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  1. I find incredible the complete and utter disregard for people's time spent in this game. Arbitrarely nerf and buff a system every now and then based on pure statistics it's just incredibly bad. It invalidates the hundreds of hours put in the game by your players for no intelligent reason. Why don't you just sit down and decide the disposition based on the weapon strength instead of popularity, that can be extremely misleading in certain cases, and finish with this farse. Is that really too much work? Because you make us spend hundreds of hours so you could put a little bit more work in it yourself. It's not about the "nerf" itself...in my opinion the whole game should be carpet nerfed for the content difficulty avaible in this game right now. However spitting on the effort of your players who invested hundreds of hours of gameplay in this system is shameful and the most absurd thing I've ever heard.
  2. You are right, you do not play PoE. Every single item is unique as much as rivens are in WF and even more, with waaaaaaay more variables than rivens.Statwise up to 3 suffix and 3 prefix, skill enchantments, corruptions so on, all with different values. Plus they have variable number of sockets, socket colors, number of links in between. They are as unique as it can go and you can have a potentially infinite number of them on your account . Rivens to store are nothing in comparison. Appart from the fact that it was just a "joke" in answer to somebody else, I see only possible "solutions" that are no working solutions at all in your post. Wich you didn't need to include anyway, because only DE can come up with something for their own game. In any case what it tried to convey was that DE is clearly have a the wrong approch to this problem and two and a half year is quiet enough time to solve it in my opinion.
  3. So I found the video and the exact quote is : " but one per weapon seem like a legitimate thing, a legitimate goal to get to " Doesn't really matter. You asked why DE would do it and I gave you a reason : because they thought it legitimate goal to get to implementing it incrementaly at the time. So why people shouldn't ask for it every now and then up until we get to 1 per weapon. Of course if you personally think that it is not a legitimate goal to get to then you can expess it why. Here is the video, it should start at 18 minutes in if anybody is interested.
  4. Why not? Didn't DeScott said in the interview with tactical potato that "1 riven per weapon seems reasonable"?
  5. Well, if that is true, then PoE minimum spec requirment is a quantum computer now, isn't it. Hope you both relize that in games like Poe you can have in practice unlimited invertory space per player with potentially no two object alike statwise (prefixes, suffixes, enchanments ecc...all different in type and value) with a matchmaking up to 6 people. So how is that GGG has no database problems and has virtually no loading times? And I would say that after 2 years+ of no solution saying that "isn't acted on immediately" is an understatment 😛
  6. That is your opinion that doesn't consider certain facts. DE did in fact know that it interacted with abilities because exalted weapon are warframe abilities. Oversee at that point the other abilities for me is intentional and that is a perfectly logical conclusion. 1. It was in the game for 9 months documented and DE never even said it was unintended 2. DE patched out exalted weapons benefitting from it (so they were perfectly aware that the mod in question did affect warframe abilities) 3. In the mod description isn't specified the damage type (weapon damage) as they did with other mods in the game if there is a possible misunderstanding So anybody using the interaction was perfectly justified to do so and there was no reason to think it was an exploit. Why would they have? Only because add damage? Indeed nobody thought so and whined about it until somebody scored very high with it in the event wich is quite hypocritical imo. At the most you can report it to DE that you think it's an overpowered mechanic in a game that certainly doesn't need even more power creep and then let them decide and eventually balance their game. If they wanna change it in the future or simple nerf it doesn't matter, they can do whatever they want . Until then nobody can be attacked and called an exploiter who used it.
  7. It was known and documented that it did work not only with Oberon 1 but a lot of warframe abilities since it came out wich was nearly a year ago. It wasn't a secret. DE had a full year to patch it out as they did it for exalted weapons but they choose not to. So.. it would seem stupid to say now after a year (edit: 9 months?) that it wasn't "obviously" intended and people thought it would use it to cheat the leaderboards.
  8. Aren't you slightly exagerating? Sorry, but after 2 years that you could exploit this the community is still here and kicking. Doesn't seem to me that this is what kills the community. With the loophole you sure got more kuva if propely exploited it , but not even that significantly much to get such an unfair advantage. The majority of ppl was just playing it normally like me, making friends putting up a couple of more siphons every now and then and chatting while grinding together. Now if somebody put up one that the others have already done they will just leave. So, I do "yell" at them, because making floods/siphons avaible for everybody always would have been the best nad easiest thing to do. On one part because right now if you have an hour to play, you have no choice if to do single missions or go for survival. Not everybody wanna play endless even if it gives you more than just siphons. On the other they just taken away a nice social element of the kuva grind as a sideeffect of this fix without a good enough reason. Being able to have one or 2 more rng rolls on your riven is just not gamebreaking by any standard. 3 floods = only a single roll (what lot's of kuva?) and it could have been even avoided just lowering the kuva quantity obtainable on floods and making the floods avaible only on longer missions. I do find this fix just silly considering the whole picture, not because it didn't need a fix, but because they just made kuva grind worst for the majority of players, who were not "exploiting" anything just to avoid that players could get a couple of more rolls.
  9. I see what you are saying, but still... after 2 years it seems ridicolous. For 2 years it didn't matter now it does. Or we roll with the possibility that they are so incompetent that they couldn't fix something like this 2 years ago? I don't think so. It would have made sense to do it immediately before other ways to get kuva came out. With survival out it isn't a real proper time limited mission anymore. Even if you exploit floods how much more you can get? A roll or 2 depending on loading times and type of mission? It isn't much of an exploit if you ask me, much work for not a substantial return for it. So if they wanted to get rid of the exploit they should have just made siphons avaible always and than make floods avaible every 10 minutes so ppl could have done higher level missions always if they have chosen so and lower the reward just a bit to level it with survival a bit more and after make it so that you can do flood only once in that time period. Not much work and everybody would have been happy.
  10. lol, who are you to tell ppl how they should play the game. Your point is totally wrong because I can still get kuva after finishing all the siphons because I can go on with the kuva survival, wich depending the type of missions you have avaible and considering loading times could even yield more kuva in practice. So yes, the developers gave me the possibility to constaearn kuva to roll as many time I can or want. Really being able to do siphons constanly or playing survival for an hour doesn't make much of a difference in kuva quantity, it only makes a real difference as gameplay preference. So the only ppl who gets penalized are those who prefer short missions and have a break in between.
  11. Only because somebody expoits your game you do not penalize the community, but ban the player. People create multiple accounts to exploit many time-limited stuff all the time, but it's not the content that get normally patched out but the abusing player. Btw even if ppl could play floods all the time, still wouldn't be "game breaking" at all, considering the total rng nature of the riven system..all that kuva that you can farm could get you potentially nothing no matter how much of it do you have. You know what is gamebreaking? That I literally cannot play the game because the bad network code choses ppl with perculators for a computer, and I cannot even use transference during a siphon, cannot pass through doors cos they don't open, I don't know where to go because I cannot see the objective, or extraction with the broken waypoint system and I could go on for pages with all the gramebraeking bugs right now present in game. Being able to roll potentially useless stuff on optional content in the game it is not.
  12. So after years that this was doable since you introduced siphons and didn't hurt the game in any way whatsoever if anything pushed ppl to play a bit more, you woke up one morning and thought that the ability to join a couple of more siphons is an extremely OP gamebreaking thing and "fixed" it even if there was absolutely nothing wrong with it at all making your players life even more miserable when it comes to kuva grind, BUT..... still no fixes for waypoints not working, or eidolon bugs, or fortuna 1 bugs (after 2 months), like weapons mods and arcanes still not working propely, but the ability to join plus one siphon had to be fixed. Cos' realisticly the remote possibility of getting a couple of thousand more kuva and enjoy kuva farming a bit more (rare occurance that somebody put up another siphon to repeat it promoting to make new friends) when a single roll costs 3 times as much, lol, had to be "fixed" out of the game. Now even less fun.... Seriously DE you really should sort out you priorities...
  13. I find the melee sound changes really bad. Slide attacks are very scrapy wich I find propely disturbing, and the impact/slam sounds are ridicolously "impactful" as well. Every hit seems like they have broken the whole planet in half. Too loud considering all the other sounds with a wierd echo. Definitely it's not an improvment, in the case of certain weapon it's even disturbing.
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