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  1. FTFY the AI isn't made to use the forge AT ALL, all they do is look for stuff to fix and occasionally shoot at boarding parties IF there's nothing to fix, they prioritize fixing the ship over fighting for their own life.
  2. that would make sense since I tend to take stropha pot shots at it while invis to help speed things up usually and that tends to get rid of both arms rather fast. also same on the never coming back unless forced to bit.
  3. are you sure about that? I didn't notice anything wrong last night doing the same thing in all 3 vaults.
  4. I personally use octavia Step 1: place 1 Step 2: wait for mech to kill itself attacking it Step 3: ??? Step 4: GROFIT
  5. so you're just gonna brush off the what was it 2 017 rescued souls CY found in the ship logs during the quest?
  6. tbh with fissures in railjack missions now I wouldn't put it past DE to make a prime access with prime railjack gear in it in the future, maybe those are some Prime railjack turrets.
  7. TYPE: in game DESCRIPTION: Game crash after transitioning to another Veil void storm mission without going to the dojo first. VISUAL: crash report code WAR-3076958 REPRODUCTION: Finish a Veil Void Storm (in my case it was a skirmish) and then select another void storm (volatile in my case) EXPECTED RESULT: Starting the mission I selected OBSERVED RESULT: Game crash REPRODUCTION RATE: so far happened just once and I instantly came to report, will test some more and update with more WAR numbers if necessary. EDIT: Crashed again transitioning from one neptune void s
  8. how do you even get to the droptables? on my end the site doesn't even have the new entries and I've refreshed multiple times
  9. you're suppose to get out and go do the beam generator mini mission (just like the tethered crewship one)
  10. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Front turret "caps" of the new railjack skin missing? VISUAL: EXPECTED RESULT: having my front turrets capped off while parked in the dojo like on the default skin OBSERVED RESULT: turret caps missing altogether REPRODUCTION RATE: every time. Is this intended design or a bug?
  11. loving the new background for dark theme! <3
  12. yes I agree, I was helping a friend out the other day doing all his RJ starchart and once we got to saturn my game decided it doesn't like it and kept crashing every 2nd mission we did there, leaving him on my ship every time forced to abort. Would be cool if it at least lets him finish the mission, maybe during the host migration screen swap out railjacks or heck let him use mine.
  13. I agree, but silver lining is less grind needed to have all possible variants maxed. getting all weapon variants to max stats again will be a pain for sure tho
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