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  1. had a weird glitch last night with Wukong. Walked into a null field by mistake while using Iron Staff, and it cancelled the ability, but all of my melee animations(and stance) still showed iron staff. It retained the range of the ability and everything, but damage was from my equipped melee itself, not the staff. toggling the ability would make it channel energy and bring out the staff, but doing it again would just put the staff away and cancel energy drain, but i could not use my actual melee weapon the rest of the game. falling off a ledge or using /unstuck didn't fix it. and good luck dying as wukong with his rework -_- couldn't do that to fix it either.
  2. Nothing will stay equipped in the 2nd slot. It's not just energize.
  3. ^ This. I don't use doubles and my 2nd slot is being removed when I leave the arsenal.
  4. @[DE]Megan 2nd arcane slot will not retain the arcane when you switch loadouts or exit the arsenal.
  5. Issue with 2nd arcane slot not keeping the arcane in it when switching configs or exiting the arsenal
  6. Why is it that after the wukong rework update, I have to re listen to the fortuna dialogue as if i just hit max reputation with them?
  7. Still no fix for Clients using wisp's 4 on eximus enemies, and dealing no damage.
  8. is the Cyanex supposed to cause self damage?
  9. You must be new too then, otherwise you'd already know that the original fix to that got broken with khora's pilfer augment release. Originally they released a fix (though not listed in patch notes at the time, it was later stated on another post somewhere by a dev)not so long after hydroid got his pilfer augment to stop hydroid and nekros from double dipping. It's been that way for years. You get a temporary resource double dip and then cry about it being reverted back to what it has been for the past few years(which has had no negative impact at all) and then tell someone "you must be new, otherwise you'd be asking for it's revision as well..." lol.
  10. Wisps 4 seems to have no effect on eximus enemies
  11. but it's also much easier to find said bug when there's thousands of people playing and finding it, as opposed to the few ppl they have for testing in house...
  12. I'm hoping for today. If they waited for this week so that it was ready by friday of last week, then there is no reason that it shouldn't be at least ready for shipping today, with the bug fixes coming later in the evening and tomorrow.
  13. Fix the Tatsu not gaining more than 1 stack when killing with it as a Client. All it's currently doing is refreshing the timer for ONE projectile and ONE only. There is no x5 next to it when you've killed 5 things.
  14. Fix the inability to target your own sentinel in open world after going into Archwing and coming out of it please.
  15. please fix the archwing bug in open world that prevents the use of defensive ability casts on your own sentinel after deploying it and coming out of it(gara's 2, nezha's 2, etc.)
  16. going into AW mode still bugs the sentinel to where you can't cast warding halo or Splinter on it. Please fix it.
  17. Enemies randomly de spawning while right in front of you in plains.
  18. when will you make nezha's 1/2/3 all 1 handed abilities?
  19. Restored ability to have Baruuk's Desert Wind slam pull enemies instead of pushing them by holding block/aim key. I still don't have a ground finisher.
  20. your zaw bug affect kitguns too? because my kitgun had all mod slots taken/being used before update. now i have 4 forma magically in my inventory and kitgun is useless
  21. Fix Profit Taker drop tables. 95% resolute focus drop chance. Tired of seeing it.
  22. cannot use warding halo augment on your own sentinel(nor gara's 2) in orb vallis, at all. Seems to be isolated to that map
  23. clearly this wasn't a fix, because I still can't join anyone because session becomes either unavailable, or it host migrates still. and entering the vallis still causes unholy FPS drop for a good 60 seconds after loading in.
  24. Can no longer cast warding halo on your own sentinel with the augment since this update.
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