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  1. Hey! Thank ya for the trade, and also for letting me bum your dojo for another trade!
  2. 1. Howdy! My IGN is Loomee 2.The reason I want to join is because I am a longtime returning player after finally getting a gaming pc! (Started way back in 2013) and I've recently began listening to Adeptus Ridiculous and also watching Shy's content on her channel itself. 3. Personality shifts rapidly from quiet lurker person to overly excited and energetic, I'd say I'm fairly eager to both learn and help other people learn, and usually if I'm not working or playing with my dogs I'm interacting with people on some level of social media (discord, ig, in games etc) 4. https://steamcommunity.com/id/Me1ynx/ Pretty basic profile, not many friends but it's there and full of badges
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