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  1. Didn't they acknowledge that those were terrible and say they were being removed? I have nothing left to forma, too. LOL
  2. yeah, removing the expiration would really solve a lot of problems.
  3. yeah, I really like the suggestion a while back of making feedback threads a "one reply per user". If people want to discuss someone else's feedback with them, they should do it via PM, and then both parties can update their initial post with new thoughts if there are any. Arguing, be it about why nightwave is or isn't garbage, or anything else, isn't useful feedback at all.
  4. And I didn't read it, since you don't show that courtesy yourself.
  5. and another big wall of text where you make things up and have an argument with yourself, while pretending you didn't say the things you did. good job, I'm sure it makes you feel very good.
  6. tbqh, I think bringing alerts back, and having them only award credits or farmable resources(traces, small amounts of kuva, maybe some of the gems/fish parts) outside from gift of the lotus 24h alters would probably be fine. The only problem with alerts was the stuff locked behind them that was a bit of a pain in the ass to wait around for until you got it the one time and never needed to worry about it again.
  7. Saying "I think you're swell" before "but frankly, you're a daft idiot and nothing you say makes sense" doesn't somehow negate the "but frankly, you're a daft idiot and nothing you say makes sense". ad hominem is ad hominem, regardless of what politicking is affixed to it. I didn't attack anyone for not getting enough sleep, I said encouraging unhealthy amounts of sleep is bad.(and it still is) And yes, warframe's entire market is people with time, or money, or any combination of the two, rather than people who only have a great deal of both. That's why Warframe has only ever been getting bigger, while something like PSO2 is essentially on long-term life support, fueled entirely by children and junkies. It's why it was a winning formula. Nothing you've said has actually ever really undermined any of what I've actually said, which is why I say it's been nothing but strawmen and ad hominem. You pretend I said something, argue against that, and play the victim while passive-aggressively attacking someone else's character rather than face reality.
  8. Meant to quote this, but the RTF on warframe forums is about as broken as can be, so instead of posting the quote I clicked "copy" on, it pasted a definition that was meant for a completely different place some 3 hours prior.
  9. Because, like guzman, you have no interest in a conversation. Points for being polite about it, I'd give your politicking higher marks, but it remains that your only basis of discussion is on this topic is strawman and ad hominem(as demonstrated prior) and there is therefore no reason to entertain any of your requests. I gave you the benefit of the doubt here, but I can only take you seriously for so long.
  10. Not my fault you ignored it the 3+ times I answered it, and then pretended it didn't exist so you could continue your ad hominem nonsense that you keep whining about. ad hominem and strawman, all wrapped up in one tidy package. Keep "winning" on the internet. That'll sure show them!
  11. tbqh, you seem like a more tactful guzman. Same problem in the argument, though. Then again, if you have two consoles, and warframe on each, since it's a free game...
  12. And you can keep ignoring it, making repeating the process however many times pointless. Also, for someone who whines about ad hominem, you sure like doing that a lot. Like, all the time. Numbers? Look at the forums, look at this topic. Easy to see. A game about earning rewards, and you tell people not to earn rewards? Again, that's dumb. Just like it always was.
  13. Or, it's because you read like a troll. Why else would you continuously ignore the answers you ask for, dismiss any misgivings about Nightwave as "incorrect", and tell everyone they're wrong for not enjoying something? Regardless, Nightwave was very poorly implemented, and it's very, very clear that it's not a small problem or a small group of misinformed people or whatever. Not saying it needs to be scrapped, but oh boy does it need some changes. Seriously hope Season 2 isn't such a mess.
  14. what's being nerfed about itzal? I wasn't paying attention.
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