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  1. yeah ok, but now we have public test clusters so there's no need for us to test a new mechanic in an operation.
  2. so out of all the things they make us test a mechanic in an operation instead of a public test server build, it also obvious that they know the mechs work outside of the open worlds. but because no ones uses them they made an operation that specifically forces you to use them, and say that we are TESTING a new mechanic.
  3. hello I have played 4 games of the new operation so far its not that fun since you are forced to use necramechs. I have some suggestions DE could make that would make the operation more worthwhile. 1: make the mission score your phasic cells reward, but in return DE increases the prices of all the items currently you can buy from farther, so if I get 8.4k mission score I get 8.4k phasic cells this would make going for longer actually worth it for the hardcore players. essentially its like scarlet spear. 2: let us use our warframes for a certain amount of time, what I mean
  4. I don't understand why they didn't give us scarlet spear again, this event is so bad I don't even know how the points system works, and with them going on holiday soon I doubt we will see any good improvements to it. and the fact we are forced to use nechramech's is stupid, this event is more boring than scarlet spear.
  5. yes however it gave people a reason to use naramon, just like how energizing dash is the reason people use zenurik.
  6. naramon. how to make it better bring back shadow step.
  7. I went with mirage with 660% dmg increase and a redeemer Prime took me about 6-10 minutes.
  8. When inaros prime access ends is when we get a new prime frame.
  9. I've been using wrym a lot recently because if its negate mod.
  10. Does anyone know how many abilitys have been removed from warframe?
  11. why are you sick of hearing people get suspended in chat and having them complain on forums. because some of the mods get away with to much and apparently the community doesn't care and rather have toxic mods that talk S#&$ on twitter and partners. aka aggp who tells people to go f them selves if they don't agree with what he says and nothing happen to them. also I know forums cant help so I will just wait out my ban. I did this on purpose I could've done it without making myself get banned in chat but I wanted to see what it felt like to get banned in chat for like 3 days.
  12. me: your mum gey XD LOL other players right "gay" I msg them asking if they got banned and nothing happened. either DE needs to have new mods or remove the old mods because they are to sensitive and if I get banned I don't care because DE needs to fix this.
  13. so was raids but that was removed because DE didnt want to fix it yet the still fix a dead game mode instead of removing it
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