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  1. I hate it as well but I have been using primed sure footed and it's a lot of fun not being knocked over or staggered every second because of the staticor lol
  2. Can you guys please add the Pennant and Quellor to the scarlet spear event it would probably give people more reason to play it.
  3. Can you guys please fix kill codes how are we supposes to get 100 murex driven away when you get no kill codes for 15 minutes.
  4. The space part of scarlet spear is so easy that you can take any frame and you dont have to worry about the oplink being destroyed.
  5. When enemys hit the warframe they should be kicked for friendly fire
  6. Please add an option to skip little ducks cutscene I keep clicking it and now I have to sit here and listen to her talk.
  7. Will there be a fix for the kill codes not being received from the ground assault players? I really don't want to sit in a railjack mission for an hour because I can't get any kill codes.
  8. Can we get a fix to the kill codes me and two other people sat in a mission for 50 minutes, because we weren't getting any kill codes and we were on our 3rd murex down. And we only had 5 out of 9 kill codes
  9. why do railjack player only get the reward and not ground as well, when the timer hits 0 when we have killed 100/100 murex's?
  10. please remove the stagger effect off the guns that didn't do self damage
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