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  1. you mean rewards you get for just playing typical content? if you rush the grind then yeah it probably sucks, but ive been letting it rank up as i play the game in the background and the rewards are really nice, plus the nitain packs are really nice.
  2. [DE] Megan, what about energy colors not applying correctly to frames with the use of secondary energy colors, specifically the Limbo deluxe skin.
  3. 1: Can I get some Revenant augments please? 2:Will Plague Star ever return? 3: Will we have an event in the Orb Vallis like Plague Star that gives us new kitgun parts? 4: Only game I have constantly played over the last 5 years is Warframe. Thank you for an amazing game.
  4. I didn't know I wanted this u til you told me about it.... Yes please and thank you. DE ftw.
  5. Sorry for the replies, im not trying to sound rude, but can you explain to me in a formula format? the Wiki says nothing about the more specific numbers it only uses the "1-5". I understand better if i see the actually math behind it.
  6. Can you be more specific? like the Soma went from .6 to .75, what is the math behind this to reflect the stat changes in the rivens?
  7. Can anyone explain to me the conversion between the riven disposition 1-5 as seen in the game VS the number system DE uses in the forums to show disposition changes using decimals?
  8. When can we expect Augment mods for Revenant? i love this frame but he feels like he is missing something. When can we expect to see his signature melee? I know it is with melee 3.0, but you mentioned doing that in segments, where does his sword lie in that priority list? how soon can we expect to see melee 3.0? And lastly, when can we expect any news on a new Umbra frame? Volt Umbra would be AMAZING, JS.... Also, thanks for the game, it has been amazing from day one.
  9. Well, until I see one or the other I will hope for my prediction.
  10. Am I the only one who heard Steve mention Volt is due to recieve his "cloth" when they were discussing volt being on the leaderboards twice. and the only other frame that has an actual, non Warframe material, cloth is Excalibur Umbra. Meaning Volt Umbra is in the works or on the way? Am I reading in to this too much? Or did we recieve a hint drop about my favorite character?
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