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  1. It's a limited event reward Blueprint awarded to the top clans who patricipated, Baro can occasionally bring it, some ppl try to scam new players outa their plat by offering the BP for like 5-10 plat, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT fall for that it costs literally nothing for clans who have the BP to replicate one for trade. There are tons of good people who can offer you a BP for free. You need to be MR9 to be able to recieve the blueprint tho. If you're on PC hmu when you get to MR9 and I'll hook you up with a BP for free.
  2. I never even thought mag would work when I first did the test myself. I thought DE would be smart and disable those test orbs from being affeced by abilities. but if she works Let there be Cheese!
  3. blue orbs are +1 point red are +3 normal ememies drop blue, eximi drop red. there are some scattered around the map both blue and red. IMO it's best to figure out a path and just collect the map bound ones and only kill when absolutely necessary. EDIT: also just like index don't hoard points, bank as soon as you finish one loop of your route. when you bank the map bound points respawn, so you can keep looping collecting those.
  4. The login evergreen booster bundle that occurs as part of B rotation in the 50 login days cycle after day 1000 was originally advertised as containing one of every booster, but ever since the introduction of the mod drop chance booster it is no longer meeting those claims. Will the bundle be updated?
  5. That was unintended and removed quite early on. You're kinda late to the party on that one.
  6. you forgot to close your spoiler properly it's [spoiler] [/spoiler)<- use the square bracket here. It's bog standard HTML script formatting, you open something and then you close it with a / at the other end edit: also some places can disable HTML formatting in text form to avoid script injections so just use the spoiler button at the top of the editor like the second reply said.
  7. 6dof gave no tactical or fighting advantage it was actually a detriment to that. We lost our flight precision with 6dof. I'm glad it's gone and archwing is back to what it used to be and what it SHOULD be. if you want realistic flight physics go play a flight sim, warframe isn't a flight sim.
  8. a new console generation doesn't mean "account migration from console to console" it just means new consoles in the same family of consoles. it's the same platform and DE stores your account info on their servers anyway you just log into your warframe account on the new PS5 and all your stuff is there. Same for the new Xbox. idk where all these false hopes are coming from. DE said they're gonna look into cross platform save but not in the near future.
  9. Just bless for 75% DR and insta full heal lmao. I run Protea's dispenser in place of my well of life so my trin's energize procks keep the mech topped up on energy as well. and I can just sit on the dispenser as a mech and the orbs it poops keep me in ult longer.
  10. matrices are guaranteed drops from the mechs inside each vault. they are considered a resource and are affected by boosters and cats by extension. The 1st vault has 1 mech that drops the common 1k standing matix, the 2nd vault has 2 mechs dropping the uncommon 2.5K staning matrix each and the 3rd had 3 mechs dropping the rare 5k standing matrix each. EDIT: after you finish the 1st vault you started from the hub you need to go to specific mother locations on the map that give you the next vault tier. There's 3 preset spots and the bounty you start from the hub spawns you at the midd
  11. Lot of non tech savvy tenno are freaking out their browsers are warning them about entering the forums could be a hacker attack, because the cert has expired.
  12. Trinity would like to introduce herself to you.
  13. I agree good limbo players are hard to come by. But why not at least try to utilize what the Warframe community has been notoriously good at? And that is helping new or inexperienced players by explaining how the game / or frame works. If they are just a bad person they won't listen so just ignore them. Like I said above it's not the Limbo's fault it's the limbo Player!
  14. Doesn't matter when you bought it or if you used it, if it was purchased from your account just for you (not as a gift) it is tied to your account and your account only. You can't buy something for yourself and then decide to give it to someone else, steam doesn't work that way.
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