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  1. While I love the fact that we no longer have to guess or wiki which servofish give which parts, it would've been nice to just add servofish to the Codex and have the Codex tell us. Still, this is a good addition.
  2. And...done. 30 minute timer running on phone. Don't let us down, Steve!
  3. I'm just hoping it drops tomorrow rather than Thursday or, even worse, Friday. DE should never release something this big after a Wednesday. They'll likely need more than 2 days to patch it up. That, and my internet service is 6MBit Thursday through Sunday, but it's 15MBit right now. Really don't want to spend a whole day downloading it 😞
  4. As long as we're getting this, I'm going to go ahead and preemptively request that we have an option to broadcast our Somachord to the Railjack once we get that. I want EVERYBODY to suffer through my catalog of just 3 songs I've managed to complete 😈
  5. Has DE actually stated somewhere that the Mote Amp is supposed to be gildable? Or are you all just assuming it's a bug? Um...they're enemies so...yeah. All enemies become aggressive in this game once they notice you. Notice how feral kubrow are blue icons on the minimap until they attack? Now notice how Vomvalysis are red icons the instant they register on the map? There's your answer. I'm not sure why they ever didn't attack you on sight, but they have ALWAYS attacked me the instant they saw me. As they should. They're Sentinels, we're Tenno. They are indeed our enemies. And no, the Eidolons are different. DE has stated they are "damaged" and thus they are not fully aware of their surroundings and such. That's why they don't aggro until you attack them. Totally different from Vomvalysts.
  6. Yeah, I don't understand all the "worst warframe" against Khora at all. I mean I agree that her kit needs work, but frankly she's the only warframe I've played that can achieve a 1.69 sprint speed with only 2 mods AND has more than 300 armor. She's like Nova with actual survivability or Saryn but actually fast. Again, I agree her kit compares to neither, but as a frame do do all my syndicate dailies (i.e. lv25-35 content) with, Khora is perfect. She has good enough CC with her 4th for Mobile Defense, and enough self-healing with Vinari that if I get clusterf***ed by a trio of bombards under a nullifier, I don't have to burn a health pizza. I mean, sure, she's not perfect, totally agree. But then no frame is. And none should be. Sure, Whipclaw needs to be replaced and her 2nd needs some tweaks (because why would you use it given that her 4th exists???) but as a frame to drop in, find medallions, finish mission, and leave, she's great for the job. In short, she has replaced Excal as my go-to "run and gun" frame because she's faster with the same armor. That alone makes her good. Not great, but certainly good. Just reserve the hate for where it's warranted, guys. There's certainly plenty of quality places to direct it.
  7. (Yes I'm quoting myself. I know that's strange.) Wanted to reiterate this because - and this is a wild guess - but I believe the reason why DE hasn't given us a turret already is because Tesla more or less is one. That said, I've seen people suggest an "exalted turret" and various other things. I suggested spider mines in my earlier post. But if y'all really want a turret, I have one other potential suggestion: A deployable Rampart turret. i.e. a high damage mountable turret with regenerating ammo that any Tenno in the squad could use. It would go well with Vauban's defensive kit (though I'd still prefer something like spider mines for use outside defense scenarios) and it'd be entirely possible for other players to use it if Vauban himself has better weapons. I think that's a better suggestion than Vauban essentially having his own Xiphos. It seems more creative, less press-2-then-AFK, etc.
  8. I want to emphasize this. Vauban right now is crap in PoE because even with a 190% range build he still can't cover even the smallest defense areas, even with 4 bastilles deployed. Especially with Fortuna next on the schedule, it would've been nice to see a change that would give him ANY usefulness in long-distance fights. While I'm not against a turret, people seem to be forgetting that Tesla basically already IS a turret, just without turret art. It's a Shock/Amprex turret. That's what it is. If a deployable turret ability had very different functionality - something like the Opticor turret sounds nice - then that's fine, I guess. What I'd prefer is deployable Spider Mines. Like literal, 6-legged robots that follow me around, then charge the nearest enemy and explode in a small (like 3m) radius dealing moderate damage (maybe 500 blast damage before modding?). Vauban would deploy them one at a time, but could have 3 at a time following him. THAT would be more useful to me. Again, not against a turret, but it seems to me Vauban's entire kit is already made for A) CC and B) sitting still. A moderate damage ability that's useful while on the move would be a good change.
  9. This skin in a nutshell: "I heard you like playing the most OP survival or defense frame in the game but couldn't stand being a walking pile of flesh and tentacles, so I made a skin you can give us real money for that turns it metal like every other frame." I mean, I'm not even complaining, the skin is epic. Just pointing out it seems almost like Nidus was made intentionally ugly so this could happen later. Let's all be honest here. No matter who you are or what your tastes, Nidus is ugly AF and you feel just a little queasy playing him. So now we're paying for nausea medicine, basically. Again, the skin is epic. I'm just sayin' You must be new. No worries. Yes, every skin in Warframe is permanent. Or rather, none of them have like a limited duration or anything like that. You can swap them in and out any time you want in your Arsenal, but none of them expire. So permanent, yes, but removable and re-apply-able too. On a side note, it is so sad that other F2P games use such horrible monetization like that that this question even has to be asked. For all the salt here, even mine, I do hope everyone realizes how much better DE is that basically every other F2P game developer/publisher in existence.
  10. Just a little PSA: I am able to solo the Hyenas with Mag Prime. Using Magnetize + Cernos Prime 1-shots them on the first alert. Sadly I've run it 4 times now and failed all 4 times because A) teammates won't hold still so I can actually Magnetize them and B) magnetic procs from one of the hyenas. I burnt 19 energy pizzas on the last one and still failed. Still, when I do have energy, it's the best way to kill em I've seen yet. So the PSA is if you have a Mag in your PUG, be a nice person and facetank the Hyenas so we can kill em for ya. Or yanno, just run around erratically unloading 30 Strun magazines into them and still don't actually kill them. And lose. Your call, I guess. (Also side note: I hope Shy is playing this event. With a Mag. Just so she can eat her own crow a little. I like Shy but Mag is NOT the worst frame in the game. Mag isn't even bad. She's thoroughly above average.)
  11. Any chance we can revert the change to the mod station where I used to just click a stack of mods and click "select all" but now I have to click "OK" too, essentially doubling the time it takes me to convert-to-endo all my junk mods? Besides, why was this change made in the first place? Who actually WANTED to add an extra step to a process like this that already worked just fine?
  12. Alternatively, when dead, her 3rd ability could simply be replaced with a very expensive one (like 250 energy or so) that instantly revives her, similar to casting her now. Because frankly sometimes I'd rather just let the kitty die and recast her than stroll over to the 4 Napalms and 3 Bombards waiting for me around kitty's corpse. Just sayin'
  13. The focus gauge has a strange bug while in Undertow. The gauge is visible, but shows like it has no charge. I get that this is probably to show that the focus ability is "disabled" while inside Undertow, but it would be nice if we could see the current charge level even if we can't activate the ability while puddled. Just leave the indicator grayed out, but make the circle around the edge display the current charge level. Surely that can't be too hard. Try entering a high-level mission where you pop a restore, and it needs to last you until Zenurik finishes charging. Having to pop out of Undertow every few seconds to check if Zenurik is ready while there are bombard rockets flying around can be downright lethal. Hydroid is amazing now, but he still can't facetank.
  14. I am seriously loving the Hydroid changes. There's just one tiny problem. When playing as Inaros, when charging Scarab Swarm, I can actually SEE the health drain WHILE I'm casting it. This gives me a real-time indicator when I'm about to suicide so I can stop ;) With Hydroid's new charge-ups, I don't see how much energy I'm spending until AFTER I release the charge and cast the ability. This leads to accidentally spending over 200 energy on a single Tentacle Swarm, despite running Streamline. And if that's the correct cost, that's fine, but the problem is that I can't see the energy drain WHILE I charge it. Please make the energy drain for this AND Tempest Barrage show WHILE the tenno is charging the ability, NOT after it's finished. Other than that, this may be your best rework since Frost. All the right changes and fixes, nothing seriously broken. Couldn't be happier, for the most part :)
  15. Do people still laugh when you do the "pull my finger" joke at parties, too?
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