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  1. IcyJalapeno

    Log in Dailies: Rerevisited.

    Login Weapons and Mods: Give the Weapons and Mods to Baro. It will remove the major debate from the flawed / and possibly still flawed system. Have Baro bring these login rewards every time he arrives. Baro already brings Prime Mods and Unique Weapons. So, why not. However, acquiring these weapons "now" no longer gives weapons slots and blue potato and costs ducats. Vets got their's free with bonus perks for being active. Login Rewards (Daily): Respectable amounts of Kuva / Endo / Rare Resoucre(s). (W.I.B) the numbers, based MR or Days Logged In, whatever. But absolutely NO CREDITS. Relics (Any Currently Unvaulted). If are wanna keep Booster, for the love Space Mom, allow the time to only count while in missions, (actively using it) or atleast allow us to decide when to claim it to start the timer. Login Milestone (Every X Days): Forma (x3), Potato Combo, Adapter (x2), Riven (Rando), Kuva (X,000), Endo (X,000), Vaulted Relic (x3). (W.I.B) the numbers. Login Unique Milestone (Sigils, Cape, Armour) Leave them day gated to each of their respected day counts. Every other game has unique items for major events, account anniversaries, game or player milestones. We only got: True Day Zero: (Founders Stuff), Primed Chamber (Unique Event).
  2. IcyJalapeno

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop!

    I can understand the way you see "As a vet," I read it as "As your better". Because its been showing true lately. However, I would honestly like to Baro get them, because it removes the main debate point out of still flawed system. "Does a great job of making it so that time played matters" Yes and No. (No) Login 1.0 wipe was just a uncalled for backhand to active players. (No) Proposed Changes at this time means, a day 100 player can get the currently set day 1000 player cosmetic reward. (Yes) MR Test and Locking Items (No) Our Current Rewards for being higher MR player is barely greater a new player. (No) ESO, the Vet game mode. Gets a new player mode, SO, to fix a lore error and dump a new frame into. (No) ESO and SO rewards are not that different, besides the weapons. (Yes) Unique Anniversary Weapons for All Players. Etc.. So I can kinda see it, nothing against you, but it kinda gets overshadowed by DE's decisions. Honestly, if cosmetics were the only unique items on the login reward system there be no point needed for a catch up mechanic.
  3. IcyJalapeno

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop!

    Old account doesn't equal playtime nor login days, 1 to 1 ratio. Everyone takes breaks, some people leave for a couple months while content drought is real, some people leave because a new game releases, and some people just quit. Could it be helpful when it comes to the daily login rewards, yes. But, the fact DE wiped all the days played by them and everyone else at the time to set back at day 0 with fresh new accounts shouldn't have happened. We can't do accounts by age, in any measurement. Account creation date, as I just explain above. In-game time, could any mix % of afk to actually active. Login days, the 2 mins to login and logout to continue the milestone progress.
  4. IcyJalapeno

    Where is Update 23!? [LIVE]

     Yeah, I feel it'd be much more irritating to have the update, but be completely unable to do anything with it for 3 days. I love the work they do. But really gotta stop releasing train wrecks on Fridays. Releasing things Monday - Wednesday, give a fair bit of time for the majority of the major gaming breaking bugs to be fixed by the weekend for the masses, that don't really play during the week. Anything post Wednesday.. well its asking for semi-rushed to rushed hotfix issues.. Which we all known fixes a couple things but they tend to break something else. I'm glad during the ESO they worked on the weekend, but they honestly shouldn't have to. But, they knew because prior major updates which was released on Friday, working the weekend was going to be a necessary evil.
  5. IcyJalapeno

    Where is Update 23!? [LIVE]

    If it's going to be Tomorrow (Thursday) Fine, release the update. If it going to be Friday, just wait for Monday. Because for a good while now, when you guys release something on Friday, its been a horrible, glitchy, bugged filled mess of content. That stays broken and/or unplayable during the entire weekend until Mid to Late Day Monday for fixes, if that. So seriously release tomorrow or just wait for Monday. So we can be spared of the Friday release and abandonment of the train wreck of the weekend scenario again.
  6. IcyJalapeno

    Dev Workshop: Spores Revisited (Saryn)

    Does this mean we can only have only have 10 enemies infected, period? Or is 10 targets required to achieve the max damage tick rate?
  7. IcyJalapeno

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.3

    http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Spores#Info "If an enemy affected by spores dies, they will spread spores to nearby targets but in half of Ability Range." -Wiki If this is "true" why isn't this mention in the patch notes about spores? Why do you hide vital information, if this is "true", and this could possibly shed light on why so many people complaining about spore not probably spreading. " Range:30 / 40 / 50 / 60 m (cast range) 8 / 10 / 12 / 16 m (pop spread radius) 4 / 5 / 6 / 8 m (death spread radius) " -wiki There shouldn't be a difference between pop and death. You buffed the cast range to stupid amounts, but nerfbat the spread range to a joke unless you run 200% or more.
  8. 10 cycles... thats 40 rotations, which is 200 mins. If you meant 10 mins which is 2 rotations (1/2 cycle: AA) for a pay increase would be too early since the first 20 mins (1st Cycle: AABC) are easy. Well it should be by the time one has access to the fortress. Thus anything payout increases prior 20 mins doesn't really need to be a thing. The "middle ground" they want has to be a legitimate middle ground starting point for the 1st Cycle (20mins). Hell some people would debate me on the 2nd Cycle (40mins) being easy. Personally, I do 30 mins and reset.
  9. One of the many problems with Kuva right now is that the Siphons and Floods have scales on which it can payout. Unless they have changed to be fixed and I haven't noticed. Which makes giving a set number to "middle ground, in-between" mission's objective already in a awkward place. Comparing it to: If A: 550 and B: 1100 so C: 825 Baseline: So Siphon pay 550-700 per mission and Floods are 1100-1400 roughly for 3-5 mins of work / per "quick/easy" mission. I'll let everyone define their definitions of quick and easy mission are. Nevertheless, the first set of life support (5 mins / 1 rotation worth) should roughly be greater than the Maximum payout of a Siphon, since its the "middle ground", so lets say 750-850 per 5 mins. That should be suffice payout price to cover the 1st Cycle (AABC). But the demand for scaling is wanted. So we finish up crossing the "middle ground" threshold with scaling bump in rewards during the 2nd cycle. The outcry of players wanting better reward for staying long than the normal, Flood payouts for playing within the 3rd Cycle. Within 1st Cycle: 750 - 850 / 1 rotation worth of Air Supplies Converted Within 2nd Cycle: 950 - 1050 / 1 rotation worth of Air Supplies Converted Within 3rd Cycle: 1100 - 1400 / 1 rotation worth of Air Supplies Converted Within 4th Cycle: 1400++ / 1 rotation worth of Air Supplies Converted As for HP for the Life Support: Risk vs Reward. It shouldn't scale 1:1 with the enemies spawning in to attack it. However it also shouldn't be the baseline HP it starts with at minute 0. That's my 2 cents.
  10. IcyJalapeno

    Server Troubles (+ Boosters).

    Another person whipping out some fancy part list and not understanding what's the real problem at hand. *sighs*
  11. IcyJalapeno

    4K UI Support: Part 2

    Why did menu scaling start with 4K and not end with 4k? Only asking since 4K is the minority of res sizes. Also thanks for not private testing on other resolution before dumping this on live servers. GGWP. Can we get the fixes for this dumpster fire sometime this week? Maybe? Yes?
  12. IcyJalapeno

    Octavia's Anthem: Hotfix 20.0.7

    So the UI still being broken is perfectly acceptable.....Can we we get a revert on the UI changes until you can actually fix the 4K on private servers before dumping that hot mess again on live. Or make it a toggle opt-in for testing.
  13. IcyJalapeno

    Octavia's Anthem: Hotfix 20.0.5

    Thanks for the fixes....but where is the UI fixes?
  14. IcyJalapeno

    Octavia's Anthem: Hotfix 20.0.4

    So when can I start actually playing back on my normal resolution instead of the zoomed in, trash, bugged res? Glad, for the rest of the changes though, I hated crashing, freezing about every other mission.
  15. IcyJalapeno

    Riven Reward for "Octavia's Anthem"

    Free secondary riven mod.....so feed the whales to keep them spending money for plat. Pay to Skip gets (+2) and Norms get (+1). Gotta make the money whales feel good.