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  1. I contacted support today, i was told that there was confusion because of this 8-week mechanic. And according to them i will be able to buy UMBRA FORMA only on January 16th, when it will be exaclty 8 weeks from the last purchase made by me...apparently many are being affected by this extreme accuracy with the counting of the weeks. I recommend that you still open a ticket, until they (DEVS) comment on it in some post...make sure your problem is noticed by them on the support
  2. I will probably have to submit a ticket. There are already 3 hotfixes and the problem remains. Maybe there will help me, as well as with you
  3. The same is happening here, i can't even see the UMBRA FORMA in the TENSHIN STORE please help us. The first and only time i bought UMBRA F was in week 1. If necessary, i have a video showing what's going on, and send it on the ticket or DM. @[DE]Rebecca @[DE]Megan @[DE]Danielle
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