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  1. So...I guess I'm not trading ever again? I have a more-than-20 character password that includes multiple symbols and several case shifts. The only time 2FA would be more secure than just using my password is if 1) someone got a keylogger on my box, which is doubtful, or 2) someone grabs DE's account database, which would still take longer to crack than it'll take for Warframe to become a reality. The former is clearly 100% my fault if it happens, the later is clearly 100% DE's fault if it happens. I'd expect support to tell me "too bad" in the former case, and that's fine. I'd expect support to revert everything in the later case, which I'd expect even with 2FA. In no scenario related to trading does 2FA actually, practically solve anything, unless you have a super weak password. And if someone uses password123 as their password, they deserve to get hacked. But sure, let's restrict trading to 2FA and call it a "security measure." No way it has anything to do with driving more people to buy stuff directly from the market instead of other players (who will sell it far cheaper than the market). I'm sure that adding those mod packs in the exact same update is just a total coincidence, too.
  2. Really stupid question that I'm going to ask anyway: why is he the "Wolf" of Saturn Six? We don't have dogs or cats in this game, we have Kavats and Kubrows. So shouldn't he be the "Feral Kubrow of Saturn Six" instead? You may call this pedantic, but remember this is the same game that had "trials" because calling them "raids" wouldn't be Tenno enough. EDIT: Or I guess the "Drahk of Saturn Six" would be more appropriate because Grineer.
  3. While I love the fact that we no longer have to guess or wiki which servofish give which parts, it would've been nice to just add servofish to the Codex and have the Codex tell us. Still, this is a good addition.
  4. And...done. 30 minute timer running on phone. Don't let us down, Steve!
  5. I'm just hoping it drops tomorrow rather than Thursday or, even worse, Friday. DE should never release something this big after a Wednesday. They'll likely need more than 2 days to patch it up. That, and my internet service is 6MBit Thursday through Sunday, but it's 15MBit right now. Really don't want to spend a whole day downloading it 😞
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