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  1. Female: nova because she is good in every mission Male: nezha [atm] because he's good in every mission as well.
  2. Please someone at DE make baro bring glaxion vandal next week.
  3. Nah didn't like having to farm 20 waves of t4 void defense, in hopes of getting LOKI prime systems.
  4. I don't really see anyone using it beside myself. However I do see a lot of people using the kuva bramma.
  5. Get over it and go kill it that's the only way.
  6. so does anyone know when we will get railjack part 2?
  7. please add a build all option to mining and bait in the foundry, don't really like having to click every mining blueprint just to build it, wish I could just click a build all and everything starts building.
  8. yup when to the same spot that I normally go to too get murkray.
  9. is fishing bait broken, normally when I use murkray bait a bunch of fish will spawn but after three missions and waiting 5 minutes to see if any murkray will spawn none did. is it broken or am I being unlucky with spawns of FISH lol.
  10. I'm at rank 14 right now and that's after completing all my nightwave challenges
  11. the railjack challenges are easy though lol just wait till we get the lich challenges then you can complain, maybe.
  12. maybe they could change it from 3 months to 2 months or something.
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