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  1. I was doing a Kuva Flood Sabotage in the new corpus ship tileset, and upon spawning in, the siphon was in the spawn room without any attached braids. After waiting a minute, I walked away from the siphon for a few rooms and got the message about using transference. I then went back and saw that the siphon had its braids and prepared to complete the siphon. However, no kuva clouds ever spawned, and while I'm not entirely certain on this bit, it seemed like only one batch of kuva enemies were spawned as well.
  2. The Hata-Satya mod procs off of each hit according to the mod. I decided to attempt to use it with multishot in the simulacrum, and it worked brilliantly! However, outside of the simulacrum, it seems that multishot never triggers the mod, rendering it a much weaker point strike outside of corner cases like modding for maximum magazine capacity. The mod is a ton of fun, but this bug makes it unusable for me. If this is the intended way for the mod to work, I think a different description is probably in order. If not, I would greatly appreciate it if this could get see a bit of work, as the mod
  3. Does anybody know if we're ever getting more kuva weapons? I really enjoyed the grind for em and they're all spectacular weapons for the most part that were able to breath life into old gear. I'm not aware of any plans to release more though. Does anybody remember if DE has made any kind of statement on the matter? I know it would dilute the drop table, but there are ways to get around that.
  4. That's gonna be next here, my Redeemer Prime is ready. Also, tried uploading the video to youtube, apparently it's too big, so RIP I guess.
  5. I'm still trying several of the strats mentioned, but I feel like it's worth saying that earlier on, on day 1 I want to say, I could shoot them for less than a second with my Nukor and kill them. I don't like that I could do that, but something was definitely changed and I must have missed it in the patch notes.
  6. I've been trying this to little effect with the Quartakk unfortunately, but maybe my aim is just trash? Didn't know about the holes once the arms are gone, I'll give that a shot for sure.
  7. What exactly are you doing with Revenant? I have him of course, but he was never my cup of tea, and I'm not particularly well versed in how he works and what the more potent builds are.
  8. I finished the second vault and got a good bit of footage for an example, I should have that ready in a minute. My smeeta gave me her crit buff of course, so swapping to nukor was enough to wipe em out, but you can see me struggling greatly before that happens. I'm gonna go again, trying some of the listed strats here.
  9. While I don't disagree, I didn't think the frame was going to have as massive an impact. Most of the people I see using frames are using them for damage, and I would think that these weapons would have been more than up to the task.
  10. I'm recording a solo run through all 3, trying to read this as I go. I used larkspur on the first one and it did go down without a ton of trouble, but I think it was after a clip and a half, and the later ones are way tankier. I'll be sure to try all of these other mentioned strats next.
  11. On it, give me a couple minutes and I'll have it up.
  12. So I'm an MR29 player with nearly 4k hours, playing since 2014. I keep hearing about people wiping the floor with these things, but... I just can't replicate it. I was hoping somebody could tell me what I'm doing wrong here, because I'm at a loss. Loadout is as follows: Inaros Prime Kuva Quartakk (Corrosive with a strong riven) Kuva Nukor (Corrosive with a strong riven) Gram Prime (Corrosive with a strong riven) Larkspur (Corrosive) These things just don't die. I shoot the arms off, they regenerate a few frames after falling off, I try shooting them in the back (solo btw, so it i
  13. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: When doing the Isolation Vault near the Gutter, the last Necramech does not spawn. This happened once when it was the second vault, spawning 1/2 mechs, and once as the third vault, spawning 2/3 mechs. VISUAL: N/A, my apologies. REPRODUCTION: I encountered this bug in a full squad of 4 with the same group both times. We did nothing unique as far as I can tell, we just ran the bounty. EXPECTED RESULT: We should have killed the first or second Necramech respectively and seen the final one spawn in short order. OBSERVED RESULT: The final mec
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