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  1. A recent change in rift mechanics made enemies outside the rift not affect those in and vice versa. If a toxic eximus enters the rift, everyone in it gets the toxin prock. it's a way to make limbo a more tactical frame by isolating enemies and their auras in the rift. Ancient healers for example don't heal their friends if you put the ancient in the rift. Energy leechers don't leech energy if you put them in the rift while everyone else is outside etc.
  2. Wasn't that a confirmed bug that was supposedly fixed/removed from the codex?
  3. Well they got wiped out and Baro Ki'Teer was the only survivor. Have you talked to him as inaros ? You should if you haven't, he's got a few special lines for him.
  4. they explode on death leaving no corpse to be desecrated behind so my guess would be no.
  5. I think the lore of the sands of inaros quest depict what you're saying. The people worshiped inaros for saving them from the grineer and prayed for his return when he left.
  6. just bind the first 12 and put whatever is most important in those slots. How hard can that be? But honestly I'd really appreciate that change if it were to happen, for the time being tho, re-arranging your gear wheel is your best option. EDIT: if 12 isn't enough you can always put the rest of the important stuff last, so you have just as easy of an access to them as the first 12.
  7. Maybe he used a specter? Specters can be copies of any loadout, he probably just deployed a nekros specter to help himself and the team out.
  8. I think stock range works too but you have to shoot and then detonate it relatively near the dargyn so it can SUCC the pilot in (max range is just QoL so you don't have to aim much). In case anyone didn't know, the ability travels until it hits a hitbox (target or surface) or you can manually detonate it by pressing 2 again
  9. Step 1 Nidus Step 2 Larva the pilots from their dargyns Step 3 Shoot Step 4 ??? GROFIT
  10. We had to wait 5 years for Lato and Braton vandal to be added as regular drops.... and you think 4 months of exclusivity is too much? HA HA (sorry it was just too funny not to laugh)
  11. Remember when you guys said you'll refrain from doing things that feel icky? That mod drop chance booster is in "feeling icky" territory if you ask me.
  12. The last chapter's not even out yet you're fine, it ends a few weeks after the last chapter is revealed. I think DE is artificially extending it so they can give themselves time to work on New War and empyrean
  13. So being sarcastic is toxic now? ok. If I wanted to really be toxic I wouldn't have provided the link in the first place but I didn't do that now did I? some ppl are so easily offended lmao
  14. https://n8k6e2y6.ssl.hwcdn.net/repos/hnfvc0o3jnfvc873njb03enrf56.html#arbitrations Literally took 2 seconds to type "warframe drop tables" into google. But hey better make a forum post about it and wait for someone else to do it /s
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