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  1. I keep seeing people saying balance is dead. with the upcoming update things will not be balanced ect... WTF does this mean in Warframe? Things have never had to be balanced because the game is about being an overpowered space ninja, wizzard god thing. Survival is still going to take 5mins per reward. Most game modes play out the same regardless of how powerful you are. Yes... replacing (insert trash warframe ability) with (insert useful ability) will increase your damage speed or convenience. but it's not like if I do 5million damage per hit I am rewarded with platinums. Game has alw
  2. a lot of frames immediately get better with just Volt's augmented shock. I think that beats roar per % power strength or no? if we're even getting roar. I wonder if they will have stats on how many spectral screams, Sandstorms, soul punch, ballistic battery ect skills get replaced on first day of launch.
  3. Just wondering what abilities people are going to drop for a damage buff or utility whatever. Like what ability are you going to drop from Inaros and why sandstorm ^_^
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