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  1. Alright, I can see the errors in my thinking now 100%. These are all pretty valid points and a pretty worthy trade off for wincing over not seeing numbers ending in 5s and 0s.
  2. That actually does make sense, and I guess it wouldn't really be as easy as adding an additional 1% on the final rank either.
  3. I've been playing this game for years now, and its never quite made much sense to me as to why certain Warframe mods have values that don't end in 5 and 0. I know it's not really important what 1% really matters, but it's just always hit me as odd that Blind Rage has a 99% power strength at rank 10 with a -55% efficiency to boot. Or how Augur Secrets and Augur message give 24% instead of 25% as their stat bonuses. I guess in the case of umbral intensify it makes sense, but in this case I'd rather it be 65% instead of 66% if all the other mods followed the same formula I'm talking about right now. Not that I would advise it, but if you were to take every single power strength mod available and use it on your warframe, (not including growing power, and using a lone umbral intensify) you would get 337% power strength. Had blind rage given 1% more power strength, augur secrets given 1% more as well, and umbral intensify scaled as 45/55/65% at rank 10, the value would be 340%(with a lone umbral intensify). A 3% increase. Same thing with duration mods, instead of 306%, it would be 310% if they followed the formula as well. The reason why I'm bringing up those numbers is because I don't necessarily feel like a change as small as a 3% increase there or a 4% increase here would break any warframes really. I just personally think it would be nicer to see 5s and 0s at the end of each stat in the modding screen as well in the abilities section (assuming those numbers play nice with the base values of the warframes) if you have max ranked mods in use. If I'm missing anything as to why this may not be the best idea, I'd like to know. Otherwise, I think it would be a good idea to have this happen. Cheers.
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