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  1. should be in 47 days if inaros prime access ends exactly on 90 days or it might be longer if DE decides to extend it.
  2. the normal predasites and Vulpes give 10 token and the rare predasites and Vulpes give 15 tokens.
  3. I've said this before and ill say it again, level a random cat or dog to rank 30 then release for 10 son tokens its not that hard to do.
  4. Nah I hate excavation that game mode can die, it's pretty much endless mobile defense.
  5. I only ask the person selling the stuff to invite me because my ping is high, and if I invite them the trade takes longer because of all the lag and other stuff that happened.
  6. Make the celestial syanadana a reward if you survive 1 hour in mot or something.
  7. Make one of the pets level it to rank 30 then go back to son and release it and you get 10 son tokens.
  8. Probably when we get the new infested kitguns.
  9. alright so as you all know bile is used in a lot of infusing and subsuming frames, so I want to know what are some good places to farm the resources needed for bile. argon crystals copernics morphics fresnels thermal sludge isos diluted thermia THANKS
  10. The flowers won't all be along the bottom some are up higher.
  11. I thought xaku and nova were the only community inspired frames.
  12. Don't rush, it's not worth it trust me.
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