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  1. Yup, laziness is a big factor, that's why I used to play A LOT with Chroma + Ignis Wraith, I could wipe anything without aiming or lifting my finger from the left click for the whole mission.
  2. Like always when DE nerfs something we'll find another broken weapon/build. I still play Octavia in most missions, I don't even have to fire my weapon once and end up with 0% damage taken. If Octavia gets nerfed, no worries, still got my Saryn and her 1 and 4, nerf that ? Still got Equinox that can wipe a whole room every 4 seconds. Waste all useful frames ? Guess I'll go back to Kitguns, Kuva Weapons. There are always solutions to get to a new meta, live games will always be like that. Kuva Bramma is good, but not broken, it's just a top tier weapon that's fun to play. If you don't want to play with it and deal 3 times its damage just use Chroma and pretty much any mid/top-tier weapon and one shot everything anyway. TL;DR just a list of examples showcasing there will always be something you can find that is "broken" or "op" in WF (and other similar content rollout based games) since HL players will always find and popularize a new meta.
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