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  1. Meeh we still got plenty relays destroyed form Eyes of Blight event, 'i'd rather have another relay rebuild event for those
  2. That's why i said "it should help you a bit" i'm just providing information about he can make it less annoying for him in case DE does not change the rift effects
  3. What i did for my Limbo was adding black and dark grey colours for the energy, that way when you enter the rift you will see everything with a tin layer of grey and no particle and eye burning effects, i recommend you to do the same, it should help you a bit.
  4. Mastery rank emblem(profile) and sigil change every 3 ranks, ranks work like this: Novice - Silver Novice - Gold Novice, when you hit the next mastery rank the sigil will change
  5. We could also have it on the codex, like "open quest menu" and there you could see replay / play custscenes, and then let us choose what cutscene of the quest we want to watch (currently we can only watch the first one of each quest)
  6. I recommend you to you SMAA over TAA, TAA looks very ugly and blurry, even using the sharpen slider (I play high settings 1920*1080) i have tried a lot to make TAA look good but it's just very bad, that's why i use SMAA
  7. Yeah... those are bugged, i had to replay the quest like 3 times >_>
  8. Ether Daggers (and regular snipetron) are available during Plague Star in Plains of Eidolon, i believe that event is coming back on june 12th
  9. Ember/Frost and Misa/Pyra again? 😞 , it's cool for those who missed those accesories and gear but i'd like other prime accesories to be unvaulted like Nekros' Prime arrmor set or Saita Prime suit
  10. Why the Gara skin changes? it was gorgeus , that's why i bought it in first place, the shiny glass 😞
  11. So where is the vala prime sugatra for those who purchased the Mag Prime unvault last year? that really sucks, the same will happen when Nova Prime returns with her Velorum Prime sigil and the Pyra Prime syandana, you put Pyra Prime with Ember Prime, so that means that i will have to pay 20USD just for a sigil? It would be really nice if you gave those accesories to those players that purchased both Pyra Prime and Targis Prime on previous Prime Vaults 🙂
  12. I can't wait so see your design for Excalibur! i really liked your last tennogen skins so i'm very happy to see what you come up for him 🙂
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