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  1. InfestedMonkey

    Thanks for Watching Devstream #121: Holiday Special!

    Well, until I see one or the other I will hope for my prediction.
  2. InfestedMonkey

    Thanks for Watching Devstream #121: Holiday Special!

    Am I the only one who heard Steve mention Volt is due to recieve his "cloth" when they were discussing volt being on the leaderboards twice. and the only other frame that has an actual, non Warframe material, cloth is Excalibur Umbra. Meaning Volt Umbra is in the works or on the way? Am I reading in to this too much? Or did we recieve a hint drop about my favorite character?
  3. InfestedMonkey

    Amber star blueprint is not worth to use

    Lol this post. It's an added feature of obtaining them. And it comes in handy when you just need one or a couple more. Arbitrations are reset every hour so you have plenty of opportunities to obtain more essence. 100k credits? Run index or farm.any dark sectors. It doesn't take much work to make credits in this game. The crafting cost isn't too high, you're just too cheap.
  4. InfestedMonkey

    Moa Companion's Security Override can hack Spy Vaults

    Just practice hacking more. Spy missions are honestly some of my favorite missions.
  5. InfestedMonkey

    Requesting for a Clan Emblem creator

    I can make them as well. But if you want to be productive in making your own, just get a photo editing software, I use one called Gimp2. It's free and does just about everything. Your only limitations to the emblem are you can't have anything inappropriate, they will deny it and not give you a refund. And it has to be 128x128 pixel. So be prepared for some minor pixelated spots in whatever design you choose.
  6. InfestedMonkey

    [PC] WTS Phantasma Riven

    If it's under 14 ill probably take it.
  7. InfestedMonkey

    [PC] WTS Phantasma Riven

    Still for sale? And what's the mr on it?