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  1. the new melee system is alright, but after doing a block combo I am forced to swap to my primary and its really annoying. is there any way we could get an option to disable instant swap with right click please? other than that this update is pretty good.
  2. Can the profit taker please drop all the toroids? I was excited to kill the profit taker then I found out it doesn't drop all the toroids.
  3. I disagree... because if we are able to farm these in the future then why add them to the accessories pack if we can farm them for free instead of paying $50.
  4. the only way I could see this working is if they make the helemt farm able but it has different effects or something from the accessories one.
  5. check steves twitter we cant farm it for now but we might be able to in the future.
  6. steve said on twitter that farming the alt helmet is an option for the future but that is a kick in the face for people who buy the accessories that's why the helmet shouldn't be in the accessories pack.
  7. having a prime helmet shouldn't be an accessory lol it should come with mesa prime not with the accessories.
  8. so we can only get the prime alt helmet if we buy the accessories is this some type of joke?
  9. I don't think perma banning players is a good idea you should give a 1 week suspension or 1 month if it was serious. you should only perma ban a player if they are hacking or hurting your company an exploit that makes you gain affinity in 30-1 minute isn't going to hurt the company. I think DE should rethink how they ban players I have never seen any other games ban players for using an exploit. if its a partnered youtuber they should lose there partnership and get like a 1 week suspension or 1 month.
  10. well Idk how it works but it has something to do with saryns 2 and volts 2 and the smeeta energy buff to gain affinity. don't ban me I didn't try it
  11. since we are fixing and giving out suspension for the khora exploit maybe fix the volt and saryn one as well
  12. I don't think people should get a suspension for an exploit like that's pretty stupid
  13. now all we need is an increase to drop chance for the bonds 🙂
  14. this is also happening at some of the ponds as well
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