixing an old and largely ignored system, and making things more appropriate. This is DE making the correct decision here, not a matter of them disrespecting folks who did choose to grind on the old system. Going with an example; The Hema Dilemma. As many of us remember that time old tragedy, DE released that clantech item into the wild with an obscenely over-large resource sink required. An absurd one that was, very honestly, a major mistake. The bulk of the playerbase was, rightfully, rather unhappy with that situation. However the addition of the Hema occurred right before DE went on break. Some clans went into full overgrind mode and burned countless hours with dedicated farming setups, and actually managed to knock out the Hema's research before DE got back from holiday. And then, unfortunately, DE decided to leave the Hema's research costs as a brokenly high number simply because some small minority of players managed to hammer out that grind. This was a poor decision on DE's part. A game should never have its decisions based around a small tiny fragment of its most hardcore of players. And that same mistake of prior is the type of situation we have now with the Eidolons, Trials, and Arcanes. Except this time, DE made the correct decision.
  4. Try with enemy AI not set as frozen, it could be mucking up the way the damage ticks work. Beyond that, your Duration values are a bit too low as well. The new augment does have an existing albeit short Duration. Did some brief testing with the augment last night and it'll do more than enough damage to put the hurt on level 40 units. Didn't stress test vs higher level yet, but there's a lot of content to mull through in terms of testing now. Currently putting an extra Forma or two on the ol' Sancti Castanas. Which are now quite a bit tougher.
  5. Guiding Rose (day 750 reward) definitely doesn't show up on the forums. Changed mine to it ingame a while back now. Relogged since then on the forums, cleared web browser cache to be certain, still set as the day 650 glyph here.
  6. The flaw here is that these listed changes don't do that. Slash weapons become objectively better than other options due to the change to how Slash scaling works as described in the first post. Impact becomes technically worse than it is now, and Puncture is mostly the same. Weapon viability is across the board reduced with the changes listed in the first post. Anything without high Slash base has reduced slash procs, which only serves to actually hone the meta in more towards only Slash weapons. Or in other words, the damage 2.5 changes do the opposite of what they're intended to do. Due to the combination of the mechanics.
  7. Most of these sound like intriguing changes, however there's one part that is quite concerning. This change will almost make the situation with physical status capabilities even more one-sided than it currently is in Warframe. While ragdolling an enemy is funny (and I'll get a good laugh for sure) it's objectively weaker than being able to expedite that foe's death via Slash. With procs calculating off of the physical type only rather than from the base damage, in tandem with the current math used for physical mods, you're making it so that Slash based weapons are objectively superior to everything else outright. Even moreso, this will drastically reduce the effectiveness of a majority of the more diverse or obscure melee weapons in the game. While simultaneously favoring Slash focused weaponry to an even larger degree than is currently the case, due to stances having forced status procs. The only way for a change like this to work without massively shifting the balance heavily in favor of weapons with high base Slash, is to change the physical mod math to match up with how elemental mod math works. ___________________ As a minor addendum, Slash will still be the overall king after these changes. Enemies being dead is better than enemies having lower damage, or flopping about.
  8. There is a very big and very real difference between making content that accentuates the goodness of clans, and making content that merely forces clan activity. For all the talk of the former, all we're seeing is the latter. These sorts of designs only serve to breed direct negativity among members of a clan, with those members expecting a direct "worth" from their members. As opposed to having them be a thing where "let's just have fun together" as it were. If you want to make clans better, put in things that are fun to do with allies in a clan environment. Don't make content that both arbitrarily forces elitism and shoots down folks who don't want to operate only in a clan that's a machine and nothing more. This is pure disappointment on many levels, I'm in awe in a way. Events like this are not the way to make clans good. Rather they directly and only serve to cause resentment between players. Both those who are in clans (resenting others who didn't get enough points) and those who resent other clans (have access to research that others don't for no legitimate reason).
  9. I actually like Conclave normally, but goodness this excuse for a winter Tac alert is genuinely one of the least fun experiences I have ever had to suffer through in a very, very long time. Playing it feels downright abyssmal, unresponsive, anti-fun, and is ludicrous outright given the mechanics being used. The snowballs feel clunky and are everything I avoid looking for in a weapon I'd normally choose for Conclave. The scythe too is just so painfully sluggish to actually use. Take a step back to remind myself, I actually like Conclave normally. But this is not, in any semblance of the idea, fun at all. Here's one very massive issue that I've noticed. Go through the effort of properly timing a melee slam to actually knock down an enemy opponent. Your sluggish swap speed animation is so terribly slow by default that, before you even have a chance to put away your "melee weapon" in the first place, your opponent has already stood back up and can already shoot at you. I genuinely and truly hate this with a fiery passion. This is, without a doubt, the least fun (in fact it's the opposite, it's not fun at all) that I've had in Warframe all year. As someone who does enjoy the occasional foray into Conclave, playing slogging through 3 matches of this makes me want to just close Warframe and not even look at it for a few hours. I've played lots of PvP focused things in many games, and I've lost a ton since I'm honestly average overall on my best day. But I've never had a game actually cause me to actually feel that stereotypical "rage" nonsense before. More than once I found myself, during this little "event", actually swearing at my monitor in utter frustration. I like PvP, I even like Conclave. I hate this event so, so much.
  10. Incorrect, Nekros was released before Oberon was. See source below; Anyways as someone who adores Banshee and pretty much has no love for Valkyr at all, I'm not really bothered by this. It's not like a bit of golden trim will make Banshee any more of a bringer of annihilation than she currently is to all things that can be shot/meleed. Glorious Banshee Prime will get here when she's ready I suppose. For now we can just hope she's not skipped again after this.
  11. Seems pretty interesting, not entirely fond of the emoji side of things necessarily as I have a feeling they'll become heavily overused in Region, but I'll have to wait and see there. The part I'm most interested in is having players be notified when using the @ symbol with their name which will make answering junk for new players a little easier. Cutting back on repeat answers to the same player who didn't notice will be a little nice for sure. I also do feel a touch worried about the same thing as AuroraSonicBoom, as having things more split could lead to each segment feeling a little emptier. However I'm not overly concerned about that point either.
  12. The stance being available with the weapon in the market is a good thing. In fact this is something many players specifically asked for. Citation of this fact; https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/560111-please-de-i-implore-you/ So the stance being paired with the weapon is in no way some low thing, in fact it's awesome. However there is the other side of this coin. . . its actual drop rate and source. This isn't some new thing, but across the board many stances have almost always been from uncommon or worse foes with the mod itself having an atrocious drop rate. This is the part that should have changed long, long ago and its part of what holds back melee combat so heavily. With gunplay you get 1 mod and its good to go for every single gun of that broad gun type. It's a "one size fits all" type situation. Melee is already hit in terms of effectiveness versus guns do to the disparity on both damage and the delivery method of it. So having the core aspect of melee 2.0, stances, be so arbitrarily obscure to obtain makes no sense at all. The rarity of stances is an unnecessary limiter on melee combat. That said I can understand the point to a degree of not wanting content to be so swiftly attained, so why not a different route? Have stances be delivered to a player's inbox after they've acquired X number of kills with a weapon of said type. These stances can then also be left in the drop tables for folks who want a shot at getting them faster, and also left in the market package for the simple point that it's something many players want to see.
  13. I could be way off-point in much of what I'm about to type. These are my thoughts on the type of situation we're in regarding Archwing and folks' thoughts regarding it as an entity within Warframe. As with anything this is all based on my own obervations which are then placed out as a "generalization" of sorts to attempt to reason out why things haven gotten to this stage. Basically, take it all with a grain of salt. _____________________________ Anyways from the outset Archwing was something that did indeed spark interest from the community at large. Within region chat the notions being expressed varied though most of them that I saw were overall positive/excited. However things took a rather harsh turn when Archwing actually released due to the reality of playing something versus player expectation of hypotheticals/trailers. As many know, first impressions are a hard thing to overcome. Even though Archwing now has had some solid levels of polishing (it could use more) it's got to fight against the less than stellar first impression it made with the playerbase at large. But rather than go forward here, we'll take a step back and look at the issues at play; Why is it, that Archwing hit a somewhat sour note with so many players? At its most initial outset Archwing had some expected hiccups, one glaring one being where a player's frame choice made a huge impact on survivability levels within this game mode. Basically one who didn't pick a frame with high Shielding and Health was at a stark statistical disadvantage. While Warframe is indeed a PVE oriented game, players hate (with the passion of a thousand fiery suns) being notably outclassed by their peers. Because of this folks flocked to choosing such frames to play to this gain. Then, in the interest of removing "a correct choice" which invalidates player choice, DE swapped things up so that Archwing HP/Shielding was its own thing independant of frame choice. To note this, DE made the absolute correct choice here, but this shift in parameters available to player hit on the negative to those among the playerbase who already favored defensively potent frames. Unlike those who played "squishy" frames, these player who already had been utilizing the heavier frames saw this as a sort of detraction from them in a way. "Why should other people get to have the same defenses I get?" alongside "Why shouldn't I get better defenses since I'm the defensive guy?" So that wraps up one bad impression hit on for a number of players. Again as noted I saw some of these exact complaints parakeeted in region as well as having seen threads on such a subject hit on the forums from time to time. While not everyone has/did feel this way, many did. Nextly we'll go to something which hit a much broader selection of the playerbase; The disjunction of game modes. This is the one which hits home for me for instance. For those in the newer crowd this one wasn't felt, but instead imagine those who'd dumped a fair bit of time into progressing themselves in power across their time playing Warframe. Archwing isn't an airplane space jet thing, it's your frame with wings. Your frame, the one with whom you're a proverbial "master of awesomeness and unstoppability" who laughs in the face of dangerous foes with your stacked up and potent guns and majestically amazing mod pool. And now you're a schmuck who's statistically no better off than a guy who started playing super recently. Now this luckily didn't hit me all that hard, but I won't lie that it feels a little annoying when you go into Archwing knowing that nothing you do there matters to the normal game, and that nothing in Archwing is going to matter to your main game. This in turn leaves a bad impression on any who feel this way, leaving them with this notion that Archwing isn't a real part of Warframe at all. Instead being a tacked-on side thing. In summation there; In a game where time and effort all go to the grind over a long term, having to literally chuck all that time and effort out the window and start from the beginning can be a very painful thing. Fact is, up till we got Uranus swapped over into the underwatery goodness that it is now, there wasn't any real link between Archwing and Warframe. So with this you're left with a handful of "veteran" players who look at Archwing as this diabolical thing which serves only to take away valuable time that they could spend on actually improving their standing in Warframe. ___________________ I could add a few more generalized observations like how the control feel of Archwing is a bit wonky for some players. Where they (myself included) didn't expect to be locked on an axis and instead expected it to control more like an actual flight game. Or how the weapon part grind slowly eroded away at some players who wanted to or did like Archwing (I've seen many in chat who gave up due to this) which in turn transformed them into players who hate Archwing. Basically it all, in the end, boils down to one simple thing; Resentment, and when people resent something they want to see it fail. So now how does this tie into the "Let X Relay fall!" you may wonder? Well I've still got a bit of droning on left in me so I'll cover my thoughts on this progression now. So we've got a bunch of players who, for whatever reason, feel a deep resentment towards Archwing and thusly want it to fail. The Relays are an addition to the game which have an overall more positive "vibe" across the playerbase. They're also (alike Archwing) something DE themselves worked on for many long and hard hours to get up and running. This causes those who resent Archwing to want to pit them against one another as a way to try and display their feelings to DE in a direct way. By trying to get most/many/all of the Relays destroyed. They can in turn convey this thought that they were destroyed not because of "fun" or for kicks, but because players didn't want to suffer through Archwing to save them. Basically making a real world (game) impact based on their own ideals in a hope to see action. Putting it at a choice; Keep Relays as a part of the game? Or scrap them and keep Archwing. Of course with players hoping that Archwing is the game piece which ends up taking the vital blow when the dust settles. Basically they desire to let something which is widely deemed as good/useful to fail to show how much they hate another thing. Utilizing Relays as a dagger with which to stab Archwing right in the heart. Of course not everyone who wishes to see some Relays fall will fit into this generalization. There are going to be elitists out there who just like holding things above newer players. Players who wish to see how things play out purely out of curiousity (assuming DE won't let a whole fragment of the game just die) and want to satiate their curiousity. But alas, as I noted at the start of this little wall of text, all of this is nothing more than my thoughts on the matter. Thoughts based upon observations within Region chat as well as the forums over the course of events regarding the conception, implementation, and furthering of Archwing as a part of Warframe. It's possible that I've hit home somewhat here, but it's also possible I've gone off the deep end and am wrong about all of this. Now if you'll excuse me I should probably put in some work towards saving those Relays as all this fingerwork is doing them no good. While I still have some of those same less than stellar first impressions of Archwing (I wish it wasn't so partitioned off) I also still have hope for it as a part of Warframe. So I'll still foray into it now and then, because while it's not the most enjoyable thing to me now, I figure it will do as the rest of Warframe has and improve over time. Edit; Because there's always at least one typo isn't there? [size=1]Also forgot a small portion of formatting.[/size]
  14. Definitely, though it would be a glorious punishment to see for the few seconds it lasts before everything crashes. Really though I only added that last value in to put it all into perspective. With the new setup a Raidfull of Mirages only barely outstrips what a squad of 4 Mirages could do with the old setup. That... well a rather sizable thing to look at when you think about it. I enjoyed projectile spam as much as the next guy (I was in the process of forma'ing an Angstrum just for Mirage before this change) but it's not too bad of a compromise. That Angstrum of mine will still get polished up too, since I still see it as a rather fun idea to roll with.
  15. You couldn't possibly display a lower level of understanding of the issues present than you have in the above post. If you think the firepower displayed by our foes is comparable to what Mirage can do, you're so far off point there isn't a silly analogy for it. Have you ever taken note of enemy behaviours, their weaponry, and the statistical parameters of those weapons? In that same vein have you ever noticed how much lower across the board the firing rate of Corpus wielded weaponry is than Grineer wielded weaponry? The computing power needed to display a ton of hitscan bullets going places is vastly smaller because hitscan projectiles don't exist. A bunch of Mirages firing off Grakatas for instance doesn't cause almost anything if ever of performance issues from what I've seen (genuinely never seen anyone having issues from such weapons). And that's sort of a lynch pin here, the difference in how things work. Enemies can be found constantly firing only in short bursts and reloading often, drastically cutting down on how many possible projectiles, if any, are ever present. Then you've got Mirage utilizing weapons that generate projectiles. One Mirage alone (pre-HoM change) was worth more projectile count than an entire normal squad of four by herself. Let that sink in for a moment here, one single frame could out "projectile weight" a set of four players by herself, with a single ability. This was a literal recipe for disaster from the begining, especially when you look at what some of the projectile based weaponry can pump out. When trying to make a game you can't just ignore what real players have to deal with in a game and cater to the minority portion of the base. Mirage's HoM has been a major issue for user performance since its implementation and it finally got to the point where this solution, despite it's clear flaws, was the only reasonable one to take. I truly hope something can be done to fix the issue in a better way than this one, as the old HoM was basically awesome. But for now DE decided to bite the bullet for the good of the majority. To put this in perspective for you I'll toss out the same numbers I did in my previous post in regards to the potential "projectile weight" (measured in number of players) of Mirage with her old and current HoM. For the sake of conserving a little space I'll just go with 1-4 players as a normal squad then jump to the highest potential number of 8 Mirages in a Trail. Old Hall of Mirrors 1 Mirage = 5 players 2 Mirages = 10 players 3 Mirages = 15 players 4 Mirages = 20 players 8 Mirages = 40 players New Hall of Mirrors 1 Mirage = 3 players 2 Mirages = 6 players 3 Mirages = 9 players 4 Mirages = 12 players 8 Mirages = 24 players Don't get me wrong, old Hall of Mirrors was a blast (literally in many cases) but it was legitimately obscene from a projectile count/weight perspective. It screamed performance nightmare from the outset. I sincerely hope that a better solution can be made so that it can return to that state. However for the time being I'd much rather players not experience drastic issues for the sake of a few giggles I can get from "splosions". Mirage isn't ruined by this change, so it isn't the end of days.
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