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  1. wait people play lunaro? On a serious note tho: Yes it's quite an annoying bug. I think melee 3.0 broke it
  2. Crafting supplies before going to drydock negates all of the crafted amounts.
  3. In every railjack mission you pick up wrekage ( it's similar to blueprints) and you have a fixed capacity of 30 (you can't increase it by any means) once you have more than 30 wrekage (in your case 31) you can't do any more railjack missions until you scrap some and go below 30
  4. your railjack is personal (tied to you not the clan) so if you leave you take your railjack with you. You're only restricted in not being able to manage your railjack's inventory until you build the drydock in the new clan
  5. you probably had all 3 lures the moment his final phase shield came down, which triggers that voice line. And a split second later 2 of them died. This can and will happen if the trinity (or whoever is taking care of the lures) isn't paying attention to their health. I believe there was a saying that you should never rely only on one of your senses. So when you hear something, don't believe it until you can see or feel it etc.
  6. I have my ping limit set to 100 cuz I usually play with friends and am used to 40-60 ping. Most I've played comfortably at was like 300. Also like someone else said ping isn't the whole coin just one side of it, the other side is the Host's PC if it's potato even 10 ping will be laggy AF.
  7. check your foundry. search for segment in the search bar and it should pop up. if not contact support.
  8. they already are. If you hover over a part in the end of mission reward screen where you get to choose the parts their ducat values are right there. We can argue about the mouse hover to reveal more info but that's a horse being beaten over at the "Why Do We UI Like We UI?" thread and it's subsequent "part II".
  9. you're welcome. It happens to the best of us don't worry 🙂
  10. when you don't have any requiem mods you can't see their slots. now if you do have a requiem mod in your inventory and still can't see the slots then that should be reported as a bug.
  11. it's not the queen but a version of the amalgam Alkonost what you see "drowning" is it's lower body section. I think that's sentient birthing fluid and he's still being formed. there's literally a note of this in it's wiki page
  12. 100% agree! I'm kinda surprised DE didn't implement a kill command first tbh.
  13. Did a mobile defense with him a few hours ago. The console was protected just fine, so was my sentinel. Did you use his 2nd ability as well to freeze the enemies inside ?
  14. all mouse scroll wheels have a pressed down state just press your scroll wheel down and hold it to equip your melee in full melee mode so you can aim glide with it on
  15. you don't need to re-sacrifice items for ranking up a syndicate you've once maxed as long as it doesn't go into negative standing. then you need so sacrifice everything all over again.
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