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  1. Something mainline like nightwave? Casual AF. "hardcore" content should be gated off and tucked away, not shoved in everyone's faces constantly. Not that Warframe even really has such a thing, tbqh. everything is either broken one way, or broken the other.
  2. iirc, all the major NPCs have respectful dialogue once you hit max ostron rank.
  3. Yeah, nightwave has been a very particular combination of problems from the beginning. Even small tweaks like this can make a huge difference in how it plays out. Having a soft cap of, say, 45k/week or whatever, and letting players farm those points doing whatever they fancy out of the lists of things would be great, especially since there clearly aren't that many things to do in the rotations anyway.
  4. tbqh, you should just get credits every rank and not just when the reward pool has them.
  5. tbqh, the objective marker is just really buggy. I've had it stuck at the edge of a tile for some 3 tiles just because it felt like it.
  6. Eh, not really. It's actually mostly minor adjustments to formulas, and can be rolled out in phases. Heck, if they make Nightwave a beta-testing zone instead of another useless grind with a power creep carrot on the end of a stick, they could even roll it out bit by bit without affecting the main game, and give players time to adjust before the changes come in proper.
  7. tbh, imo, equipping two mods with the same stat should be prevented, and certain nightmare/corrupted mods should be buffed(slightly) to compensate. In other words, using blind rage would prevent intensify, transient fortitude, streamline, and fleeting expertise. Lethal Torrent would prevent Barrel Diffusion from being used. This would not only open up a ton of possibilities for builds, but it would also add more deliberation to what mods you equip. Naturally, this would also require nerfing some enemies and buffing some frames, but it would be an overall positive effect on the game once all the numbers are re-sorted, and wouldn't require any significant mechanical changes.
  8. Yup, it's pretty bad. Even with a party, getting a decent number of toroids is pretty awful, and you're not going to get them incidentally since they spawn only in specific locations and you're very unlikely to have any reason to kill enemies in those areas during bounties, with only one or two exceptions at one location. There really aught to be more you can do to make farming toroids work. Maybe increase the drop chance from enemies LV50 and up, and have it keep going up substantially.
  9. Even this is rather abusable. You either need all 3 other players to vote on it, so 2 afk = no dice, and and 3 people just deciding to be mean = pain in the ass for an innocent person. A better system would be retroactive correction, like player-specific blacklists similar to PSO2. If someone is on your list, you won't wind up matched with them, ever, and never have to deal with their playstyle again. Did they go AFK in a mission? Did they deliberately fail a spy vault in sortie? Doing their own thing during POE/Orb bounties? Just a mean individual? Any of these things happen, just add the person to your blacklist, and never, ever deal with them again. Kind of like ignore, but for matching.
  10. Yup. An option to opt in or out of being host would be great. Some people have S#&$ty internet and don't want to host, some people don't want to deal with S#&$ty internet people hosting. It's not the first time it's been suggested.
  11. Actually, in spite of it's lacking implementation, there's a lot of exploration in Warframe, from finding Kurias, to hidden rooms in all the tilesets, to the Parkour end rooms that still don't have anything useful in them. It's very clear that exploration is a constant undertone of Warframe. There was even a recent event all about exploration and scanning S#&$. It wasn't a very good one, but that's what topics like these are all about; how can we make it better to explore in Warframe. Though, I think exploration needs both more interesting larger map design, and better rewards for exploration. After all, PSO had fixed tile configurations with "random"(iirc, based on character level, or total level of all characters, or something) selection outside of quests, and specific quest sets/modifications, but it wasn't fun to explore beyond "get to the boss" because there was just nothing there. Boxes rarely dropped anything rare, and even when they did, it was trash tier, so box hunting was rather pointless, and combined with the instance-based dungeons, making everything nonpermanent anyway, made exploration unrewarding.
  12. 15. It's 15 wolf creds per rank past 30. Personally, I think the entire issue is the end to end control of players' time. You can't blast through it in one go, but if you delay in getting things done, you'll miss out on the better rewards at the top of the ranks. The idea that you'll have to be actively playing for half of each season is, tbqh, completely ridiculous, especially when you're constantly told to slow down/stop and wait for more rewards. If seasons didn't expire, and the nightwave chores simply looped, giving you the opportunity to just catch'em'all over a long period of time, the income cap wouldn't matter much, just like with focus or syndicates. If you could complete a nightwave season in one burnout weekend, the expiry date wouldn't be quite so stifling. If the chores didn't expire, you could complete nightwave in one burnout weekend at the end of the season rather than constantly doing chores throughout. It's really a combination of these limits that makes Nightwave as bad as it is.
  13. The vents are a great idea, since it would be easy to procedurally link things with something small, repeating, and largely invisible. Especially, they could do that without any significant modification to map generation, since they could be used to retroactively back-link various parts of the map, and could even allow for new segments of map so it's not just an endless tree of waist-high tunnels. Also, there are hand-made maps. Specifically, each tile is hand-made with some variations for linking to different tiles, and some missions have a fixed set of tiles, as well as the completely fixed "open world" areas and communal zones. I think the random map generator is actually based on a seed, too, otherwise everyone would have to download the entire generated map configuration individually each map load, so technically, bad seeds can be flagged and disallowed. But, certain repeating configurations of "puzzle sets" of tiles, with a few values changing between them but a fixed configuration taken from a library of miniature tile configurations is also a great idea, and could help ease things through, so it's not so rigidly connected via tunnels or awkward connective maps and variable-height doors. Currently, though, I think the biggest issue for map variety is that the tiles themselves aren't very flexible, and the solution that's been employed so far is to just have bigger tiles that are designed to look/feel like multiple smaller tiles connected "organically".
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