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  1. I think you misunderstood what I meant by "didn't pop a single tower". I meant I was killing fast enough to not need to activate any life support and was living comfortably from the enemy air drops. to the other guy who mentioned me: I don't think I was nuking or looting tbh, I used a pretty brain dead setup: inaros with an ignis Ignis wraith go brrr
  2. Idk I did it solo and didn't pop a single tower. Guess his spawns got effed up each time or I got lucky?
  3. yeah it's a rare AF tile to get to spawn. I think I spent 4 hours running nothing but capture mussions on ceres to get it. then a few days later I got it twice in a row after doing some random fissures. RNG can be a cruel mistress.
  4. once it's drained it grows back within a week. only curing via the chair is permanent. And like the tenno above said it's per warframe.
  5. All I do is just go to larunda every day and hit affinity blessing and leave. Not much to it really. I figure affinity is the one worth the most since it helps with everything from intrinsics to leveling that thing you just forma'd. Having a console in my ship to do it would be faster yes, but it ruins the "magic moment" I guess.
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