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  1. Windows 10 1903 user: Every time you update windows you roll the dice if any of your games will break with the update. So far I've dodged the bullet on all my games every time *knocks on wood*.
  2. yeah precepts are like warframe abilities for your pet. it gets XP the more it uses it's precepts.
  3. yes but due to time zones it may not be anytime soon as it's quite early in Canada right now. Since I'm in Europe whenever new stuff hits warframe for me it's usually late in the evening or the following morning.
  4. if you've modded your pet to kill then yeah it should level up along side you. but if you're using it as a support (no killing intended) it's not going to get any XP unless it's shared XP from other people's kills. Also objective XP such as spy vaults give companions XP and are the best way if you want to level them up solo (if they aren't modded for killing).
  5. companions don't share the affinity from your kills that well. you'd be better off doing a pub hydron so your pets can get the shared affinity from your squad's kills short version: you kill - pet gets little XP; other guys around you kill - pet gets a lot more XP.
  6. when you kill with a melee weapon you get 45% more XP, which is still being split between the weapon(s) and warframe. theoretically killing with abilities even without earning that 45% extra will grant you more XP in the long run as there is no splitting. EDIT: Unless ofcourse you can out-DPS your ability with the melee (and you only have a melee equipped) then the XP per second is greater.
  7. I don't mean to sound rude or anything but... What were you smoking and where can I get some? The damage cap of the game can be easily reached with frames like banshee sonar spamming cooperating with dmg buffers like chroma and rhino. it's been around since those frames exist. There are builds that are centered around that. the fact that you didn't know it exists doesn't make it an exploit. Covert lethality daggers oneshot any level mob as long as they've been finished. does that mean that frames that open enemies to finishers are exploiting? no. it's a legit strategy and it's been in the game for a long time. maybe do some research before seeing a big number and immediately calling HAX . the maximum damage in the game is the max 32 bit signed int , or 2,147,483,647 (unless DE updated their variables to be 64 bit then it's a LOT more)
  8. There's bound to be what you're lloking for somewhere in there. if not you can always request it to the guy who makes them.
  9. this is my Laptop's device manager, but for you it should look similar. Just disable the Intel card.
  10. Now to actually answer OP's question since nobody seems to understand what is being asked. If you want the best bang for your buck parts to put on those prisms you need to first ask yourself what do you think is useful to you Option 1: go to https://semlar.com/ampcalc to try out various combos till you find one you might like and then go for it ingame. Option 2: Since you're only doing them for the masteryrank off the prisms I'd go for the parts requiring the least amount of resources (consult the wiki for that), but if you want actual use off them in the long run go with option 1
  11. I looked your CPU up and it has integrated graphics and the way you described the problem to me it looks like the typical PC problem of "I forgot which GPU I'm supposed to use". so make sure your game is using the Nvidia card by either setting it as the default in the Nvidia control panel, going to the device manager to disable your Integrated GPU or as a last resort go to the bios and disable it from there.
  12. EDM774

    Umbra's Sadness

    great art but you might want to put a spoiler tag on it. ya know for any new player that doesn't want a huge chunk of the game story spoiled.
  13. you block automatically if you have you melee weapon equipped and are being shot at frontally.
  14. if this were to be implemented my ship would be filled with 4 cats 15 dogs and a charger I WANT IT NAO!
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