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  1. who needs content when you have g a u s s b u f f s
  2. It happens every time I launch the game. It can usually be fixed by alt tabbing and clicking the taskbar or desktop background though sometimes it doesn't work. Ingame settings don't work until it fixes itself. It could be related to the Corsair iCUE software used to manage your mouse and keyboard, but this issue still happens even when it isn't open. This has been happening for months now. edit: there are other topics about this however they think that the high sensitivity is supposed to be normal, even though when it becomes "slow" it's actually the sensitivity of your ingame settings/desktop cursor
  3. Colour select screen is bugged. If you try to drag a favourite you get stuck in the menu. You can only leave it by clicking on your profile icon but then it leaves "color select/primary" at the top of your screen.
  4. Would you mind showing a screenshot or two of the secondary energy colours? As far as I've seen ingame, it doesn't change anything.
  5. Okay? You think I want to play Archwing missions just so I can use it? News flash bud, most people don't play Warframe for Archwing... the main point of Hildryn's signature weapon is that it's not primarily for Archwing. It's her signature weapon, it should include the deployer in the bundle anyway. Just another questionable decision by DE.
  6. that's so dumb... I'm not going to grind my nuts off just to use a Warframe's signature weapon, especially if I buy it from the market. The Archweapon Deployer should have been added to the market from the beginning anyway.
  7. Does the Larkspur require the Archweapon Deployer? Would be a pretty dumb move to include something that can't be used by a lot of people in an expensive bundle like that, just saying...
  8. Black box bug from plains is back, except this time in orb vallis. Seems to mostly occur after taking damage and/or dying.
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