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  1. The ability to have max capacity on any rank of any weapon or warframe. r0 weapon? base 30 capacity. 60 with potato. r15 frame with +14 from aura? 44 base capacity. melee weapon with a stance? 40 base capacity. Basically, everything has the capacity of rank 30 right from rank 0. Also, a higher daily standing cap, say, 31000. More loadouts and stuff too, I guess. And, like, a forma or something? Also, a new symbol for the mastery sigil.
  2. It has been a problem for years now, and tbqh, I think it might have to do with porting to consoles. In the early days, bosses required fast reflexes and precise shooting to make the most of the fight, without much invincibility time. Most of them were initially just beefy enemies with hard hitting attacks. Corrupted Vor has no invulnerability, but quickly warps around the map throwing area denial weapons. This is probably the best fight in the game, but if you had to do it with a controller, can you turn around and accurately shoot a target that fast? Hyena Pack moves fast and attac
  3. Yeah, but in the case of Warframes, no such host exist; they're genetic copies made from technocyte, like infestation. In one of the scan lores Simmaris has, you hear about a healer that gets infested, but when they go to find her, she's actually now a dozen ancient healers. Similarly, a base is used to make the Warframe via infection, and then the infected result is scanned, turned into blueprints, and then manufactured.
  4. The pilot of the Guyver is also the host in this case, but in the case of Warframes, the "host" isn't really the host, but the base/model used for the clones. In that sense, the Operator is functionally closer to the host. Also, geeze I haven't seen Guyver in ages. But, another example of it(which I think was a Guyver knockoff?) is Genocyber. There's no doubt a dozen other clones of the concept around, too. I think the main takeaway, though, is that plenty of things are copied from plenty of other things, and there's nothing really distinct enough about Nora or the DJ.
  5. Nora Night is a single character in a game with it's own identity. You can easily point to various characters in other games and say "they're just knockoffs of this", but then you look at the game as a whole and it's not a knockoff. Since Nora is just a pair of lips, I don't think there's any legal grounds. Also, if you did copy Mario into WF, called him Jeseppi, changed his overalls and hat a bit, there's no grounds for a lawsuit there either. Nintendo can't copyright fat italian plumbers.
  6. I don't really see the problem. It's a cute reference that could potentially make for an interesting character. It's also not the first time for warframe, much less for games in general. Most great classic games rip something off hardcore. Donkey Kong, King King? Metroid series makes lots of references to various sci-fi, incl Aliens and Predator series. Zelda heavily references various Fantasy material, such as Tolkein-esque elf hylians. Star Ocean is clearly and heavily inspired by things like Darkover.
  7. I legitimately don't think it's possible for DE to just "finish" damage 3.0 and then never have to fix anything about it. That has never, ever worked with anything, ever in warframe, since the beginning, all the way through to right now. If anything, they should be testing damage 3.0 concepts for a week at a time or so to get a feel for the community reaction, rather than hiding it all away, only talking about parts of it, and them dumping it on an unsuspecting playerbase that wants nothing to do with the resulting product, after having invested too much time in it to simply go back to 2.0 and
  8. iirc, some mods have had their polarities changed because they weren't "normal" and made it hard to have a diverse set of builds with a single forma configuration. Don't want to invest a dozen or more forma into warframes if Umbra polarity is going to be reversed with a single forma or nothing for compensation. Not feedback or a request, as imho, the backlash over polarities was largely unwarranted in the past(though that was for lower capacity mods, and umbra polarity could really destroy build variety for a few frames if forma'd for) but I'm just wondering what the opinions of th
  9. Link was never the issue. The issue was 99.5% DR for the party while Trinity sits in a corner, periodically throwing a disk at her feet. They tried some convoluted fix to bring value to healing the whole party but, ofc, that didn't work because it was really poorly implemented, poorly explained, and basically relied on everyone self damaging periodically for the DR to work. New trin is just a "well that sucked, howabout this: mediocrity!" solution to that series of unfortunate events. The issue right now is that the interaction of Castanas and Link is broken, and more importan
  10. Actually, many of these things previously were client side, but were switched to host to deal with desync issues, some of which were pretty game breaking(such as the host not being able to count a client exterminated enemy sometimes, breaking exterminate missions)
  11. In order to transfer to operator, the host and client both need to load the operator assets, and then the host needs to confirm that the assets are loaded and ready to go I believe? It's definitely a connection/lag thing.
  12. Oh, I'm not disagreeing with the topic at all. I think deeper energy regen mechanics would be great.
  13. Trin doesn't require skill, but there are other forms of energy regen in frames, such as Saryn's spore popping.
  14. There is an ingame trading market in the form of Maroo's Bazaar. It's not automated, but I think that inconvenience is important to maintaining the value of items. If people can just put their full stock of items up on an automated market, you get a very fast race to the bottom on easier to obtain items, making it harder for new players to get enough plat for a potato when they need to. When virtually everything you can obtain early on is worth 1pl, and millions of people are fighting to sell it for that, it gets a bit hard for novices to take that first step and get the resources they ne
  15. You'd get 5 because the leftover standing from the previous day carries over.
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